Diddy Broken Over Kim Porter's Death | TMZ Live

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Kristy Moore
Kristy Moore:
This is so sad. If it was pneumonia plz ppl read this if you or someone you know has it. I had a cousin who was not even 30 yet & had a 10 month old child. She either had the Flu or bronchitis that turned into pneumonia, went to Dr several times & the last time the Dr wanted to put her in the hospital. She refused bc she didn't have insurance bc her & her hubby just had started a new business. Well couple days later she said she couldn't breathe one night so her hubby called 911. She died at the hospital bc her lungs basically exploded ( it's called something it's like your lungs fill up with blood in them bc of not getting oxygen or something). It's a horrible way to die!!. It was devastating she had to leave a beautiful child behind. So just know pneumonia ain't nothing to mess with so if anyone who reads this plz don't take it lightly. By the way she died within 2 wks of being sick. Sorry so long but idk I think sometimes ppl just don't realize how serious something can be. So if this helps one person decide to go to the Dr or ER bc they think they might be really sick then I'm glad I spent the time typing this out!!!
Demetria E.
Demetria E.:
People Al B Sure is hurt too...
Angel Nicole
Angel Nicole:
He should’ve married her when he had the chance 😪
DARK SKIN TV rashida strober
DARK SKIN TV rashida strober:
I feel the most for her beautiful kids. they need their mom. Rest in peace beautiful lady!!
Max N
Max N:
Tmz is a joke, tryin to blame Afrika for her death
T Jack
T Jack:
No custody battle with the kids shows how mature both Puff and Kim were. Praying for the family.
jessica okoba
jessica okoba:
They have FOUR kids not three he legally adopted Quincy
Shirley Tolson
Shirley Tolson:
I believe her flu like symptoms was a prelude to a warning about her heart. Her body was warning her that all was not well. She also might have contracted an unknown type of virus in her body. I think when our time comes that it comes and only God knows when rip
1 minute ago

I always though Diddy treated her like the side chick. He acted like a fool over Jennifer Lopez who dumped him like he was a nobody when he helped put her career on blast. If he loved her so much why didn't he marry her? He certainly wanted to marry J Lo! He also had another woman pregnant when she was carrying the twins. Everybody wants respect. I never thought he respected her.
Something wrong with this story. This doesn't make sense
Firstly rest in peace Kim, I pray that your family find strength at this time.

Secondly I would like to remind everyone that Africa is a continent not a country. There are 54 countries in the continent of Africa. By describing Africa as a country you are minimising the continent in which civilisation began.

Contrary to popular belief the continent Africa is not riddled with deadly disease. This is a false narrative created to scaremonger people and stop us discovering to beautiful powerful gem in which we originated.

