Clementine Ford: 'Boys will be boys'

“This is not a book about how men are shit. This is a book about how the world we live in allows men to do deeply shitty things.” Clementine Ford talks to Jan Fran about internet hate, #metoo & raising a son. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Insta:

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Fregoli Delusion
Fregoli Delusion:
Has anyone else noticed that most of the self-appointed experts on men and boys are women?
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts:
"kill all men" - Clementine Ford.

I think she's earnt everything she gets, frankly.
Men generally do not respect other men who abuse women. Stating otherwise is unbelievably ignorant. Clementine Ford is out to lunch. She needs to have her son taken away from her.
Ken Benson
Ken Benson:
Wow! That woman is delusional. She wants boys to act like girls. She has no business raising a child.
John Stratus
John Stratus:
Modern feminism is unnecessary activism that invents victimisation to justify its existence.
Some boy dumped her when she was 15 and she still hasn't gotten over it so that makes me an oppressors who benefits from the imaginary upper hand which marginalises women, apparently I have a pair testicles so I am supposed to have some sort privileged life style.
She "knows" so much about men. Seems very interested for someone who does not like them.
She makes generalisation much like racists make of others.
Not worth listening to.
Adam Roodog
Adam Roodog:
That poor boy
br pitt
br pitt:
Fair enough that she has her say, but CF comes across as one of the most sexist, toxic individuals in Oz.
Maxwell Nicholson
Maxwell Nicholson:
Contradictory and full of broad statements designed to sell a book.
grolsch sipper
grolsch sipper:
I feel so sorry for your son. I honestly do
James Elwood
James Elwood:
It's so hard to watch. The fact that she has the word MEN in her name must drive her nuts.
The Wraith
The Wraith:
FEMINISM IS A WEAPON OF CULTURAL MARXISM. (ONE OF MANY DIFFERENT WEAPONS). It is designed to divide & spread hatred between the sexes. They do it with Race, Religion, etc... They try to turn us all into a collective and then they spew hatred for one group over another. We are all individuals and should be treated as such. Don't try making us into TWO opposing camps and then collectively blame all members of one "group" for supposed terrible behaviour, as if one person does something that might be perceived as bad, by the heads of their collectivist body, and then assign blanket "GUILT"over all other individuals of the same sex, religion, race etc.... This is how these Elite One-Worlders operate. They are Masters at ignoring people as individuals, putting one set of humans into ONE group and then BLAME ALL as being bad or abusive etc... the people behind this vicious and false data are destroying ALL Western Nations from within by this false "GROUP" tactics to destabilize us into many opposing groups, which makes it much easier for them to implode our Society, break it into a million pieces, and then take us over as our new "Masters"! Look up the Frankfurt School, Cloward & Piven, the Kalergi Plan and see their methods to dismantle our Culture based on Christian Morality & replace it their own form of a dictatorial Communist style One World Government. Find and read/see their ugly tactics, and their "End Game". Saul Alinsky and his book "Rules for Radicals" point out the lowest of low tactics to defeat anyone who opposes their immorality and disgusting methods to win at any cost. Saul Alinsky wrote his book thanking his personal hero, "Lucifer'. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR PLANS TO DIVIDE US, HATE EACH OTHER AND THEN CONQUER US BY THEIR EVIL!! EVERYONE BE YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL, DON'T ALLOW THESE SATANIC MONSTERS TO PUT YOU INTO DIFFERENT CAMPS BY TURNING YOU INTO A COLLECTIVE GROUP, COMPLETE WITH GROUP-THINK AND THEN PUSH FALSE DATA TO MAKE EACH GROUP HATE EACH OTHER. JUST REMAIN AS GOOD, DECENT, HONEST, ETHICAL INDIVIDUALS AND LIVE BY "THE GOLDEN RULE"!
Jake Allen
Jake Allen:
I feel bad for the interviewer, imagine having to talk to a feminist for more than 10 seconds. I would rather die
Ryan Lueras
Ryan Lueras:
That dude has some serious mental issues. She must have had something done to her at a young age. If not, she truly is a mean spirited person.
James Wallace
James Wallace:
I honestly hate this "woman"
5:35 "Boys will be boys, but we have so far collectively failed to let you all be anything other than the most rigid, damaging and reductive form of boy". This is absolute garbage! Since the dawn of humanity, boys and men have made an extraordinary contribution to Art, Law and Science. She calls on the boys who have butterflies painted on their cheeks, wear dresses and sparkly shoes to "do this together". Do what exactly? It's almost like she can't stand the reality that men are mostly masculine. Her own words then move her to tears! Clem is a dangerous, irrational and destructive woman.
O. M.
O. M.:
my god this poor boy, quite unlucky little lad
Jakeb D.
Jakeb D.:
She's insulting her own son
He should be put up for adoption
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
easiest way to get rid of asshats like this is to boycott the channels that carry this nonsense, especially newspapers, poverty is a great wake up call
Mr. Sunny G
Mr. Sunny G:
Seriously recommend D.O.C.S looking into these women and, i hope, that they never handle children.
I'll right a book about the flaws of females. I'm sure you ladies will love it
Poor boy. He doesn't have a chance having that vile woman as a mother.
80s Crim
80s Crim:
Encouraging boys to be more feminine I suspect will not really fix masculinity issues. And seems a little self invested to be honest. Embracing masculinity and redefining it seems far more inline with nature.
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh:
i cant imagine this hateful lunatic have a male kid
Justyn Brodsky
Justyn Brodsky:
I’ve never seen a woman with delusions to this extreme. That poor child.
Scientist have discovered that inside every feminist there is intelligent DNA.....

