Dean Ambrose | Goodbye

Dean Ambrose is set to leave WWE in April. Turns out all the signs were there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Early Access to my videos and other rewards, become a supporter on my Patreon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song Used: "Luminosa" - Secession Studios & Greg Dombrowski ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All content on this channel is owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. I don't claim ownership of the content used and the video is intended for entertainment purposes only. I do not monetize these videos.

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canon isensys
canon isensys:
with roman's cancer and dean ambrose's leaving we can say that the shield is officialy dead and this time it's not like 2014 this time it's more serious this could be the darkest chapter in the shield's story and it might be the last .
dean ambrose has gone threw crap all his life from his bad childhood to his torture in czw . and he's been alone for almost the entire journey . when the shield broke up seth had the whole authority behind him while roman had the rock the usos and poor ambrose got nothing but crap .dean ambrose wrestled more than anyone in 2016 yet austin and people called him lazy . when seth got injured the whole wwe universe was shocked . when roman got sick the whole wwe universe went in tears but when ambrose got injured people moved on a week later. dean ambrose is one of the toughest wrestlers on the planet and i hope he gets happy somewhere else
Krish Tiwari
Krish Tiwari:
He is Depressed Guys........
He don't get the respect he deserve........
I hope he will be well.......
I am really sad for him..........
Best wishes to everyone and to Dean
King Buddha
King Buddha:
Ppl forget that he's the longest U.S Champion of all time
The Lost King
The Lost King:
Never forget the night all 3 shield members were the WWE champion
LT. Frost
LT. Frost:
After Deans leaves Roman nd Seth won't be the same WWE won't be the same The Shield the 3 of those guy 3 of those brothers is the best thing happened to WWE since John Cena since HHH etc
Joey Crosby
Joey Crosby:
He better get one hell of a match at wrestlemania
Edit: goddamn wwe gave this guy so many live events but he can't even do the preshow?
project INHUMAN gamer's
project INHUMAN gamer's:
Jersh's Metal Detecting
Jersh's Metal Detecting:
Dean is just one of a lot of wrestlers getting screwed over by the writers and creative. WWE is notorious for keeping the same guys on top for years, and letting one here and one there jump in for a brief moment. I can see why he is pissed off. The gimmicks they have him do.... like c'mon the gas mask? really. I can see 1./3 of the roster leaving wwe within the next 1-2 years.
Hassam Awan
Hassam Awan:
I knew this is gonna happen they miss use ambrose a great talent into a jobber so sad he leaves just like cm punk😢😦😣
rainier vega
rainier vega:
Dean from the bottom of my soul thank you ✊🏿, that's all I can say.
Rey Misterio
Rey Misterio:
R.I.P The Shield :c
Dean Ambrose is my absolute favourite . Im sad he Is leaving . But it is his choice so I am gonna respect it. 😢
😭 Good bye dean we will never forget you your legend the best ever interecontinental champ
Abukar Deerow
Abukar Deerow:
Superstar Dean Love you brother
Adrian Tomasu
Adrian Tomasu:
back in 2012 when dean made his debut i saw so much potential. now look at him. WWE did him wrong #justicefordean
Ozzy Morrison
Ozzy Morrison:
"The biggest potential superstar".. This man will be like when Steve Austin joined ECW.. Only he will do it in AEW and become the greatest
OtF NeXus
OtF NeXus:
My dream was to see all three memebers of the shield winning royal Rumble Roman 2015 Seth 2019 and Ambrose 2020
Winston Drakes
Winston Drakes:
Dean Ambrose is a fine actor and I believe he'll do well if he pursues that new field of Endeavour. I also believe he has outlived his usefulness as a WWE superstar. I doubt if we'll see Roman Reigns in the squared circle ever again. If Seth Rollins loses to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, I also believe he should consider leaving WWE. That said, R.I.P The Shield......
The Fiend
The Fiend:
Jon Moxley is AEW, baaaaby! Now we'll see his full and solid potential. Can't wait!
