Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

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PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!
3lla 5.
3lla 5.:
Netflix should give Shane his own conspiracy show
Vic Nutela
Vic Nutela:
"Stay woke, Bishes "

who else thinks shane should put the beauty world on pause and go back to conspiracy videos?
Only people that are watching this in 2020 can like this post

Edit: thanks for all the likes guys that’s crazy
1-800- NOELIA
1-800- NOELIA:
No one:

Not even honey:

Me in January 2020: rewatching everything that Shane has every posted
Anna Madden
Anna Madden:
Shane can literally make me believe that colours don't exist
aaliyah quillen
aaliyah quillen:
Shane could honestly make me believe the Kardashians aren’t made of plastic.
Rewatching in 2020. This needs to be on netflix
Shane: *Having a lot of iPhone conspiracy theories*
Me: *Chuckles evily in Android*
Maria Ayala
Maria Ayala:
Shane is the only person who entertains me for 1 hour and 44 minutes
Rachel Pattan
Rachel Pattan:
Shane: talks about how ww3 could start
2020: ww3 starts
Shane: "those were all just theory none of them facts"

Me: take them all as fact😂😂
Your local autistic person
Your local autistic person:
The government trying to take Shane

Shane: *Hold my Diet Coke*
Hangman basically teaches kids that if you say the wrong things, you can *end* someone’s *life*
Richard Tha 6ixgod
Richard Tha 6ixgod:
If Shane dies we all know the government took him
cassandra hennessy
cassandra hennessy:
shane: all of these are theories, none of them are facts...
me: moOoOOOMmMm
Lightning Gamers
Lightning Gamers:
He was talking about how huge the wildfires were but now Australia is on fire... literately
Paige Allen
Paige Allen:
This is how many times Shan says ''Oh my god''
Carter B’s Conspiracies
Carter B’s Conspiracies:
What if this isn’t even Shane? This could be a hacker who used deepfakes and photoshopped backgrounds
Zoe Xo
Zoe Xo:
Only Shane can keep me fully focused for 2 hours straight.
Kileys Worlds
Kileys Worlds:
*everybodys house on fire*

Everyone: is Stanley the giraffe safe
Hikaru Yume
Hikaru Yume:
Yo put trigger warnings when ya show “MOMO” please, I think that face stayed in the heads of many people (me included)
Rip Van WInkle
Rip Van WInkle:
"Deepfakes are scary"

Internet: Normies get out REEEEEE
when my Aunt started watching this she thought there was a conspiracy about honey
*in 40 years*
Shane: dies of old age
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez:
Smh this world is gonna insane money hungry people why can’t they invest into global warming an try help save our world o yea money’s what makes people it’s so sad 😞
Leah Raby
Leah Raby:
did anyone notice while Garrett and Shane were testing the phone theory that shanes wallpaper is the bisexual flag
Appleby 27
Appleby 27:
The air quality at my house right now is so bad the sky is all red
I'm in Australia btw
Regina Getter
Regina Getter:
*serious music playing*
Everyone: *acting serious and creepy*
Garrett: *fiddles with.. something* "it's spooky 🤗"
Sophie Young
Sophie Young:
Tbh I don’t care if the gov is watching me, they’re just going to see a double chin and me eating goldfish while watching Yt or Netflix 🤷🏼‍♀️
Michelle Prescott
Michelle Prescott:
I’m pretty sure Shane’s Zepeto was bald because he didn’t put his whole head in the circle....
ruby clayden
ruby clayden:
When my sister was 4, I caught her sitting in a room on her own and staring at one of her favourite characters (the looney tunes Rabbit) kill himself 😥
The next day,I caught her in my dad's shed (where he collects his guns) when I asked what she was doing,she said: "I want to be free like him and mummy!" (She had recently died from a suicide attempt) She then attempted to pull the trigger but she wasn't strong enough.
She's now six. I'm still scarred
No one:
Not a soul:
Not even Mike Pence:
Shane: hey, what’s up you guys?
Me before watching: Shane could literally make me scared of.... say.... microwaves

Me after watching: Shane’s done it again! I’m never leaving my room XD
The Gossip Tea Machine
The Gossip Tea Machine:
*Sitting on toilet peeing*
“The phones are always recoding”
Me: 👁👄👁
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill:
Why does he have a room like that in his house like why
me: watches shane
* hears xfiles theme
*is scared
*realizes my sister is watching xfiles
Nilma Fernandes
Nilma Fernandes:
Jan,30,2019- this is epic

