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Cris Carter and Nick Wright talk NBA on today's show. Hear why Cris Carter thinks Carmelo Anthony may not have been the problem for the Houston Rockets, but he was the problem for his career deterioration. #FirstThingsFirst #NBA #Carmelo SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from First Things First: ▶Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: ▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: ▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: See more from First Things First: Like First Things First on Facebook: Follow First Things First on Twitter: Follow First Things First on Instagram: Follow Cris Carter on Twitter: Follow Nick Wright on Twitter: Follow Jenna Wolfe on Twitter: About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright: Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1. Cris Carter says Carmelo Anthony can only blame himself for his career | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Is Carmelo Anthony being unfairly blamed for the Rockets shortcomings this season?
Donald Allen
Donald Allen:
how old is VINCE CARTER, he's still out there playing hard off the bench. Guys look up to him, he's a leader.......melo..?
Fun Toys Show
Fun Toys Show:
Melo please go to the Warriors so they can start losing
Greg A
Greg A:
Nick: I agree with nearly all of that...
Cris: Tell me where I'm wrong then!
Nick: Whaat?
Melo is lazy... lacks the necessary work ethic. It's simple and easy to see. If he want's it that bad, work for it... Cris Carter is absolutely right.
Melo never added anything to his game. Here is his 2003 Scouting Report:

Strengths: Fluid player who shows great athleticism despite not having overly explosive leaping ability ... Possesses a quick first step which helps him gain separation from his defender to set-up his drive to the basket... Excellent slasher, once he gets to the basket he has the creativity to make spectacular plays due to his cat like body control... Solid rebounded thanks to his long arms and hustle ... Has range on his jump shot as he can shoot from mid-range or behind the 3-point line ... Has a innate feel for the game that most players have to develop ... Has the dribbling ability to breakdown most defenders on the perimeter... Worked hard over the past two years to develop his upper body strength which shows his commitment to making himself better... When leading or trailing the break Anthony is a excellent finisher in transition ... Has started to refine his low post moves ... Seems to show a knack for drawing fouls on his forays to the basket... Has the tools to be a solid passer due to his ability to see the floor...

Weakness: Defensively he needs to improve on his perimeter defense such as lateral quickness and footwork ... Anthony at times can be such an dominate scorer that he can freeze teammates out of a game ... So getting his teammates involved in the offense should be worked on ... Shot selection can improve. Like most young players he has a tendency to throw up questionable attempts ... Still learning how to mix up his game offensively as too often he can settle for the jumper instead of driving into the lane ... Ball handling is adequate but his ball protection will need a slight upgrade as turnovers can trouble him ... Mid range shooting can go through periods of inconsistency... Must improve his decision making on the court as he can get a little to flashy for his own good ... Although he has shot the ball well from behind the 3-point line he still needs to work on his jumper... Still improving his decision making on the court but with added experience that should become less of an issue ...

What has he improved at since 2003? His bank account, assets, and his culture awareness maybe but not his GAME.
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers:
Melo never trained or attempted to play defense... He chose money over his legacy
Jae Park
Jae Park:
was really sad to see Melo drive Lin out of New York. This guy's ego is tremendous and his work ethic is 0. At a young age, his body still held up with not much conditioning, but now, it's falling apart. His playstyle is selfish iso's. I really dislike him as a player.
I lost hope in Melo when he couldn't make it work with Iverson in Denver
Adrien Hayes
Adrien Hayes:
Chris: “Wade hired Michael Jordan’s old attorney”