John Bob
John Bob:
Emasculate luck with that.
K LaCoste
K LaCoste:
I heard she's now unemployed and e-begging to pay rent.
Shamino Ranger
Shamino Ranger:
She lacks a scientific understanding of human biochemistry (particularly endocrinology) and its effects on psychology. In place of knowledge, she has substituted feminist ideology.
Leaders of Feminists like Clementine Ford of All Aout Women 2019, tend to talk about toxic masculinity in strange ways. My response is that it's strange to me, as a man, to view myself as the gender that causes problems for women. It's also strange to embrace traditional female behaviors in order to show that I have good behavior and treat women well. It's also strange to believe that all of my behaviors where learned from society, that there are no biological determinants, and that I was born with the exact biological programming as everyone else. It seems that their solution for the bad behaviors of some men, is for all men to buy into their beliefs, resulting in living a lie. I'm against dishonesty, and so I guess I'm against these Feminists.
My Wife, daughter, and nieces don't agree with these folks either, so I'm not alone in my thoughts on this topic. There are millions of other women who don't agree with these people either. So I suppose that we men and women will continue to live as we do, and these men and women will go live their way as well, an we'll all always be in conflict and against each other.
Redda Big Red
Redda Big Red:
Say want you want about her, she's making a living off sledging something she hates (men).

This would be my dream Job.

Imagine writing blogs, books, articles on what a pack of cheating pricks Essendon are all day

I'm working my tedious 9-5* while she's living her dream.

*at 30% higher wages
Her son needs to be removed from her care immediately.
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange:
That interviewer is just a insufferable
Jay 22
Jay 22:
She has a baby boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she must be spewing 😂😂
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Hope she's learning to code...
Jake Allen
Jake Allen:
the jokes is on clementine, look at the like and dislike ratio.
jephte Yiphtah
jephte Yiphtah:
That face looks like a car crash accident scene
Matt Cranko
Matt Cranko:
her two front teeth have different post codes
Please tell me ,why Ms Ford is running from me??....& my mild email,she wont answer ?!
I feel sorry for her poor son. May one day the child protection can take him away to a man loving family.
some guy
some guy:
5:54 so, the only good men are the men who like butterflies and dresses? there can't be any good men who like tools or sports?
Mr. Sunny G
Mr. Sunny G:
Clementine ford and jan fran...

Can it get any worse mate haha, Jesus. It's 2 chicks that never got a root or any love/care from family members.

