FBI Said 6ix9ine's Life Was in Danger Before Arrest on Racketeering Charges | Everyday Struggle

On Tuesday’s (Nov. 20) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks discuss the legal issues Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently facing. The squad goes in-depth about the bizarre case that has 69 potentially facing life in prison. Ak and Wayno reflect on 6ix9ine’s business decisions, and how his former affiliates tried to backstab the controversial rapper towards the end of his reign. Ak also sheds light with viewers on his personal relationship with 69 and how he tried to warn the rapper of the troubles surrounding him. To close out the show, the trio discusses Tory Lanez’s braggadocios claims of him being one of the best rappers right now. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.

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Kreyol tv
Kreyol tv:
Kodak lookin at this like "good thing im a suburban dude now"
Chris Dupuis
Chris Dupuis:
since the beginning of time kids don't listen to adults. we thinks as kids "they ain't cool, they don't know, washed up old people". now I'm 36 and have begun to see what all the older people tried telling me when I was in high school in the late 90s. but they spoke some truth here. i ended up doing 4 years in prison. wish these young kids would listen. but they won't. until u in that cell all alone and your cold, kicking drugs, worried about your girl cheating, needing commissary, hoping for a visit, mail, etc, is when u will truly wake tf up a realize who your real friends are. which is sadly just mom. if you're lucky and don't burn that bridge. peace y'all and I hope somebody young reads this. cause if you took the time to read it then your not lazy or stupid. neither was I. but prison don't discriminate. there's thousands of reasons u can end up there. but I have hope for you.
If 69 don’t snitch, this will make one helluva movie. If 69 does snitch, this will make one helluva movie
Library Girl
Library Girl:
"If you ain't built for the street stay on the sidewalk". Preach 🙌🏾
Golden EmpreSS
Golden EmpreSS:
Pedro Molina
Pedro Molina:
I used to be out in the streets and got my GED. Learned from a young age, the streets don’t love you. I took what I learned from the streets and now I run my own Pet Care business uptown.
Dee Nasty
Dee Nasty:
DJ Akademics is a KNOWLEDGE BASE for the FBI, CIA, and the Police.
Akademics dry snitching and talking too much...tekashi ain't even on trial yet and ak giving witness testimony
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Boiiiii if 6ix9ine's life doesn't get a Netflix series 😤
G Dollas
G Dollas:
Ak is the corniest of all the cornstalks in cornucopia 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ak losing weight he ain’t ate since 6ix9ine got locked up😂
Ken Gerdine
Ken Gerdine:
Stay off social media! Stop giving the FBI free information about all your friends, family associates and letting them connect the dots, people!
Nai'Lah Lynn
Nai'Lah Lynn:
AK you keep saying that's your friend but yet you are revealing your personal conversations knowing the FEDS are watching. Are you sure you are his friend?
Badass Skeptic
Badass Skeptic:
ak gon cry in the car
royal mcmorris
royal mcmorris:
Akademics is a rat
Big Sad Eyez
Big Sad Eyez:
Ak ain’t slept a minute since the indictment came down LOL he next
Benjamin Hernandez
Benjamin Hernandez:
Ak looking a lil slim. This 69 thing is rough on him 🤕😂😂
Brett Shuffler
Brett Shuffler:
69 was going to Chicago and running around making fun of people. So why can’t we make fun of the current situation he’s in?
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss:
Ak be dry snitching hella hard.. i dont even know if he even knows it... bruh you know all this can be used in a court of law.. they will call you to stand my guy
Ocean Water
Ocean Water:
you know it’s bad when the entire episode is dedicated to one topic
Hank Rantz
Hank Rantz:
Ak about to get a deal for writing 6ix9ine biography
BlahBlah Blah
BlahBlah Blah:
His stupidity and carelessness caught up to him. He made his own choices despite warnings friends and his legal team. He laughed at all the close calls thinking he was untouchable. Jokes on him. I don't feel sorry for a grown man who properly made these horrible choices time and time again.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Drake should've told 6ix9ine "you might just get hit with the rico"
HillbillyNitro USA
HillbillyNitro USA:
Eventually, we all sit down to a table of consequences... 🍹
M M:
I've done both county jail and prison time. (no Feds). But I would NEVER EVER wish anyone to have their freedom taken away. That's just wrong anyone in the comments wishing him a life time in prison because he's "a garbage rapper" had serious issues. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they deserve to be locked up like that. Let then love their life. It doesn't effect your life in any which a way if he's locked up or not so let the man be. If someone like his manager was plotting to kill him that's different and he might have to get that case but to wish someone to get life in prison so he can be raped or beat up in prison is just a horrible horrible character and it tells a lot about the person who is wishing that evil in another man. If rather wish my enemy death than to wish them life in prison. People need to grow up and stop giving so much bad vibes to this kid. And yes. I said kid because he's just a kid, unlike the other defendants in the case that are 35,37, or 40 years old. This is just a young entertainer that just does nothing but troll people but if you look Kat the videos about him, he does 20x more good stuff for the needy and sick than he does goofing around. But people only see and remember the TMZ shit about him. Because paying the rent for the entire year of s cancer patient child just isn't entertaining enough to be aired on TMZ. But the fact is 69 spent close to a million dollars of his own money to sick kids and needy kids plus the homeless. Don't let that get overshadowed by his clowning that he does because he's just s kid goofing around.
Blank Face
Blank Face:
You can see the depression in Akademiks eyes lol
Homie in beanie only one with common sense
Wayno only one talking sense here. This girl... Her voice was naggy af in this video "WeLl yoU aLwaYs HaVe a ChOIce" head ah. AK was only defending the best he could. If AK stepped outside of the friend zone this convo would've been more productive.
Digital Swagg
Digital Swagg:
Debates aside, it's an unfortunate situation all around. I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six !
Tracey Mohan
Tracey Mohan:
