Charlize Theron Takes a Rorschach Test While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Charlize Theron is an Oscar-winning actress, humanitarian, and Hollywood superstar. But how is she with hot food? Find out as the Gringo star tests her spice credentials against the wings of death on Hot Ones. As she struggles through the Scoville onslaught, Theron teaches Sean some South African slang, breaks down her reality-TV obsession, and takes the spiciest Rorschach test in history. Click here to purchase Hot Ones hot sauces: Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: Check out more of First We Feast here: First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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Reverend Smiley
Reverend Smiley:
Charlize is hotter than anything on that table.
Charlize Theron , did what Shaq couldn't do
Charlize Theron is beyond beautiful and awesome, chill lady right here.
Dude, you are playing it pretty cool sitting across from Charlize Theron!!! Good f'n job!!!
Here from South -Africa and I speak Afrikaans. Al die afrikaanse mense gooi n like. #2019
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss:
Can you get Kim Jong Un on your show?
Thomas Bidstrup
Thomas Bidstrup:
Bright, beautiful AND a foul mouth. As if she wasn't perfect enough already.
And Sean is just the best host ever!!!
NeoN Atary
NeoN Atary:
great interview!! but can we appreciate the music on the video? whoever worked on it. it gives the video depth!
Dylan Grieve
Dylan Grieve:
Sean was so jazzed up sitting across from Charlize.
Drifting Dwarf
Drifting Dwarf:
Get Ryan Reynolds here!!!
Walter's Heart
Walter's Heart:
She handled it better than Ramsey
Winston G
Winston G:
She didn't even flinch for the spiciest wing...Damn.
senne verreyt
senne verreyt:
Best interviewer ever , great questions always , funny , good recurring segments like explain that gram and the moment at the end where the guests get to shout out something, you really are enormously entertaining and amazing at what you do. Keep it up Sean
i really want will smith to do one of these
Rabbit Snare
Rabbit Snare:
She's very down-to-earth and unassuming. No condescension. Very difficult not to like her.
A Nobody
A Nobody:
I really want a keanu reeves episode i'll love to see him try this hot wings
territorial pissings
territorial pissings:
She's hot but she's probably Gona go home and obliterate her toilet.
Attention To Detail Electronics
Attention To Detail Electronics:
she would have been the perfect Captain Marvel. just My Opinion.
Kary Rogers
Kary Rogers:
I've been watching these non-stop the last couple weeks and this is one of the best. New appreciation for Charlize (and Sean)!
Kabamba Mick Kabamba
Kabamba Mick Kabamba:
i love her even more after watching this
Elon Fucking Musk
Elon Fucking Musk:
In Sean’s head this was a date
Tony Russell
Tony Russell:
Very Cool and FUN Lady. Truly a Trooper. Charlize you are Awesome. 👍
Strong, elegant and in control even in a world of pain. Love her. 👍🏻
know i'm favorite guest... love her.
reymond lopez
reymond lopez:
She is such a badass. This interview just made me love her more.
She might be the hottest 42 year old around.
Glen Atchison
Glen Atchison:
"Is that Ashley Judd??" 😂😂
Cider Sessions
Cider Sessions:
Charlize Theron can drop F Bombs and make them sound like poetry!
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh:
Charlize Theron's Scoville Level : 1 billion.
That lady is hotter than the hottest sauce on earth. Especially her furiosa role, her furiosa made me fall in love with her.
gacha liza uwu
gacha liza uwu:
Best line ever.
"Suck it, you did it and now you got to deal with it,. "
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller:
damn this guy needs to teach a class for interviewers, such a chemistry builder
fam elee
fam elee:
I almost can't stand how beautiful she is lol 😍!
Plz have Emilia Clarke on this
Олег Моcrow
Олег Моcrow:
I’m literally in love with her🤦🏻‍♂️

How is she so humble? I can’t believe it.
D.E. Jaeger Woodworking
D.E. Jaeger Woodworking:
What a completely beautiful and intelligent woman! I could just melt into her.
Tom Godsey
Tom Godsey:
I am now going to watch her 10 times more since she has done this show. Great job.
L33 T4YL0R
L33 T4YL0R:
She stunningly killed that ;)
Adam Kirby
Adam Kirby:
It's the show with hot questions and even hotter guests.
Juliet Herrera
Juliet Herrera:
I love Charlize!!! Huge fan her personality makes her so much more beautiful.
Gatger Gaming
Gatger Gaming:
This is the perfect example of why Da Bomb can't ever be removed
Leighton Taylor
Leighton Taylor:
Charlize is such a cool lady and smashed those wings! Much more down to earth than most celebrities.
Morning Star
Morning Star:
Who else has the urge to eat hot wings after watching this show?
Beni Velez
Beni Velez:
I'm so loving this show. Jonas Bros. Bill Burr. Redman. Can't stop watching. I wanna get Hot Ones Last Dab sauce.
Polar Bear
Polar Bear:
Talk about a dream trifecta, Charlize, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway. Have mercy!!
reyaan javed
reyaan javed:
get elon musk
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright:
Can't believe she didn't mention Kubo and the Two Strings when talking about movies her kids like. My family absolutely ADORES that film!
She has had some experience with the hot stuff, she's an impressive woman in many regards. This displays another talent.
Arturo Medina
Arturo Medina:
Hear Charlie coursing is the most sexy thing ever
search/local HTX YouTube
search/local HTX YouTube:
This is the most composed performance I've seen from a guest on this show. By, like, a pretty wide margin, too.
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera:
The fact that she is even more attractive now than she was 20 years ago is just unfair to the rest of mankind.
Saran Hassan
Saran Hassan:
She nailed it,never seen guest doing better then that savage host but she beat him too
Ayuna Jombik
Ayuna Jombik:
Never knew she was so hilarious, badass and funny in the same time 😃 Great episode! Thank you!
What the hell is going on? Did she eat hot sauce or just sushi?

