Hack Live: Daisy Cousens vs Clementine Ford

Back by popular demand; from 'Hack Live: Is Male Privilege Bullshit?' last year on ABC2. Observe the moment I take on Australian uber-feminist Clementine Ford on online misogyny, and the way feminists treat conservative women. Look up 'feminism', and you'll find 'hypocrisy'. Enjoy! For early access to this and my other videos, pledge just $% or more at my Patreon! Link is below: PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/DaisyCousens Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaisyCousens Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daisycousens... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en Watch the full panel at https://iview.abc.net.au/show/hack-live

100+ Comments:

the 1 unattractive woman in the group is the man hating feminist. go figure
Cas Sim
Cas Sim:
If ANY man tweeted "kill all women" she would be outraged!!
Clem is horrible.
Paul Stuart
Paul Stuart:
Well done Daisy, you nailed it, feminists can't tolerate women that disagree with them! Nothing pisses them off more than attractive successful women who are happy doing what they do and oppose feminists! Your a star!
walter white
walter white:
Toxic feminism is the real problem.
Clementine is one of the most obnoxious idiots on the planet.
Dark Noble Son
Dark Noble Son:
Daisy you are a treasure. Classy intelligent polite beautiful and down to earth. Your a rare one.
"I think some people willfully misunderstand the stuff I said."

My bad. Forgive my ignorant male mind. I guess I missed the cultural nuances of "Kill all men".
The Fuzz
The Fuzz:
Clementine Ford is the personification of toxic feminism is today's society and The Age continues to give her a platform to push her agenda. True equality will never happen with people like her around.
John Miller
John Miller:
If she had said kill all any other demographic, she would have been in serious trouble
John Fisher
John Fisher:
If feminism was about equality, it would be called EQUALITY. End of story.
Elder God
Elder God:
I like Daisy's sitting posture it's so feminine and she's so feminine, and I love it.
Richard Sivell
Richard Sivell:
"As an ugly feminist" - Only thing true said from Clementine.
Growlus notneeded
Growlus notneeded:
If she went up against Jordan Peterson, Clementine Ford would get destroyed.
Clementine..There is no willful misunderstanding of your multiple comments about “killing all men” ...what a serial liar you are. Thankfully your bosses have seen how toxic you are and you’ve been fired
miss internet
miss internet:
"anti-feminist" is such a bad title. i think "reasonable person" is a better one.
Cameron Henson
Cameron Henson:
It is so funny to watch Daisy so ever effortlessly shred Clementine in this clip.
You keep rocking as always Daisy
Daniel Mace
Daniel Mace:
"I want a better world for everyone," it just so happens that this involves bringing men down and ensuring they're below women.
most disgusting human, hopefully a migrant takes her out
Stephen H. Norton
Stephen H. Norton:
Clementine was just joking. No, Clementine IS a joke!
Clementine: 'I'm allowed to write "Kill all Men" because being absurdly provocative in public is fine.'

3 minutes later... 'I hated your Bill Leak piece because I thought you were being absurdly provocative.'

Her brain is spaghetti.
PR Heydenreich
PR Heydenreich:
Lots of men have your back Daisy thanks
Ford should get back under her bridge and stay there.
Robert Lane
Robert Lane:
I love how the feminist insists on not being interrupted but constantly interrupts everyone else.
Mark Prendergast
Mark Prendergast:
hehe, Clem, learn to code.
James Taylor
James Taylor:
Wow, a real, intelligent, ration women talking to a bush pig who is too dumb to understand.
Luke E
Luke E:
Clemente Ford is absolutely putrid. Nauseating.
Peter Evans
Peter Evans:
Clam Fraud certainly got it handed to her in this vid. She is an obnoxious c**t.
Happy McJoyjoy
Happy McJoyjoy:
Then goes on to yell over everyone else.
IssAc Butterfield where are you ? 🤣
duncan Jordan
duncan Jordan:
Oh, I get it now. She just told a joke exactly like Sargon did.

