I Bought Tammy Hembrow's Phone Case - Neon Sand Liquid iPhone Case

I love Tammy Hembrow SO MUCH I had to find out which phone case she was rockin' in SO many of her instagram photos! I found it! hhhaha I LOVE it! I bought 2 of the cases that Tammy Hembrow has and they are my new favorite iPhone Cases! #iPhoneCases It took a little work but I finally figured out what phone case the Hembrow sisters were using :) there are so many ways to customize these phone cases it's so cool! I hope you enjoy, I linked everything below for you. I am obsessed with Tammy Hembrow's style! I want everything she has, she has SUCH great taste. #CelebrityFashion Follow me on insta: https://www.instagram.com/kimbyrleigha/ ☆☆☆If you are not following Tammy you must! She's amazing: https://www.instagram.com/tammyhembrow/ #TammyHembrow ☆☆ I like all her sisters too, this is Amy from my video: https://www.instagram.com/amy_isha_hembrow/ CHECK OUT MY PHONE CASE STORE! https://kimbyr.com/ 15% off with code KIMBYRVIP Thank you for supporting my channel and my family ❤️ ☆ GET THE GOODS ☆ Neon Sand Case: http://bit.ly/2UqnWN PopSocket PopMini: http://shrsl.com/1f0o8 BodyBoss Program: http://bit.ly/Kim_forBB ------------------------------------ ♡ ALL PRODUCTS I USE & LOVE ♡ (My list is updated regularly) https://kit.com/kimbyrleigha ------------------------------------ CONNECT WITH ME: Snapchat:


Vally Baskar
Vally Baskar:
Casetify have taken a lot of my money as well 😖 but I ll always love them 🥰
Jeanne Coit
Jeanne Coit:
"did you accidentally summon me?" 😂 😂 I don't know why that made me laugh, prob cause I'm an android user and was not expecting that. Those cases are pretty cool 😊
Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty:
Never thought neon phone case will look this good 😍
Katie Dog
Katie Dog:
Loved this vid it was awesome 👏 cases were so pretty
Animation_ SStation
Animation_ SStation:
Ordering mine rn omg thx so much Tammy and Kim
Michelle D
Michelle D:
The case is super cute and I like how you paired it with that popmini
Lacie Wray
Lacie Wray:
The red boxes are left from Christmas!
Finally found your chanell:)i was searching for ur chanell for sooo long.i love you and your chanell:)keep it going gurl❤️🥰
My girlfriend would love these.😮👍🏻
Animation_ SStation
Animation_ SStation:
Early squad where u at 😂❤️
Peyton Paulk
Peyton Paulk:
@kimbyrleigha you should do a review of a Lumee product! 😍
Endrica Tan
Endrica Tan:
Love the nails! Did you do it yourself?
Animation_ SStation
Animation_ SStation:
Can u do a review on some rhino sheild cases 🤞🤞
Samantha D
Samantha D:
do a review on the new apple battery cases!
I love these so pretty
Raya C
Raya C:
The aqua one is gorgeous, funny I never noticed it until I saw your video lol
Lacie Wray
Lacie Wray:
Omgggg did you order one of the sequin ones?!
Annie D
Annie D:
I love Casetify, I got a bunch of theirs
Michelle D
Michelle D:
Your body looks amazing
Carli P
Carli P:
Omg these cases are awesome and you’re awesome too!! ❤️ Im a kimbyr fan!
Kristine Woronowicz
Kristine Woronowicz:
I love you your such a great role model for all of your fans❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Honey Granger
Honey Granger:
I was wondering if you can do a video about how to be a great YouTubeYouTuber ps:your amazing
Yesenia Pamplona
Yesenia Pamplona:
I just have an otter box case and I love it it was 8 bucks 😂 i couldn’t rock a suit like that
Morgan Davidson
Morgan Davidson:
Do you recommend?
The Duessis
The Duessis:
wow thats very cool! 🍓
Maytisa Archvarin
Maytisa Archvarin:
Hi there
I just got a casetify liquid blue and pink case
How to make it glow in the dark?
