Chris Paul Talks About Carmelo Anthony - Warriors vs Rockets | November 15, 2018

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Robert Joseph Torres
Robert Joseph Torres:
Melos fit just wasn’t good. He can’t defend and he takes too many difficult long 2s that he can’t hit anymore. I think the rockets wanted to keep him in a deep bench role and give Gary Clark more minutes cause he’s a better defender and 3pt shooter but Melos ego just couldn’t take it because he thinks he can still be a star level contributor. He needs to go somewhere that’s great defensively but needs a guy who can create his own shot
Ling Qi
Ling Qi:
Melo goes to GSW, so you will have a VIP spot to watch the game with Cousins
teams give up on players after 10 games now smh
Milly Rox
Milly Rox:
He seemed so sad when he was talking about Melo
Ty Shakur
Ty Shakur:
Melo should've signed with the Miami Heat to play with this season. They'll get him in great shape and add a couple years onto his career. He's trying to join these contenders but all they really want are 3 and D's, which he isn't and the best part of his game is decreasing
Me lo gon try to play for every team in the league like Vince but by 40 he gon be airballin layups
almighty aj
almighty aj:
Carmelo needs to get in shape
Christopher Major
Christopher Major:
He needs to go back home to Denver
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thomas:
He said without steph it's kd & klay they gone take all the shot but we try to force other to shoot even the rocket know the warriors isn't the warriors without steph 😂👌
Zay Hefner
Zay Hefner:
Back to ny🤷🏽‍♂️💀?
cp3 aint lebron pure facts
he cannot control whether carmelo leaves or not
Country Boy walker boyz
Country Boy walker boyz:
what team melo going to
Melo to wizards so he can help them lose 🤣🤣🤣
Shannon Suber
Shannon Suber:
She has such a deep sexy feminist voice (sarcasm)
Crazy Candy Crush
Crazy Candy Crush:
5 average players working together is definitely better than an "Self ego superstar".
Miguel Arredondo
Miguel Arredondo:
Glad he is gone
Joey Sparks
Joey Sparks:
Chris Paul 10 points 7 assists? WTF lol?!?!
Martell Hixson
Martell Hixson:
He for real hurt about Melo.
Crazy Candy Crush
Crazy Candy Crush:
After games, Paul is always interested in studying secret tunnels and blue prints in the stadium just in case he needs it in the future.
TJ got game
TJ got game:
Melon needs to go to the clippers
Lol cp3 make teammate better they said harden make teammate better they said
Now i know my role he said
Cp3 is the happiest midget when rondo got injured
Donatas Selickas
Donatas Selickas:
Melo is going to China
Renanto Pratama
Renanto Pratama:
Now Rockets needs to find a legitimate 3rd scorer.
James Kim Nerido
James Kim Nerido:
Melo going to blazers😂😂
What exactly happened with Melo why did they do him like that
Rolly Bercasio
Rolly Bercasio:
Melo will join Lebron in L.A.,i bet...
Jahfari Francois
Jahfari Francois:
Yeah I thinks it’s time for melo to just give it up
Fake friends
Richard Morales
Richard Morales:
okay so correct me if I'm wrong. Every team that Carmelo Anthony is not on should win the championship this year? Oh they will have a better chance. If he comes off the bench he will ruin their chances in a swirling inferno 360? hah this is funny shit
tommie baylor
tommie baylor:
Melo to Utah ?

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