Everyone else: “............”
Ron Shannon
Ron Shannon:
nobody is throwing melo under the bus he just don't have it nomore
Rick Ridenour
Rick Ridenour:
Phil Jackson got brutalized for trying to trade melo. Gotta luv that no trade clause. Ouch Knicks, ouchy!
Tyrone Long
Tyrone Long:
Only teams I could see Melo going to and having success is Golden State and San Antonio Spurs. If you can't have success under Pop as a Veteran you need to retire.
LKLO 90:
Growing up, I was a big Melo fan, but even I felt like him winning a championship was unlikely. You just don't see the same fire in him that you see in others, like a Kobe, LeBron, Wade, etc. He doesn't have that drive & that passion. He's all about himself, he's gonna get his & that's it, and if that's not enough for the W then oh well. Even in the Olympics, dude always wanted to score the most & take the most shots lol. The only times that Melo has been out of the first round was when he had a better leader on his team, the '09 Nuggets that went to the WCF had Billups & the '13 Knicks that got to the 2nd round had J.Kidd, for sure Melo was the better talent but those guys are just way better leaders, other than that Melo has never gotten out of the 1st round. Melo is just a scorer & that's it, it's not a bad thing but it's his ego that hurts him most now that his career is near the end. It reminds me of Iverson at the end of his career, refused to be a bench player, the Grizzlies eventually released him, then ended up playing pro in Turkey. No team wants an older player who's not willing to accept their roles. I'm not sure who will take a chance on Melo at this point, maybe one more team will try this year, but he'll probably just fade out like Iverson did. This might be Melo's last year in the NBA.
Grace JD
Grace JD:
Melo = lazy selfish one dimensional. Every team got worst when he came.
good fellas
good fellas:
Rockets lost some valuable defensive players & brought in a terrible defensive player in Melo.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith:
People need to stop comparing Melo to AI.
AI is a legend. Melo is a joke.
Ziggy Forever
Ziggy Forever:
Chris Carter is right. Melo didn’t evolve as a player he always wanted to be the top scorer on each team instead of being a team player. He’s plays a selfish game, always has.
Melo is a historicaly overrated player... A player who could only score during his so called prime and nothing more. No passes, no defence, nothing!
Anyone who thought melo was supposed to be a Star in Houston or okc is insane
L. B. Mercedes
L. B. Mercedes:
He is a very selfish player in a very team-oriented sport. That's it.
Never saw the greatness in Melo that everyone else did. We have been talking about someone who has not done anything.
Melo is the most overrated "star" in NBA history
S D:
Melos a straight up loser. He never cared about defense. This guy was a physical bull dog. He loved bodying people, yet he never cared about defense. He never wanted to adapt. He never made teammates better.
He’s always been a selfish me first guy. Now he has no choice but to shut up and listen. But the guy has always been a loser. Look at Wade, Lebron, CP3 those guys try and care, and make guys better
Jeff Soto
Jeff Soto: it looks like Phil Jackson was on to something a couple of years ago after all...
Dan Han
Dan Han:
The Cavs should go for him because they’re trying to tank right?
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat:
Completely agree with Cris Carter.

