Exclusive: Cyrell defends her brother to her new husband | MAFS 2019

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A Thorpe
A Thorpe:
Her brother has short man syndrome.

Im getting the feeling shes going to cause a bit of drama.
Sue Moore
Sue Moore:
Ivan is taking her past bad relationships out on Nic.
Carrol Whyte
Carrol Whyte:
I believe everyone must know their place. She's a big woman, approach r with respect and speak with the husband with utmost respect. You can't just meet someone and jump on them like that. I like the strong retaliation from Nicholas.
*Ivan looks like Shrek.*
Very silly and stupid brother what nonsense was that. I know his protective but that was too much honestly.
cash me outside
cash me outside:
Ivan is the way a brother should be protective not letting just anyone in the family let alone a stranger