FOOD KING SINGAPORE: Crazy $22 Nasi Lemak?!

Today, we are going to check out the Nasi Lemaks that try to distinguish themselves from the usual! 1. Lawa Bintang 9008 Tampines Street 93 Singapore 528843 2. Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak 114 Lavender Street, #01-08/09 Singapore 338729 3. Adimann Golden Mile Food Centre 505 Beach Road, #B1-12 Singapore 199583 All reviews in this episode were conducted by Food King independently. Food King presents genuine reviews at the time of filming. While we love recommending food, we are not responsible for the quality or standards of any brand. We also understand that taste is highly subjective, so try it out but our opinion may not be yours! Happy eating! Find us on Instagram: Ryan - Sylvia - Aiken - Deekosh - Sikeen - Aurelia - Joanna - Grace - Nixie - Rachel - Nina - Sherri - Charlene - Anna - Franster - Victoria - Julian - Zijie - Click This. SUPPORT US ON PATREON! FACEBOOK EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at [email protected] VISIT OUR WEBSITE TWITTER ADDRESS Kent Ridge Post Office PO Box 1049 Singapore 911102 NOC PARTNERS Cathay Photo - MyRepublic - Shunji Matsuo - Flesh Imp - IMBA - TopGear PC - / Bosch - Aftershock - OUTRO SONG Darren Ashley - Disclaimer: While we respect everybody's views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you're gonna be butt-hurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humor, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! :) Thank you! Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia #NOC #FoodKing

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Ryan Sylvia
Ryan Sylvia:
Yes yes... Banana leaf... I said wrong when my brain fart :D

Fun fact - I actually can't eat Nasi Lemak, I don't do so well with coconut milk. I had diarrhea for 1 week after this episode, and fall really sick (those who follow me on insta would know haha), but knowing this, I still did it for you guys :D
Joseph Tan
Joseph Tan:
Ryan: "guess im single now"
Dee Kosh, Aiken, and possibly everyone that watched the video till the end: "ooOoooOOoOoOooOOoOooo"
Xinyi Liew
Xinyi Liew:
Deekosh should appear as Ria Warna
Axel Toh
Axel Toh:
Aiken: the positive
Dee: the negative
Ryan: 7-11 is the best
Where is best ramen in Singapore pt.2
Vyvyan Natashja Tan
Vyvyan Natashja Tan:
Prefer the old fashioned traditional Nasi lemak. Cheap and great.
Subscribe to me for no reason
Subscribe to me for no reason:
Why I like fridays:
1. It’s the last day of school for the week.
2. There is a episode of food king!!
Khairul Zuhairi
Khairul Zuhairi:
Btw Ryan. I think ur opinion same with me. I like the $1 nasi lemak more but I like nasi lemak with the a little bit sweet and little bit of spicy because I can't eat spicy. 😂
Mimie Jay
Mimie Jay:
PANDAN LEAF???? It's Banana leaf la, how can pandan leaf can wrap nasi lemak? Unless you sew the pandan leave together la, but that's weird la.
Hilary rie
Hilary rie:
When Ryan tried to club with dee and aiken he look so derp 😆 and idk if Im slow but I realised they added chinese subtitles too so considerate thanks a lot! Now they can have more viewers to watch their videos!
Traditional is better because its not tampered or complex, its just Standard and Darn Good
Secret Real Santa
Secret Real Santa:
Aiken finally has a Girlfriend , Joanna
Yi Heng Ethan Hoh
Yi Heng Ethan Hoh:
Ryan:"I would prefer the $1 Nasi Lemak with pandan leave"
Thats he said
Why does ”lah siol” became ”last year” in the subtitle haha
Sharanya Rai
Sharanya Rai:
Hurray. I am going to try atleast one stall for todays dinner. 👍
Anyone wondering why ryan is carrying that bag throughout the episode. Not keeping it down for a second. I dont think it is his style statement. Need whats inside my bag espiode with Ryan 🤣🤣
Daihoong Kan
Daihoong Kan:
Can u Not
Can u Not:
Mama nani Habiba
Mama nani Habiba:
Hello Im opening this monday 14th oct 2019 at ayer rajah food centre blk 503 stall no 62. if you would like to try my nasi lemak my stall named House of Nasi Ler-Mak..
Tuscani J
Tuscani J:
I love watching ya’ll’s’ videos because it makes me feel like I’m laughing with friends. Also don’t mind seeing Aiken sweaty.
Chong Raj
Chong Raj:
8:06 the moment Ryan disagrees with Aiken. It's just a joke.
Foong Kai Zhe
Foong Kai Zhe:
Does anyone still remembers "Golden Pouch" 🤣🤣🤣
Wayne Lim
Wayne Lim:
Daniel Napitu
Daniel Napitu:
2nd i’m sad now
vera acevedo
vera acevedo:
Ryan : I think the most important element of nasi lemak is the *rice*
Khairul Zuhairi
Khairul Zuhairi:
Everytime I watch food King. Never fail to make me laugh and happy. I like the words * nasi lemak is of course not healthy because the name is also Nasi lemak. LEMAK IS FAT LA SIAL. * HAHAHAHAHAHA. LOVE IT.
PinPointDart 435
PinPointDart 435:
Dee kosh: OH YEA?OH YEA?

Song Song Man
Song Song Man:
cibai dee kosh ! stop bullying aiken la
Mel vin
Mel vin:
When are you going to eat the prata for the next episode plsss
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid:
ture,,, traditionals foods should just stay the same
SDMN Dolan
SDMN Dolan:
Marc Noel Christopher Tan
Marc Noel Christopher Tan:
Food kings, y’all gotta try Charlie’s peranakan food! He was right in the background at the last location. Authentic, solid peranakan food👌🏼
Sabrina Norzain
Sabrina Norzain:
Could you try the new hospital in Sengkang’s food?
YC hayley
YC hayley:
trusting food king more and more each episode. love this series the most. also the most practical as everyone needs to eat right😂
Kim Maristel Layson
Kim Maristel Layson:
NOC “Food king”is the singaporean version of buzzfeed “worth it” for me. Both are really informative and worth to watch for all the food lovers
I hope NOC has a Adam version hehe 😏
Chen Xin Hui
Chen Xin Hui:
OH MY GOD.... it's 4AM and I'm watching this... made me so hungry that I decided to cook nasi lemak later when I wake up 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
MD Shuhaib
MD Shuhaib:
“How many rendangs you had in your life!” Hahaha, Aiken don’t bluff ppl.
Ukiringo Freeze
Ukiringo Freeze:
Is funny how Ryan slow react to the initial deekosh imagine zouk .
This Buddy Life
This Buddy Life:
I’m so addicted to this channel. I love how you critique food.
My mom always go to golden everytime she go to singapore
Franchisemae Castillo
Franchisemae Castillo:
I tried nasi lemak at orchard road and i love it even tho it sweet XDDDDD
New Bie
New Bie:
I like the fact that I'm eating nasi lemak while watching this.
Killerino YT
Killerino YT:
Food king never fails to make me hungry
Anyone suddenly thought of UK MasterChef? "Crispy Rending Chicken"
Clara Cheng
Clara Cheng:
Joshua Cheong CY
Joshua Cheong CY:
I thought that was crispy rendang 😂
Afza Hafifah
Afza Hafifah:
after 5 minutes of watching and eating, i just realised that im eating nasi lemak😩
Franchisemae Castillo
Franchisemae Castillo:
I tried nasi lemak at orchard road and i love it even tho it sweet XDDDDD
Rafiqa Roslan
Rafiqa Roslan:
4:07 Its actually Ayam Berempah 'cause rempah in Malay is spices.
Mauris Gachaaz
Mauris Gachaaz:
The sotong looks delicious 🤤
Wei Yu Chew
Wei Yu Chew:
I thought Ryan could not eat lobster But THE LOBSTER FOOD KING IS BACK SO YAY
Andrew P
Andrew P:
@deekosh... the chicken rendang you’re looking for should be “crispy”? Hehehehe
EARLYYY i love food kingggg
Ashton Lim
Ashton Lim:
honestly i wan see more of slyvia cuz she is a person that made me enjoy food king the most
Maxim Ho
Maxim Ho:
Where's the "Deck of Doom" ?
fluffbrain :D
fluffbrain :D:
last time i was this early...