Wayno is smart he is so clear on what is really going on .
Ak sound and look like he been crying all night :/
On the breakfast club, 69 put his hand on charlamanges leg, charlemange says "quit touching my leg bro" to which 69 replies "akademiks gonna get tight"
Pledge My Grievance
Pledge My Grievance:
Word! Only people laughing are the ones that never did any real time. I wish jail/prison on no-one. Be safe & remember.
The streets be talking, but Fed's be listening. Be Sound🤘
Nora Rosario
Nora Rosario:
Free tekashi go buy his album and suport him financially he needs help until he gets out god willing!
Afrodisiac [HD] Sound/Entertainment
Afrodisiac [HD] Sound/Entertainment:
Wayno got it. Smart dude !!!!
Fashow People United
Fashow People United:
Nadeska looks like she was crying with AK before the show started..
This is not a joke.. this ATF, FBI, charged with racketeering.. The blues is definitely gonna test your gangsta...20+ years in prison at 69 age that something else.. man wow, should left that street stuff alone... wise-up keep with the music.
No joke Ak really looks upset and sad and I feel horrible about this whole situation for the fact a young man is only 22 about to face life with a daughter Ak is about to loose probably his first real friend in life let alone as a celebrity. Shit is sad and people saying bro deserves this is horrible for the fact everyone trolls and talks shit it's 2018 no one deserves this.
Big Punk
Big Punk:
You dont even listen to eachother, you just wait for your turn to talk, then interupt eachother. You should all be politicians.
Fight Week! Podcast
Fight Week! Podcast:
Nadeska got ugly.. What happened
Nichole LocStar Bennett
Nichole LocStar Bennett:
If Joe was still there he would be screaming on Ak like Major Payne rn lol
Alexander Walters
Alexander Walters:
These guys are professionals about nothing
Oscar Mic
Oscar Mic:
We need rap joints with no hooks, just rapping, minimalist beat and we need some classics 80's style with hook and humour
Whenever they decide to make A movie about this I won't watch it unless the people behind Narcos are behind it.
Play stupid games and you will win stupid prizes. I watched a video where Fat Joe tried to warn him about the danger he was putting himself in and he basically "yeah! yeah!" him the whole interview.
Miso 808
Miso 808:
AK was about to introduce 69 to his family at thanksgiving... 🦃☹️
Bryan Scrilla
Bryan Scrilla:
DJ Ak is a super cornball. Not a clue of street life. Wayno is right 69 was a plate. A Thanksgiving Plate. A Turkey.
Bobby Fawkin Stokers
Bobby Fawkin Stokers:
Why the hell is ak blinking every quarter second. He look like a damn ventriloquist dummy
Chilly Bee
Chilly Bee:
This show called everyday struggle. Who tf struggling tho
Kelsey Morrison
Kelsey Morrison:
"They risking their life for the bread you provide" FACTS. It's sad but FACTS. That's what I want to tell my future son and daughter. These people don't love you.
Ak being treated like Ariana Grande after the loss of Mac.
jerome pickett
jerome pickett:
If ak knew this could happen then why help him promo this image
That1KiddJ ™
That1KiddJ ™:
What ol boy said about everyone around 69 using him as a cash cow was spot on 💯💯
6ix9ine was like the nine treys court jester.
Hott or Nott Ent
Hott or Nott Ent:
that's what they do. They gotta tell you your life in danger but if you don't cooperate they throw you in the flame along with everybody you don't wanna tell on. Happens all the time.
Tarence Carter
Tarence Carter:
That gang he was rollin with were straight up exploiting 6ix9ine. He was too stupid to see this coming because he actually thought they were his friends.
Heather R Babe
Heather R Babe:
wayno with that safari analogy though 👌🏾
Rod Epps
Rod Epps:
Wayno need to read some books
Shawn Pierre
Shawn Pierre:
Tha bih sound like she was funna cry
So he got robbed before he droppes his song with Nicki... And now he is in jail just bfore he droppes an album. I think im getting trolled.....
Louis B
Louis B:
69: "Test my Gangsta 🤡"
FBI: "Hold my beer 🍺"
jjj swan
jjj swan:
Wow..it seems that Ak is really missing his boyfriend 💔😂😂 !!
Ammo The Don Don
Ammo The Don Don:
I think Dj akademiks was working for the FBI. He was around 69 a lot and he knew a lot oh shit, Dj akademiks is a snitch 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Dk TheBag
Dk TheBag:
I never seen a black rapper in this type of situation get all these justifications. And he not a kid.
Chino Bambino
Chino Bambino:
lmfao why ak sound like he just got done crying... deadass
Nadeska is lame , and needs a makeover, this show needs a new female host
taymika taymika
taymika taymika:
WAyno is sexy asf🥰🥰🥰🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
john doe
john doe:
To answer Wayneo69 in March 17 of 2019 I think he is going to snitch
carlos kerrick
carlos kerrick:
Bruh did anyone catch his definition for GANGS...wow
AK is scared that he might have to testify.
cali 6two6
cali 6two6:
Everybody worried about tekashi even the haters DL 😂🤷🏽‍♂️✔️
AK out here blinkin and twitchin so bad everytime the other guy says anything wrong IM DEDDDDDD
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Ak. U smart how u co-sign yo lol
Dee Nasty
Dee Nasty:
He's Actually snitching in the interview. HELLO!
Tandie Brenee
Tandie Brenee:
WAYNO is 100% correct. Gangs are about manipulation.
Yukon Club
Yukon Club:
he got set up by own peeps long ago
Mr. B
Mr. B:
I don’t know how mfs that never been in a gang speak on what they think gang life is 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️
Jesse Hill
Jesse Hill:
Like Kevin O'Leary says on "Shark Tank" 6ixn9ne Is poo-poo.
Edwin Flores
Edwin Flores:
It would be hilarious, if the judge was presented with videos that Akademics made about 69 and end up being used against him.💀
E F E:
Who else remember when Tekashi saId he's afraid of the FBI?
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown:
She said “ right akadimiks?” Like yea come on now spill it we kno you kno the tea so spill it
everyone here looks ragged as hell. go get a few hours (days) of sleep, my people.
That's not how Stringer went down bad analogy..
Amir Kyng
Amir Kyng:
i respect the maturity in there conversation....shout out to the EVERYDAY STRUGGLE cast...
Craig G-T
Craig G-T:
Akademiks “street” references all come from the internet or movies
Shyro Channing
Shyro Channing:
Nah... Not Low I.Q. more so Low Self Esteem. Because we mostly allow others to to sh** to us. And he was looking for something that those guys provided. And that was fam. belonging & being proud of him. Needs he will soon discover within himself, That he wasn't even aware of, that still needed fulfilling.