The type ya think twice before inviting over for a gatho.
Nez Mustafa
Nez Mustafa:
She doesn't make any sense
Ali Tha Realist
Ali Tha Realist:
She wants to "kill all men" 😂 And shes talking like she is important 🤦‍♂️ This is what a crazy person looks like, Get some help 🙏
For some reason channels that don't treat masculinity as a disease get more views. What's going on!?
Winter Sun
Winter Sun:
this thing needs a straight jacket. what an oxygen thief
Nick Keith
Nick Keith:
Been a while since we have heard from Clementine, perhaps she just wanted to sell a boom and have some time off fighting men?
Feminist bullshit.
McRib Prime
McRib Prime:
Ok I’m not for any of the horrific comments that were made to her by horrible people.
However I’m pretty sure this is the same who has called for all men to be killed and killed again.
So because of that this person is a horrible human being is a sexist is a supporter of violent crime and is also preaching hate.
So I’m calling for all people who see this comment to think about what she has called for officially on Twitter she stated “Kill all Men then kill them again”
What a disgraceful human being you are an absolute joke and I seriously think as a public figure you should be charged for hate speech and in-sighting violence.

As a humanist I have some facts for you, all genders have people who are toxic.
For example you are toxic in your gender does that mean everyone else is.
You have attempted to brand the majority of a gender on the minority’s actions and to call for all members of a gender to be killed then killed again makes you one of the most hateful people alive today.
If you're looking to find every single logical fallacy employed earnestly in a single tome, look no further than this book!
Cool Yajets
Cool Yajets:
This thing is a foul mouthed uneducated undisciplined mole - yes that is you - everything said about has wide support
Do you wanna go back to the dark ages because id really enjoy that.
I just love T shirts with commandments: Love your mother? More like "Love me! Love me! Love ME!" Her son is going to be one big mess...
Nicholas Hazell
Nicholas Hazell:
I’m sorry but boys will be boys, go live on another planet I’ll be looking forward to it hahahahaha... pls
Dwain Wilson
Dwain Wilson:
Basically comes down to the fact that no guy has ever looked twice at her, so now she's pissed at men everywhere including boys!
chris southon
chris southon:
Hey, Clementine Ford , i am a man, and i think your comments are warranted , but you also scare me , i think humans are a problem not based on gender , maybe this is the real problem , not sure what you talk about , it is up to our bringing up and our leadership as such , did you start your channel to improve humanity or are you only worried about your channel ???

I teach my family every day , when you close your eyes to slumber , i want to help the people i want to teach the people and i want to make this a daily function of our lives , Maybe you and your enemies and other u - tubers may realize , how dare you guys do this to make money :0(
Another fine example of the mentally ill left.
Lord Baxter
Lord Baxter:
Time to stop blaming men for all the problems in the world.
For fair & equal balance,are you ever going to interview Dr Warren Farrell ?
R A S:
Is she still here? As a female, I'd like to slap you silly
I really love how she responded to the "not all men" narrative
Solo Faces
Solo Faces:
Her rationale is insane. She needs to reassess her thinking.
Glenn Hayward
Glenn Hayward:
Is this a troll vid?
Her son is going to have so many issues when he grows up.
Richard Albert Henderson
Richard Albert Henderson:
This person the reason Sean Connery believes some women need a slap.
I feel terrible for her son. The amount of psychological abuse he will face. A shame.
She’s like Kate Smurthwaite the “comedian” in the Uk
All she can do is read out “mean” tweets like a traumatised schoolgirl and wants her own way instead of helping oppressed women in countries who are treated as 2nd class citizens
chris southon
chris southon:
 again i just watched another video of yours, your messages,, your 3 yr old talking about gender messages , you talk about numerous ideas , i challenge you as a parent and a leader @ 3yrs old these children are not any where near knowing what they will be , us as parents or leaders to let them know of their future or suggested path , bad ways, these humans need to grow with our best guides
Paul Stuart
Paul Stuart:
Yep, great convo ladies "Are you ever worried your son will grow up to be a dickhead?" "Oh yes, serious question?"

Can you imagine the outrage if it were flipped around?