Rhymes with punt.
emily schwellenbach
emily schwellenbach:
The feminists have man hatred in their narrative, I was around in the 60's, 70's , it was there. Why are adults still laughing at curse words,
“Can I, can I please finish”, reminds me of a certain episode of South Park.
the only thing feminists hate more than men are women who disagree with feminism
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands:
Can the Feminists tell me the address of this great white male Misogynistic conspiracy, because i would like my mortgage paid?????
If you name a child "Clementine" you know she will turn out to be a Feminist.
No one can counter those cankles

Don't even bother...
Joe T
Joe T:
the red shirt guys face is priceless every time clem opens her maw xD
Clementine is a Pig ...... oh don't willfully misunderstand me, I'm just joking, I'm just using humor as a defense........ my sincere apology to pigs.
Jack Public
Jack Public:
"You enjoy triggering people... That triggers me!" WAAAAH

666 mgtowkayaker
666 mgtowkayaker:
What a horrid creature clementine ford is,daisy is smart & beautiful btw...
Wow, Clementine Ford is really fat. That's very unattractive. Her calves are thicker than her neck.
Kerem Karaoglu
Kerem Karaoglu:
Clementurd ford has the iQ of a potato chip.
Winnie P
Winnie P:
Clem ford should be in the middle of a paddock eating slop from a trough
Rob Peters
Rob Peters:
Third wave feminism created mgtow.
Clementine Ford is one very very disturbed woman. Her family must be so ashamed.
James Taylor
James Taylor:
Wow, a real, intelligent, ration women talking to a bush pig who is too dumb to understand.
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme:
Another excellent post Daisy- you are an intellectual laser pointer and I Love witnessing your handiwork. Jordan P. also has this effect in my mind- thankyou for your important work Daisy
Francisco Velazquez
Francisco Velazquez:
I've seen

Daisy: Lady
Lauren: woman
Clementine: fefail
Feminism has been working on pushing men out of education and employment, since its earliest days.
Ford is the classic third-wave feminists proving that feminism has no arguments.
Also that it's cancer.
Clementine ford is a straight up sociopath
abigail roberts
abigail roberts:
clem needs to get her hrad out of her arse

- tony abbott
Clem: let me finish
Also Clem: interrupts everyone
Queerasthedayislong Love
Queerasthedayislong Love:
You could run a microphone cord through that blokes front teeth!!
Clementine Ford should change her name to Gloria Iron Box.
richard ouvrier
richard ouvrier:
Clementine, we're all under extremely tight language control. Why do you get to say outrageous things? Double standards, apartheid.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones:
Clementine calling another woman a c#nt is a circular argument.
Clementine Ford is everything that is wrong with the modern third and fourth wave feminist movement rampant out-of-control Bitchuary
2nd Airborne Productions
2nd Airborne Productions:
Clem is awful, good job Daisy.
Clementine Ford, UNFUCKABLE.
Zaqariah Lowell
Zaqariah Lowell:
Protect, criticize, tomato, potatoes, same thing, different packaging

- that Clem lady
Dragonstorm 1000
Dragonstorm 1000:
Clementine posts a tweet saying “All men must die”

Clementine: I just don’t understand why people think feminism is a man hating group.

Everyone watching this video: *simultaneously facepalms*
Dirty Gumbo
Dirty Gumbo:
Clementine "kill all men" is on TV, but Alex Jones and Milo can't get a twitter account.
Jason Station
Jason Station:
I love Daisy Cousens. Very proud of her!
Mad Titan
Mad Titan:
I think people seem the most graceful when they fulfill their traditional gender roles.
Maybe it's just me who thinks that.
Daisy: "you attacked my upbringing and my appearance"....
Clementine: "no! I never attacked your appearance!"

