I Am the Night: India Eisley | TNT

Listen up! #IAmtheNight isn’t your mother’s bedtime story


Its almost funny. Her mother is Argentine-British and her father is an American and yet in some interviews she ends up sounding like she's Australian. Anyone else but me hear that when she talks?
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly:
The old saying that Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, which basically means that beauty is subjective and relative to each person and in my eyes India Eisley IS the most Beautiful woman out there. She's just Perfect. 😀😀
Sin Sabath
Sin Sabath:
She's beautiful...love her eyes
Kirklynn Centore
Kirklynn Centore:
India Eisley is so beautiful!
K p1
K p1:
She’s just sooo beautiful my chest feels so painful everytime I see her face 😩💔😍😍💖
beatle fan forever:3
beatle fan forever:3:
she is perfect😍
Tallulah Stott-Crofts
Tallulah Stott-Crofts:
She reminds me of Effy Stonem from skins
She doesn't have a British accent in several early interviews here on YouTube from Secret Life...I wonder the true story on how she has one now?
A WrestlingFan
A WrestlingFan:
First saw her in some movies on Lifetime channel. Nanny Cam & My Sweet Audrina. Then got a few dvds of movies see was starring in at Walmart. She's beautiful and talented
Shakiem Jean-Joseph
Shakiem Jean-Joseph:
She did a Amazing job on the Show in all 6 episodes- I never see her doing real Acting
A WrestlingFan
A WrestlingFan:
I looked up on google and they haven't confirmed or denied that the show is going to have a 2nd season... :-l
Christoffer Boman
Christoffer Boman:
Is she related to Miranda Kerr?
Kamran S.Khan
Kamran S.Khan:
her lips are beautiful good for kissing ;)
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown:
I have internet, but not TV
high running
high running:
Why is India Eisley not that popular or well known? not making major hollywood movies??
ImaTexangirl Goode
ImaTexangirl Goode:
It's creepy my 42 year old uncle is obsessed with her.