'DWTS': Frankie Muniz Discusses His Memory Loss Issues | Access Hollywood

Actor Frankie Muniz opened up to Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover and Natalie Morales about how his memory loss issues have affected his rehearsals on “Dancing With the Stars” with his pro partner, Witney Carson.» SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AHSub » Visit Our Website: http://www.AccessHollywood.com/ Get More Access Hollywood: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AccessHollywood Twitter: https://twitter.com/accesshollywood Instagram: http://instagram.com/accesshollywood Snapchat: OfficialAccess About Access Hollywood: "Access Hollywood" is a nationally syndicated daily entertainment news show. "Access Hollywood" delivers the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television, featuring in-depth celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes accounts of the most important events in Hollywood. 'DWTS': Frankie Muniz Discusses His Memory Loss Issues | Access Hollywood Access Hollywood https://www.youtube.com/user/AccessHollywood

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“Do you even remember filming Malcolm in the Middle?”

“Yes, no, maybe... I don’t know... can you repeat the question?”
José Luis Colunga
José Luis Colunga:
He still loks like a kid, but with fake stache and beard. Kind of like DiCaprio, who still looks like a 20-something dude but with wrinkles.
Souless Six
Souless Six:
sounds weird but he looks like jesse pinkman
Edward 2012
Edward 2012:
Frankie Muniz looks exactly the same as he did in 2006 when Malcolm in the middle ended but only with facial hair.
Lolana Kahale
Lolana Kahale:
takes me back to malcolm joins dance class in a mall while lois is trying to win the car competition
Dan Ked
Dan Ked:
A child actor that actually turned out okay
he's like the girl from 50 first dates
I'm really happy for him. He seems so lovely and truly happy in his humility. Am glad that stepping away from mainstream spotlight allowed him to pursue all the things he wanted.
K Clark
K Clark:
Imagine being able to just forget every embarrassing moment and confrontation I would be this humble too! But this is a sad situation
He will always be Agent Cody Banks to me man
Damon Baird
Damon Baird:
Hey how old are you? Muniz : I dont know, somewhere in between 15 to 45.
Trolls Will Be Ignored
Trolls Will Be Ignored:
Awww...poor guy. He"s always seemed like a sweet, down to Earth person. He's a great actor as well. Why any of these idiots below me trolled him is beyond me.
This is why Lois was against motorcycles and dirt bikes
its crazy how he can rewatch a big chunk of his childhood through Malcom in the Middle. When I heard he likes to rewatch it, made me really sad cause he doesn't remember shooting it, and he has the videos of it to look back at.... Growing up I loved that show, and his movie on the Disney Channel. I feel sad, but also kind of glad to see him be so humble, makes me want to be more grateful and humble in life.
Terence Heesch
Terence Heesch:
"that's why you don't have memories, you living in the moment!"

that's kind of a condescending comment about the seriousness of his fear of eventually losing his memory 🤔
Nicole Everett
Nicole Everett:
This is so sad, he's still so young to have memory loss. His girlfriend seems wonderful, I'm glad he found love and is happy. He genuinely seems sweet and down to earth
Stephen R
Stephen R:
He has a really raspy voice in the first interview, he probably lost his voice.
His girlfriend is great!
Gavin Vincent
Gavin Vincent:
He looks the same as 12 years ago except the receading hair line
He probably doesn't remember this interview
Jess Flowers
Jess Flowers:
People really need to stop talking about what they aren't educated in. There are all kinds of memories; short term, long term memories and the Brain reacts in very different ways. Having memory problems like this is something you wouldn't understand unless it's happened to you. Just like with physical therapy you can do things to help improve your memory like when he says they would do the dance 50 times in a row. You have to learn little tricks and exercises like this and it is a daily struggle. I have short term memory problems but a week later I can recall a day to the minute that I couldn't tell you anything about while living that day. Unless you are a neurologist, don't come on here with ignorant opinions of how you feel he's lying or faking it. That says more about you than it does about him.
Malik Rahman
Malik Rahman:
He's so sweet, really wish him the best.
Savage T
Savage T:
Poor Witney, she's like "Hey 🙋 I'm here too don't forget about me" 😁
OneButton Dash
OneButton Dash:
kinda strange he loses his memory, i wonder if in like 30-40 years when he's old we are gonna be hearing he has alzheimers. I mean it's not normal for someone his age to lose memory the way he does, could be an early sign
Ren 182
Ren 182:
I hope he can live a normal life and his memory issues don’t worsen
Jesus Bucio
Jesus Bucio:
Aww man. Thats sad not remembering being in one of the best shows
This person is so real it's insane. Wish more people could be like him.
Life of Cousins
Life of Cousins:
Your not the boss of me now
Kai Evans
Kai Evans:
So happy someone is bringing attention to young people with memory loss.
No Entiendo
No Entiendo:
How does he know for a fact he has never drank or did drugs if he has memory loss ... hmmmm..
Coked Up Krabs
Coked Up Krabs:
Frankie doesn’t remember Frankie because Frankie IS Malcolm!
Emily's got talent
Emily's got talent:
Oh my god I can't believe he has that, that's terrible
Mario Comparan
Mario Comparan:
this is why i drink every day and i have the best memory
Stack daddy
Stack daddy:
He’s literally an old child and looks exactly the same
Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez:
Does he remember being in,"Big Fat Lier with Amanda Bynes" man at least his living in the moment.
Chicken Permission
Chicken Permission:
Remember the one episode of Malcom in the middle where Malcom turns out to be a amazing dancer
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande:
I thought that was Kylie on the thumbnail 😂💀
Rana Alhadad
Rana Alhadad:
He is so cute I just wanna give him a hug and his gf is even cuter
I just finished Malcolm in the middle for the 20th time and I always get sad when I finish it
Kraig Oliver
Kraig Oliver:
"thats why you dont have the memories youre living in the moment too much"