Maitrie Bisesser
Maitrie Bisesser:
Everyone is going first roman😢😭😭now Ambrose I can't watch wwwe anymore 😭😭
Heart Break Kid
Heart Break Kid:
I remember when Dean was kind of the main guy of the Shield. Now it seems like he's forgotten. Thank you Dean for everything, we will all miss you.
Shoulda kept him on smackdown Instead of a shield reunion, Dean on SD gave him the chance to be a mega superstar instead of being in Roman and seth’s shadow...I knew the moment he got drafted to raw he was screwed...
P For Potato
P For Potato:
He did what he should've done wwe is killing these legends like Dean,cena!
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee:
But now he's home happy getting the respect and appreciation he deserves and freedom at AEW hes starting to love what he enjoys again
Wwefan 17
Wwefan 17:
If he leaves, I will stop watching WWE. I will miss him to much to the point where I wouldn’t even wanna watch if. Dean was the best, he got hurt and they gave him a trash storyline. Hopefully Dean will be brought somewhere better in life for him, like AEW or even TNA. Thank you Dean for all you’ve done for the WWE. You were one of the best and will be missed.
AJ Thapa
AJ Thapa:
Dean is correct....
WWE only pushed Roman
And they are pushing Rollins now..
Fred Mcelroy
Fred Mcelroy:
This goes for any career. If there is a glass ceiling always preventing you from taking the path you truly desire then it is time to leave. And it is a waste to keep waiting for things to turn around. Ambrose has been held back for so long and people get on his case for things he has no control over. I think Dean will be happier and healthier and will use his talents to do better things than be a backup body guard.
PakirathanYT Øfficial
PakirathanYT Øfficial:
OMG we need shield
wwe need shield
Dean leave from wwe OUCHHH..BUT he got win title...ALL members of THE SHEILD MY FAV WRESTLERS..
Vanessa Bedoni
Vanessa Bedoni:
Truefuly storyline on Chris Jericho podcast on Wednesday Vince McMahon made him do it
Dean Ambrose’s heel turn will go down as one of the biggest disappointments this decade in wrestling. An example of how Vince McMahon’s out of touch approach to modern wrestling and the comedy writers have killed the WWE as reflected by the dropping ratings and attendance (sorry. I don’t count the big money TV deals which the company would be hurting bad without). The fact that young guys like Dean Ambrose, The Revival and Hideo Itami want to leave despite all of the money in the world being thrown at them is an indictment of the current WWE process of not allowing any of their performers the freedom to give their all creatively. The fact that there are now more alternatives for young wrestlers to be all they can be should not be considered a bad thing but positive from a financial and artistic standpoint.
J Pennington
J Pennington:
He's simply burned out.

Happens a lot in wwe unfortunately
Justin Levine
Justin Levine:
Dean helped my through tough times. He was always such a strong and brave guy.
He will always be my favorite wrestler along side punk. Thank you for a few amazing years Dean I love you ❤️
Our Channel
Our Channel:
We love you and hope that you will be back after a Good break cause WWE is incomplete without “The Lunatic Fringe”... :) 💖
Just Criminal
Just Criminal:
Dean is Most PowerFuel and Best Superstar in WWe 💛
I’ll never forget the moment the shield reunited at survivor series...
Nakia Phansook
Nakia Phansook:
Good luck in AEW dean!! You will better be off there with alot more success.
will always be my favorite 😭❤
Jason Tchandra
Jason Tchandra:
One of the most underrated guy in WWE
private ryry
private ryry:
Dean Ambrose is one of my favorite superstars but him leaving is wwes fault wwe has gone to shit ever since Brock lesnar started being wwe universal champion to this point the wwe universal championship is irrelevant . We never got to see Brock lesnar fight in every Monday night raw episode dean ambrose might as well go to AEW
You Tube
You Tube:
Nahi! The best player of the wwe history is DEAN AMBROSE
Ankita Thakur
Ankita Thakur:
who said no one miss dean ambrose, I miss him all the time when he got injury in his elbow after samoa jo`s attack
He is the best wrestler, he never shows his feelings this doesn`t mean that he doesn`t have a heart,I respect him and I will be waiting for his return in WWE in future. Hope he get all the Love and Happiness that he deserves in his life. God bless him and his family. LOVE YOU DEAN...
