Full Survivor Series 2018 results

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Mr. Oscar
Mr. Oscar:
AJ Styles and Randy Orton saved themselves from being part of this mediocre ppv.
Hakeel Hall
Hakeel Hall:
These PPV’s keeps getting worse every year
DarK ZoNe_ BionicShark
DarK ZoNe_ BionicShark:
I hated this survivor series who is with me
eddie perez
eddie perez:
I like both raw and smackdown but disapointed smackdown didn't get a win besides the kick of show
• qq b •
• qq b •:
Why the hell was Naomi, the TEAM CAPTAIN, eliminated FIRST ? It's like last year's Becky Lynch all over again - only worse!
SmackDown!LIVE is the better show - I don't care what WWE wants to tell me
Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub
Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub:
They didn't count the Smackdown Tag Team Elimination match victory because apparantly there was a miscommunication backstage where The Revival were supposed to win, but Usos ended up winning. Did my research 👊.
Why is Shane always on The SD Team? Why was Baron Corbin on the team?


Mustafa Ali looks like Default Skin in Fortnite. Same hair and beard and similar height
people's champ
people's champ:
Nxt war game 1000× better then survivor series
1 2 3
1 2 3:
Let's take a moment of silence for Samoa Joe's career.
Isaiah Alejandro
Isaiah Alejandro:
I was actually Going for smackdown last night but I wasn’t expecting them to get Swept by Raw.
Johanna Cuarezma
Johanna Cuarezma:
Ronda Rousey didn't "defeat" Charlotte, she only won the match by DISQUALIFICATION! That is something else!👌
Dutt Boii
Dutt Boii:
Smack down is still better than Raw

But NXT is better than both of these.
jalen allen
jalen allen:
Why did security kick out real1?
InfiniteDuck kk
InfiniteDuck kk:
Or in other words, SmackDown got humilated.
melionette _majesty
melionette _majesty:
Okay. I’m not mad at the results, but they weren’t really what I wanted😂 Oh well
ACM Reborn
ACM Reborn:
How come it says that Raw got a clean sweep over Smackdown when Smackdown won the tag team elimination match???
Michael Speer
Michael Speer:
Since Nia Jax has been in the WWE business she has put many of the Divas on the injured list that is not a good role model to them little girls the only thing she's showing them little girls is how to be an animal and also have to be abusive to people
Alfie Saunders42
Alfie Saunders42:
Don’t kick the realest guy in the room out of your shows
And I Oop-
And I Oop-:
I believe SmackDown should have won bc RAW is not as interesting as SmackDown In my opinion
Kyle Joseph
Kyle Joseph:
Maybe Ronda could take a night off after last night😞
Omnia Znaty
Omnia Znaty:
That was 👎👎😠😠
SmackDown is the better show 💙💙
Zombie-Blood-490 gaming
Zombie-Blood-490 gaming:
tbh smackdown is still much better than raw
Tajhae Scott-Walls
Tajhae Scott-Walls:
I completely agree with Cathey Kelly Raw was Dominant last night
Tito Nugroho
Tito Nugroho:
Really bored seeing brock always winning in ppv main event.
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman:
I figured it was story driven, Stephanie not counting SmackDown's win to get back at Shane for the 'Best in the World' Cup.
primitive technology kh idea
primitive technology kh idea:
I hated this survivor series who is with me
princesa maya
princesa maya:
Smackdown LIVE is the better brand, in my opinion. A few matches at Survivor Series isn't going to change my opinion. Great performance though, Raw Brand. ❤

