Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary

Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary I am so sorry that Dianne Sawyer did not listen and paid more attention to Charlie's words. She really could have learned a lot about her own self. Dianne does not understand a fucking thing about the life she lived in ever since she was born. Sad life is her life and fake. Bill Hicks said the same thing that Charlie says. This guy will be absolved by history as he was your leader. And you let him down, Boystown Nebraska. Childrape. Charlie was there. Revolution in LA and Africa and Charlie was there with you and when the big black drug dealer the Pather connected Lotsapoppa wanted to take the life of that girl Charlie kneeled down and offered his own life instead to save the girl. And he did it. No words like Sawyer... Charlie did it. Actions speak louder than words and he is a true soul a friend a brother forever for all of you. Pizzagate and Franklin Cover Up in Boystown, Nebraska that is the place where little Charlie Manson was sent to at age 13. He was even pictured in the papers as it was a great reward in a life of an orphan or unwanted child. He told you he was there in Boystown and he told you he wasn't there when the murders took place in 1969. No one heard him and not many wants to hear him now either... Truth hurts.

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Great value orange juice
Great value orange juice:
"my uncle said don't go to school. so when i was 9 years old i set the school on fire" understandable.
Nada Atef
Nada Atef:
The guy who wrote the description should really be looked into.
David Smith
David Smith:
Who here because of "Mindhunter"?
Delayed Threes
Delayed Threes:
Who’s here after once upon a time in Hollywood???
Dood Dood
Dood Dood:
Seeing all these comments that sympathize with Manson really show how easily manipulated most people are. It’s like a modern day Manson Family.
this man may be the closest thing to the joker we have in the real world..
Med B
Med B:
Moral of the story is: if your kids look for love and validation outside of your home, you’ve failed as a parent. All they needed was love in their own homes. Tragic.
Not Your Dad
Not Your Dad:
Sharon Tate and her husband would have been okay if Brad Pitt was there
“I didn’t have a husband. My husbands name was Scott.”
Oscar Rueda
Oscar Rueda:
Manson is no Genius, just that the women he met were idiots rocks.
TrapHouse Jutsu
TrapHouse Jutsu:
Lmao seems like somebody had a mental breakdown while writing the description
“i didn’t have a husband, my husbands name was scott” 😭😭😭
J Howard
J Howard:
Actually concerned for the person who wrote the description...
Ruben Bernardo
Ruben Bernardo:
charles failed music, hitler failed painting, imagine if they had succeeded
Moral of the story, ladies dont have kids if you cant raise them properly
The documentary is just an introduction, the real thriller is the description..
Rich Gallagher
Rich Gallagher:
Kind of ironic women now appear normal and Manson appears crazy. But remember Manson didn't commit murderous acts, Tex and women did.
He speaks in such a way, I can't quite put my finger on it.
phoenix lafferty
phoenix lafferty:
Has anyone ever really listened to Manson and not dismissed him automatically because he's 'crazy? Dude makes sense sometimes but you have to think ab it.
Deeson Jame
Deeson Jame:
'I didn't have a husband. My husband's name was Scott.'

It all makes sense now.
Christian Iwuagwu
Christian Iwuagwu:
“Her brother had to deal a trick in off the street and put the yoke on him to get some money to eat.” 😂😂
These women coldly and calmly talking about what they did... disgusting beyond words.
Ponkmamii 666
Ponkmamii 666:
Idk man... if someone says don’t let me out of prison maybe they should just stay? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rayed Alenezi
Rayed Alenezi:
I think Manson wrote the description 😂
Midnight Smith
Midnight Smith:
"He said: "Don't go to those schools, boy!". So, when I was nine, I set the school on fire."

Well, that sure did, escalate quickly.
Charlie Henderson
Charlie Henderson:
What do you get when you lace birth control pills with LSD?