Jan,1,2020-this is STILL epic
The “stay positive” sign placed at the burnt house really saddens me :(
Alexa Campanella
Alexa Campanella:
Only Shane can make a sponsorship sound really creepy like it’s a conspiracy too
Lois Kim
Lois Kim:
Shane: Making conspiracies about Iphones and how they're storing information on everyone

Me: *sipping my tea while watching this on my s10
Official Boomer
Official Boomer:
Does anyone else remember hearing him say “is that postmates” even tho they didn’t say it on camera? Is this a Mandela effect Bc I really thought I heard him say that😱
Smol Potato
Smol Potato:
"Who has iphones?"
"Literally everybody."
Me: umm...I have a Samsung?
Yee haw Dude
Yee haw Dude:
So you’re telling me it’s cartoons fault I wanna kill myself
Delilah :D
Delilah :D:
People who want another conspiracy theory series

Amamda Trevino
Amamda Trevino:
y’all ever wonder why he stopped doing these videos...🤔😳🤭
The “Stay Positive” sign made me bawl my eyes out. I’m so sorry for the victims. I would be completely broken if my home was destroyed.
Frank Parent
Frank Parent:
I like how Garrett's mom is listed as "Mom Watts" on his phone
Thanks to Shane I now say “ew” every time something scary happens 😂😅
my dad & i loved to watch your conspiracy videos together and talk about them for weeks on end. unfortunately, i am enjoying this one alone because he passed away in october. he would have absolutely loved this video, shane. terrific work.
government forcing shane to make beauty vids so that he wont reveal all of their secrets
Shrekky Snails
Shrekky Snails:
California: Half on fire

Shane : I’ve never seen anything like this I’m gonna make a conspiracy

Me:wait till you see Australia honey

Australia: has the same land mass as America but the whole half is on fire and New Zealand getting all the smoke

Ok Netflix needs to give shane his own conspiracy show!! (2020 anyone?)
estela smith
estela smith:
shane: talking normally during sponsorship
also shane: As0s
Shaggy Harvey
Shaggy Harvey:
Apple user: oh we are screwed haha our phones are recording us
Android user: *sips tea*
Next conspiracy video: Cats are humans
soopy Mamma
soopy Mamma:
shane:microwaves are very dangerous

also shane: microwaves pop tart wrappers
Isaac M
Isaac M:
I feel like if Shane was still in school he would be one of the people that grab the ufo theory books from the library
tea anna
tea anna:
Did anyone else notice that when Mickey turns on the gas in the comic, there’s the guy who was hitting on Minnie, in the window, smiling? Egh that’s so messed up ALSO: if anyone watches the show The 100, they go into a cryosleep so they wake up 100 years later. What if that show is just telling us about the future? A way to preserve life. I mean, most people think that the world will eventually end, that’s also added into the show The 100. And, it’s technology’s fault. Deep fakes irl maybe? Idk I’m just drawing parallels
How do you manage to scare me with an ad about discounts
Guacamole _
Guacamole _:
I know this all happened a year ago, but imagine all of the animals and pets that lost their lives because of the fires like, it’s so incredibly heartbreaking to even think about I can’t even comprehend it 😔💔🙏🏾
Jorge Briseno
Jorge Briseno:
I’ve never heard or seen an ad about “deep fakes” until I saw this video! Another act of the government hiding it from us
Gianna P.
Gianna P.:
Referring to the phone theories:
When I would call my neighbors mom I would be able to her her ringtone until she picked up
Bella Russ
Bella Russ:
in walmart at chirstmas the milk was gone so thay turend up the music
Cami M
Cami M:
Shane: uploads a new conspiracy video

Government: aww crap, here we go again
queen is here bitcheees
queen is here bitcheees:
i’m watching this in january 2020 and this is like the 5th time that i watched it and fuckin every time it’s so interesting and i see stuff that i haven’t seen the previous time
Casey Argueta
Casey Argueta:
Who’s watching this in 2020 now
Gyn Noma
Gyn Noma:
I have never been scared to watch a honey promo ad
Kermit Draws
Kermit Draws:
So I can make a deep fake of chef gusto from rattotuie
ASMR Glow:
When even the sponsor gives you the chills
Joe Sengathith
Joe Sengathith:
Honey a cute website and a cute coin
Shane: I'm gonna ruin this whole websites cuteness
-*-Hannah Is a hooman-*-
-*-Hannah Is a hooman-*-:
Woolsey fires: 100k hec

Australia fires: 13million hec

Me living in Australia: help.