Smackdown = buried
So charlotte lost her mind for no reasons, daniel bryan now walks like gollum as he wanted, smackdown team looked like rookies
Adrian Vasquez
Adrian Vasquez:
The Survivor Series sucked so bad. Both of the fights that were hyped never happened. I was wanting that rematch with Lesnar and AJ Styles. Ronda and Becky was going to be epic too.
Dudde Love
Dudde Love:
The Rowdy one looking like we never seen her before?
Um, anyone remember Holly Holms?
Tulley Novielli
Tulley Novielli:
Awesome 👏🏻 results loved the paper view and NXT takeover the night before
Can anyone explain how Raw swept Smackdown Live when The Usos won the men's Tag team survivor match?
Pretty much the PPV represented that RAW has way too much talent and needs to move some to Smackdown instead of wasting them
Even though SmackDown has lost the "war," it still remains my favorite brand 👌💪
Billie Eilish/Kalina Trifunov Trifunov
Billie Eilish/Kalina Trifunov Trifunov:
Oh, raw won..yay and no cuz I like raw and smack down.....
Wargames 6- Survives Series 0
Carlos Landeros
Carlos Landeros:
RAW won yes I knew it I love raw
Israel out of Palestine
Israel out of Palestine:
SmackDown is superior
We hate Stephanie
1:00 not trying to be rude or anything but in that clip she looks like a sad a hurt Jack Skelington just the face
Survivor series 2017 was best
3-4 Raw Wins
osher o.w
osher o.w:
the worst Survivor Series ever!

btw Nicki bella is AMAZING!!!!!
Flux Comics
Flux Comics:
6-1 (preshow win for smackdown)
Ekk Snipz
Ekk Snipz:
Hopefully the bludgeon brothers win the tag titles on smackdown
Joeker YT
Joeker YT:
They always making Smackdown a loosers. 😑
Jon Z
Jon Z:
There should never be a Raw vs Smackdown no more. The only reason i keeping my wwe subscription is cause of Nxt.
piyush kumar
piyush kumar:
Cherput Kimtei
Cherput Kimtei:
Team SMACK DOWN are still the best
SmackDown deserves much more than what they are getting. Who agrees?
Válter Melo Melito2010
Válter Melo Melito2010:
6-0 or 6-1? Smackdown only got 1 Victory from Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match. Idiots.
Michael Speer
Michael Speer:
So if you want to be smart Shane Mcmahon and help the show PLEASE put the belt back on AJ Styles
Yacine Dahmani
Yacine Dahmani:
It's been a long time since we had a good ppv, i think last 4 or 3 ppv's were absolutly disaster.
I wonder if we will see a good ppv or a good monday night raw again.
Mazin Saifullah
Mazin Saifullah:
Lol I'm surprised a lot of people disliked this show. This show is hundred times better than crown jewel
Tuan Quoc
Tuan Quoc:
I like team Smackdown. They have tried my best. Sad. Really😪😞
EnderXD_Gaming And MORE!
EnderXD_Gaming And MORE!:
i hate this paper view.

smackdown and raw > 205 live < NXT
Na Ceiltigh - Gaming Music Tutorials and More
Na Ceiltigh - Gaming Music Tutorials and More:
Once again
Smackdown on raws dinner plate
Didnt take a genius to predict that now did it
Haven't watched WWE in a year and im thankful that I've saved all that time of my life
6-1* why hype the tag match for no reason
NXT Takeover >>> Survivor Series
Brian Erney
Brian Erney:
I still shocked what happened at survivor series pay preview last night survivor series pay preview great pay preview last night Charlotte flair turn heel can wait see what happen tomorrow night smackdown got destroyed last night got no chance beat raw Daniel Bryan came this close beat brock Lesnar last night at survivor series pay preview happy raw won last night survivor series pay preview did have buried smackdown like that last night at survivor series pay preview
Ravin Y
Ravin Y:
Wwe. Please u ones again smackDown intro .If You Rock Like Me. Song
If RAW had a clean sweep on the main show, then Smackdown had a clean sweep on the kickoff, nothing to be mad about here.
Lol Nia Jax was the sole survivor AND she eliminated Asuka to win? Good thing I didn't waste my time watching this lol.

