How Charles Manson Came to Lead One of the World’s Most Dangerous Cults

Whatever you need a website for, create yours today with Wix: Why was Charles Manson so good at convincing people to follow him? Today we will talk about serial killing again, but this show is different because our protagonist wasn’t the person who committed the murders. He was behind them, though, as the leader of a cult called The Manson Family. Some cults, although sometimes regarded by authorities as suspect, go about their days in peace. Others are not so benign. Today we’ll look at one cult only, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Horrific American Cult Leader - Charles Manson.’ SUBSCRIBE TO US -► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE (SUGGEST A TOPIC): SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► SOCIAL: Twitter........► Subreddit...► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode:

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He was really charismatic I think. Cults play to our most vulnerable human desires and motivations.
No this is patrick
No this is patrick:
The cult known as Tik Tok is the worst cult of all...
E Gallardo
E Gallardo:
*lil uzi joined the chat*
moonlight ray
moonlight ray:
*"Look down at me, and you will see a fool. Look up at me, and you will see your god. Look straight at me, and you will see yourself." -Charles Manson*
Uncle Ben’s Rice
Uncle Ben’s Rice:
Thank you Wix for making every video by infographics possible
Could you also make a single video about the Jonestown massacre and about Jim Jones?
Nothing says "We love our race" like brutally torturing and murdering them.
General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire
General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire:
Just to show how crazy Scientology is,this man stated how crazy Scientology is
Gerardo Garza García
Gerardo Garza García:
Wix is a cult that Infographics Show follows....for discounts on a good website.
Acee X
Acee X:
I always confused him with Marilyn Manson💀
Niylynn’s Gameplays
Niylynn’s Gameplays:
Bill Nye the Russian Spy
So Compilations
So Compilations:
Came here after watchin topanga by Trippie redd
Maybe he should have stood with that bartender/waiter.
I thought Jim Pickens is the most evil cult leader in the world
SpongeBob SquareHead
SpongeBob SquareHead:
Charles Manson: I lead the world’s most dangerous cult!
Joseph Seed: *hold my beer*
the man died on my birthday lmao XD
Kim Seunghun
Kim Seunghun:
I think you spelled jim pickens wrong
I thought K.K.K was the most evil cult

But thats in the old ages
Dean Sama
Dean Sama:
Why are all famous serial killers from Texas and or ohio
Luis Alfredo Barrera
Luis Alfredo Barrera:
I’m here because of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
Roses are red
Candles drip wax

Man sells baby for 15 big macs.
Airwind Lends
Airwind Lends:
*Ohhh Boi, here we go again*
Stranger Cf
Stranger Cf:
People like these make me wish The Punisher was real
Who is here from trippie redds music video?
Rais Cooper
Rais Cooper:
*I can TaKe yOu To ToPaNgA*

-tripping redd
The chewy CHEWOO
The chewy CHEWOO:
the worst drink ever was


Sorry if i offend you.
Real N1gga
Real N1gga:
Who’s here after watching once upon a time in Hollywood trailer 🤪
Obeya Michael
Obeya Michael:
Plz do one on Jamestown and John Jones
"ok time to stop watching videos about serial killers"

*5 hours later*
Bxrriez _
Bxrriez _:
Pretty sure if an Anime cult existed, it'd be worse than this.
This man kills people powered by a song about a carnival ride (Helter Skelter)
cole fitz
cole fitz:
Anyone else here for once upon a time in Hollywood
Kamil ZORRO:
The beetles cause Charles Manson’s killings
Charles Manson’s killings=Bad/evil
God dammit, more horrible people from Ohio.
Michael Irwin
Michael Irwin:
We not gonna mention the CIA and Son of Sam connections???
Toney Jackson
Toney Jackson:
"It sounds crazy, but they were taking...

a lot of drugs"
yadno oooahm
yadno oooahm:
George Bush jnr is indeed a cia actor who played the roll of manson.. They even sound so a like its scary
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse:
When I heard “cyanide and kool-aid” I immediately thought of Riverdale
Melanie of Time
Melanie of Time:
Serial killing is always the best topic
a bean
a bean:
ngl, serial murder is pretty gay
* flavor-aid
Not koolaid

The only reason mason claimed the “race war” and the connection to the songs, was that he just wanted an excuse to move to the desert and ride dune buggies. His family took it too far and then Charles came to their rescue. I’m not excusing him, but so many people make him out to be some sort of criminal mastermind. But really they were a bunch of bumbling idiots, hyped on drugs. One of the girls didn’t even write helter skelter correctly on the wall.

Honestly, it was a pretty shitty ‘cult’ if that’s what you want to call it. Manson is really just a unsuccessful music hippie version of Rasputin. Both sucked at actually organizing anything large enough to be a cult.
Dark Savior Madara
Dark Savior Madara:
The Greatest Cult Leader will always be Dutch Van Der Linde
yeaaahhhh no
This guy was a saint compared to Shoko Asahara
You mentioned a single attack by him but you left out all the stuffs like the fact that they literally developed atomic weapons and huge supplies of chem and bio weapons and were planning on releasing/launching all of them all a major cities around the world at once
Braedon Fencil
Braedon Fencil:
Correction on the Jonestown massacre: the deadly mixture contained a drink mix titled Flavor-aid, not kool-aid
cult of kosmos

anyone get the reference??
Marvin Hess
Marvin Hess:
jim jones used grape FLAVOR AID not kool aid get your facts right
Emma Jose
Emma Jose:
Charles Manson used the perpetrators’ weakness: family. he made them think that he is the “father” and he provided for each of them thus earning a sense of “obligation” to pay him back through following his orders.
Charles Manson never wrote a book! Someone who met him in prison claimed to interview him and write down what he said but according to Manson that book did not faithfully relay his words.
Not as dangerous as The Dear's Leader cult.

