I'M SO EXCITED, I GOT MEW!! | Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu #1

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100+ Comments:

So sorry for the audio desync during the stream. I have no idea why it did that. Hope you enjoy the stream/video anyway! :) <3
Who was here when he played Minecraft mod showcases
Mr.Banana !
Mr.Banana !:
Tea? Bleh

Coffee? Blek

Water? nah

Diet water? OH BOY YES
D.J. Hunter
D.J. Hunter:
Brock: wakanda forever! Oh sorry wrong universe
Me: what?
Joshua Alvarez
Joshua Alvarez:
0:01 did any of y’all see his pug in the couch
Genevieve Hibbard
Genevieve Hibbard:
My favorite outta eevee and pikachu is pikachu :P
robloxboi 123sb
robloxboi 123sb:
Hey dantdm did you know how to get Lapras go to the Silph company
Beth DaKittyCat
Beth DaKittyCat:
Who else is playing while watching
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP:
U r the best youtuber ever for me bro
Prince Manginsay
Prince Manginsay:
i choose for pikachu name is buzz to
ItzKeegan - The Gamer
ItzKeegan - The Gamer:
This game reminds me a lot of Pokémon Brick Bronze from Roblox
Anyone remembers it?
Leonardo Gonzalez-Ibarra
Leonardo Gonzalez-Ibarra:
Normal Shiny Gengar is Blueish and Mega Shiny is
Chris Munson
Chris Munson:
Son: i want pokemon lets go pikachu! Dad : no i want pokemon lets go eevee
Le Tat-Chandra
Le Tat-Chandra:
I accidentally skipped the leaf gym and when I faced it the pokemon were 20-30 lvl and my pokemon were level 50 xD
Edit: I finally beat the game!
Zig the Zag
Zig the Zag:
1like=1prayer for dans foot
Lolbot 3008
Lolbot 3008:
Game: dantdm my boy

*insert legend of Zelda meme here*
x y
x y:
Sucks when u cant afford a switch :(
itzblue eyes
itzblue eyes:
can you be a girl player when choosing pikachu?
Lonnie pugh
Lonnie pugh:
Detective Pikachu was cool DanTDM you should watch it
GameGod BB
GameGod BB:
One Like=One Level Up Magikarp Gets
Ahmed FC
Ahmed FC:
Dan Gengar is my favorite Pokémon
Julie Knizzox
Julie Knizzox:
Great job on the stream keep working hard
Julily_gaming :D
Julily_gaming :D:
Pokémon Yellow + Pokèmon GO + 3D = Pokèmon: Let’s go Pikachu!
Stephen Colon
Stephen Colon:
11:47 boy is spelt correctly

Edit:nm Dantdm u where exited
ThePandaOfSushi 240424264
ThePandaOfSushi 240424264:
Who else came straight to the comments? 🤣😂
Joshua Alvarez
Joshua Alvarez:
2:28:00 don’t y’all remember when James bought that magikarp and got scammed by that man on the St. Anne
Fastest Gaming
Fastest Gaming:
You were supposed to get the water badge before zippy ⚡️ cause now it’s to easy
Mr. bla ck night
Mr. bla ck night:
Teach us the way of pokemon
BtsFanFics BtsLover
BtsFanFics BtsLover:
Plum for oddish/Vileplum
LoveyPinkBall for mew and
Geot for piddgy/piddgeot
I Suck Balls EveryDay
I Suck Balls EveryDay:
I've been watching since the early days when it was all about minecraft.
Fi Williams
Fi Williams:
Pikachu every day is that a question?
Ethan Pasam
Ethan Pasam:
Lol the thumbnail brought me here xd
when i saw this I just grabbed my pikachu plushie and clicked
AngpowG 001
AngpowG 001:
I had school so I missed the stream
Yea Gary is classic but your rival isn’t Professor Oak’s grandson in this game that’s in the original games, Blue is a separate character entirely.
Thomas Pederson
Thomas Pederson:
How the heck did you get MEW?!?!
Lisa Avants
Lisa Avants:
Please make pokemon go videos please!!!🥺🥺😿🥺
Talking Potato
Talking Potato:
dan do you know preston moose mod 09sharkboy uns
Im soooo late rip me:(
Phantøm Gacha
Phantøm Gacha:
You missed an item(pokeball thing?) Right behind the pokemon centre where the Brocks gym is. I saw it more than once,
So either I was seeing things or something was there 😂,
I think you can get to it through a brush,
I'm 2 hour into the "after livestream" rn so idk if you found it or someone said in the stream.
Thana Mosley
Thana Mosley:
i wish i had a nintendo switch
cause i want to play pokemon lets go evee
the one and only no one
the one and only no one:
Dan: i will not rush
Someone in the chat: take your time
3 hours stream.....
And i watched the whole thing.......
Lisa Avants
Lisa Avants:
Please make mews name Cottencandy!!!!!!🥺🥺!!
Magma Warrior
Magma Warrior:
Please make this a series!
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP:
And in one of the vids u made of fortnite I was the one who jumped and shot u right in the head
Anthony Melick
Anthony Melick:
Dantdm you got rid of astonish that’s a really good move why did you do that
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP
dan pls play roblox and accept my friend request PP:
Love ur vids I watch it everyday when I come from school
Should of named his rival Denton xD
JT Smith
JT Smith:
He almost named him james. Which is my name.