Also The BAR really should've won. AOP is a joke right now…
Clashy Replays
Clashy Replays:
Stone cold theme song in the background
Ermuun Orgil
Ermuun Orgil:
Survivor series 2016>2017>2018
legit boss
legit boss:
very disappointed ...
Smackdown deserves better !!
Jonathon Evans
Jonathon Evans:
Seth vs Dean for IC Championship at StarrCade also, in Street Fight.
Danny Khan
Danny Khan:
Welcome to WWE Ronda. 😂😂😂
Sy Jessica
Sy Jessica:
I guess charlotte just turn heel ...hope she doesnt take a spotlight from becky
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards:
by designed for, slammed with the hilt, not the blade, it being used like a pick axe, AND baseball bat.
Crown Jewel > Survivor Series 2018
Ya Boiii Tito
Ya Boiii Tito:
We gotta start having NXT Takeovers after the WWE PPVS so we aren't as dissapointed with the product at the end of the weekend
What is happening with smackdown live probably after this event it would be a dissapointment
Jiroh Louise N. TV
Jiroh Louise N. TV:
Smackdown didn't made it😥😥😥😰
The smackdown team was better than the raw team. I honestly thought smackdown would win the mens.
Windcloud Washines
Windcloud Washines:
I just like Smackdown cause Raw is 95% predictable. Now they tryna push Raw like they push Lesner and other underperforming wrestlers. What happened when athletes and the best wrestlers were the top tier of WWE.
ShakeyBoi D
ShakeyBoi D:
Smackdown sorta had 1 win because of the tag team elimination match
Marty D
Marty D:
Takeover out does the main roster again and with only 4 Matches this time
Reza Hasiri
Reza Hasiri:
So what was the point of whole show when RAW won every match?!
Big Poppa Thanos
Big Poppa Thanos:
Technically it wasnt a clean sweep for raw when the usos won the 10 on 10 therefore while still not much its better than 0 the actual score is raw 6 smackdown 1
Anna Mae
Anna Mae:
Darth Ruin
Darth Ruin:
The 205live guys had the best match
Graciela Perez
Graciela Perez:
Wwe that's not fair you didn't let smackdown live even win one match
TG Epic2302
TG Epic2302:
One of the best survivor series we’ve had in a long time
pawpaw palita
pawpaw palita:
Nahh the real result is NXT PPV's always wins against Main Roster PPV's since 2014
Why Wwe Have Survivor series when we all know that Raw will Always win...
Carly loves Vlogs
Carly loves Vlogs:
I like smack down more than raw but the only reason raw won was because they had stronger and bigger men and women
Radu Alexandru
Radu Alexandru:
The all year smackdown was better vince tell us that raw wins nothinggggggg like last year new day says you win nothinggg
I thought we had a great PPV. I don't understand all the complaints.
Last night was a good show. Even the pre-show elimination tag match that didn't count was really good. The only things I didn't care for very much was The RAW Tag Champs VS SMACKDOWN Tag Champs match and both the RAW VS SMACKDOWN Men's and Women's traditional Survivor Series matches. All the Champion VS Champion matches were good to outstanding outside the AOP VS Bar match. Ronda VS Charlotte was just incredible and stole Survivor Series even with the DQ finish. Charlotte turned a major corner with her character.
Terrell Price
Terrell Price:
well i'm guessing raw win will survivor series 2019
Harr 3:16
Harr 3:16:
This ppv was good learn to appreciate. If you want to blame, blame braun for making every multiman match he is in boring by using just one move.
leslieshootingstar _YT
leslieshootingstar _YT:
Common smackdown we can bet raw this is our year
The best part of the show was Charlotte beating Ronda up
Pis Pis
Pis Pis:
Nxt>>>Raw n sdl
Dylan Mitchell
Dylan Mitchell:
this was more one sided than Germany vs Brazil.7-1
Charles Hocker
Charles Hocker:
I am looking for a women's PG-13 era.
Saad Shaikh
Saad Shaikh:
Nothing Left In The WWE After John Cena...!!!
American Indonesian Descent
American Indonesian Descent:
Its unfair for Smackdown team!! 😠😠
Farindar Pradhan
Farindar Pradhan:
Yeah WWE doesn't care about their Tag division and now they don't count their match either.