This wasn’t to say the woolsey fires weren’t bad they were and so were the Amazon and campfire. But the Australia fires are 10 times worse than those fires combined and no one is playing attention to it, and the celebrities are just saying ‘climate change is real 😢’ while they go on vacation. We’re still burning and over a BILLION animals have died...and 26’s terrible and our prime minister couldn’t give a shit. Which is terrible.
The tea sis Baylee
The tea sis Baylee:
2019 ? Shane : oh my god. Oh my god. Oh My god.

Like how many time Shane said “oh my god “
Also I lived there and it was raining ASH !!
-Little Duck Bill-
-Little Duck Bill-:
2020 gang

lol pls don’t like

This video not being on trending is a conspiracy itself...
Ap360 Blogs
Ap360 Blogs:
Is anyone else watching this in 2020?
Kitten King
Kitten King:
if shane can make me scared of microwaves, shane can do anything.
Sam V5
Sam V5:
The parts about the fire were kind of boring tbh
Kimmy Does YouTube
Kimmy Does YouTube:
I remember going back to my house after the fire and almost every house was destroyed. I'm so lucky to still have a roof over my head. I remember walking my dog through my neighborhood and looking at all the houses. I stopped by the playground I used to visit every other day. The slide, melted. The swings, burned. The monkey bars, barely even standing. I couldn't bare it. I broke into tears. It broke me.
Shane is the only person who can make a Honey ad the scariest thing ever
Jello Reacts
Jello Reacts:
Who’s watching this in 2020? 👍🏻
Ella Dri
Ella Dri:
the children’s cartoons part messed me up
Genavecia Lebron
Genavecia Lebron:
Shane can make me believe that my blanket doesn’t exist 😂
Andrew Hines
Andrew Hines:
Who's watching this in January 2020 😂😂😂
sIs tHaT AiNt iT *Sips facts not tea*
sIs tHaT AiNt iT *Sips facts not tea*:
*Android users laughing in the background *
Siya Paliwal
Siya Paliwal:
I remember when Hollister used to be like this, I was little and didn't even know what the store was called but I knew I went in there once and noticed how dark it was and always wondered why. now the same store is bright as day and the music isn't loud. its weird.
Itz_Robecca :3
Itz_Robecca :3:
You can actually search "Is walt disney's body frozen?" and actually get results that state that instead of the movie frozen
M C:
I know this was back in January last year, but the fact that people weren't talking about Campfire is saddening. Woolsey seems bad, yes, but just because celebs weren't affected in the Campfire fire, it doesn't matter that Campfire took a lot of houses and lives apparently. That's just rude and sad.
What makes me mad is that the government of Australia (where I live) isn't funding the firefighters fighting for other people's lives and sacrificing their own for people they may not even know. Our prime minister, Scott Morrison, has literally spent money to go to Hawaii/on holiday to another country while people are getting hurt and his own country is on fire. I find it incredibly selfish that Morrison is doing this.
marley allen
marley allen:
Hey Shane when Garret picked up the answered the phone after he said that I think I know why it happened.
pro gamer
pro gamer:
Deep fakes 5:23
Deep fakes 9:44
iPhone theory pt 1 16:00
California wildfire 19:52
iPhones theory pt 2 31:30
Brainwashing kids 35:28
iPhone theory pt 3 49:33
Disney frozen 55:33
Subliminal messages in stores 58:45
iPhone theory pt 4 1:19:40
California wildfire 1:23:05
(For people that just want to rewatch one part)
shane: talking about adam and eve

me: adam and eve bought knowledge for the small price if a little sin
Michelle Prescott
Michelle Prescott:
Garrett:”The ringing was the craziest I’ve ever heard in my life”
Maybe it was Shane’s ringer?? The alarm ringtone(That scared the hell out of me), maybe Garrett heard Shane’s ringtone? 18:41
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez:
Binge watching shane an his crew loves all his conspiracy theories life hacks an food 😂 miss him uploading
am i the only one hat got jump scared after momo
The fact this is NOT on Trending is a Conspiracy Theory on it's own.
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez
LatinaPRINCESA Rodriquez:
The government will do anything cover up there mistakes
the asian
the asian:
Seeing those houses just makes me feel blessed.. it’s humbling.
Johana ytb
Johana ytb:
Who else is stisfied by the perfect 1 hour 44 minutes and 44 seconds
Piggy 05
Piggy 05:
What a way to start off your 2020 but binging Shane again lol.