Yup.., sometimes, it can be that simple. Hell be aight though, he'll be aight.
Pussyon thechainwax
Pussyon thechainwax:
Wayno or w.e. his name is looks like a baby joe budden
ReiMourr Power
ReiMourr Power:
State Of The Culture just vacuumed the life out of Everyday Struggle. #SOTC
King Kali
King Kali:
"If u ain't from da street, stay on da sidewalk!!"
Ant Davis
Ant Davis:
Good thing Kodak is now a “Suburban Dude” 😂😂
Abraham Dauphinais
Abraham Dauphinais:
Lmao AK sad his boyfriend locked up 🤣
Trask Miguel
Trask Miguel:
69 went to have MK-ultra reprogramming.
Carly H
Carly H:
Hilarious seeing akademiks squirm, trying not to be held accountable for his dry snitching
Beats VS Bars(216)
Beats VS Bars(216):
Nice show good hip hop conversation's 🔥🔥🔥🎧🔥🔥🔥
Vlad DBTR:
Ak ain’t sound this hurt since Pusha T did every finishing move from Mortal Kombat on Drake.
Ghost Queen
Ghost Queen:
69 needs an excellent lawyer and even better CA (chartered accountant)...young money needs to be wiser...
✌️ Ak you should really sit with Wano in the back and tell him to chill with trying to find a fault with your platform.

Stop trying to make the man look like he’s a snitch,

you’re a journalist with the privileged of having strong relationships with these people

It’s a different time g
corey greer
corey greer:
Wayno flexed with the "Carmines"
Cameron Vass
Cameron Vass:
If ain't nobody catch Ak subliminal messages this whole video yall crazy
Javier Verdugo
Javier Verdugo:
FBI be watching DJ AK videos