Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary

Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary I am so sorry that Dianne Sawyer did not listen and paid more attention to Charlie's words. She really could have learned a lot about her own self. Dianne does not understand a fucking thing about the life she lived in ever since she was born. Sad life is her life and fake. Bill Hicks said the same thing that Charlie says. This guy will be absolved by history as he was your leader. And you let him down, Boystown Nebraska. Childrape. Charlie was there. Revolution in LA and Africa and Charlie was there with you and when the big black drug dealer the Pather connected Lotsapoppa wanted to take the life of that girl Charlie kneeled down and offered his own life instead to save the girl. And he did it. No words like Sawyer... Charlie did it. Actions speak louder than words and he is a true soul a friend a brother forever for all of you. Pizzagate and Franklin Cover Up in Boystown, Nebraska that is the place where little Charlie Manson was sent to at age 13. He was even pictured in the papers as it was a great reward in a life of an orphan or unwanted child. He told you he was there in Boystown and he told you he wasn't there when the murders took place in 1969. No one heard him and not many wants to hear him now either... Truth hurts.

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Great value orange juice
Great value orange juice:
"my uncle said don't go to school. so when i was 9 years old i set the school on fire" understandable.
TrapHouse Jutsu
TrapHouse Jutsu:
Lmao seems like somebody had a mental breakdown while writing the description
Danny Hogg
Danny Hogg:
That description written by someone crazier than Manson 😂😂🤣🤣
janell malinsky
janell malinsky:
This guy is crazy and smart at the same time. Dangerous combo
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson:
I didn’t have a husband. My husband’s name was Scott.
Midnight Smith
Midnight Smith:
"He said: "Don't go to those schools, boy!". So, when I was nine, I set the school on fire."

Well, that sure did, escalate quickly.
Kyle Kondit
Kyle Kondit:
Man the funny thing is that this was uploaded by a Manson supporter
That description is unsettling. It may have been written by someone, that is involved in this type of thing..........💀💀💀💀💀
Police needs to check up on whomever wrote the description for this video
franco bee
franco bee:
dude who wrote the description is a fckn clown
this man may be the closest thing to the joker we have in the real world..
steve Pepke
steve Pepke:
Manson was absolutely an animal but these women need to take 100% responsibility for making the decisions that lead to their actions, I don't subscribe to the, "He manipulated poor innocent me into doing it", or the "My Mommy and Daddy didn't love me and/or abused me", BS. EVERY last one of these compassionless killers are equally as nasty as the other and they ALL made a conscious decision to commit cold blooded murder of men, women and even an unborn baby. I have absolutely no compassion for any one of these disgusting killers, every last one of them are completely valueless!!!
Joe Budden's beard
Joe Budden's beard:
I just came here to hear him say "put the yolk on him"
christopher carlisle
christopher carlisle:
I cant help but wonder what wouldve happened if Charles Manson's music career had of took off lol
John Bistis
John Bistis:
CIA red flags:
His father was military.
He was at Boystown.
He was raped & beaten at another reform school.
He lived with one of the Beach Boys.
Total MK Ultra background.......
The amount of fans he has in this very comment section is scary...
Bobby Lane
Bobby Lane:
The fact that the judge didn't let the jury hear his testimony b/c he might persuade the jury of his innocence, makes me wonder what was really going on there.
I love binge watching YouTube
Turtle Namdoog
Turtle Namdoog:
Interviewer: "he had everything he needed and wanted."
Me: except for his birth mother's love
lynn kesh
lynn kesh:
That description lol the guy probably was on LSD n speed
fahd s
fahd s:
"I didn't have a husband. My husband's name was Scott" lol
here there
here there:
''Some people just want to watch the world burn...''
Samson Crosswood
Samson Crosswood:
Would’ve been better if Polanski - and only Polanski - was home that night.
Manson is a product of the screwed up justice system. Manson was raised in the system, so what do you expect?
Anthony Gardner
Anthony Gardner:
"I don't think I saw him take acid that often" no shit , you were the only ones tripping.. Pretty easy to manipulate when its one sided
Deeson Jame
Deeson Jame:
'I didn't have a husband. My husband's name was Scott.'

It all makes sense now.
Cynthia Novoselsky
Cynthia Novoselsky:
It was absolutely senseless I read countless books and it still senseless the whole act in itself
Tonya Johnson
Tonya Johnson:
A lot of people have tragic childhoods. There is no denying it leaves scars forever on the soul.
Henry Hale
Henry Hale:
His control over them is not any different in philosophy than what the professors are doing in our Colleges!
They didn't hurt Manson because he been locked up all his's like going back home
Shqiponja Enti
Shqiponja Enti:
Charly looks as he was stamped on the forehead by Hitler himself...

