[ HD ] New Videos Crash Sophia Floersch Macau 2018

Accidente unfall F1 2018 f3 indy car Nascar Flörsch Macao China


Watching racing for 30yrs that's one of the scariest crashes I've seen, I'm amazed she survived given the massive stop
Gilberto Camacho
Gilberto Camacho:
Sophia was extremely lucky to have survived because a combination of fortunate situations in a fraction of a second helped her to "only" have a spinal fracture.

1) The first jump: the blue bump just before the curve helped her to not directly hit the Japanese driver right side (I believe that a projectile at almost 270 km/h would have killed them both immediately)
2) The second jump: the little touching on the top of the japanese car made her go higher a few more meters. Not too high and not too low: high enough to hit the top of fence where it acted like a "breakable pillow". The fence absorbed about half of the kinetic energy and left the car go further.
3) The head position: while hitting the top of the fence, the car turned into a position where Sophia's head ended up fitting in the tiny hole of the cameraman in the stand. That stand is made of a lot of steel and her head hit where there was a hole.
4) The cameramen stand: had not the temporary stand been there, Sophia's would have literally crashed into the Hotel Lisboa concrete walls.
5) The fence: on the fall from 4 meters high after hitting the cameramen stand, the car could have felt into the ground. But it ended up smoothly sitting on the destroyed fence that drastically reduced the impact of the fall. With a spine injury, had Sophia hit the ground, it could have been much more serious and possibly fatal.