a trip without the kids 😊
Hive Atlas
Hive Atlas:
Every time it cuts to Manson I'm so confused 😂
They didn't hurt Manson because he been locked up all his's like going back home
“Living is what scares me, dying is easy.”-Charles Manson
Rogerina Taylor
Rogerina Taylor:
This guy who wrote a description of the video was either on acid or is too a psycho like Charlie. Truth hurts 😂
jonny chingas
jonny chingas:
Manson missed his calling. He would've been a great actor. He had the ability to manipulate people. He played Diane Sawyer like a fiddle
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
So at 9 years old I set the school on fire 🔥 😂
Charles had such a great logic but decided to use it for evil intentions
These women are cold blooded killers. They're making it seem like they're victims. They were old enough to know right from wrong. Charles Manson sold them dreams. That's what pimps do. They weren't forced to do anything.
Zacharias Estrada
Zacharias Estrada:
Jesus. The multiple origin stories he gives are incredibly joker-esque
pooja yadav
pooja yadav:
Whose here after watching mindhunter s2 ??
Curly From Curly NSW
Curly From Curly NSW:
13:11 Charlie was playing the guitar and that night we slept together...... Things must have been easier back in the day :)
The opening monologue is the most epic.
Billy Wray
Billy Wray:
"everyone of you have tried to kill me for the last 25 years I'm still here hahaha"
Kitty Hall
Kitty Hall:
Squeaky still in love look at that smile
Kimmathy Kennedy
Kimmathy Kennedy:
Didn’t even commit any of the murders
It was about a guy with jailhouse street smarts gaming to nail young chicks. ......and keeping them in line with big daddy pimping skills. The hallucinogens took it to megalomania
Jason Young
Jason Young:
Lol he didn't go to that Yankee school so he set it on fire....and then whent to reform school.😂
i love hentai
i love hentai:
Its 3 am, and i have exam tomorrow, wtf im doing here?
June Heaney
June Heaney:
I feel sorry for his life he knew nothing but abuse. The world made charlie
"When say I do it, it gets done!!!!!"
Hernan Rey Odiaz
Hernan Rey Odiaz:
Im here because of HELTER SKELTER by THE BEATLES reference. What a psychopath
Jay Lee
Jay Lee:
I think they're all evil in a way, or at least they allowed themselves to be taken over by evil, including Manson. but it resonated with me when that one woman said that he would give them lsd but he wouldn't take it. he was systematically brainwashing them and breaking down their resistance barriers. I think all of them are lost children. they looked up to Manson because he had been through it, the abandonment by society, which, obviously as he sees it was his greater family. and the girls, their own family had abandoned them. but Manson had adapted. he posed himself as the savior and I think that's what they wanted from him, his ability to adapt. he was charismatic and he offered them love like a parent. a good pimp knows how to do that to a lost girl
Graham Paterson
Graham Paterson:
He's intriguing and sorry America you made him.
Cherri Patson
Cherri Patson:
immunity for the girl that drove the car. to the murders. wrong she should have served at least 20 years.
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer:
Uploader is obviously a complete lunatic 😳
It's amazing how so many infamous serial killers crimes can somehow be at least partially linked to their relationship with their mothers. This is no exception. Manson's relationship with his mom was clearly a factor in what he became.
Charles Benson
Charles Benson:
Damn I look just like this bastard lol
Mom's Basement
Mom's Basement:
Hearing Nixon talk about other people committing crime was pretty goddamn funny.
Crusty Cobs
Crusty Cobs:
The Justice System, ahem, did not understand that Manson should have been in an insane asylum,
instead he was made out as an example of some sort of mad 'hippie' character for society's vilification.
Manson's life held potential due to his smarts and energy, but he was simply a throwaway all his life
Richard warren
Richard warren:
So if I tell someone to kill people I'll get charged with murder and life in prison!, I think politics was behind Charley's sentencing .!
Genie Perez
Genie Perez:
2:21 he sound like he was bout to rap 😩
The amount of fans he has in this very comment section is scary...
Coiled Steel
Coiled Steel:
Says he's "INNOCENT?" Yeah, like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Pol Pot were "INNOCENT," since they didn't actually kill anyone either!
Billie Godfrey
Billie Godfrey:
I don't believe he planned a race war. I watched his son's video.
Jacob Bustos
Jacob Bustos:
Once upon a time in Hollywood brought me here
Tony Wilford
Tony Wilford:
@3:41 _"He said don't go to those schools, boy. So when I was 9 years old, I set the school on *FIRE* ". _ Makes Sense.
fahd s
fahd s:
"I didn't have a husband. My husband's name was Scott" lol
Jay Botelho
Jay Botelho:
Is anyone here because of once upon a time in Hollywood