People of the diaspora please educate yourselves it is more important now than ever.
That picture of the whole family on the red carpet where Quincy's dad is in shows her body language leaning into Diddy. You can tell by just that picture how safe she felt with Diddy. You can tell he was someone to her that was protective. Just a sad situation for everyone involved! I know those girls will be well taken care of, but there's never going to be a replacement for their mom. It's so sad... RIP Kim! Sending so much love to that family. XOXO👼🏾💔💝
T sich
T sich:
Just so horribly sad.
Tom Breezy
Tom Breezy:
I can't believe she is dead!!! Rip Kim Porter
Nettie Houston
Nettie Houston:
She should've been admitted into the hospital without any doubt.
You don’t know what you had till it’s gone.
Meghan Kennedy
Meghan Kennedy:
crying as I watch this, I can't imagine the children's reactions about finding out their mom is gone. those little girls, her son's😞 Al b. wrote "forever my lady" for her, the song jodeci sang .
Out The Concrete
Out The Concrete:
Prince had the flu too........
Jennifer Cavazos
Jennifer Cavazos:
A lot of people have died on diddys watch. Hes suspect to me. I don't trust him at all. RIP Kim fly high beautiful angel. Prayers to the family and friends.
really why
really why:
So sad praying for the family.
Jacqueline Strong
Jacqueline Strong:
A Chocolate version of Aaliyah both Sweet with Beautiful Souls
Pouchon Dubois
Pouchon Dubois:
Running Pneumonia makes you feel crappy...so much so,that you’ll voluntarily walk yourself to the emergency room where you’ll be immediately put on intravenous antibiotics for a month...any other option(LIKE PROCRASTINATING )can lead to DEATH
Angie Hill
Angie Hill:
Diddy is broken?? What about her children!? Her family and friends? Can’t TMZ just send condolences .
Jalisa Martin
Jalisa Martin:
Beautiful woman, beautiful mother......r.i.p
Amanda Switzer
Amanda Switzer:
She looked to be so healthy too. Her skin glowed the way someone's would if they took good care of themselves for a long time. Xo how sad
Shays Js337
Shays Js337:
Uhhhh!!!!!!!!! Heart wrenching!!!!!! Prayers for all who know and love this beautiful woman... Lord help them all...
Apple Shaw
Apple Shaw:
My Condolences Goes Out To The Whole Family... I Have Mixed Feelings About the foul play theory but in my opinion if there is any foul play involved its from the One you least expect.....
Denise Abrams
Denise Abrams:
Kimo Kimo
Kimo Kimo:
Let's leave Africa out of this. Kanye and Kim ddn't get sick after their trip to Uganda. Melania Trump neither.
The Mini Macho Man WWE Action Figure Show & Dad
The Mini Macho Man WWE Action Figure Show & Dad:
That Flu kills everyone in Hollywood
kandaka R
kandaka R:
I always thought that they will end up together... So sad 😔
MArie Livingston
MArie Livingston:
Her twins - OMG! I feel so much sympathy for them as now that they're on the verge of been teens it's the time when they'll need her the most. May God's grace be upon all 4 kids as they continue to grieve this tremendous loss.😔😔
Yup. You got it. I’ve had 3 people in my life pass by the very same thing. It’s never been brought to the public but all 3 have been the same. Flu like symptoms....... then sudden death. Post-death they’ve always sited a heart virus. All cases ended in cardiac arrest. This is the first public case I’ve heard....... One close friend was 30 years young. It’s a heart virus no one is talking about. And health officials need to make this public knowledge.
Jesenia Brady
Jesenia Brady:
They say everybody that died in Hollywood have the flu! RiP Kim.
Kim Maria
Kim Maria:
How sad. I always thought she was a sweet lady. No Hollywood drama. 💔💔
Tee Jay
Tee Jay:
She was 46, why do y’all keep saying 47??
Joe Momma
Joe Momma:
Diddy gon finally come out and get a boyfriend.
Yamika Yamaha
Yamika Yamaha:
Not just test for flu?: poison? You never know what motive the husband are capable of 😂no exception!
TheProgressive conservative
TheProgressive conservative:
Came for the Illuminati comments
p.diddy did it like he killed biggie & pac and finally suge Knight ... ☝He always said 🎶We bay boys for life🎶
Cj Montez
Cj Montez:
Hey hey Al be sure is hurt too. Don’t forget about him.
Aaa di
Aaa di:
TMZ: Please do your research before posting. Kim was 46 not 47. Rest on angel..
Yvonne Gilmore
Yvonne Gilmore:
Such a pretty lady, my heart goes out to the children and Sean Combs. My condolences to the family
Efrem Jones
Efrem Jones:
My condolences to diddy and the family. May the sister R.I.P..
Kimba Chapman
Kimba Chapman:
Doctors off so sad!!! Should have taken full chest exams also I think she was only 46 so sad
Debra King
Debra King:
Rip Kim Porter🌹May God Bless all of the Family during this mournful time of their Lives🌷🌻
Humble Servant
Humble Servant:
May she rest in peace. Poor Africa, all denigrated aspect, always placed on Africa.

