Chelsea's Eden Hazard lacks motivation at times | Premier League | NBC Sports

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Ryan Veyr
Ryan Veyr:
and this was made before the 4-0 spanking... :,(
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs:
Fully mentally prepared to have pulisic/Hudson odoi as our wingers next year. Eden can look uninterested at times and I'd rather watch young players progress than players that don't want to be there
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen:
Chelsea need more players that are willing to fight for the badge
If he goes to Madrid he will get devoured by the critics. He'll be pressured to be like Ronaldo but his numbers will be no where near ronaldo's
Matt S S
Matt S S:
He blowing smoke when he says salah dont track back. I see him at least once a game strip a player in their defensive third and shoot an outlet pass to Milner or wilnjlidum.
Why is everyone hating on him, of course he lacks motivation when you have players like Pedro, Willian, and Jorginho(whatever his name is idc), the only player I’ve seen who actually plays other than Hazard is Hudson Odoi and that’s sad, midfield lacks creativity.
Miss Fangalon
Miss Fangalon:
4 Kantes’ 4 Azpis’ and 2 Diego Costas’ and 1 Kepa and Chelsea could go undefeated forever.
futbolers to go
futbolers to go:
the role he wants is earned not guaranteed
Kshitiz Karki
Kshitiz Karki:
Agree as a Chelsea fan
array s
array s:
He'll be 28 years old this year
imagine having a team of azpi's and kantes. team of players that, you know, actually care about the club. that'd be incredible.
Cenzo Rossi
Cenzo Rossi:
Hazard is just sick of playing with Willian and Pedro. Give him CHO and RLC every day and he’ll be more motivated
jose's leather jacket
jose's leather jacket:
He has no leadership or the charisma to be "the top dog" like a drogba, lampard or terry
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat:
The striker who is only willing track back is wayne Rooney 😂
khalb mesfin
khalb mesfin:
complaining about a guy who has 20 goals and assists
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian:
Just surround him with better mid fielders
Onel Kakz
Onel Kakz:
CHO must start, sick of seeing Willian and Pedro on the right, both past their best. HO is a young beast.
Everything you do is a balloon
Everything you do is a balloon:
best ever
doc Myers
doc Myers:
look at chelsea midfield compare to others, its b.s. jorginho is crap put back kante at his best position and get get rid of willian and Pedro there are old and have been in the chelsea team for too long both are inconsistent. bring in CHO he is hungry and has pure talent, take out kovacic he cant attack, ruben is much better chelsea needs another world class midfielder thats not afraid to drive forward and shoot!! and enough with the sideway passing higuain makes good runs but the midfield lacks creativity.Hazard need world class players around him so he can show his talent
Pojo O Pojo
Pojo O Pojo:
The best decision for Chelsea is to sell Hazard and give Hudson Odoi chance
jesus Garcia
jesus Garcia:
He needs good players around him not decent players around him.
Method Man
Method Man:
With mourinho, with conte, & now with sarri
Hawk Li
Hawk Li:
He made it clear that he wanted to move to real, but the club wanted the other way...
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith:
I've been saying this for ages, as good as hazard is we lose something in our game when he plays
Charlie May
Charlie May:
Fam just coz sarri said about there motivation once that’s all everyone says
The Electrician
The Electrician:
ship him off!
Manchester United #1
Manchester United #1:
Chelsea need to buy Insigne
Hazard talking about real Madrid that is the reason, he have problems of mouth.
Sheferaw Mengesha
Sheferaw Mengesha:
Eden Hazard is one of the best players in the world. Coach Maurizio don’t more load him.! He can play any playing leave him free. We need Hazard !!!!
jesse sackey-walker
jesse sackey-walker:
Imraan Omar if you watch hazard when he loses the ball , he doesn’t even try to win it back lol he just looks up at the sky in frustration and waits for the ball to be returned to him .
Yusupha Jatta
Yusupha Jatta:
Chelsea as to let him go if they want to make it odi
David Jones
David Jones:
What does a yank know about football??
He shud leave
Bekhzod Ikromov
Bekhzod Ikromov:
People, what r u talking about?? If the main and only playmaker of the team doesn't score 20 goals per season - he's the worst?!?! Just watch the every single game all 90 minutes and you'll probably see how Hazard's creating chances for the team again and again. Everybody's comparing him with Salah, but Liverpool is good on counterattacks - one longball and Mane or Mo is on 1on1 position with GK just because of speed. Against Liverpool teams dunno who's more dangerous and need to be covered and stopped. But still, Eden is most effective player against Big6 clubs. Compare with Salah! Hazard has trophies, good statics in every game as winger, dribbler, creator, also tackles and inteceptions. You can find here videocuts with every single touches in whole matches. Watch first with your eyes, then decide.
jesse sackey-walker
jesse sackey-walker:
Thank you Robbie Earle. How dare this other guy says Salah doesn’t track back . Nonsense
Anny Nwakali
Anny Nwakali:
When I hear people talk about Coaches in this way I wonder ... these players are heavily paid!!! They are not kids... why are they being so much protected even when they are wrong ? Imagine Eden hazard bragging about frustrating Coaches! Refused to develop his game
Your nalgas are Mine
Your nalgas are Mine:
Hazards like this small club doesn’t deserve me working that hard haha
Very good point
Rattan Mutti
Rattan Mutti:
Robbie is absolutely right man
Zacc Auditore
Zacc Auditore:
Hazard is still the best player in this team. But you cannot be fully motivated with players like Pedro Giroud william etc etc...
