Doctor Explains Kemba Walker Injury | Scary Moment as He's Taken Off on Stretcher

During a scary moment of the NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets, Kemba Walker went down and was stretchered off on a backboard with concern for a possible neck or spine injury. In this video we'll explain why this mechanism was so concerning and what the medical team is going to do immediately on the court to take care of Kemba Walker. FOLLOW ME: DISCLAIMER: Content not intended to be taken as medical advice. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employer. I have not personally treated or evaluated the individual(s) discussed in this video. Content used with educational and transformative intent within Fair Use Guidelines Content owned and produced by Brian Sutterer LLC 2019 #NBA #KembaWalker

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Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Thankfully it sounds like Kemba avoided serious injury, hope everyone can learn something about this whole sequence and why everyone was so concerned for him
timeko williams
timeko williams:
Im pretty sure brian is wearing a shirt, tie and nothing else.
Young FatCock
Young FatCock:
Dude posted the video before the play even happened
Jack Brackin
Jack Brackin:

Brian: I am speed
Olympus God
Olympus God:
Brian in the middle of a surgery

*nba player get hurt*

Brian: sorry guys gotta use the toilet

-"Doctor explain scary injury"....
I cannot believe how fast he uploads these videos. He has to first hear about the injury, study it, think of several potential diagnoses, write a script, film the video, edit, and upload. And the game ended not too long ago. That's professionalism right there.
Dylan King
Dylan King:
At this point I’m convinced Brian’s full time job is YouTube 😂
Wayne Mitchell Sayre
Wayne Mitchell Sayre:
you sir are faster than SportCenter
King Savage97
King Savage97:
Damn Dr. Brian don’t waste no time
_ Sheesh
_ Sheesh:
As a Celtics fan I was waiting for this. Thanks for being so fast Brian
Should I call you Mista
Should I call you Mista:
NBA player: coughs
Brian: doctor explains cough injuries

Love you hard work tho. I've been following you for a minute
HaRu SenPai
HaRu SenPai:
whoa thats very fast. hope kemba gets speedy recovery.
1 Survivor
1 Survivor:
This was a very scary moment. I was really worried.
You're literally the GOAT doctor on Youtube. As someone working on my Doctorate degree in the medical field, you're videos are my favorite. Love you <3
Ell Zero
Ell Zero:
Ive had this happened to me once, i was plying volleyball and i ran into a teammate just like kemba did, and its a scary ass feeling, i felt a shock going through my body, for a whole second it almost felt like i lost feeling of all my body, i got back up up, luckily i was alright but just the feeling was scary as shit.
FCB Andrew
FCB Andrew:
Hope kemba recovers as fast as Brian uploaded this vid.
Manjoyt Kang
Manjoyt Kang:
hopefully kemba’s recovery is as fast as this upload, thanks Doc
You roll these out quick.
The NBA official doctor 🥼 👍
Abigail Lu
Abigail Lu:
I never wanted to see one of the players from my team here no matter how much I love ur channel and sadly I did :/
Kendall Joyner
Kendall Joyner:
Best YouTube doctor out there! Keep it up Brian!
santiago horta
santiago horta:
Dr. Brian must have some really good WIFI to be able to upload this fast.
Aidan Mishell
Aidan Mishell:
This guy got a video out about a 2 hour old injury can we get some appreciation
Adrian Daliva
Adrian Daliva:
Celtics have been BALLING THIS SEASON, prayers up for Hayward and Walker!
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol:
The one time I absolutely wanted doc to upload fast, he comes through
Frank Murhonyi
Frank Murhonyi:
Prayers up for Kemba 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Ken Marko
Ken Marko:
Olejeye is like a stone wall, that collision did not made Olejeye flinched even for a bit...
Man's setting a screen on his own teammate
Neck injuries are no joke, I hope he recovers soon
Bro just wanted to say hats off to you, everytime there is a big injury I always come to your channel and get educated
King Dino Dragonite
King Dino Dragonite:
Nba player: *injures
Shmeezy Breezy
Shmeezy Breezy:
Thank you for another video Dr. Sutterer! It's cool to know when an injury happens to an athelete I care about, chances are you'll do a video on it. What a time to be alive!
rod axel
rod axel:
What is happening to the celtics?. Gordon now Kemba. Hopefully its nothing serious
Arnold Rollins
Arnold Rollins:
Kerchow. That was lightning mcqueen fast
Angel Ferr
Angel Ferr:
When I saw Kemba down, I know I'm going to visit this channel.
Mike Cornell
Mike Cornell:
Glad sounds like it isnt too bad. Man dude great video! I was scared when it happened

