Deadly Blue-ringed Octopus

Despite its size the Blue-ringed Octopus has a fearsome reputation and with good reason. It’s one of the deadliest animals on the face of the planet. Its weapon of choice? Spit. Yep good old spit or saliva. Ok so it might not sound like the weapon of an evil villain but it seems to work. But this is super spit and what makes it so lethal is that it has a deadly neurotoxin in it which is manufactured by bacteria living in its salivary glands. When injected into its prey this super spit paralyses it victims. If you want to learn more jump onto our blog The Nature of Science website The Nature of Science Facebook The Nature of Science Instagram Thanks to James Cook University for their support with this video. Check out their courses and all around awesomeness at

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My favorite venomologist making his own videos? Or was it toxinologist? Venomtology?
"can change its calla"
Michael C.
Michael C.:
That lazy octopus, get your own toxins damnit.
really underrated channel, hope more people find it!
I am so excited to see this channel ever since seeing you with Destin.
flim flam
flim flam:
when you've gotta go through a minute of a guessing game of what the animal is when it's literally the title of the video you clicked on.
potato bake
potato bake:
I subscribed from the first video i watched and i'm not disappointed, keep up the awesome work, making us australians proud!
anonymous guy
anonymous guy:
i saw an octopus like that in the philippines
Of course its Australia
Zachariah Rowland
Zachariah Rowland:
I used to live in mannering park nsw Australia was walking in the water and picked up a shell seen a bluey threw it and never got back in after finding out that the place was full of them
ky bui
ky bui:
Zach Argenbright
Zach Argenbright:
When is the video coming out about creating zombies out of these toxins!!! This is definitely my new favorite channel.
Mandi pants
Mandi pants:
Too short :( but I still loved it! :)
Mandi pants
Mandi pants:
Too short :( but I still loved it! :)
Ricardo Rodrigues
Ricardo Rodrigues:
What a lovely video! Nice editing and amazing images. I'm looking forward to see more.
Awesome! looking forward to seeing more from this channel! :)
Ruizhi Hua
Ruizhi Hua:
I love this guy ! after seen Destin's video he becomes one of my favorite people that I want to have a conversation with ! love his passion ! please let Jamie do more video !! plzzzz !!
This channel deserves many many more subscribers!
Salaryman of Neon
Salaryman of Neon:
0:45 I whisper into your ear, *hail hydra.*
Molly Murray
Molly Murray:
HOW do you produce zombies with it?! I want to know!!
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner:
Great channel! Keep up the good work!
Beautiful intro!
Jason Lim
Jason Lim:
Played with this octopus when I was a kid after 15 years I realised it was venomous.
thank you i need this
see man i need more i commented initially at the begining only to find out i was right NEED MORE IN DEPTH VIDS
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas:
Good to see your video. I was a big fan of the work you did with Destin! Look forward to seeing more.
Will Grace
Will Grace:
Great stuff! Love it.
Paul Schultz
Paul Schultz:
I have to watch all of your great videos again. Forgot to disable the addblocker...
Drew's Adventures
Drew's Adventures:
I've got a few videos on my channel of them here in South Australia, Dr Jamie
CreeRoyalty Gaming
CreeRoyalty Gaming:
If the other story is in another video, that's fine. Where's the other vid though? Kinda cheap to give a quick build-up and not deliver.
DeMarie Jones
DeMarie Jones:
Wow... the colors are gorgeous!
lmao bikerace themesong for background music
I was like, hell yeah you found a great channel just to find out there are only like 15 Videos...hope to see more like this. YouTube already gets spammed with a Ton of Nonsense, we need more like this
Kenny G
Kenny G:
Hail hydra 😂😂
Gavin Saladin
Gavin Saladin:
So sad that he doesn't post anymore😭
jeremy red
jeremy red:
But can we still cook it? Will their venom neutralize when boild?
Great little vid Jamie. Can't wait to see more!
Back at it again with the cliff hangers, i see. This is a trend and needs to be stopped at once ;) :D
Adam H
Adam H:
isnt he the dude who took an irukandji sting for the name of science
Lachlan Plays
Lachlan Plays:
Love seeing you on Destin's channel and I've always been incredibly captivated by deadly and venomous animals. Can't wait for more videos!
Elie Appel
Elie Appel:
I just discovered your channel and already watched all of your videos ! So great, please keep on adding new ones and you should try to do a show or something so we can have more and more, so much better than what we get on tv etc.. I'm very passionate about how nature is made and the reasons of everything, thank you
Thomas Boys
Thomas Boys:
0:48 Heil Hydra
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson:
Steve Irvin?
You need some sort of opening, I guess.
Also: how do I not get bitten by those pretty little bastards?
And what about those Zombies!?!
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor:
Those blue rings give me chills for some reason when i see them
Peter Walker
Peter Walker:
Jamie has altered sodium channels, so he's immune to BRO, but he's now too slow to avoid Irukandji and spends half his life in the ED.
Jason Fuller
Jason Fuller:
Wtf, teach me how to make zombies! :(
oh no you don't!! I wanna know about the Zombie toxin!!! :3
Carson Wadge
Carson Wadge:
Why have they stopped uploading?
"another story"!?!? wtf, TELL MEEE!!!
