Dramatic Crash Sophia Floersch || Macau GP

Fórmula 3 1 series crash accidente choque unfall hostia Espeluznante accidente de Sophia Flörsch en el GP macao


0:19 . The guy looks like he enjoys a lot. (actually I have a lot more than that to say ) As I heard her situation is critical. Hope she can get well soon.
David Jones
David Jones:
Thankfully she's ok. Her car was damaged by contact on the straight which pitched her against the inside barrier
According to Motorsport.com, everyone else was not seriously injured. But the driver suffered a spinal fracture. Yikes!
Hope she will be okay.
What a horrific looking crash...hope she (and anyone she hit) will be fine very soon (I read on Motorsport.com that she was in hospital but conscious).
0:33 ,. el de abajo a la izquierda capturó sin querer una foto justo en el momento en el que el coche volaba por el aire
God damn if i hadnt already read about it i wouldve thought the driver was 100% dead based on the footage. Its really amazing that even in these absolute freak accidents the drivers are still able to survive them.
William Riker
William Riker:
Shit i knew it was a serious accident when the live broadcast didn't focus on the incident after the red flag.
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha:
they didnt even show the replay at the screen
this was really scary, it seems that news are good and she will be OK, thanks god
grats to all who participated
Saurabh Gamare
Saurabh Gamare:
Oh god dang!
such a feeling that she did not brake at all. Most likely she hurt the right board and lost control
Arjan nvt
Arjan nvt:
The speed in comparison with the other driver indicates that there really was a problem with her throttle? Shocking crash, really stunned. Hope everyone will survive
Factor Mars
Factor Mars:
Almost jump into the building behind.. very lucky she.s alive. Huge impact. High speed impact
I'm adding this comment, because of the outrageous comments based on her gender. I am no feminist myself, I don't care about "equality" (which means tyranny to me), and I make the women at the wheel joke myself. But this very crash has nothing to do with it. It is a very common type of crash in motor racing, unfortunately, the outcome of the crash is different. On a regular permanent racetrack, she would've crossed the runoff area and probably hit the tire wall with no consequences in what would be a futile, backmarker racing incident. This crash is exceptionnal in every ways : the driver is minor, and a female. The car flew at a perpendicular angle into the catch fence (which pretty much never happens) at FULL SPEED because she just couldn't brake. She then crossed the fence like knife in butter and smashed into a (solid) camera tower, head first, at a lucky angle (head fitting in the camera hole perfectly). As a driver, when you get to that corner, the runoff area is on the left. BUT : the inside wall on the right has an open angle, which is why she didn't fly in the runoff area but straight into the catchfence corner. Similar crashes happened to male drivers too, come on, you all know it.
Klas Eronen
Klas Eronen:
From my past experience in racing I'd say that her car never had a chance to decelarate. Most likely her car was airborne already on the main straight and she lost control at maximum speed after comin to a contact with another car and/or a guardrail. It was a classic racing accident and these things just happen every once in a while, especially in open-wheel (or Formula) racing...
Jamal Thasim
Jamal Thasim:
makes you think how bad some other close crashes couldve been
Bot 11 of 7k
Bot 11 of 7k:
Жена шофьор и негър скиор няма.
How is it possible? Why were people placed so close toward the track?
David Arancibia
David Arancibia:
Pero el rayo McQueen volvera a correr... Cierto?
Worst crash I've seen in a modern racecar.
Inocente Lopez
Inocente Lopez:
wish the best to Sophia.
Kto Z Polski?
fjjj ghhh
fjjj ghhh:
My guess...
Somebodies slipstreamed her, pulled out to the right, clipped her right rear tyre, sent her into a clockwise spin just before braking zone.
Nate miller
Nate miller:
How’s the guy that got hit in the booth doing?
Lloyd Cool
Lloyd Cool:
Sophia... Trying to proof stupidity? Take some cooking classes, it's far less dangerous for people around you.
To make it clear for some people : at the braking zone, the car in front of her braked early. She tried to avoid contact by veering to the right. Her front and rear left wheels made contact with the early braking car, sending the now passenger driver into the interior wall with no braking possibility. She went flying across the corner at full speed basically. It is a fucking miracle that nobody got killed in this one. It is one of the worst crashes I have seen in my life after 20+ years of motor racing passion.
Victor Manuel Rincon
Victor Manuel Rincon:
Vieja bruta..según este video no se que hacía fuera de la línea de seguridad.
Inocente Lopez
Inocente Lopez:
extremely young to drve this super fast formula I car ,
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️FRAUEN AM STEUER⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Para ese accidente venía demasiado pasada de velocidad, nadie le enseñó frenar al ver una multitud de autos frenando para entrar a una curva??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sascha Schmidt
Sascha Schmidt:
@0:17 why laugh this f**king guy. She is 17 is not funny son of a B**ch.
So they are putting an halo in the cars but still they race in this "circuits"?? Ok, FIA
No reduction in speed...perhaps brake failure or throttle jam....if she races these cars i doubt she put her foot on the wrong pedal....hope she recovers
Brain Sample
Brain Sample:
well you see its always better to brake for corners
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy:
Jesus christ, the amount of comments about her being a woman and not equal and all that bs is totally sickening, when it comes to sports and specifically motorsports, if u have the skill and the talent to drive in those series all the power to ya, man or woman, both should get opportunities to race there, obviously she lost control on the straight, I would assume due to contact with another car, but the sad thing is if that was a guy that crashed none of that shit would be said, I just don’t think it’s fair on her, all the best in recovery Sophia
shes coming in backwards? that's what it looks like to me. must have spun way before the breaking point
Roel Janssen
Roel Janssen:
Mario Brosik
Mario Brosik:
ale wyskoczyła, jak małysz po bułki z bananem :P
She was probably pouting a selfie on Instagram...
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk:
Baba za kierownica
Anthony Z
Anthony Z:
Lack of experience, reckless, under age, female, lack of maturity, want to prove gender equality
Woman Driver
Sergey Martyn
Sergey Martyn:
Looks like she floored instead of braking. Wrong pedal. Hope she's OK.
Thats why u should never give a woman a car
2 words: Female. Whoops.
A female child in a race car, what could possibly go wrong?
U tube fun
U tube fun:
Stupid car racing, now you have back pain for the rest of your life!
this women is a danger
Gee Kay
Gee Kay:
That’s what you get when you bow down to political correctness, she should never have been allowed in the race.
no brakes.. absolutely ridiculous did she not know there's a slow corner approaching?