It is like she had no pain at all. After Da Bomb.
Sergio Moreno
Sergio Moreno:
If aphrodite was a real person she will look like Charlize
Sad Canadian Boy
Sad Canadian Boy:
She’s actually badass
Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills
Graeme P. Van Reenen-Mills:
Charlize: "fumble some more, just for my sake, please"

Sean: (blushing-not from the sauce) "dont worry, its gonna happen" wagging his finger in the air 11:48
What cute innocent chemistry they have!
Xzyzz Xyxxz
Xzyzz Xyxxz:
I wouldnt be able to speak sitting infront of Charlize Theron. Good job man
Joel Robbins
Joel Robbins:
I think this may be other than Jeff goldblum’s episode my favorite
Sachin Gahrana
Sachin Gahrana:
I watch the reactions just for DA BOMB.
Devon Palmer
Devon Palmer:
Damn this show is getting bigger
Daniel Spinosa
Daniel Spinosa:
Her and Natalie Portman are my favourite actresses
this lady is pretty badass! she took it like a boss and swears like my old man.
Holy sauce! Shes more than handling it! Nailing them! Respect!
Jive Radar
Jive Radar:
I know there is probably no way it’ll happen but Gordon Ramsay on this show would be amazing
Ryan Oliver
Ryan Oliver:
My fok Charlize
I love Charlize Theron especially her Dior J'adore ads. She is SOOOOO Stunning!
Alex Perales
Alex Perales:
Charlize Theron down earth beautiful very professional actor 😇🙏😘🤩🤣😂
Definitely my favorite guest. She is wonderful!
Its the first time I have seen Sean go full red, his attraction to her was palpable
William Clough
William Clough:
Sean Evan's is definitely my 2nd favorite interviewer. Nardwuar being the first, but Sean has WAY more chemistry building, less quirks, and overall a really cool, polite guy, he makes me feel like he's an old friend with how relaxed he seems, and his demeanor. He's extremely likeable, and with this idea/style to interviewing, he truly ascends.
Lucky Shano
Lucky Shano:
She is smart. I feel like when you talk to her, both of you could talk anything the whole day.
Dr Hades
Dr Hades:
Who's here after the Last Dab truth or dare?
I have always thought Ms. Theron was pretty wonderful, but after seeing this, I think she might just be able to walk on water. More beautiful with each passing year. Makes cursing attractive (not everone can swear with ..... "panache"). I think I just fell in love, a little.
One of the best guest you have had on this show so far.
"It just took my breath away! " 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Klorg Lork
Klorg Lork:
The sound effects and music are perfect lmao
Paul Keenan
Paul Keenan:
can't decide who's hotter ... Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson ... thoughts anyone?
Albert Ulloa
Albert Ulloa:
Love seeing these vids.. but Charlize is by far the best! Love watching how real she is!
Truth is she was the hottest one
She is my first woman crush and I fell in love with her...Sweet November.❤️❤️❤️
Why It
Why It:
Omg I completely forgot about Mighty Joe Young until this video lmao made me feel old
Todd Foret
Todd Foret:
Could have been better with actual hot sauces. Can't believe Louisiana red ball was up there. We Cajuns put that on our breakfast
Anthony B
Anthony B:
The crew laughing in the back makes the video that much funnier lmao
Jasmin Caro
Jasmin Caro:
Ohmygod I loved Mighty Joe Young!! We had it on VHS and I watched it at least once a week. Love that movie.
Prince Donko of Punchtania
Prince Donko of Punchtania:
God I love how the F bombs start coming out halfway through.
Lol that tongue flick at the start 👅😂
She's great. Love this interview. And she can take a lot of heat. Wow.
Haider Hasan
Haider Hasan:
Damn hot ones with a hot one 🔥🔥
Paul B
Paul B:
As if you’d possibly need a reason to like either Sean or Charlize this sure hits the mark.
Sean Evans is one of the best interviewers around and Charlize is all around awesome.
Great interview
Asmita Naicker
Asmita Naicker:
She actually amazing human! 😊🙌❤️
Goddess Athena
Goddess Athena:
One of the best actress in the world! Love, love, love that gurl! 🧡🧡🧡
Kevin Geraldez
Kevin Geraldez:
She is rad!!! Even the if she has the mouth of a Sailor!
LC Squared
LC Squared:
She should have been Captain Marvel!!
Rich Campus
Rich Campus:
@16:20 """""... present something soft and romantic,... and then you fuckem' up!!! ... """""""" Char-
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff:
She’s so perfectly beautiful
Everyone of his guest “ I watch your show all the time, I love it”

Guest: “ whats that?” “What’s the last dab”?
Brandon K. Cobb
Brandon K. Cobb:
Yeah so I'm in love with her and have been since like... 1992
You should put a link in the description to buy the sauces. Just a hungry stoners opinion.

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