Hands-On Experience with Handheld Mode - Pokemon Let's go Pikachu and Eevee

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Petscope 2
Petscope 2:
Austin john "Danger" powers
Because I also like to live dangerously you switch shaking maniac.
EuroFlight 38
EuroFlight 38:
Omg.... the biggest button in the menu is for playing with pikachu....
Chit-Chat Gaming
Chit-Chat Gaming:
It's not as hard as he is making it....handheld is actually a great way to play this game, and is actually the easiest and most precisest way to catch them as well. You can turn off gyro as well in handheld.
Im playing in Handheld Mode and I have no foken problem throwing pokeballs, idk what ur talking about, its even easier.
Jared Ellis
Jared Ellis:
Can't you go to the menu and click on Pikachu/Eevees head to interact with them?
Oh god. The thumbnail looks like an iPad
After school tomorrow I"ll pick up my copy of Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu. Can`t wait! I`ve already pre-ordered this game.
xd FireLog
xd FireLog:
My game was supposed to come today in the mail, it didn't ( ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡ ͠°)
Damn .. How could u miss the literal button in the menu which takes off 2/3's of the screen .. also i like catching pokemon in handheld alot more, cause it has alot less rng in it.. you just look at the pokemon and press A, while in joycon mode the ball just sometimes flies off to the site
Heiki Estiaco Bekkelien
Heiki Estiaco Bekkelien:
Hi Austin i love your channel 😀😀😀😀 are you ok dude ?
Yokai Foxx
Yokai Foxx:
What happens if you miss with the masterball?
Amanda Galluzzo
Amanda Galluzzo:
can i just say that i really appreciate how much content you've already put out?
Anarchy Dude
Anarchy Dude:
Well...#&*^ that perpetually fluctuating target reticle.
The rest seems fine.
I'm probably only gonna play in docked mode anyway because I've been waiting 20 years to do so.
If you can use the touch screen for certain features in handheld mode why don't they just have it swipe to throw pokeball?
Nigel David
Nigel David:
Fact: netherlands not released yet. In 2 hours it is. 15-11-2018
K13 45
K13 45:
Gotta love when Walmart won’t deliver let’s go for you on release date. Never preorder from walmart
Y Slide
Y Slide:
Great vid man love the breath of the wild tips you don’t understand how helpful you are. ❤️❤️❤️
Not gonna lie clicking this I expected him to talk about the difficulty of the game (Hand Held)

Great video tho
Haven't been here for a long time! Glad to see youre doing good Austin! Let's get another collab with Phil!
Dolores G
Dolores G:
Can't you just go to the partner in your menu, or go to change partner outfit to interact with your partner?
Joshua Shearer
Joshua Shearer:
lol handheld is infinitely better than single joycon controls. I’m not sure what this video is even trying to say.
ElijahWoods Woods
ElijahWoods Woods:
in phiilly i
got mines early! in the mail this morning.... i love the pokeball plus contro
Stoppppp my hype factor is gonna bloooooowwwww

Precise, not percise
Zephyrionix Allure
Zephyrionix Allure:
G,day from down under love your vids bro keep them coming !!
Can you confirm if the game runs at 60 fps? Great video by the way!
Pokemon let's go 🅱️ikachu and 🅱️evee!
retro benji
retro benji:
I was really looking forward to playing but due to shipment issues in my country I won't get it till Saturday or worse case Monday now 😭
It’s only 7 in Australia and I have to wait till 9 to get it from Jb hi fi
You got some great vids man! Loving the tutorials and info.
Prince Peach
Prince Peach:
Handled mode works perfect fine. I don’t have a tv to play on and been playing since yesterday.
Rodrigo Vieira
Rodrigo Vieira:
You can access your partner from the X menu, you only need to select the icon with the face of either Pikachu or Eevee.
Jack Berry
Jack Berry:
I prefer to play in handheld by a long way, you can also play with Pikachu but you touch the screen to interact with him.
"R3" acts like A because of the poke ball thing, its easier to make it universal instead of how the pokeball controller would work
Bryan M.
Bryan M.:
Lol I called out of work to pick up the eevvee pokeball bundle :)))))
Zzz Awakening
Zzz Awakening:
Austin: Complains about how is impossible to play with Pikachu/Eevee in handheld mode.