Yap Jin
Yap Jin:
Did Casetify remove the aqua/red one as seen in your video from their production ?
Tals N
Tals N:
OMG I love iPhone case lol
Ugly Ugly
Ugly Ugly:
Your eye color is Beautiful💖
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez:
I want to get one but I want to learn how to design it
How long does shipping take? I really want to buy it!
Giedrius Butkus
Giedrius Butkus:
i really need an i phone x case
Erika Vieira
Erika Vieira:
Great video Kim xo
Hi ! Do you know what color text Tammy got??
Jadyn Trinity
Jadyn Trinity:
You can buy the same thing at Walmart for $7
Not so perfect Prakriti
Not so perfect Prakriti:
I love 💕 ur videos
Ur one ☝️ of my fav utubers
Orlane Ndeugueu Medzam
Orlane Ndeugueu Medzam:
Cubs City
Cubs City:
DAMN, YOU HOT! I’m in love!!! 😍🥰😍🥰
Rachel Anne
Rachel Anne:
This case is so hard to remove!
Peyton Paulk
Peyton Paulk:
@kimbyrleigha have you ever heard of the brand Milkyway or Luxy Lemon? They have some cool cases and I feel like you might like their cases? :)
Dayana ff
Dayana ff:
I love this type of videos💛💛💖💖💖🥰🤗🤗😍❤️❤️
maria florencia fernandez
maria florencia fernandez:
i liked
Jerry schell
Jerry schell:
Useless video not explaining anything about it and mostly talking bs.
Norge tarçın
Norge tarçın:
Vally Baskar
Vally Baskar:
Where did you get the pop mini from? I think you should sell pop sockets in your store...the matching ones to the cases would be an awesome idea 🤓
Kaydence YEUNG [09F]
Kaydence YEUNG [09F]:
r ur nails from claires!!?
fabiola Yepez
fabiola Yepez:
I saw it on Tammy and I am a fan of hers now I saw her wear her iPhone case on Snapchat so I followed her on instagram and I bought the same exact case in neon sand yellow and green and I love so much :D
Ben Ditty
Ben Ditty:
I really want to get your batllion blue camo case. What are some good Popsockets to go with that one?
PotatoPatty /cc
PotatoPatty /cc:
Those cases are sooo cute
Blue Eulb
Blue Eulb:
You should buy Nicolette Grays phone case
Brittany Barr
Brittany Barr:
Hey girl so does this case have a grippy texture? I need a new case but the ones from velvet caviar are too slick for me, I need some sort of texture or something!
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson:
Ugly Ugly
Ugly Ugly:
And your very pretty
Mey Keo_
Mey Keo_:
i Like ur Obsession about Phone cases kinda like me thumbs up
Mrs. Patrick
Mrs. Patrick:
Have you tried out the loopy case?
beabossbenis thanks
beabossbenis thanks:
I’m confused
Dominika K
Dominika K:
theresa mcfarlane
theresa mcfarlane:
Hi where did you get matching pop socket
Giedrius Butkus
Giedrius Butkus:
can you do a i phonex giveaway plz
Taylor Bowman
Taylor Bowman:
They aren’t cheap but I think the cases are so worth it. I have the neon yellow sequin one, the rock and roll feminist impact case and a custom snap one and I just ordered my neon sand one. They are my favorite phone case brand!! 😍
You look like Channon Rose when she had black hair
s i x e r
s i x e r:
Itchy and burny Tea
Itchy and burny Tea:
That case is beautiful but, Sorry to burst your bubble but that case is a real ⚠️ 🔥 fire hazard
Dayana ff
Dayana ff:
Im the first one love your videos💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Noemy Espinoza
Noemy Espinoza:
Latasha Woodral
Latasha Woodral:
Apryl Dillon
Apryl Dillon:
Kimbryleigha 💜 You chicka! 💋 #PoPsockets! I'm a Android ppl and I have Lg Stylo 2, which is a big phone. I as well love cases but I can't seem to find any for my phone. If you could help me I'd love ur help my lady. Please Thank you Apryl
Just Another Persons Life
Just Another Persons Life: