First Look at Zombieland 2 Double Tap REVEALED

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100+ Comments:

Sascha Eller
Sascha Eller:
One of the Best Zombie Movies Ever,can't wait for the second one
Deric James
Deric James:
Woody hasn't aged in 10 years.
big dick bandit
big dick bandit:
Give that man some damn Twinkies!!
Steve Birks
Steve Birks:
Will Bill Murray be making another cameo as a 10 year older Dead Zombie ???
Fabian A. Vazquez
Fabian A. Vazquez:
I just hope this sequel is like the first one... One long, comedic PSA about wearing seat belts.
Adam Dixon
Adam Dixon:
Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but I'm just worried it won't be as good as the original. Still good, but not the sensation Zombieland was.
My main worry is the plot. The original was about learning to trust, evolve as people and try to live rather than just survive. Where can the story go from there? Either they'll meet new survivors, find a cure, or just be killing zombs for the whole movie.
Finally! I’m a fan of the first movie
Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With The Walking Dead losing its luster and popularity in the zombie genre, maybe Zombieland 2 can zombie genre fun again.
Purity_ 242
Purity_ 242:
This movie so old the kid actor is now an adult no that Is the funniest part to me
MaXxX ;
MaXxX ;:
I feel like I am the only one who cares about this movie ...
Literally no one talks about it!!!
Daryl Bradbury
Daryl Bradbury:
Hopefully bill Murray will turn up as a zombie this time 😂
Subject Delta
Subject Delta:
"Enjoy the little things"...and I'm enjoying this a lot!!!
You list Woody Harrelsons achievements and leave out the fact that he's seen Alexandra Daddario naked up close? Disappointing.
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal:
I just watched Zombieland on Netflix
ahmaad longmire
ahmaad longmire:
Ah the greatest birthday gift I could ever receive
nikko neserio
nikko neserio:
Real talk, better than walking dead.👌
Windy da Sailor
Windy da Sailor:
Who else is currently watching zombie land
Pro Minecrafter
Pro Minecrafter:
For whom the bell tolls
CTN Jackson
CTN Jackson:
Just watched the ZL1 on netflix. I was surprised when they said they're having a sequel like bijjjj it's 2019 and they made it on 2009 I can't believe it I'm inloveeee. And also GIVE HIM SOME TWINKIES
We don't need a sequel...but goddammit, I'm excited.
finally!!! wanted this 9 years ago... Shaun Of The Dead and zombieland ..2 of my fav's
DylanGamerpro114 YT
DylanGamerpro114 YT:
I love that movie I can’t wait for the second one
Best zombie movie ever made it feel short for me I want more when the movie end I want more it make me feel sad then I say maybe they make a second one and here we are 😁10 years later
FranYato •
FranYato •:
Zombieland was the movie that had me interested in Twinkies, lmaoo can't wait for the sequel!
Trent Johnson
Trent Johnson:
I watched this movie when I was nine e I always hoped they would make another one
Lesmes Romero
Lesmes Romero:
Oct/2019 official date
Tomoko Music
Tomoko Music:
One of the Best Zombie Movies Ever at least for me
God, I still remember watching this Movie as a Kid. Still got me Hyped and even Scared for a Sequel
*HYPE ! ANYONE?!* :)
Andrea Morales
Andrea Morales:
Literally one of my favorite movies ever along with Shaun of the dead I can’t wait for the second
Crispy Videos
Crispy Videos:
I need me some Twinkies asap!
Mr Joker
Mr Joker:
It's coming out in October
Its weird how today I was like imma watch zombieland again then end up finding out after I watched it it's gonna be a second one coming out this year that's so convenient
Gordon Browning
Gordon Browning:
I loved Zombie land 😀 Can't wait for the next one 😁. Sweeeet !!!!
Ryan Santana
Ryan Santana:
My favorite movie ever is getting a sequel, I will be there opening night I am HYPED
This movie was my fucking childhood
im even wearing a hoodie im wearing right now, not even knowing they were making a new one!
My year has been made!!
Lil Ferry
Lil Ferry:
Yall remember that trash TV show they tried
nate sano
nate sano:
This movie inspired so many YouTube videos me and my friends used to make, I can't wait to see this sequel. I may cry
lauren ralph
lauren ralph:
I'm so excited about zombieland 2 to come out I've been waiting for years I have a feeling it's going to be just as good as the 1st film was
Can't wait for Woody's New Zombie kill of the week!
I am so deeply hoping this is just as good and well acted than the first. The same cast just makes it so much more of a hype. I'm so excited for this. Waited to long for this
mary mullis
mary mullis:
"First Look at Zombieland 2 " , Shows nothing. Thumbsdown.
A Mill609
A Mill609:
Dawn of the Dead, 28 weeks later, Zombie Land and Shawn of the dead. Best zombie movies ever!!!
Virtual-Zero Zero
Virtual-Zero Zero:
I was just about to watch Zombieland when I see a 2019 release date. I literally got shocked to see they're making a sequel! :D YES!!!
You just spent 2:30 mins talking about the poster.
Andrea Neibler
Andrea Neibler:
Can't wait, love the "Double Tap!!!"
jaden quam
jaden quam:
If they do it right it will be worth it
Redneck Bros
Redneck Bros:
This move is one of the best movies of all times and cant wait to see to see the second one hopefully soon
Anass .G
Anass .G:
Love that movie so much the amount of creativity and attention to details was just the best
Glad they are making a part 2 on this zombie movie, still waiting on the world war z part 2 though.
mad love5
mad love5:
Omg I cant wait for this I think 2019 is the best year for movies
I'm excited for the sequel still one of the best Zombie movies, and definitely the best Zombie Comedy.
Gil James
Gil James:
This is so awesome.
I hope it's a 3 hours double tapping movie...
Cant wait...long over due but I think it will be worth every single damn twinkie....
Uh hell yeah I’m excited!!!!!! I’ve been waiting years for this sequel!
Reverend Draco
Reverend Draco:
I've never been a Zombie zombie. . . but I really, really, liked Zombieland & have hoped for a sequel.