Naz H
Naz H:
I cant wait for Dee Kosh's video next!!
good guy
good guy:
U missed out changi v nasi lemak:(
Tammy Maria
Tammy Maria:
I'm still waiting for my fried chicken episode... and pls put one or two halal opt in as well if you ever gna do one 😊
Silver Gods
Silver Gods:
Yay food king very Friday when I come home at eat!!
darkboi Law
darkboi Law:
I was going to eat dinner and saw dis
My stomach just rumbled
Breezy kong
Breezy kong:
Lookin at that dude in the middle. Straight up a meme.
Muhammad NurHaziq
Muhammad NurHaziq:
Honesty is appreciated!! GREAT VIDEO!!!
Ethan Teo
Ethan Teo:
$22 4 nasi lemak
Soon there would be $100 ramen
Christine Liew
Christine Liew:
Visiting SG this weekend. Gonna binge watch food king so i know where we can go visit xD
Bi Xun
Bi Xun:
I’ve been waiting for soup ramen every Friday since the dry ramen :( but the other episodes are good too.
Looking forward to soup ramen :(
Earlyyy 💕
Wow I am early and thank u for making me happy with ur vids :)
Aiken i saw u yesterday at Udders!
Remember me😁
Yay I’m early
And mye is over :D
Selvi Sinnathamby
Selvi Sinnathamby:
Dee Kosh u are sooooo funny. I love u guys. U all just make me laugh sooooo much. I can't stop. Great food vlog as well. Thank-u for all your tips. Awesome. 👍👍😁😁
Aiman Rusyaidi
Aiman Rusyaidi:
Aiken looks so hot and sweaty at the end of the vid when they are all done eating and judging 🤤
im expecting the sotong to be tough so im gonna order it
Syazwani Mohiddin
Syazwani Mohiddin:
So hard to impress Ryan eh! hahaha its like trying to impress Gordon Ramsey. The standard very high hahaha but not a bad thing!
Tiffany Khew
Tiffany Khew:
the traditional nasi lemak da best <3 I miss nasi lemak so much T^T
natalie !
natalie !:
Ruth Chia
Ruth Chia:
Best mid-range(?) dimsums in sg to impress your family with 😬
Isaac Chow
Isaac Chow:
Johnny b goode at 6.10 lol background music
Siao eh, episode haven't start Aiken sweating alr
mc nugget deluxe
mc nugget deluxe:
just come to malaysia and u can get food dats 10 times cheaper and tastier
Ahh im late 6 mins late!!!!! NOOO dee dee good job. For escaping
Maria Ines 0411
Maria Ines 0411:
come to Indonesia😁 we have the best sambal here😂
Can we have a DURIAN episode please :)
Clara Cheng
Clara Cheng:
Sylvia's not here again…
Syafiq Murxd
Syafiq Murxd:
Lmao The First Part I Stay Near There
Renitha Sabu
Renitha Sabu:
I love the food king segment. a big thumbs up 2 u😍👍
Alice Chan
Alice Chan:
Do a video on mookata! I suggest the golden mile complex one...(not the cheese) I tried it yesterday and it was nice
acradegamer lsp2
acradegamer lsp2:
is to expensive how to afford
shay min lee
shay min lee:
Oh man...I can't watch this. I'm so hungry
breanna foong
breanna foong:
When dee comes back sylvia is gone when sylvia is back dee goes... i just want another foodking ep with both of them inside
r rai
r rai:
Deekosh is the most funniest on foodking!!! 😭😭😭😍😭
Haziq Qawi
Haziq Qawi:
You guys make my saliva come out XD!!!
Dee keep roasting Aiken 😂
Alvin Nathan
Alvin Nathan:
Hahah deekosh knows it g ma hahaha
Ahhh I have been craving for nasi lemak and this episode came in time! Shall go try when I get back to Singapore!!!
im a unknown
im a unknown:
I love your videos and food king too❤️❤️
botanical bxtch
botanical bxtch:
5 mins LATE :(
Ronnel Estoveza
Ronnel Estoveza:
Retarded Fish
Retarded Fish:
I thought dee kosh would slander the rendang being not crispy 😂😂😂😂
walao so hungry edi lah you -----------