Andrew Furyk
Andrew Furyk:
"The world is too loud"
Torben Mørk
Torben Mørk:
Thats a guy who got screwed over. His gimmick was ruined by bad writing. I think WWE made him do stuff he didnt wanna do.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee:
Your free jon your home where your free to do what you want and well respected
Rob McCann
Rob McCann:
Dean ... thank you man for all the blood, sweat, tears, and broken bones you went through to entertain us Wrestling Fans! I've always respected you and will continue to always bro!
Arlene Petrano
Arlene Petrano:
Take it easy Dean! God be with you❤
MoHiT Khubalkar
MoHiT Khubalkar:
Soumita Ghosh
Soumita Ghosh:
Don't go away Dean.They and we need you.😢😢😢
Vanessa Bedoni
Vanessa Bedoni:
First time watching this almost started crying 🤜 were gonna miss you dean 😢
I feel like WWE has tarnished so many talents it’s unreal. When you look at the roster and what these people are capable of it really harkens memories of the attitude era where there were so many people I would consider too dog. As a kid it didn’t feel like anyone was truly number one except perhaps Austin in certain times. It really sucks because I came back to watching wrestling for 2-3 years and still follow it but it just isnt going to be anything I want anymore. The storylines just don’t payoff, or sometimes make sense at all. Sometimes a obvious choice doesn’t make it a bad one and wwe seems to deviate just for the sake of, and we never truly get payoffs anymore. Rusev, Balor, Dean, Ziggler, KO, Sami the most goes on and on. Wwe probably makes more money now than they ever have, but in my eyes it’s just a shell of what it was and the worst thing is what it could be. It feels like a true revitalization of wwe was just missed with all this talent wasting their bodies on the most lack luster stories.
Farhan Siddiquey
Farhan Siddiquey:
People shouldn't watch WWE,that company is becoming terrible man.Ton of potential getting destroyed
Anurag Dwivedi
Anurag Dwivedi:
I can't stop my tears😭😭
Love you dean
Stephen Mboki
Stephen Mboki:
We'll miss Dean
Jakey Boii
Jakey Boii:
“The only way we get through it is we pull each other along.

Next week, I gotta get in a car and I don’t have Roman sitting next to me”

Feels 🥺
Cookiesare Master
Cookiesare Master:
Don t say goodbye 😭😭
Dean deserved a lot more during his time in WWE. If they had let him take his character in the direction he wanted he could’ve one of the greatest superstars WWE ever had. Instead they drove his character so hard into the ground that there’s very little that could pull him back out. He stuck through everything for this long even when he hated it and when it was difficult. He didn’t quit. He didn’t say fuck it and leave. He’s going strong all the way through to the end of his contract. At the end of the day he’s one of the toughest guys there and when he leaves it’s WWE who will be at the losing end of it.
Allan Peter
Allan Peter:
turning against Rollins was the biggest mistake Dean made...very costly
Amoney gang
Amoney gang:
That was my favorite wrestler i loved him ever since he came to wwe
Mark Bates
Mark Bates:
This video broke my heart. Hard to see one of my favorites of all time seemingly loose his faith with this company.
Kvnesh Jerric
Kvnesh Jerric:
Good Luck Brother....THE SHIELD🔥🤜🏻👊🏻🤛🏻
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos:
He's still fairly new, can't he renew the contract?? 😔😞
Reece Clive
Reece Clive:
Guessing he doesn't like the fact that his characters been made into a heel?
Duane Shuster
Duane Shuster:
When contract is up time to go there is a life after wwe if you can't have control of characters storyline then he'll with it . When you see what writes have done with Ziggler, Orton should been WWE champ 16 times no problem Cena got enough $ and control over his character now but things get old . Dean needs rest a better deal from another pronotion.
Korekong Ukinam
Korekong Ukinam:
6 words Dean
"You Shouldn't have left S.H.I.E.L.D"
Okay! It was 5 words
Adan Ojeda
Adan Ojeda:
Dean Ambrose the legend
Thank you for uploading
He's one of the most underrated wrestlers of WWE. He will always be my favorite in the industry
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich:
Dean Ambrose will always be one of my favorite WWE Superstars, and not only that he'll be one of my favorite wrestlers forever. He knows how to put on a show, he has the skills to back his words up and he just really is one of the best wrestlers that we has had in the last decade. I hope he goes to AEW.