Well done :D
Fancy octopusshapedtextthingy with all the 'hints' ;)
(Destin send me :D)
Storm Blessed
Storm Blessed:
So was it thousands of years through evolution and trial and error in order to gather all the correct microbes to make the venom?
Keyaura Mendes
Keyaura Mendes:
more vids
B Walker
B Walker:
Great to see Jamie Seymour sharing his passion with the world.
Thunder Snake
Thunder Snake:
Ok now I’m confidence that someone is watching me. I only just seen a news article on Facebook about a young girl bought a shell home in aus and inside was one of these things. Damn you all
Rickn Moorte
Rickn Moorte:
the rare sea dragon!! its a type of sea slug that doesnt make its own venom either!!!
Jose Betancourt
Jose Betancourt:
Please do more i am big fan .
Catlike Thief
Catlike Thief:
Shouldn't that be "drill-like tongue" or... have they adapted?
my back HURTS
my back HURTS:
Lansky Beatz
Lansky Beatz:
Here after that guy posed with it
So how come the venom produced by the bacteria doesn't kill the octopus?
What an extremely likeable guy
Noah Vang
Noah Vang:
Spencer Strickland
Spencer Strickland:
You didn't explain where and how the octopus gets its venom since it doesn't make any on its own.
scoobie doowap
scoobie doowap:
what a tease. zombie how?!?
Lee Bartlett
Lee Bartlett:
The blue ring is such a beautiful animal and like all Octopii,extremely intelligent.
Arthur J
Arthur J:
dude your videos are good
Iwan van Es
Iwan van Es:
Wasn't there a snail. That feeds of blue bottles that once consumed they get their venom. Komodo dragon gets his venom from bacteria.
Oliver Krystal
Oliver Krystal:
Destin sent me ...
James Craver
James Craver:
For animals such as the blue ringed octopus or poison dart frogs that get toxins from other organisms, how do they keep from being poisoned themselves?
Yevrah Hipstar
Yevrah Hipstar:
Zombie story tease boy, where is it?
I was hoping you explained how this is so venomous when it doesn't produce it itself and how it gets its venom.
Henley's Racing & Guitar
Henley's Racing & Guitar:
So why dose literally everything want to kill us
but he didnt find one so..
Flo Wh
Flo Wh:
isn't the comodo dragon doing the same thing?
isn't this animal poisonous instead of venomous?
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
There's actually quite a few aquatic species that have TTX produced by symbiotic bacteria. Puffer fish are an example
Roberto Alan Corona Espinoza
Roberto Alan Corona Espinoza:
the dartfrogs dosnt produce its own venom, theres tons of creatures that do this
antimatter beam
antimatter beam:
Longer episodes more in detail and hi Destin. I know it takes a long time to edit videos and shoot stuff and I know you're really busy man James but I could just listen to you talk about this stuff for days I wish more people would subscribe to your channel and actually I'm going home to show my son this channel cuz he'll get a kick out of it
charlene bustillon
charlene bustillon:
did he say zombies out of this octopus??? 0_0
Sara Jones
Sara Jones:
The blue ringed octopus will be the start of the Apocalypse
I though nudibranchs (aeolids) steal venom from sea jellies and anemones .
isint blue ring venom tetrodatoxin..!? same as pufferfish i thought
Rotten Kevlar
Rotten Kevlar:
i ever hold one but it doesnt bite
Strawberry Mochi
Strawberry Mochi:
Seriously? Wait. The hint was unneccesary. We clicked this video because of the title. It's obviously the Blue-Ringed Octopus.
aaron stelmach
aaron stelmach:
This mans got the biggest balls i’ve ever seen
Peter Riis
Peter Riis:
2:20 ; .. is you can actually produce... what. He's not easy to understand - even the auto subtitling doesn't get much of his mumble.
Dart frog doesn't create its own right?
Mark Winter
Mark Winter:
Doesn't the slow Lori produce a venom from the animals it eats.
Probs to the animator.
I thought that the blue dragon sea slug (Glaucus atlanticus) also doesn't produce its own venom.
Wanderingwalker 1990
Wanderingwalker 1990:
What’s the other jellyfish that’s really deadly, swear it was Japanese and had a really “japaneesy” name 🤔
James Casey
James Casey:
Just an observation: you're standing with your bare legs exposed in a pool in which you are looking for the blue ringed octopus. I have never understood how care free people are about dangerous animals. Hats off to you for bravery, but damn- I'd go a bit more careful than that.
Emil Dominguez
Emil Dominguez:
why don't these videos have more views this is pretty cools stuff and the videos are done well.
what is that clif hanger
Etb Etb
Etb Etb:
Are Ok 'It's own venom' I thought he'd made a basic error, but no the puffer fish get revenge post mortum after it's been eatten.
Puffer fish, fugu also concentrates tetrodotoxin from bacteria present in other animals they prey on but puffer fish don't envenomate, bite.
Farmed fugu is feed a controlled tetrodotoxin free diet so they aren't toxic..
ReshicraftHD Defensor
ReshicraftHD Defensor:
wait there another animal does like the blue ring octopus i think
Bear that's a Dave
Bear that's a Dave:
Why just stop and leave us hanging? So disappointed.....