He can b. try to lie and justify his murders as much as he thinks he can
Janine Haley
Janine Haley:
When he said “I didn’t have a husband my husbands name was Scott” he’s talking about his parents and he himself is a product of them
Hey Momma
Hey Momma:
Well his uncle was a great influence in his life i see
if susan adkins didn't open her mouth in jail, they might have gotten away with it. scary thought.
Billy Wray
Billy Wray:
"everyone of you have tried to kill me for the last 25 years I'm still here hahaha"
Rogerina Taylor
Rogerina Taylor:
This guy who wrote a description of the video was either on acid or is too a psycho like Charlie. Truth hurts 😂
Real Talk True Story
Real Talk True Story:
33:41 explains it all.
Funny how Polanski wasn't at home when the family came calling.
James Freeman
James Freeman:
Wow 10 years for forging a $43 check and breaking parole. mad.
Dawson Garret
Dawson Garret:
Looks like he redid his swastika. Looks cute
These women are cold blooded killers. They're making it seem like they're victims. They were old enough to know right from wrong. Charles Manson sold them dreams. That's what pimps do. They weren't forced to do anything.
JaiDon Music
JaiDon Music:
Man Leslie Van Houton is crazier than a shithouse rat.. Good god😲🙄
Cherri Patson
Cherri Patson:
immunity for the girl that drove the car. to the murders. wrong she should have served at least 20 years.
Manson was like a magnet on psychopaths. I bet they killed many more people. The Tate-LaBianca murders was the climax.
Ron Froehlich
Ron Froehlich:
Also, I totally should have started a cult in the late 90's.
Shannon LeFlore
Shannon LeFlore:
I'm lost again on Youtube.. Gosh darnit!
Barry Ross
Barry Ross:
The 60's.. ...the beginning of the end for the west.
Matt Polizzi
Matt Polizzi:
When you look at all angles, who is really the crazier one though??? Manson?? Or the guy who uploaded the video??? That description is bizarre af
BigBoi 81
BigBoi 81:
This man never actually murdered anyone but charged with murder
These women are GUILTY
i love hentai
i love hentai:
Its 3 am, and i have exam tomorrow, wtf im doing here?
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar:
I'm here after the " Once upon a time in Hollywood " Movie
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor:
I don't know how any one can blame him all he did was sit back and ate pop corn when all this shit was going down his follower's did all the killing spree's
Tamara O.
Tamara O.:
Charles Manson was the worst kind of psychopath that has ever existed. Most psychopaths, at some point, will admit some wrong doing, but not Charles. He truly believed with everything in him that he did nothing wrong. Smh...
Here's a small lil nugget of info for you guys...

Diane Sawyer has a rather severe speech disorder, but overcame it to become one of the most famous reporters to ever do it....

