Gladstone, Queensland

This is a mini tour of Gladstone, Queensland. Gladstone is a town in sunny Central Queensland with a population of nearly 50,000 people, and is an industry hub in the region. Music: Short Story - by DJ Rival & Arc North If you haven't seen our other videos click the link below: Filmed by: Joe Perchard and Donovan Muller Camera Equipment: Nikon D5200 w/ 18-55mm lens Rode Videomicro Yelangu S60t Stabiliser DJI Mavic Pro


Jake Robson
Jake Robson:
As always keep up the good work 😊
Jake Robson
Jake Robson:
Ive gone through those waters many a time before
Barry Hart
Barry Hart:
Loved it. Great edit. Just subbed your channel for more
FreshMemes :o
FreshMemes :o:
I live here
izzy da pug
izzy da pug:
I live i gladstone
ian watts
ian watts:
Nice little presentation:::))
Marshy 247
Marshy 247:
2:01 woah dats me
Bailey Heron
Bailey Heron:
Is it a good place to live?
Trinity Miller
Trinity Miller:
This is where I live but we might be moving to Brisbane
I am about to live here now im currently at the philippines... well thx for the vid that's a really great tour of queensland😀