*plays sad music*
Amanda Winters
Amanda Winters:
100 hours later Dan finally sits down
Da_Socca_God 6
Da_Socca_God 6:
Yo in pokemon cards is giratina ex for mega steelix ex full art textured a good trade
Monika Doki doki
Monika Doki doki:
I am from the future and the movie was awesome not spoiling
kona pascual
kona pascual:
i have nintedo switch 2 how do i pass mt.moon
Andrew Choate
Andrew Choate:
Viewers: “Is this gonna be a series?”
Dan: “Wynaut”

I hope u guys get it
Pokémon gamer 907242163 Pokémon awesome
Pokémon gamer 907242163 Pokémon awesome:
Nine tailed fox ntf
Mobile Task Force
Reuben Senyonga
Reuben Senyonga:
C🐼 Play Dan the Man

Hunter King868
Hunter King868:
love your vids dan I love this game too
Demonvs Angel
Demonvs Angel:
My favourite is pikachu
Luke Murray
Luke Murray:
The dog is mad because she thinks your playing with another animal other than playing with her
Dexter O'Connell
Dexter O'Connell:
you can fit much pokemon as you want
to in your box
Angel Allard
Angel Allard:
Someone go back and count how many times Dan said ‘Let’s GOOOOO’😂😝
Muaz Razman
Muaz Razman:
By the way,I heard if you type 5 timrs the youtuber's name you're watching.You'll get pinned.


Really hope this works.
That Pikachu Meme thumbnail though...
when you get mew
Dan: *insert suprised pikachu meme here*
surprised pikachu
surprised pikachu:
Look at my sexy face on the thumbnail
Anna Renfrew
Anna Renfrew:
0:35 Dan: Are You Ready
Me: Yes I Am Ready!
Krystan Decunha
Krystan Decunha:
You can get a bell sprout from route 1i know cause I caught one
Subscribe To Me For A Reason
Subscribe To Me For A Reason:
*To the 1% of the people who sees this, I hope you have a good future! I dream of becoming a successful youtuber!* ♥
Kenji Abucejo
Kenji Abucejo:
Me: "To those 1% who see th-" My brain: "copycat..." me:...

Read more
Manujah 23
Manujah 23:
THIRD COMMENT y are so many people watching this today
Dog's Pear
Dog's Pear:
I think I've been watching you when you had around 5M subs
N. H.
N. H.:
Wild Pikachu used Spin Dash.
Wild Pikachu fled from battle.
*To the 1% of the people who sees this, I hope you have a good future! I dream of becoming a successful YouTuber!* ♥️
Alexis Levasseur
Alexis Levasseur:
Rip Dan (stinky) foot
Tomnlisa Hall
Tomnlisa Hall:
pug!!!! 0.00 left bottom corner
Michael The Ink Demon
Michael The Ink Demon:
I beat the game on Sunday March 24 2019!
Marshall the firepup
Marshall the firepup:
The verition city gym leader is brook
Gal8xy Fox Gamer
Gal8xy Fox Gamer:
😢 the beginning made me remember about pokemon brick bronze ;^;
will chadburn
will chadburn:
does this remind anyone of pokemon brick bronze
Karanbir Sandhu
Karanbir Sandhu:
I hate people that dress up Pikachu
fatducky99 DuckFace
fatducky99 DuckFace:
My fav. Is cubone and shiny ditto
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos:
Trade me and I give. A Shiny onix
Hector Alarcon
Hector Alarcon:
A good rival name is EvilTDM
Sandy Escobar
Sandy Escobar:
Grace Dudman-West
Grace Dudman-West:
this was really long -_-
not trying to be a hater
Jerome Newkirk
Jerome Newkirk:
Dan your my favorite YouTuber in the world
Michael Tam
Michael Tam:
I have a collection of Pikachus ;P
Dark Born
Dark Born:
Old games: *walks into a cave* a Zubat appeared *kills it* *takes another step* a swarm of Zubat appeared
New games: I'm just gonna sneak on by
Little Savage Gamer2010
Little Savage Gamer2010:
I already finished the game one in both of the games😁
Mooplex 1412
Mooplex 1412:
the audio at the start of the vid unsettled me
Kittensina Cup
Kittensina Cup:
I’m going to get the game Wednesday with pokeball plus
Kids Tablet
Kids Tablet:
I love your Incredibles cup 🤣
Loopdy Loop
Loopdy Loop:
Who’s excited for Detective Pikachu?
Jerna/Jerome Manuel
Jerna/Jerome Manuel:
*Sees Name*
YOU CAUGHT A WILD MEWTHREE (i think maybe Mewtwo too) WHAT!
caglayan koc
caglayan koc:
<3 i love the cut seens 3>
Orlando Gutierrez
Orlando Gutierrez:
Your brother has my favorite color hair
tian dsilva
tian dsilva:
You were just drinking that for the whole time
Aidan Best Songs [Check Them Out]
Aidan Best Songs [Check Them Out]:
You missed some poke balls

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