nope. brain damage from a stroke.
Margot F
Margot F:
MK ultra programming trauma ???
the artist formally known as craig lastname
the artist formally known as craig lastname:
He would have had a blast watching old episodes of MITM. To be able to look at something you were involved with from an outsiders perspective is a unique position to be in.
Chasing Rainbows
Chasing Rainbows:
That's what leading a healthy life does to you.... He literally looks just the same as he did when he was around 18! 😍😍😍
"yes no, maybeeeee, I don't knowwww. Can you repeat the questionnnnnn".😂😂
Lola Tee
Lola Tee:
He reminds me of mac miller
Sam Perez
Sam Perez:
Frankie Muniz is a a wholesome dude. His memory maybe not but still
Thomas Bigalow
Thomas Bigalow:
"Hey im malcom from frankie in the middle... i think.."
Devon Love
Devon Love:
I'm glad he addressed the drinking or substance abuse because I almost assumed that was why he had early memory loss. I wish him the best in all his pursuits makes everything twice as hard when you don't remember.
I grew up watching him. This is a bummer. Such a talented guy.
Witney sounds like Hillary duff
mohammed sharafaddin
mohammed sharafaddin:
I am so hurt 😭 to see going through all these craps
Justice greer
Justice greer:
“I should have remembered going to Australia!”
I grew up with this guy and everything show he was in was a hit
That kid made me laugh so many times over the years of watching and re-watching Malcolm. It breaks my heart to learn about this.
Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus:
MK ULTRA...this is coming from a victim.
Damn his gf is beautiful. I love a nerdy girl!
They should do another season of Malcom in the Middle but have it be a time skip.

Make it a Netflix OG and we good.
xBrandon 22
xBrandon 22:
This guy does not age much. I love hi in everything he was in, so many great movies plus Malcom
Woo Woo
Woo Woo:
This is probably the sweetest couple ever omfg
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith:
He was my childhood crush 😭😭😍😍& he still is
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka:
Best scene ever in MIM was when Malcom’s dad was crying in the station wagon not realizing that Malcolm was sleeping in the back lmao 😂 Scene cracks me up just thinking about it.

Thanks for the 100k likes 🙏
Secret agent Frankie!
Childhood trauma causes memory loss as well... I mean... MKUltra is a real thing...
Ms. Kitty
Ms. Kitty:
Frankie Muniz seems to be doing pretty well, considering what he's gone through. :)
Toshiro Hitsugaya
Toshiro Hitsugaya:
Ooooooh man it's been long, use to watch his shows, now im 26. Wow time flies.
Bianco Nero
Bianco Nero:
Oh the Irony. #LifeIsUnfair
Matt Davis
Matt Davis:
He's technically a dwarf I believe. Just below 5 ft. Amazing guy and actor. Bless him✌🏻🙏🏻🏳️‍🌈
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show:
I would love a new season of Malcon
Jesse Taveras
Jesse Taveras:
This guy looks exactly as he did in Cody Banks except with his hair and facial hair
Benjamin Abel
Benjamin Abel:
Who Is Frankie Muniz? I can't remember.
tristian pizza
tristian pizza:
Wow I have this same fear. Was just thinking about this a few hours ago.
I saw something about his memory loss on twitter and now I'm here
Life, is unfair
Russell Tyrone Jones
Russell Tyrone Jones:
it's all an act so he can cheat on his perfect wife he doesn't deserve.
Xander G
Xander G:
All I hear is Malcolm 🙂
dang he's defintiely using some kinda hair filler
TheCrazed Mc
TheCrazed Mc:

His voice sounds different
Mar NC
Mar NC:
Frankie let.me.borrow 1000 buck.ill.pay u in a week ;)
Vlogs my friend. Vlog even if you don't actually post them.
You're an amazing character and would love to see more of you.
It's so wierd seeing him so grown up lol
Bless Lifestyle
Bless Lifestyle:
I can relate l. I’ve been overloaded with grief and battled many drug addictions I now have severe memory loss it’s a very scary experience
Designer Themes
Designer Themes:
2 choices: either he's a clone or he was MK Ultra'ed
As much as I like Frankie I just do not care about dancing with the flipping C-Stars.
Nathan Grundler
Nathan Grundler:
I loved watching Malcom in the middle when I was a kid
the only question i have is does she have to ask him out everyday or make a video for him like 50 first dates?
R F:
Well I can't dance for shit so I should probably never drive a car...
Hibbity Hoopla
Hibbity Hoopla:
Straight up, bless this man and his struggles. I will say though, even though he has it rough with his health and more, he is one lucky dude, to have such a caring woman at his side.
booby scoo
booby scoo:
How does he remember if he's ever had a sip of alcohol or not?
Joseph Johnston
Joseph Johnston:
Billie joe armstrong
🎵Life is unfair🎵
My favorite show growing up. I hope the best for him and his issues with memory.
What if he forgets how to drive on one of his races
Dakota is Dk
Dakota is Dk:
Wait if he has memory loss how does he know he’s never had alcohol?🤔
Ibrahim Tastekin
Ibrahim Tastekin:
Jesus. That editing is giving me seizures.
His gf is pretty
Jacob Geringer
Jacob Geringer:
Man bless up to this couple. Wish them the best of luck and hope he can fully recover some day.
this is so so sad :(
What if he did have alcohol but just doesn't remember lol
Puff E. Upagus
Puff E. Upagus:
He was a good actor. Unfortunately Hollywood destroys people. Glad to see him better. Memory loss sucks. I suffer from TBI_PTSD and it sucks.