Of course, having Woody in it and a great soundtrack didn't hurt.
An Abnormal Schizophreniac
An Abnormal Schizophreniac:
Can't wait it was one of my fav Comedy and Horror Movies
Loved the first movie. A couple months ago when I rewatched it I said to my self why in the world was their not a sequel and then i went online and saw they were planning a second. Got me excited
Just watched Zombieland for the 100th time on Netflix!
I seen the first one in theaters so i gotta see this in theaters!
LC Officer UNIT 97
LC Officer UNIT 97:
_Make us fight, On the hill, in the early day._
*_Constant chill, deep insi-_*
Wait... we're not doing that song again? Awwww, but thats my favorite!
michael anonymous
michael anonymous:
Time flies we t getting old :,( . I wanna see the sequel no doubt
Kai Mckay
Kai Mckay:
Damn Little Rock is gorgeous now
Jaycee 925
Jaycee 925:
first one is funny asf cant wait for part2
Donovan notmyname
Donovan notmyname:
Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this!
Rowan Jackson
Rowan Jackson:
The day its supposed to come out is my birthday!
Wrong Expression
Wrong Expression:
Yes finally, Zombieland 2. This means the writer can now focus on life 2.
A decade ago in the
making gonna watch this
Unsane mind
Unsane mind:
Oh shit! I’m watching Zombieland right now and had no clue of this. I was just thinking they need to make a part two and decided to get online to see if it was ever possible and it is. Excited!!
Tara Lucent
Tara Lucent:
Where did Abigail's character get that hair dye from?
Aiman Fuat
Aiman Fuat:
At 1st I thought u guys asked me to Double Tap to REVEALED tho😂
Hurry the F up October coz me and my family are all really down for the new Zombieland 2 . Loved the 1st and waited too long for the 2nd
Juljad P
Juljad P:
Honestly zombieland is like the greatest zombie movie with a low budget
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia:
Y’all don’t realize how long I’ve been waiting for this
I hope that they run into other ppl so then we could see the original crew kill real people as well as an accurate time skip so maybe we can see more of the father/ daughter bond between Little Rock and Tallahassee and of course Columbus and Wichita’s relationship maybe they got married
It’s not the ten year anniversary on exact date. The first one came out October 2nd
Can’t wait! One of my favorites
11 of october wtf. damn shame that we have to wait 10 months, it would have been way better if they release it in may or june. hate when companies are so damn late in the year just to release a film. there is only two good zombie movies which is dawn of the dead 1978 and zombieland 2009. rest is just garbage.
Rusty Love
Rusty Love:
So excited love all of the actors! Much live to woody emma jesse and abigail!
I have seen the first Zombieland in theaters so i gotta see the 2nd one too!
Don Swaney
Don Swaney:
I'm ready for this. any trailers yet?
Michael Breen
Michael Breen:
This is my favourite movie but I was kind of sad I hadn’t seen it until around 2016, making it about 7 years old, but I’m hype for the sequel lol
Marco Gio Manalo
Marco Gio Manalo:
I can't wait for zombie land 2 to come out
Rob M
Rob M:
Yes!! I’m looking forward to seeing it. Hey can you do Backdraft 2. It looks like it might actually be good.
bumbo c:
bumbo c::
Hey it’s a day before my birthday!
Jose-Luis Escobedo
Jose-Luis Escobedo:
Iv'e been waiting for thus movie ever since the first one.
Jaylynn Mendoza
Jaylynn Mendoza:
I've been waiting for this for 3 years
Finally...Damn 10 years
J Church
J Church:
Emma Stone ♥️🔥
Floofy Snoot
Floofy Snoot:
Wow! The first one was already the best zombie movie I've ever seen, hopefully this will be good.
I wish I could have the time I spent watching this back
ComicWriter 2020
ComicWriter 2020:
You know, I saw the double tap poster and I had to do a double take to see if it was fan made or not. It really looks like the original so much it blends in
Jacob Ferloni
Jacob Ferloni:
I like how he talked about the success of all the other actors and actresses and then he says nothing about the curly haired guy.😂😂😂😂😂
Nicola _
Nicola _:
Shawn of the dead was funny 😂 he walked into the middle of it not even aware
Atomic Slash
Atomic Slash:
I’m so excited for Zombieland two i’m especially excited to see Abigail Breslin back into horror comedies She hasn’t done a horror comedy since scream queens
Daniel Wieland
Daniel Wieland:
That is pretty awesome releaseing a movie the same day as the first one that just blows my mind
CrazyComic Guy
CrazyComic Guy:
I loved the first one, can't wait for the sequel
P E R E Z:
I been waiting the longest for a sequel now it’s coming😃😃
CrazY Jeff
CrazY Jeff:
Love love love, I will be seeing this movie!
Someone needs to change the calendar and remove every month except October.
Been waiting for this since 2010