Respectfully Submitted.
HolySmokes Am Rich
HolySmokes Am Rich:
Gone Too Soon 😢💖💕 RIP ANGEL
Devastated but he never married her? So full of crap
she just seemed like a beautiful soul, very sad for her loved ones.
Natasha Jhinnoo
Natasha Jhinnoo:
My condolences to the family especially the kids, we need to pray for them, this is so hard and a total shock.
Tawana Chambers
Tawana Chambers:
I'm keeping on hearing that she was going to write a tell all 📖 book about P. Diddy 🤔hmmm 👌 okay now she's died all of a sudden 🤔idk kinda weird to me maybe another Hollywood blood sacrificed
veronica martinez
veronica martinez:
R.i.p beautiful lady
Giovanni Deshazor
Giovanni Deshazor:
Rip Kim Porter let god🙏⛪️ be with you beautiful😍😍
Tara Tate
Tara Tate:
Soo BROKEN He Ran Soo Soon Back In The Arms Of Cassie Smh 🤦‍♀️ Rip Kim Porter
life is love
life is love:
She was one classy woman, seen how she handled her split from PD, and the relationship she has maintained with him, says a lot about her, what love with RESPECT she had for those children, and PD. My heart hurts for her and her family, including PD. Rest in peace Kim...
Voncile Kibsgaard
Voncile Kibsgaard:
May your Soul Rest in Peace and God protect ur daughters 360 degrees untill u meet again a mothers love.
Michael Graham
Michael Graham:
They make u take vaccines before traveling to certain parts of Africa, she probably had a bad reaction , her immune system could have been weak at the time of the vaccine which made her sick then being in the heat and air condition causing pneomia and complications.
Rona Love
Rona Love:
Same thing happened to Gerald Levert🤔
Daphne Smith
Daphne Smith:
OMG it is BAFFLING 2know that a beautiful young lady bore children without being MARRIED. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
RIP Beautiful Kim Porter!!!
Daphne Rodriguez
Daphne Rodriguez:
Flora Newman
Flora Newman:
Rest in heaven now you have your wings Angel
Don't Matter
Don't Matter:
She was too beautiful to past from natural causes smh
Kika Dancy
Kika Dancy:
I feel so bad for her kids especially the baby girls😔
This dummy said the mother of his 3 children 🤦🏾‍♂️
I don't know about this to suspicious for me.
Golden ByGod
Golden ByGod:
R.I.P. Kim. A very beautiful woman inside and out.
Michelle Mason
Michelle Mason:
If so broken ,so why he did not merry her?
R Howard
R Howard:
Yes it was so very sad about Kim Porter's death and all the sudden.
I can't believe that it had happened.
As beautiful as she was and mother.
Emma Castiro
Emma Castiro:
And they drag our mother continent Africa into her death,really I'm sure the report wont be anywhere close to Africa
Arthur Seymore Jr.
Arthur Seymore Jr.:
Never take life for granted, we never know which day may be our last . RIP Ms. Porter .
Justina Acorn
Justina Acorn:
Sounds like malaria maybe? RIP beautiful
Butterfly Huckleberry
Butterfly Huckleberry:
R.I.P. Kim Porter 🙏
Sharon Dickerson
Sharon Dickerson:
My heart goes out to you and your family god bless you and your family keep your head up from Dallas tx
Virgil R
Virgil R:
Beautiful Lady!
RealestJokeintheDumpster !
RealestJokeintheDumpster !:
As a vegan black man I'm feel really bad for the families God bless you all🤗
Kelly Bright
Kelly Bright:
Omg tmz can streatch a story lol repeat stal..repeat
Natalie Taul
Natalie Taul:
Yes if TMZ is on the scene it’s always fishy💯
Javier L
Javier L:
She was in the process of releasing a tell all book..gets me thinking 🤔
Semaj Samoht
Semaj Samoht:
Columbus, GA is sad, Marcus A Evans Sr is feeling devastated on this news. Columbus High School stand up!!!
Damien Smith
Damien Smith:
Harvey was going to say she was 46..then he said 47...yep something is going on
Gladys Saez
Gladys Saez:
TMZ informs us, as they are told, for sure no truth whatsoever👀👀
conrad b
conrad b:
So very sad. Prayers to Diddy and the kids, family, and friends ... and of course hopes that she rests in peace. Very scary.
Andre Mitchell
Andre Mitchell:
Rest with Jesus, Ms Porter💐
the legend
the legend:
Maybe she hade a untreated pericarditus of the heart..and thats why it stop beating..so sad
Strapgod 30
Strapgod 30:
Harvey u dont respect the living at least let the dead rip love the show not bs
no name
no name:
not exactly a compliment to say HOLLYWOOD loved her when Hollywood is filled with pedophiles and immoral people - you are who you hang with and she doesn't sound like she was hanging with moral people
matt liegakos
matt liegakos:
2pac's killer Puff the magic dragon did it
RIP sister 🙏🏽
God bless the whole family
People please just pray for the family and leave them alone
U guys really should get a life instead of starting beef between the kids and their father non sense 😏
Crystal Sure
Crystal Sure:
There's just something about sean combs I don't trust. He makes chills run down my spine.
Loravena Quad
Loravena Quad:
Another Untimely flu 🤧🤒😷 Sacrificial
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez:
It seems the flu is deadly in Hollywood when you run in that kinda circle!!!!
Yadira Roman
Yadira Roman:
So sad... Rest in Peace Beautiful 🙌😢
Nikki Jackson
Nikki Jackson:
👩🏾‍⚕️Sounds like Malaria misdiagnosed!
Sandra Hill
Sandra Hill:
She prob. had viral/walking pneumonia and was unaware of it.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
She was 46 not 47. May her soul rest in peace. I am heartbroken for her children.
It's amazing all the love the media says Diddy had for her, but he didn't marry her!

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