the description was written by manson himself 💀
Charles Manson is in hell paying the price for his sins
Why does he get the spotlight when there were other people that did the actual killings
Danny Hogg
Danny Hogg:
That description written by someone crazier than Manson 😂😂🤣🤣
The guy who wrote the description is giving me creep vibes. At least this documentary is interesting.
Does he have a swastika on his head-
Beckie Sue Wade
Beckie Sue Wade:
Charlie repeatedly calling Diane Sawyer 'woman'.....
Kip Smitherz
Kip Smitherz:
When i stand on the moutain and say doit it gets done. And if it doesnt ill move on it.
And thats the last thing you want me to do
_The realest shit ive heard all 2019
Cherri Patson
Cherri Patson:
they killed burtaly and deserve a gulitine to remove their heads. or an axing. no punishment is good enough for monsters.
Tom Marriott
Tom Marriott:
If this isn’t a perfect example of why to finish school I don’t know what is
livid snicket
livid snicket:
"I didn't have a husband. My husband's name was Scott."
Paul Jacobson
Paul Jacobson:
50 years coming up soon on Tate-LaBianca. Makes you wonder if there are any remnants of the family hiding out somewhere.
The man that played as charles manson in mindhunter looks exactly the same in rl. Lmao mindhunter nailed it again.
kayla jansons
kayla jansons:
"I'm still here now what ha ha ha ha" looonieeeee
J Money
J Money:
“I didn’t have a husband and my husbands name was Scott” wtf are you saying??? Hahaha
It’s amazing how much he sounds like President Bush II
Derek Rahme
Derek Rahme:
"whatever that means, sure, he's crazy or mad as a hat, what difference does it make?"
no one:
charlie’s uncle: don’t go to those schools boi
charlie: *sets school on fire*
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone:
9-August 2019. 50 years ago today.
The guy who said he would never die is now dead lol
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson:
I didn’t have a husband. My husband’s name was Scott.
L C:
"Toilets are flushing all over Beverly Hills....the whole sewer system is stoned!" whoot whoot....wait...dont do it!!
Shaun Taylor
Shaun Taylor:
Manson was a product of the American penal system, those are his values, the kids were hippies those were there values. No contest.
This is probably linked to Hollywood in some way being arm of goverment. People like Meryl Streep praise Roman Polanski. More to this, the house is preserved like a shrine. Also Beatles were some sort of diversion from what happened with kennedy in 1963,
programmed these runaways with LSD
The Manson women are basically saying, "yeah I did it and feel bad, but I'm not guilty by reason of insanity so feel sorry for me."
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes:
18:48 I can see where tool got it lyrics, would you die for me, don’t you peeking ducking lie! 🕵🏿‍♂️
James Miller
James Miller:
After reading the description, I'm seeing red flags!..
she spells her name DIANE god damn it!
Little Kobold
Little Kobold:
Charles Manson was a psychotic since childhood.
His Mother sold him to a barmaid at 6 months old for a pitcher of alcohol!
He endured being locked in a closet for days at a time.
When not in a closet he had to watch his Mother turning tricks for food, in the same bed.
His Mother was obviously unfit & no other family members would take on the role of caretakers for very long.
He was first sent to a reformatory school at age 6 and was serverly sexuality abused for years.
This man was horribly mentally ill and should have been in a mental institution for LIFE and studied.
Clearly mentally ill people, who are not fit to stand trial are still constantly ordered to stand trial and sentenced to death or thrown into the jail system forever.
It would reflect much better on us as a society to recognise, many, not all, who committed henile crimes are completely out of their minds and to study their upbringings and other circumstances.
Yes, there are monsters amongst us.....yet we have a society that creates them.
Treat your children well.
Excellent interviews and it's a rare pleasure to watch a HD video of an older TV show.
Charlie's takin' a dirt bath now!!
Cecil Treadwell
Cecil Treadwell:
"...somehow this must bring it..."
What a pathetic excuse for moving forward in time with shoddy values derived from a manipulator gripped by his own inordinate fears.
The utter perversion of logic and contrived rationalizations that prevailed were incredulous.
I see this same obedient STINKIN THINKIN in the eyes and reactions of Donald Trump's MAGA-nuts.
Caleb Morrell
Caleb Morrell:
The description was 100% written by Eddie bravo or Alex jones 😂😂😂
Caoimhe Cosmetica
Caoimhe Cosmetica:
Wtf is up the description tho
Zomby Woof
Zomby Woof:
All I'll say about chuck is I'm glad the freak show is dead and that I'm sorry it took death so long to find him.
So chuckles was the only one to grow up with a less than idyllic childhood?
No. I kinda doubt that's the case.