And don’t compare Liverpool and Chelsea. They have top class players in liverpool. Chelsea, just Hazard and Kante...
Raymen 007
Raymen 007:
It’s not the managers fault that come to Chelsea , there is a cancer in the squad .
What is Kyle talking about? Robbie's right Mo does waaaay more than hazard defensively.
Pipi Brasci
Pipi Brasci:
Hazard is frustrated with his team mates.. the fact that he doesn't talk but indirectly he has said several times that Chelsea needs to sign quality players.. how can hazard perform so well when u have the likes of giroud, morata, willian frustrating hazard. Messi shines in barcelona because he has good players around him that are quality and world class. I think that's what hazard wants and why he has chosen real Madrid. More quality players in a team gives u an edge to shine and stay motivated. No one should critize hazard pls
Y Joo
Y Joo:
But Ronaldo is not marking well ...why blaming hazard!?
Fitry Hakim
Fitry Hakim:
Face the fact the days of JT, Lamps, Drogba has ended. Crystal clear to see!
FACTS! Couldn’t have said it better!!!
Yusupha Jatta
Yusupha Jatta:
Eden as to go if chelsea want to make a better football
walid hossain anik
walid hossain anik:
This guys make more sense than English pundits.
Dark Black
Dark Black:
Zaha > Hazard
Andrew Salmon
Andrew Salmon:
odoi deserves he's placed on that left he does more than hazard
Memphis Mitchel
Memphis Mitchel:
Overrated af never scored 20 a season but is called world class GTFOH
bargain bob
bargain bob:
hate to say it because im his biggest fan, but it's time to sell him
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
You have to be trained mentally and physically till your childhood to have a defensive mindset's not at 27 or 28 yrs old that a player will get that. So stupid and then they complain that the player get to many injuries or when his is too deep defending they complain that he should be further up the pitch and create more goal opportunities ..fucking joke if teams want to have defensive minded players stop buying strikers and wingers then, so you won't have any reason to complain..
Jay Hains
Jay Hains:
Overrated af
Easily the most overrated player in Europe. The English media said last September that he was the best player.... in the world.
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
I 'll be telling this for years about Hazard , and i always been comparing him to Coutinho can be the best player and man of the match on a day , but consistency and be the very best will never happen ..
Michael Showz
Michael Showz:
Hazard is so overrated i've said it so many times, he isnt even as good as prime Sanchez.
Pipi Brasci
Pipi Brasci:
When hazard plays for his country he has more shines and seen to be the best in the world.. when Messi plays for his country it's the opposite..why? Quality players around u determines ur output!
Gurkha NY
Gurkha NY:
Think Sarri needs to build the team around Hazard similarly to Pogba under OGS by getting rid of deadwoods(Jorginho, Willian, etc.) & replace with youth(RLC, CHO, etc.) and most importantly, Kante in his position.
Wade the blade
Wade the blade:
Martial is better
Isak Ibrahim
Isak Ibrahim:
This is honestly so spot on and who can blame Eden? Has won the premier league twice, FA cup, Carling cup, Europa league everything. Only thing he wants now is the CL and tbh if real cams with a offer of €100+ I’d sell him and it would benefit both clubs... sign Pepe and have him, Pulisic, Odoi replacing hazard and keep pedro as backup
Adrian Bradey
Adrian Bradey:
EDEN hazard is a superstar in a team full of average players (except Kante, Azpilicueta). Pedro amd Willian are passed their hay day and they were mever really superstars in the same vain as Hazard. Look at PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Juventus, Bayern Munich. They are star studded teams. Mbappe plays alongside Neymar and Cavani meanwhile Man City have Sterling, De bryune, Mahrez, Silva, Aguero, B. Silva, Sane. Liverpool Salah, Mane, Firmino. Who does Hazard play alongside? 31 year olds Pedro/willian, 32 year old Giroud and formerly the bystanders in Morata and Batschuayi. LOL. Of course his motivation is often absent. He's fed up of playing with players that don't compliment his quality.