Any CallMeKevin fan here?
Marred Protean
Marred Protean:
I think Jim Jones was far, far more evil.
"madness is like gravity. all it needs is a little push"
Kierra Field
Kierra Field:
Every time the narrator says Manson (even though I know he’s referencing Charles) I keep thinking of Marilyn 😂😂
Just a blue banana
Just a blue banana:
He would be a great politician
Peter Nordhaus
Peter Nordhaus:
he came to me with money in his hands, I didn't ask him. I wasn't knocking someone's door down, I was running from that. when I got out I was in that, I was already through that. I had that. I had the studio. I went to the studio, I went to Fox studios. I had it all, and I looked at it and I said "this is a bigger jail that I just got out of. I don't wanna take my time going to work, I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag and ten or fifteen girls. What the hell I wanna go off and go to work for? Work for what? Money? I got all the money in the world. I'm the king, man. I run the underworld, guy. I decide who does what and where they do it at. What am I gonna run around like some teeny bopper somewhere for someone else's money? I make the money man, I roll the nickels. The game is mine. I deal the cards

I just wanted to learn about Hippos and this one one of the few videos to show up.
There is some irony there.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins:
The way they waltzed into homes, you'd think door locks weren't yet invented.
Mohanned Abdulaziz
Mohanned Abdulaziz:
The beatles music is so good.
The Ambivert Artist
The Ambivert Artist:
I looked up a pic of him and he looks like a younger white version of Bob Marley
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey:
AAaaamaaazzing grAAAce how swEet the Sound...
Zack Banning
Zack Banning:
Do a episode on David Koresh! He was the leader of the Waco incident with the cult in Texas!!
The scariest cult leader is creed from the office
It is hard for me to give a like to a video explaining life of a serial killer as such, but your videos are really nicely made with touch of humor and quite interesting. Great job.
Kermit The Frog Here
Kermit The Frog Here:
*when you realise you and a cult leader share a birthday*
F0x Birdman
F0x Birdman:
i watched a documentary on the jonestown cult. its very depressing
Ugly Sagittarius
Ugly Sagittarius:
Ahh..yes childhood. The period of time that determines if you’ll develop into a sociopath.
I love how the narrator DOES NOT hold back on the shade.
Harold Reginald
Harold Reginald:
This is so sad can we make a shrine of shrek.
_Zambe _
_Zambe _:
My grandmas cousin is Charles mansion
Actually its Joseph Seed

Manson was an evil, crazy MF that lived about 50 years too long!
Hiram Bodon
Hiram Bodon:
I guess this guy never heard of Guyana.
Disaster MASTER
Disaster MASTER:
Jim Jones killed 909 people in my country :'(

One Beginning
One Beginning:
I want one like on this comment
Homeless to Greatness
Homeless to Greatness:
Replace the communion wafer with LSD = Manson Family
julius villalon
julius villalon:
imagine if Charles Manson shared the prison cell with Ted Bundy
The Life Formula
The Life Formula:
I'd join if they have despacito 2
Grognak The 3rd
Grognak The 3rd:
All mighty Jim Pickens
Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers:
"Horrific cult leader" But all he wanted to do was save the Trees, air, and water. Smh.
Ghostly Shooter
Ghostly Shooter:
Farcry 5 in a nutshell don't go in the bliss
Brandon Franklin
Brandon Franklin:
Jim Jones was more evil
Ah, this was what Ice Cube was talking about in Straight Outta Compton.
Conner Grabinsky
Conner Grabinsky:
"And anyone who has take a lot of physcadelic drugs..."
Me: Observe, Thot
Libtard Gang
Libtard Gang:
Could you make a video about the branch davidians
The Dude
The Dude:
The way you talk like your doing news makes it hard to understand context.
I just finished American Horror Story season 7, cult and I remember this story !
i Naqvi
i Naqvi:
Gta 5 charles Manson eastern egg! You can found its house near Franklin house! Don't forget 4.99$
Makara Gaming
Makara Gaming:
the dude was kinda short like 5ft 2in
O Rei do Iêiêiê
O Rei do Iêiêiê:
Ever heard of Jim Pickens?
make an episode about kkk iam interested to learn more through this interesting channel
mention me if u did it >.<
Who was thinking about Sam Manson from Danny phantom at first?
Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older then thr trees
Younger then mountains, blowing a breeze
の ピコ僕
の ピコ僕:
Can't wait for the day of the rope.
Was Charles Manson secretly /ourguy/?
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores:
Spahn Ranch - Church Of Misery
Dre Stuver
Dre Stuver:
Hey buddy you think you could fit a few more mid roll ads in there
Eric A
Eric A:
Do a history on shrek
DJ Adams
DJ Adams:
"It sounds crazy, but they taking a lot of drugs"
I guess he's the most dangerous cult leader who lived , in a mansion
Isaac Carrasco
Isaac Carrasco:
Lil Uzi I know you are watching this
Freya Jørgensen
Freya Jørgensen:
I just finished the last season of American Horror’s called “Cult”.....and involves Charles Manson...