April fools has joined the chat
Bryan West
Bryan West:
take your wife and go enjoy life of luck to you !!!
Steven Stifler
Steven Stifler:
I think he made a good decision. WWE has a schedule of full of live events every week, so perhaps he get tired of that. Who knows, perhaps he wants to start a family with Renée and he wants to go to a place where he can do his stuff and not travel a lot.
It's me Ella
It's me Ella:
He is one of my idols and I just found myself crying when I heard about this news...He was a very good fighter...😢😢😭😭
James Roets J.r.
James Roets J.r.:
Thanks you Dean Ambrose for great memories I know body take pain I don't know how much years got left wrestling Ring soon later you might retired for Ring you might do have your own podcast show in future I wish you best in your future
Felicia Jones
Felicia Jones:
Dean was one of my favorites. He's good-looking, hilarious and made WWE entertaining throughout this PG crap. I did not like his heel at all. He sounds depressed and I hope he finds what he wants to do in life. Love you, Dean. I will forever wear your jacket and be a supporter.
Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley:
Where was all this support for Dean when he was champ and you all refused to get behind him, booed him and you-cant-wrestle'd him out of the arena?
Kind of feel this is all a work
Justin White
Justin White:
WWE releases now: Retirements and goodbyes is like watching your parents get old and death greet them at the door.
Bilal Qureshi
Bilal Qureshi:
damn why the hell everyone is leaving the wwe :'(
arpit raja
arpit raja:
Don't go anywhere plz 🙏
Damn man he is my favorite wrestler and he's leaving smfh I hope it ain't for good
Daniel Guillaume
Daniel Guillaume:
Can we all chant “Thank you DEAN!!”<100000
Md. Sakir Iqbal
Md. Sakir Iqbal:
U R Still Best In My Heart,,love u Dean😭😭
We will never see The Shield in action again, R.I.P forever Shield we gonna miss you ❤️
Billy 0
Billy 0:
so no shield reunion for the next 10 years ☹️
Craziest guy Do only what he wants! Respect man Really we will miss you in wwe universe.
Jewel Haines
Jewel Haines:
God, I love this man. He will be so missed. ❤
Ordinary Girl
Ordinary Girl:
I cried while watching this video. I’m gonna miss him so much!
rob 120
rob 120:
Maybe wwe told him to act like hes quitting wwe and joining aew then after a few days he quits aew and joins wwe back. :D
El Shaggy Blanco
El Shaggy Blanco:
Dean was the the heart and soul of the Shield!!
We will miss him!
Johanne Barfield
Johanne Barfield:
Thank you we going miss you and I love you. Since John cena left stop watch wrestler than when find out you back and shield is back I start watching again than when Roman left hope feel better get well I know you died too. I did with y'all. Now you leaving I stop watching it cause was fair what WWE did to you by kill your storylines. I know entrainment but still I didn't like way treat you. You better wrestler. You be miss and I support your choice you deserve better. Soon Vince going regret what they did cause alot stop watching something better. Wish you well I love you i miss you. Happy Valentine's day to you and family.
He look like hhh from side view
When I was a kid watching all these new wrestlers come up to raw and smack down I thought to myself I don’t see there ever being any more impactful superstars than the ones I grew up with like stone cold, the the rock, the hardyz even..
Watching this video made me see these wrestlers of today go through everything the ones of past have taken. And it made me see shades of Austin in Ambrose. You don’t realize what you have til it’s gone. And Ambrose has the ceiling of a legend.
Randy Trinh
Randy Trinh:
That's fine, his leaving for abyss coming hopefully
Kian Lozanoski
Kian Lozanoski:
Probably leaving would be the best option, he might regret not leaving if he doesn’t leave when he gets older knowing he can’t get those years back
Destinie Upton
Destinie Upton:
He was the first person I actually liked in the wwe first it was aj my favorite girl who left know its dean😢😢😢❤❤
robert araj
robert araj:
WWE Will never be the same