How to Make Nasi Lemak

How to make Malaysian signature meal, Nasi Lemak with all its trimmings. Nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut milk, served with spicy anchovies sambal (or sambal of your choice), spiced fried chicken, hard boiled eggs, slices of cucumber and peanuts. It's a favourite Malaysian comfort food meal. Recipe by El Mundo Eats. ▶ Printable recipe: ▶ Subscribe for more videos ▶ Check out my website for other recipes and much more! THANK YOU for watching! Give us a like if you've enjoyed the video and do subscribe for more simple home food videos :) And do say HI to us here: Instagram: Facebook Page: Have a lovely day! Credits: Background music: Better World, Bright Inspiring Themes Gear I used to make this video: Camera: Lens: Camera mount: Light: Tripod:


El Mundo Eats
El Mundo Eats:
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Salman Faris
Salman Faris:
it looks delecious its like i want to eat it now
rima mazlan
rima mazlan:
My favorite dish!!! Looks delicious! I cant wait to try!! Thank you
Rimjhim Shikder
Rimjhim Shikder:
im from bangladesh. Im dying to try this dish😭
missing singapore and malaysia!!! <3
Xero Punt
Xero Punt:
Nice video, looks delicious!👍
Deng River
Deng River:
This is perfect nasi lemak
Love baking
Love baking:
Thanks for sharing, very delicious!
Dapur Kemangi DK
Dapur Kemangi DK:
thanks for sharring the rechipi,i love nasi lemak....
Marilyn Clark
Marilyn Clark:
This brings back memories from yesteryears when I was working in Brunei. I have eaten this dish numerous times. It is delicious! I love to eat this with my bare hands! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
Perfect can't WAIT to try 😗
How To Cook With Look
How To Cook With Look:
waw....................sooooooooooo it...
Selina Limbu
Selina Limbu:
In my school there's also Nasi lemak
Cooking And Remedies
Cooking And Remedies:
amazing video,thanks.
Wait why soak the rice though?
naseema begum
naseema begum:
This cup measurement cups
G MacG
G MacG:
A complicated recipe but YUMMO!
polkadots bee
polkadots bee:
hard work paid off
Alex Gacasan
Alex Gacasan:
I dont have dried chilli can i use chilli powder
Amutha Valli
Amutha Valli:
Yummy food dear
Liew Pg
Liew Pg:
If I were to replace ikan bilis with fresh squids,does the steps remains same?
Bullz Eyes
Bullz Eyes:
Thank you. Desperately needed this recipe to cook at home in Canada. It costs $15 a plate over here
Salim Hussain
Salim Hussain:
There is no single recipe for Nasi Lemak, Every restaurant you go will change it up and cook it differently
Liew Pg
Liew Pg:
Is tamarind juice same as lime juice?
Degani Jovia
Degani Jovia:
While making the paste wat r items added
I saw Nasi Lemak on a menu and then had to youtube what it was... Lol.
Heo Nayoung
Heo Nayoung:
Is this owner YouTuber is a malaysian? I’m very impressed with your cooking skills. Can’t wait to try your recipe!
Harmony Q
Harmony Q:
Beautiful video. Thanks
ayesha marie cuerda
ayesha marie cuerda:
So col I'm Learning I love cooking
Zein Alfin
Zein Alfin:
I miss singapore food a lot, specialy is nasi lemak, i will try this recepy at home ,thanks for share this video
tasty and yummy food by N Marlina
tasty and yummy food by N Marlina:
Looks yummy
Amutha Valli
Amutha Valli:
r u malaysian
norman doom
norman doom:
El Amor Kitchen
El Amor Kitchen:
I love it..yummy
a w
a w:
Malay normally use basmati rice?
Askarriaz Askarriaz
Askarriaz Askarriaz:
Novi Shell
Novi Shell:
Nasi .jigo
Emilia Quezada
Emilia Quezada:
Silver Bells
Silver Bells:
hi el mundo eats!!! yr nasi lemak recipe is simply fab, finger licking good and as usual precise measurement of ings.....
I for sure want to try it.

I hv been looking for d recipe of plain nasi planta. cld u kindly share this recipe? thank you...
Esperalzi Esperal
Esperalzi Esperal:
I make nasi lemak all the time here in my house in KL. My wife too makes it. Our kids love both parents' versions. Sambal can be ikan bilis (anchovy), boiled eggs, soaked squids, regular squids, shrimps, even fried fish (my favorite fish pilchard - fry fish first before sambaling them)...
I like mine without the rice, chicken and the cucumber.
พิมพ์นิภา บรรณปัญญา
พิมพ์นิภา บรรณปัญญา:
IbaN daYakianS
IbaN daYakianS:
nak komen bahasa malaysia sini..ok..
x skang nie aku bingunglah..skill nak buat nasi lemak macam2lah..aku pun pelik nak ikut mana satu derrr..wlaupun aku laki..tapi minat masak tu boleh la juga nak tahap jadi chef..apa kan daya..aha..ah tu cite lama..yg aku x puas aty nie..mana lebih ok lagi n simple wat nasi lemak..resipi mai sini jgn kodokut bujang jarang masak nasi lomak..aha..tringat kat mak angkat aku dulu tlong buat nasi lemak..tapi beza skarang jauh..nak buat nasi lemak macam cara..bingung pula nak ikut mana korang komen ler kat bawah biar aku faham yg paling simple nak wat masi lemak..asyik beli jerw kat luar sampai 2,3 bungkus..x tahanla poket abah nie..ahaha..btw salute korang yg pandai buat nasi lemak..#nasi lemak feveret aku dari zaman skolah sampai kerja nie ha...aha..terbaik..😘😘😘👌👌👍👍👌👍
Kneeger Jim
Kneeger Jim:
It is not authentic nasi lemak if there is no dark skin person shouting babi cina balik tiong san in the background.