You should be at way more than 170k subs man. Great work been watching you a long time .
Greetings from Idaho
omar arreola
omar arreola:
Man, you are the guy to listen to when these injuries happen. Love the work you do for people. When Walker didn’t move I just didn’t know what was going to happen. That was scary.
Namtsu D
Namtsu D:
finally you uploaded
Nubbinz 7
Nubbinz 7:
I literally started looking for this video the moment I heard Kemba was injured.
gnahs ilm
gnahs ilm:
I felt sad for him, hopefully he recover soon
Arfnudaniack Blue
Arfnudaniack Blue:
Thank you for explaining "a stinger".
That fast? Wow
Underrated channel he need 1m sub
you deserve a break doc
Tristan H
Tristan H:
How are you this fast 😳
I’m also glad that your videos aren’t too damn long like 30 mins these quick clips are great 👍🏾
Joel Duran
Joel Duran:
God bless, and love all the content bro
Girly YTB
Girly YTB:
Before watching this video, I wasn’t understanding why Kemba was hurt
Darius Clark
Darius Clark:
How do you record and edit these so quickly? Amazing.
Zay- ellé
Zay- ellé:
Wow, I just wish these athletes recovered as quickly as your videos go up !!!
frank salazar
frank salazar:
Can you do a video on ousmane Dembele and his thigh injury he keeps relapsing from.
If I could only turn off the injury mode to all players like NBA 2K20
Alex Baez
Alex Baez:
Brian Sutterer MD
Talk about the Santana Moss/Dan Snyder story ....the drinking Henny before the game and getting shot up with Toroidal
Henry Vance
Henry Vance:
Thank you so much for this video. It really helps to understand whats going on. I'm a lot less nervous now :)
DrPepperMan 35
DrPepperMan 35:
Bro I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how prompt you are on these ‘updates.’ Thank you for working hard 👍
Fresh Out
Fresh Out:
He the flash 😂
Best in the game! Thanks doc
Hope Kemba gets a speedy recovery :)
H20 Ryu
H20 Ryu:
dude you're awesome man :D
Jeffrey Laryea
Jeffrey Laryea:
Lightning Speed lmao
Carter Maclean
Carter Maclean:
Man I love this guy. What a great service he is doing.
Arno du Toit
Arno du Toit:
I find it very interesting that most of these injury videos come from the NBA... vs all the other sports... not sure how to process that... the NBA got real
Steven Tang
Steven Tang:
As always, great work!
Christian Bartsch
Christian Bartsch:
Can you please make a video on Santi Carzorla's injury in which a bacteria ate 8 cm of his achilles tendon.
Love your videos, keep up the great work!
Kemba is my man so I’m super glad he’s alright super glad
he uploaded this video even before espn uploads kemba walker's injury
Samuel James
Samuel James:
This dude so clutch👌🏾
thx for the analysis , sir ;)
Gabe Masukawa
Gabe Masukawa:
this dude really on it
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt:
Can you explain why Logan Paul lost his fight because of sneezing? I mean he's an athlete too.
A.T .K
A.T .K:
Was waiting on this
the great one
the great one:
Bro u speed how the f do u know this
Fastest man alive 🏃‍♂️💨
This guys eyebrows look hungry.
Drew B
Drew B:
Love your videos, man. Keep it up!
O hell no
O hell no:
When he is coming back
shinigami ryuk
shinigami ryuk:
By watching your videos I feel like I can diagnose people now :)
Shivashish Jaiswal
Shivashish Jaiswal:
Waiting for this video as usually excellent analysis
My body gets tingly watching this vid
Drew Hart
Drew Hart:
Solid work again, doc.
Jeremy SavaGe
Jeremy SavaGe:
I went on YouTube to look for the injury play and saw your video and was like wtf? How are you that fast lol?
Doc should have million subs cause of his informative and pleasing explanation with different injuries. On point
Austin Hallberg
Austin Hallberg:
Have a Good Friday night!
He’s fine just shows u where the nba is in comparison to other sports
saeed senpai
saeed senpai:
explain Isaiah Thomas's knee injury
Fanso Nate
Fanso Nate:
He be waiting for these injuries
Man I hope he’s alright
Steve Acevedo
Steve Acevedo:
Great and timely explanation. Thanks!
Damn u fast
Already man how hahahaha
👌 thanks Brian.
Holy shoot! 170k? Man keep on that grind.
Marcus Barnhart
Marcus Barnhart:
Hope Kemba comes back as fast as you uploaded this video
Miguel Paulino
Miguel Paulino:
Prayers up for Kemba 🙏
Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa:
Great job! Doc
Mega Trunks
Mega Trunks:
Damn you faster than the espn doc
prayers up for Kemba!
Nikolas Lynch
Nikolas Lynch:
You fast af 😂
Tom Hawkinson
Tom Hawkinson:
Thanks doc. Speedy as usual
Matthew Winter
Matthew Winter:
So glad I subbed some number of months back. Great and informative channel Brian. Hoping for the best for Kemba 🙏