I hope that Sophia recovers well and very soon!
"Look, just a DROP!, of Nitro in the tank, what can go wrong?"
Luckily that shack constructed of poor quality building materials and shoddy workmanship absorbed the impact quite well.
Glad she's ok.
JumpinJack Flash
JumpinJack Flash:
That's the only crash I've seen but don't even know what car or what colour it was because it was so fast!, The mind boggles when you think if it were a F1 car, I think that shed thing she hit acted as a crumple zone on impact, very lucky to be alive, what a woman 👍👍
Barry Phillips
Barry Phillips:
👀 I hope you have a good recovery ASAP. Please drive safe everybody and take precaution, driving ain't for everyone
Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris:
Very best wishes for the recovery and well-being of the driver, track marshalls, photographers and others injured!
This is a testimony to the safety protocols built into the cars bodywork, including driver protection.
Chaplin Ng
Chaplin Ng:
1:29 new meme born
Joe Flatley
Joe Flatley:
Change the speed of the playback in the settings to slow it down. A lot of details in this crash!
Nineteen Eight
Nineteen Eight:
ya sağlığınsa sorun oldu ya da ibnelik yaptılar o hızla girmesi hiç normal değil ibnelik tir büyük ihtimal
She was out of control (must have been an incident before corner) coming down the straight against the wall before the impact point at the turn. . It's a dead stick for the driver. No loss of life is thankful.
cadd quez
cadd quez:
Looked like a stuck throttle to me!
Thank goodness she wasn't killed.
T. K.
T. K.:
Wow.. en serio me asusto esto.. pense era una exageración de los medios (como siempre) pero esto en serio fue muy aterrador..
Kayhan Üresin
Kayhan Üresin:
I feel very sad for her. :( Hope she will be OK asap.
MadDog Mcree
MadDog Mcree:
Was she trying break the land speed record...
Danny Brockman
Danny Brockman:
Paul Biddulph
Paul Biddulph:
Thank the lord she hit the sheeting and cloth on that tower. If that had a brick or concrete wall then we all know she would of been killed.....
d ER
d ER:
very rare and very good perspective of the crash in the beginning
Peter Paul 1950
Peter Paul 1950:
Famous last words : ... I don't always take this corner with 270 ...
Joe dirt
Joe dirt:
Everyone saying they happy she survived, when she amost killed about 7 other people in one blow. Wow... selfish humans.
Henry Callahan
Henry Callahan:
why is the catch fence lower there than the rest of the 1.3 mile straight?
Don Riedel
Don Riedel:
I didn't know Danica was still racing.
John Stark
John Stark:
The luckiest thing was her head being in the hole in the press stand. That and the stand gave a lot on impact, those two things really saved this driver. That and the catch fence, although it bent, it took a lot of the force before hitting the press stand.
She was alert and texting last night and was having surgery this morning for spinal injuries. She was not paralyzed.
glad everybody survided, and somehow luck that camera stand was there, think she would have crashed into that building otherwise.
Good thing that she crashed into another f1 and flew into fence, crash and the fence kinda slowed her down . Because if she would have hit the barrier at that speed, she would have been one peace of metal with the car.
Joana Lappe
Joana Lappe:
Don t fly so high..
BD Matzek
BD Matzek:
She obviously had no brakes left
Fred S.
Fred S.:
Was hat diese Frau für eine Strecke gesehen wenn sie viermal so schnell die Kurve anfährt?
Egal ob Mann oder Frau ich würde allgemeines Fahrverbot verhängen, das ist nie ein "normaler" Rennunfall.
Watches pit crew just shaking their heads .... last woman to drive for them I bet
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha:
they didnt want to show the replay on tv
Gotta go fast
Thousand of camera and no one film the early point..
Embed https://www.newsauto.it/notizie/incidente-gara-f3-video-macao-cina-floersch-2018-173674/
I hope she gets out of this well and will be the old one again. I have not seen such a crash yet. the head was not protected from above at all. maybe the FIA ​​has to make a hood or capsule instead of the stupid helo
How???? How do you go into a turn that fast???
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox:
I AM ASTOUNDED WITH THE AMOUNT OF BAD COMMENTS ON WOMEN DRIVER'S. WHAT DIFFERENCE THE GENDER IS MINISCULE. I'm just thankful no one was killed and hope her surgery is successful
Dan Shetler
Dan Shetler:
I can't believe she lived. God has big plans for.
Silviu K
Silviu K:
Why you coming fast ?
Narrow track, blind corners, no run off areas. That track should be left to go karts only, or just torn down altogether.
Mark Midkiff
Mark Midkiff:
So what the crap happened? Did she loose brakes?
Woman can't drive
Christian Dietz
Christian Dietz:
Sophia komm bitte schnell wieder auf die Beine, du bist für viele Motorsport begeisterten Mädels das Vorbild vor allen meiner Kids. Gute Besserung alles erdenkliche für die fam flörsch
Chad Cudi
Chad Cudi:
She lost her brakes. Next thing you do when you lose brakes is try to spin it slower. Nothing else could've happened
nono Nicolas
nono Nicolas:
Fucked up and furious
Goldman Sucks!
Goldman Sucks!:
alter schwede was für g-kräfte bei dem aufprall gewirkt haben müssen. das überlebt doch normalerweise keiner übel!. und die ordner die direkt neben dem einschlag stehen feiern wohl ab diesem tag ihren zweiten geburtstag
The guy in front breaks early, she couldn’t avoid him, got turned around while going 276 kph, flew backwards into the corner where she crashed Into a car which eventually launched her into the camera tower.
She lucky it clipped the other kart, the wall would of been worst ugliest one ever. People who haven’t been to the tracks have no idea how quick they go. I would say heart attack before not braking. I can’t believe the Marshall had time to run from underneath her.
J E:
28 drivers, one of them is a girl. Guess who.
Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas:
"women driver" comments from guys who will never have the skills to get behind the wheel of a race-car as long as they live.
Chef Janvier
Chef Janvier:
Why is a 17-year old allowed to race in the amazingly dangerous Macau Grand Prix?! Where's the irresponsible father now?!
Splendid Truth
Splendid Truth:
why do they still race here
Servus inutilis
Servus inutilis:
Está tudo maluco. E depois são contra as touradas...
Lynx Dominance
Lynx Dominance:
Shouldn’t have been on the track...
What happened here?? Sabotage?? Brake fail or accelerator lock?
No one else will say it, but I will.....
Women drivers.
this is what you get with the PC b.s. with women drivers and 17 yrs old? PLEASE. another Danica wannabe
Aaron Attias
Aaron Attias:
Why was she going so fast into a turn?
edward arsiaga
edward arsiaga:
Why the hell was she going so fast women drivers are the worse you putem in a race car....🤔
She was in a hurry because she just remembered that she left the oven on
if this chick was making us lunch, this wouldn't have happened
Going way way too fast. Stop justifying her complete lack of judgement.
Lin King
Lin King:
this is reckless driving by this spoiled brat
Mathias Grün
Mathias Grün:
...und deshalb: Frauen, Hände weg von schnellen Autos. Das ist nichts für euch!