Waheed Miran
Waheed Miran:
10 goals and 10 assists but he lacks tracking back 😂😂 these pundits are the funniest people ever. Hazard is one of the biggest game changers in football don’t give me that he needs to track back and do more bs. When he goes to Madrid this summer every hater will be eating their words. 🤫
Lazy player weak mentality
tariq nahdy
tariq nahdy:
All the greatest players focused all their energy on attack example salah doesn’t track back
So our wingers shouldn’t be tracking back just the should cover half way not till way back
Noe Donis
Noe Donis:
*Eden Hazard is the most overrated player in Premier League history*
Messi & Ronaldo DO NOT TRACK BACK. What they do instead, is score a bucket-load of goals. That is the only reason - and the same reason why Salah get's the freedom he does - why they are absolved of their defensive responsibilities. And what a tone-deaf statement saying 'players are going to be jelly cause they have to track back'.... do you understand that defenders (LB/RBs) and CDMs are EMPLOYED for that reason alone??? No, they do not fucking CARE that their best attacking player doesn't want to track back, they care if that player can create/score goals or not.
Nicholas Carpio
Nicholas Carpio:
Clearly this guy hasn’t seen salah play, salah tracks back a lot, he’s sweats the jersey
Warren Pam
Warren Pam:
this panel is literally deciphered the main problem at chelsea
Mr. Idowu Amune
Mr. Idowu Amune:
Ozil has same problem too. He loses the ball and relaxes...
Mohammed Yahya
Mohammed Yahya:
Its quite obvious he doesn't want to be at Chelsea. By coming out and saying things like he'd like to move to madrid, doesn't help anyone. Its clear hes not that motivated tbh. I think he thinks that he's a better player than what he actually is. Yeah its good that he thinks hes world class and one of the best in the world but it does come off as slightly arrogant. He needs to be performing consistently and deciding big games to be considered World class in my opinion. Aso, there's too much player power at Chelsea as evidenced by their constant change in managers recently and i do think Sarri is partly to blame as well for their recent poor performances. Why is he playing Kante out position, in a more advanced role? So its not all hazards and the rest of the teams fault. I get that but i dont know why the players think they dont have to buy into Sarris system even if they dont like it. They should play for chelsea but i guess their thoughts are oh if they dont like the manager, hes most likely going to get sacked and move on to the next manager. (Not a Chelsea fan)
Jiamie Kori
Jiamie Kori:
We should buy Peter Crouch, he just announced that he wants to come back and play a again. What do you say Sarri?
khalb mesfin
khalb mesfin:
these idiots... Messi and Ronaldo dont defend... Salah doesnt defend either... Hazard needs better PLAYERS around him
Lack of a Kyron and no caption to introduce the pundits names or backgrounds in the sport of soccer/football. NBC SC have too many suits and not enough people trying to communicate with everyday middle of the road types. Is this a metropolitan bias across NBC or just in its news and sports coverage?
Marek Štěpán
Marek Štěpán:
Messi or Ronaldo don t defend too! If Ronaldo played in Chelsea he would be lost coz the way that Chelsea plays is so slow and predictable. If Hazard was in Barcelona and have player like Messi to combinate with he would be absolute monster!!! People who call that Hazard is overrated are idiots who doesnt watch game but see only the result. When he played for Belgium against Brazil everyone said that he was better than Neymar and that was because people saw the hole game and not the result only.
sell him, he has been short changing us for years with his talent,
Yahya Elmi
Yahya Elmi:
I can officially say Mo saleh is better than hazard
ian jimmy
ian jimmy:
I dont know what happen in hazard mind, He is not like another Chelsea legend like drogba lampard and Terry..He even said he didnt care about what sarri said in interview after win vs Tottenham... broke that positive mentality after win I think
the seal of orichalcos
the seal of orichalcos:
He will never be a great player, he has no drive or killer instinct messi and ronaldo every game they take the game by the scruff of neck, hazard hides like a child.
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
You must be stupid or incompetent as a manager to ask or expect a striker or any forward player to defend .. On a pitch everybody has a role and need to stick to it, what next then expecting you goalkeeper to score front his touch line or come forward to score..
This is a very ignorant openly religiously and racially motives attack on a talented player and his “quotes “(Hazard’s)are wrongly translated because that is NOT what he said in French and NBC needs to explain their open fabrication and it’s disturbing unacceptable targeting of an individual .This player is on a top top FIFA ranked National team ( number 3 at the World Cup 2018 ,that’s really impressive )and has been there for a really long time and is simply one of the best players in the world and the disinformation is unacceptable in this piece of useless “ reporting “ and it has to be withdrawn by NBC or deleted by Google and flagged as racial and religious ignorant rubbish
Lanna HN
Lanna HN:
Hazard playing with muppets. But agree he dont exist inside box.
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
I hate Sarri for instigating all these hate of Hazard. Arguably the best player at FIFA18 and has carried us with no striker while being played out of position. Sarri is clueless and should be sacked at once.
Jay Jaz
Jay Jaz:
Hazard is an overrated player. He is not mentally tough and doesn’t seem to care. He is as unmotivated a player as there is. He is not a team player