Hahaha! So just the upbringing then.......
Phantom Alpha
Phantom Alpha:
“Kill all men.” I’m taken out of context!!
Clemenslime Fraud. Ugly both inside and out.
Holy crap you're even prettier live than in your home made videos. And so composed. 😍
Jennifer Moleski
Jennifer Moleski:
Hating any group of people based on biological factors is a ding-dong move.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk:
The go-to explanation people like Clementine always use when they get called out for saying something is that it was "just a joke" or was otherwise "said in jest". People like her conveniently gravitate to it being a joke when it's detrimental to their character.
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner:
I've seen a fair bit if Clementine and she's a complete clown!
Staz Matt
Staz Matt:
Daisy is pure class. A true role model for young women.
*makes a detailed argument*
"You're just a troll"
When someone demands “to let them finish please” n then goes on to interrupt everyone else-says all you need to know about that person. She is vile, on so many levels.
Bobby Adams
Bobby Adams:
I do not believe for one second that there statement, about killing all men was a joke.
They meant every word. It was redacted, edited, and called a joke. When both sane men and women were outraged.
Religious Reasoning
Religious Reasoning:
2:00 you don't want a better world for men
Dennis Paul
Dennis Paul:
Clemmy is a perfect example of someone who’s “outside” reflects their “inside”.
Some times you can judge a book by its cover.
Hannibal Smith
Hannibal Smith:
I wont lie. I muted it and watched for the badass blonde. Testosterone-1 Jibberish being discussed-0
Raymond Foo
Raymond Foo:
I hope you got fumigated after that show. You were sitting right next to Clem! LOL!
Ford: can I finish (in the most condescending tone I've ever heard).
Ford then sets to interrupt every other person. What a horrific human. She is vile and intolerant then expects others to be sweet around her.
Shane McMaster
Shane McMaster:
I love how Daisy just stares Clementine dead in the eye and says, 'You have never once attacked my argument', which is 100% true. Clementine has never attacked her arguments, only attacked Daisy herself. Clementine's body language shows that she cannot cope properly with interactive confrontation she will not look Daisy in the eye. Daisy, on the other hand, always looks Clementine in the eye. Clementine had a point, yes Daisy is a provocateur, she said so in her own words; however it is the pot calling the kettle black. Clementine is too, but on a much vulgar and worse scale.
Michael Seymour
Michael Seymour:
Daisy Cousens is a fantastically refreshing feminine phenom. Bravo daisy and know that you have the admiration of millions.
Simon Rainbow
Simon Rainbow:
kill all men ... but I am not a man hater ... wtf?
*interjects with every speaker*
"Let me finish"
"I think that people willfully misunderstand some of the things that I've said".
Okay Clementine Ford, maybe explain how we're supposed to interpret the statement "Kill all men"?
Clementine is ugly on the inside too
So rare when the hot one is also the cool one
Cas Lynch
Cas Lynch:
"what if life is just hard?"...well, I'm hard looking at Daisy Cousens
"you've never attacked any of my arguments" ... seconds later she attacks Daisy's character by calling her an Internet troll.
ExOTiiC Wardog
ExOTiiC Wardog:
3rd wave feminism is man hating
James Curry
James Curry:
Men have the privilege of having the highest suicide rates highest work related deaths highest drug and alcohol addiction rates highest incarceration rates highest mental health rates highest homeless rates lowest education success rates...sounds like a whole lot of privilege going on here!!
Dark Cider
Dark Cider:
Call me crazy, but I think Clem Ford is an extremely unhappy lady. You don’t generate this much hate without a lot of damage in the back history.
Joel Hall
Joel Hall:
Daisy, you're great. But did anything think to ask... I dunno, A MAN, for their view?
Евгений Глущенко
Евгений Глущенко:
I loved Daisy's staying cool! I was something. Many others didn't even behave themselves correctly. I'd like to thank Daisy for true and honest speeches.
I though that was gonna be steamy....it wasn't.....
Burris Streaming
Burris Streaming:
that's not true, it's not only that I want women that agree with me. from her own mouth.
Frank Bell
Frank Bell:
I loved seeing Clem sitting there seething in agony as Daisy speaks to her. You can just see the hatred in her eyes.
Clementine Ford looks as if she is sucking on a moldy sour lemon when Daisy finally gets to talk...is that her norm??
I love how she looked at Daisy as soon as she started speaking as if she was saying, this bitch is going to destroy all of my talking points.......