You can do anything you put your mind to... Don't ever give up! 👌👌👌
Tara Newhole
Tara Newhole:
This has to be a Poe. Nobody could possibly be stupid enough to believe “Pizzagate”. 🤣😆😂
Connie Clay
Connie Clay:
None of those women need released from prison. They do not show no remorse for those brutal killings they done .period
Ruby Slipperz
Ruby Slipperz:
Manson was innocent. Can't listen the BS.
Eric Vlahos
Eric Vlahos:
I think this guy might have been unwell
Caoimhe Cosmetica
Caoimhe Cosmetica:
Wtf is up the description tho
Troy Stallkamp
Troy Stallkamp:
How do ya get bored listening or watching anything bout Mr manson
Farrell Curry
Farrell Curry:
When our hearts are open to the Father and made pure with His love it is then we can truly hear and see the things that matter most in this life.
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer:
Uploader is obviously a complete lunatic 😳
Jorgee Martinez
Jorgee Martinez:
theres a homeless man that roams around my neighborhood that looks exactly like Charles Manson.
minutes ago edited
minutes ago edited:
Charles Manson was likely an MK Ultra victim. JMO
Elise b
Elise b:
Diane Sawyer is a master at her craft. Not once is she shaken by Manson and he knew it.
Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, a family that includes small or medium-size rodents.
Bjørn Brondelsbo
Bjørn Brondelsbo:
I function damn well on acid... Am I evil now? Lol
LOL. When you're struggling for good things to say; She was motherly looking...
You're fired!
You're fired!:
A bullet to the head for all of them. That's what they deserve. Not a screen time in this documentary.
lol this youtuber "jack london" is a cultist and manson fanboy
Kenneth Ketchum
Kenneth Ketchum:
it's amazing, people trying to have a "logical" conversation with someone plagued by schizo-affective hysteria-delusions of grandeur, etc, etc,
Charles Manson was such a master manipulator, he could have told his “family” that his jarred farts was actually a mystical gaseous potion which could transform their bodies into magical beings...they would’ve been sniffing those fart jars like crazy. 💨😆
The people saying "This man is a genius!" "He's so smart!" Etc people like you are easily manipulated. Sure this man may be a good manipulator but he goes for people who are followers. He doesn't care about you or who admire him, you are just another one of his puppets. He uses people to do his dirty work. Disgusting...
Mike D
Mike D:
San Francisco has always been a facade. It's not a welcoming city. Never has been. It's full of people who want to protect theirs and take advantage. It's got two classes. Super wealthy and street broke. Nobody is looking to help you. I grew up here in the 90's. Nothing's changed.
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere:
Anyone find it funny that the people who actually committed this crime got released?
Manson died inside.
He never had a chance in life period.
Charles had such a great logic but decided to use it for evil intentions
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
Evil!, plus he has supporters defending him in the comments!! Yikes...I'm out of here.
The Manson women are basically saying, "yeah I did it and feel bad, but I'm not guilty by reason of insanity so feel sorry for me."
C Ellis
C Ellis:
Hey buddy....if you want to get subscribers, that intro is not going to do it for ya pal...Nevermind 'Helter Skelter''re totally off kilter..
Anthony OSullivan
Anthony OSullivan:
“Stephen Kay, from his Mother 🤞🏻😎✋
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey:
Van Houghton has had enough. She's willing to say whatever it takes. The bravado when she was younger has certainly faded away.
Remorse and introspection is there now, isn't it? She's served a long time in prison and probably should be released. But let's not be fooled.
Jason Wood
Jason Wood:
"If your going to do something leave something witchy"
mike d
mike d:
This Charles Manson fella seems like a real jerk
Chino Black
Chino Black:
U wanna see a real life demon here u go
Bill Grant
Bill Grant:
Just think of all the money wasted on keeping him alive. He should have been executed and then move on to the next case.
n najmy
n najmy:
Just one more thing before I leave, WHAT THE FECK is up with the description? Super weird and creepy!
Manson knows how to work people. He stares with twinkling eyes and uses simple, straight forward sentences. Its darn scary.
Casey Bradburn
Casey Bradburn:
Uh the description? Wtf ? Ok 👌 but still watched I can see how he can manipulate people but he killed no one but is and was crazy as hell he is dead now would have like to sit and talked to him I bet it would be interesting
TrashCanDatNoOb Wut
TrashCanDatNoOb Wut:
Better the devil ya know ey

Now, how about a documentary on MK-ultra....oh, wait, maybe this is one 🤔 Unfortunately, the land of the free doesn't wish to discuss any of that, so I guess we'll never know.

Now, where's that tin foil hat I shouldn't need.
Paul Jacobson
Paul Jacobson:
50 years coming up soon on Tate-LaBianca. Makes you wonder if there are any remnants of the family hiding out somewhere.
Jamie Richards
Jamie Richards:
He’s not smart....He’s crazy as hell
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
its actually scary how reasonable this monster can sound
This is the real life Dutch Van Der Linde
I can agree with him on the school aspect.. totally acceptable to set a silly sch..

- The FBI Would Like Your Location -
Let this be a lesson to you kids...don't take psychotropic drugs...and beware of psychopaths in your midst
Jonathan Strange
Jonathan Strange:
Manson used those people to murder the same way one would use a gun. Same outcome just a different tool.
Marc Antony
Marc Antony:
" _Because I ain't accepting no yankee school, he said don't go to those schools bwoy, so when I was 9 y.o. I set the school on fire_ " LOL
Russell Mcgurn
Russell Mcgurn:
Manson was a nut. No doubt about it. BUT he was a scapegoat as well. No doubt about it. Quite the orchestrated act by our judicial system. Dig and discover the truth Tools.
Joyner D
Joyner D:
Lol I'm bored at work on the rode long break
Aryan Rubianto
Aryan Rubianto:
1:19 who was charles manson?