Me: 5 minutes after just starting the game Figures out play with Pikachu/Eevee is Touchscreen in handheld mode
MeMe fear
MeMe fear:
To play with Pikachu you hit the menu button and select play with Pikachu up top. Sigh...
Darius Caelli
Darius Caelli:
I am so jealous of my friend in Australia who got the game launch day
Jackson F
Jackson F:
Docked mode during the day and handheld late at night well at least for me :/ team evee by the way
Catharina Broes
Catharina Broes:
So my Switch's battery ran out super fast while playing this game in hand held mode, and even when I plugged it in the battery kept depleting. Is my charger just broken or is this an actual thing?
Brian Kyle McCord
Brian Kyle McCord:
Back out to the main battle menu to recenter in handheld mode.
What about clicking the left joycon? Would that work? Handheld mode is all I have to work with (I got my Switch at a pawn shop for $175 and it was just the Switch and the charger)
Chocobo of Light
Chocobo of Light:
I'm picking up my copy tomorrow but I gotta wait until next Friday as I'm getting my Switch that day.
Jarrod Steinmetz
Jarrod Steinmetz:
Handheld is by far the best way to play.
Earned Acrobat
Earned Acrobat:
Just show people Austin John looking at his crotch without letting them know he's playing on his switch
Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins:
Early? You do know how time across the globe works right?...
Shake your switch! Shake your switch Yeah!!
Jessica Callaghan
Jessica Callaghan:
The giant button in the menu screen is for playing with Pikachu or Eevee... it's literally impossible to miss
Terraria Maniac
Terraria Maniac:
Notifications squad where you at?
Juan Guzman
Juan Guzman:
Why you rocking all your zelda gear for this Pokémon video
Someone else got that weird run Bug? Sometimes He run and than he suddenly stops running etc
They should create a stylus for this game for the switch
Chuck Pierce
Chuck Pierce:
A lot of the reviewers said you can also use the control stick and A button as an option in handheld...is that not the case?
Red Rose
Red Rose:
I support your channel but, you're making this way more complicated than it is. Some of these things don't need to be perfect, they just need to be practice.
Handheld mode is actually nice to use
Martin Gomez
Martin Gomez:
Hey, what do you think is the best team for Pokemon pikatchu?
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson:
Other than all the technical stuff, are you enjoying the game??
Square Eggs
Square Eggs:
Can you play with a pro controller?
I want to buy it but I already pre-ordered smash so I'm getting it later
I'm one of those people who use the switch In in tabletop/TV and handheld mode, so this doesn't bother me that much.
Renata Samek
Renata Samek:
Austin your my fav youtuber pls reply
Cam Zone
Cam Zone:
Getting mine next Friday which is my birthday which is black friday and i will get great deals
Dirt Diver
Dirt Diver:
So I'm currently deployed. Wish I freaking knew I could've pre-downloaded the damn game. Now I have to wait for Amazon's shipment to arrive lol FML.
"Buddin".... Its Button dude lol
The Infinite Draw
The Infinite Draw:
I already didn't really want this, but lack of Pro Controller support cements this as a hard pass.
The controls for this game are an extreme let down for me. It's impossible for me to play the game with both Joy-Cons detached from the Switch. One of the Joy-Cons is automatically assigned to Player 2 and is only usable for COOP mode in this game.

As a result I find it incredibly awkward to try and play this game if I want to dock the Switch. Because motion controls can't be turned off for the pokeball tossing part of the game unless you play in handheld mode with the Joy-Cons docked to the Switch.

I have learned to use my right hand for the kind of motion controls this game uses (Skyward Sword is a good example of this). But like most people I prefer to use the left joystick to move the character/vehicle in games.