It's because Carmelo never evolved his game. Same old ISO ball. He didn't develop his passing ability, improve his lateral movement (physically), bad defensive player, he was never in great shape, and he his ego got the best of him. With Melo, it was never team first. It was always Melo first. And that was his downfall.
New Era
New Era:
Cris is correct! Sorry Melo, but he's right😑
Carmelo running old firmware refusing the 2019 upgrade
Cris Carter exposed Melo’s game perfectly!!!...a selfish career brings no rings!..-FACTS
This Melo-Rockets thing had failure written all over it from minute 1.
Same as Isaiah Thomas-Cavs fiasco last season. It was soooo obvious.
Fun fact Dirk was 33 (same as Melo now) when he won his ring and averaged 23pts for that season and still averaged almost 18pts for the next 8yrs...Dirk evolved Melo didn't simple and sad fact plus they had opposite attitudes on how the game is played now and the need for adjustments. While Dirk was cool coming off the bench Melo was "I'm a starter bla bla bla".
Flexo Jay
Flexo Jay:
Soooo yall want Melo to drop 30 off the bench be an instant 3pt sharp shooter. A lock down defender and change his diva personality. All at the end of his career?
Harry Garris
Harry Garris:
His weight issues are something that's not talked about enough. Melo's been 20 pounds (or more) overweight his entire career. The weight helped his post game some, early on in his career when that was more relevant. But it wasn't worth the trade off. Melo could have been a better athlete, improved defender, and adapted much more easily to the modern NBA if he just took care of his body.
Uwe Moyela
Uwe Moyela:
best joke i heard since a long time... "melo is underrated"... hilarious... he is overrated af!
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg:
Bob McAdoo, a great offensive player, made the changes Melo wouldn't and won a few rings with the Lakers late in his career.
Cameron Lowen
Cameron Lowen:
carmello has been a poison and curse to every single team he has ever played on. He was never a great pro player, and he is/was an abysmal leader. good till year 10? no way, carmello has never been on a team we would even take seriously in the playoffs. Why? because he is a lazy player. Watch literally any game he has played in as a pro... laziest pro player ever. got lucky, made the league/college on pure talent and genetics. never had the work ethic to take it anywhere, never had the humility to be leader, never made any real waves as a pro. i seriously can't believe how defensive people are being of his career/attitude/play...
rex waller
rex waller:
I've been watching basketball since the 60s. Melo is THE most overrated player I've ever seen. Period.
How you peak in HIGH SCHOOL when your still growing that's crazy
K K:
I’m watching this because First Take hasn’t completed airing yet
I loved Melo but I compare him to Glen Big Dog Robinson. 20 point score about 5 rebounds a game. Big money player, all star on a bad teams.
Terrance Little
Terrance Little:
Melo is a Bum because he choose money over becoming and staying a superstar .
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor:
Eric Gordon is playing 10 times worse than Melo. Look at the numbers. Melo is playing fine for a bench player, giving you 14 ppg. Eric Gordon is hooting 17 fg per game... 21% of 3.
RipCity 503
RipCity 503:
Melo made a quarter of a BILLION dollars he's good 😂😂😂
Matthew Persad
Matthew Persad:
Chris Carter described Carmelo’s career perfectly. A undisciplined underachiever....Nick Wright shouldn’t have a job at ESPN! Or any network for that matter. He’s an idiot that’s never played any organized sports at the professional level.
Thabiso Maleka
Thabiso Maleka:
I agree with Chris Carter 1000%!!!!! Melo could've played in Miami with LeBron & Wade but he has no vision & was always focused on money. He's also heavily influenced by his wife/ex Lala. He's always seen himself as a superstar when he's only always been a star at best
Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal:
CC is right! 'Melo didn't train and take his conditioning seriously.
Jay Rock Jinx
Jay Rock Jinx:
CC is so right. Melon never adjusted and stayed stagnant.
Without question, the MOST over-rated "so called superstar" ever to play in the NBA. The dude has no mirrors in his life. Team killer, coach killer, chemistry killer.
Yung Cheef
Yung Cheef:
Melo needs to eat his ego n go ask Golden State for a chance n he can come off the bench with the third strings n get buckets n he can get a ring n retire
Mr. Teacher
Mr. Teacher:
This is the Melo I’ll always remember: instead of signing with the Knicks as an unrestricted free agent, he forced his way out of Denver, causing the Knicks to trade away valuable assets, assets that could have been used to get Melo a #2, all so Melo could get PAYYYED.
Go play in the big 3 league marshmelo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
everybody hated melo 2 weeks ago now everybody is all for him. you casuals are annoying
Melo is not even a hall of famer the only people telling us he is, is the media.
Lin Yi
Lin Yi:
Unlike LBJ, Melo's ball never got better after leaving Denvor. Imagine your franchaise player who is unable to start a offense by playing P&R in front of 3 point line, which is the most using play in basketball... He never got better on his ball handling and dribbing, which is a huge difference between him and other big names, such as LBJ, KD, PG, Lenoard...Melo has actrually never reached a level of franchaise player
Nick is an idiot. "Get us 25 a night, not much else..." who besides Melo fits that description? Lol everyone else who's averaged 25 at one point or another in their career that I can think also played defense, or grabbed boards, etc...
Bro, the disrespect for Dwight Howard is ridiculous. The man was a beast on the court in his prime. Don't disrespect that.
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus:
also he chose money over going to a team that would be competing for a championship
Mariano Quintos, Jr.
Mariano Quintos, Jr.:
if the Lakers or Warriors sign Carmalo Anthony or competitive teams like Boston.
They are making the biggest mistake of their lives
Michael Tabor
Michael Tabor:
Melo isn’t a top 50 player Dominique Wilkins is much better!
Didn’t win a chip but was a better competitor!
Jason Khavari
Jason Khavari:
Melo is "Historically underrated"???