"Hey Clementine are you ever worried that your daughter might grow up to sabotage the life of other men?", "serious question though?"
Alexander T
Alexander T:
Oh gee, this must be another of those feminists that dont matter since the majority of them are about equality.
James Curry
James Curry:
Men are not woman's protectors, providers or sexual objects all men should go MGTOW.
t tt
t tt:
this "woman" is the worst.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes:
Hum fixing the problem huh? She talks good but there are so many posts that she made wishing death on all men for being the way they cant help but be. So I dont think she understands the morals that needed to fix anything considering she cant even fix how she responds to a man or how she even feels about them.
Gerald Kulmesch
Gerald Kulmesch:
I Think She is isn't aware that even the slightest Change in chromosome, And she would be born as
A man. Isn't that ironic?
Gee she knows a lot about men for someone who hates them.
mad ass
mad ass:
Nothing a roll of glad wrap n Bad Boy Bubby couldn't fix.
Biniyam D
Biniyam D:
Boys will be gentlemen!
boys will be boys.... and girls will demand equality and special treatment at the same time.
You're probably gonna put the knife in his hand that he kills himself with.
Mr. Sunny G
Mr. Sunny G:
Cherrypickin comments?? Or did you n' Jan just wrote em in?
Funny how she reads those insults as though she's a victim, when in reality she's spouted just as much hate filled content online.
booooooo! booooooooooo!!! Shaaaaaame!!!
That passage to boys is done badly you really think it is right to make boys act like the opposite gender it is wrong boys will be boys and girls will be girls we are different we act different because of the different hormones in our body's and btw what if I said to all the girls that want to have short hair to all the girls that want normal shirts normal shorts and want a gun drawn on there cheek you are the future what if I said that
as a fan of the walking dead she brings absolute shame to her first name.
Stu Jones
Stu Jones:
Lol, the tattoo and beer gut is hillarious...ive never heard of this thing before today..its clear to see its a man hater,i mean what respectable non wife beating man would have a bar of it..😁😁😁
moorejames moorejames
moorejames moorejames:
god just imagine livin with someone like this
Byrdmaniac SG
Byrdmaniac SG:
Someone should rescue her son.
English Muffin
English Muffin:
You would think that after all the abuse, she might do a retrospective & take a look at her behavior and ask herself why? But of course these toxic feminists are not self aware. One has to wonder what kind of relationship if any she had with her own father.
Florian Volk
Florian Volk:
I was gonna think of a roast but ... the like dislike ratio has already burnt her enough
Flower Mother
Flower Mother:
This actually *is* a book about how men are shit, at least according to Clementine Ford. She makes a living out of demonising men in general. She's full of hate and not worth listening to. guys.
Jakeb D.
Jakeb D.:
So she's saying we have be any sexuality different to heterosexuality
Oh jesus that was so cringe... Twirly dresses and sparkly shoes.... Good grief
James Fillingham
James Fillingham:
Aight so 2:20 she's saying that men who havent sexually abused women are as bad as men who on the basis that they have the power too, but women also have the power may not be genetically advantaged with as much testosterone as men have but women aren't perfect either, women have done just as bad shit as men, and now I don't think men are perfect either their some disgusting men out their that deserve nothing in life but same goes for women we just need to pull our heads out of our ass aye
She should just put her son on female hormones already because it sounds like she really wanted a daughter.
James SAP
James SAP:
She’s completely flipping stereotypes on there heads. This isn’t fixing anything, it’s making it worse!
AU Keković
AU Keković:
Goys will be Goys. "Toxic masculinity" emerged from the oestrogen rich teachers "school" obedience training pipeline which had the young boys for over a decade... (it's actually code word to signal _toxic feministicity_ )
I hope you put this comment in your next little video:

Clementine Ford is a severe detriment to society, she is the lowest a human can possibly go in targeting men and bashing men every chance she gets. The fact that she has the ability to communicate with people scares me to an unbelievable point. Clementine to me will never be treated as someone that can gather sane thought and someone that is in anyway reasonable.
Steven Guy
Steven Guy:
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead! Fortunately, this tacky tattooed terror has finally got her comeuppance and I don't doubt for a moment that this monster will be unable to get work every again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.