Despite being left handed this is how I've gotten use to motion controls in video games. It's rare for me to ever use my left hand for this unless it's for something like perhaps the Wii-U tablet controller or maybe the Pro controller (neither of which I own). Sure one would think the "throw a ball" motion would be easier for a Left Joycon control scheme for this game, but I don't want to go through a full ball throw motion and plus I have no accuracy when I try this in a video game anyways. I've only gotten accurate/good enough tosses in this game with my right hand. It's really uncomfortable navigating the UI/moving the character on the overworld with the right joystick though. Feels like I fell through some small edge case GF didn't bother to account for. :(

No pro controller support didn't bother me that much as I didn't own one, but it really surprised me that the game won't let me use both Joy-Cons as player 1. That's so stupid and even games like Mario kart 8 Deluxe that support local COOP using individual Joy-Cons for each player doesn't force that control scheme for non-coop game modes like online multiplayer and singleplayer.

This seems like a big oversight and GameFreak really needs to fix this. I find the game quite unplayable unless I play it in handheld mode. They really need to fix this in a game update. There's no excuse for this.
You forgot to cover if the game will be traded into sun and moon
Shane Fellows
Shane Fellows:
You need to press X to go to menu then click on the picture of Pikachu or Eevee to interact with your partner when in handheld mode 👍🏼
Does the poke ball plus actually automatically work on pokestops?
Mr. Bigglesworth
Mr. Bigglesworth:
chancy isn't a late game pokemon I one before the 2nd gym
Ninja Dumbass
Ninja Dumbass:
50 Views 50likes lol
Tamsin Sandrielle
Tamsin Sandrielle:
Thank you for this video! Thanks for your time and your work :)
Edward Saldana
Edward Saldana:
Ok, what a rough start with the game, there are already some errors with the handheld mode.
Shiny Entei
Shiny Entei:
Austin what about curveballs?
Is it possible?
Blooky Beat
Blooky Beat:
Who else finds it weird that Austin is wearing Legend of Zelda gear in a Pokémon video
I just really want to Pokeball Plus lol
Nevada Mello
Nevada Mello:
Ik this is late but, his switch is lookin sleek with dem colours 👌🏻
angel gomez
angel gomez:
Zachary Francis
Zachary Francis:
How did you get the game before the 16th
Johan Sörensen
Johan Sörensen:
Nicholas Kennedy
Nicholas Kennedy:
Owen Mac Uinseannáin
Owen Mac Uinseannáin:
Wait how did everyone get the game already ..mine comes out tomorrow 😭😭
This video was very helpful
All this shaking of the switch needs a wrist band for that lmao
Cesar G
Cesar G:
Maybe use Screen Record for your Switch? So we're not just staring at top of your hat (which is a cool hat BTW)
Litten Livestreams
Litten Livestreams:
I cant wout for school to end so I can pick up lets go eevee I will shiny hunt a caterpie
Ricky Vega
Ricky Vega:
Buttons, not “Buddens” lmao
Kieran Kim
Kieran Kim:
I just Pre-Ordered pokemon and I am so excited for tommorow! :)
Thijs van den Boogaart
Thijs van den Boogaart:
I live in the Netherlands and I cant play it early.
02fox YT
02fox YT:
8 minutes ago and 584 views already!!
Lil Reggie
Lil Reggie:
You should do nuzlock with Philly!
Ariii 03
Ariii 03:
Thank you for the video, all your videos help me so much keep up the great work!.
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup:
How do you select handheld mode in the menu though?
Jefferson Joseph
Jefferson Joseph:
I'm still going to play in handheld mode, I like the challenge of catching the pokemon
Bela Miszcz
Bela Miszcz:
If next part will have the same system of catching im not buying it, old way is the only way
Zachary Yoder
Zachary Yoder:
Bro. Handheld isn't that hard. You're hating pretty hard. Haha. I've ONLY played in handheld mode and its super easy to use AND super fun!
kateyack meow
kateyack meow:
To interact in handheld mode with your partner hit x save options comes up click up to play with eevee/pikachu and techniques are on the side :). Also I feel like throwing poke balls are easy 😂
Adrian Watts
Adrian Watts:
You not knowing the controls is not the same as them being bad.
Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner:
In handheld mode once you press get read dont move the screen. Itll automatically adjust for you.
I only play in handheld, I’ve been playing Pokémon on the go since the 90s
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis:
There having a midnight launch at GameStop in Brooklyn, NY
I wish they made it so throwing a poke ball is like Pokémon go

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