When he resigned with the Knicks that sealed his fate. He chose the $$ over everything else. He chose it over titles, legacy, competitiveness and tbh pride.
Al Max
Al Max:
It's shocking to me that Phil Jackson did not hear anything that George Karl had say,,,, and give Melo a max deal. Incredible.
Buck Savage
Buck Savage:
Nick is always so scared of Cris! 😂😂
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez:
Michael Jordan himself could not win a championship with Melo on his team.
Grubby Mac
Grubby Mac:
Some dudes just cant come off the bench.Cased closed.Look at AI
Rockets are magically playing better without melo which is further proof he is a cancer.
Cris Carter is 💯 % correct in his analysis.
w w
w w:
Ppl worry about a millionaire meanwhile struggle with their rent&student loan that’s tuff 😂
A Real Good Guy
A Real Good Guy:
I guess at least he made millions and still has 3 gold medals.
joe travieso
joe travieso:
melo... i won't come off the bench....manu'...i can come off the bench, and win every year, be in the playoffs every year, and win 4 rings,,,
Rahat Nichani
Rahat Nichani:
Kobe was exceptional until the achilles injury.
Joseph Frizzell
Joseph Frizzell:
at :35 Wright said he thinks Melo is "A Historically underrated player." What is he smoking?
rivolver ocelot
rivolver ocelot:
Carmelo career in one word....LAZY
Cornelius Mahone
Cornelius Mahone:
I get so tired of Nick Wright will somebody give LeBron a drug test already an slap colin Shannon an Nick in the face wit it
Life's Failure
Life's Failure:
Iverson and melo are similar, no ring, great iso players, had good playoff runs but you know what’s different? Iverson gets respect while more and more people hate melo because everyone else hates him
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Carmelo's ending career is like Allen Iverson :-(!!
Avery Campbell
Avery Campbell:
It was looking bad for Melo ...when he chased that 3rd Gold Medal 😂😂😂
Kevin Cai
Kevin Cai:
Actually since Melo left the rockets are doing really well on both ends.
Shawn Wang
Shawn Wang:
Nick Wright is on the Mount Rushmore of Punchable Faces.
William Thomas
William Thomas:
he always been gah-bige!!!
TriggaHappy TV
TriggaHappy TV:
I can name 10 players thats not better than Melo in the NBA right now
He’s the perfect 13th man on ANY team! @ 6:42
Agree with Chris Carter. Melo is both underrated and overrated at the same time
_ _
_ _:
Lmao The intro to this was hilarious. I'm pretty sure Cris didn't review that before the taping.
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz:
O 😮your ending his career right now?! 🤭lmao
Samuel Westknee
Samuel Westknee:
Melo, Dwigth, Wall = THE next BIG 3

bringing Ice Cube's big 3 league right to NBA :D
young tello
young tello:
Honestly I don't respect Nick Wright one bit, but he right... this on Melo
James McDonald
James McDonald:
Melo is out of shape? I always heard and saw footage of him working out in the off season. I'm confused.
Prometheus All
Prometheus All:
Chris hit the nail on the head. . . its aLL melo's fault. . . .the only thing about him that urk me was not being in top shape. . Great career Carmelo. Much LOVE to ya🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Nick: carmello was an overrated one dimensional player.
Super Dad
Super Dad:
Although I agree Melo is having some issues he gave up.
Jade Gittens
Jade Gittens:
I think we all owe an apology to Phil Jackson and ESPNs nba top 100 list maker ...
At 0:05 Nick mentiones "Fall guy", Jenna starts a sneaky smile, meanwhile looking at CC and at the behind the camera crew.

Wonder why??
If Melo believes he ain’t the problem in Houston, how come he don’t want to play for them?
Blood In My Eye
Blood In My Eye:
Melo ain't been right since the K.G. comment.......🤦🏾‍♂️🤔🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Weaknee Rose
Weaknee Rose:
Ariza and Luc are both playin horrible this year, both have regressed and they really didn’t play that we’ll end of season for the Rockets,
D1a1 Vibes
D1a1 Vibes:
How was he supposed to be the 3rd star coming off the bench🤨
Jay Lew
Jay Lew:
Melo underrated? So a player who doesn't play D and demands to still be in the game in the last 2 min when you're up 5 points. Also the ball needs to go through him period or you're getting traded or fired. He's getting the ranking he deserves
Jaycob Delacruz
Jaycob Delacruz:
Tom Green really loves basketball..
Such a good transition from comedy😂😂😂

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