Carlos Ghosn: Legacy of Nissan and Renault Savior Takes a U-Turn

Auto executive, Carlos Ghosn, was the ar­chi­tect of an alliance between Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, a rare suc­cess story of auto mak­ers work­ing to­gether. WSJ reporters analyze the impact on his legacy following his arrest over financial misconduct. Photo: Getty Images Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Snapchat:


As a kid, I secretly regarded him as Mr. Bean, even though I already knew his name. My friends would insist that he is Mr. Bean, but no, I would always correct them; he is Carlos Ghosn.
This is very disappointing.
Maybe with his departure, Nissan will ditch JATCO transmissions for Aisin.
François Piednoël
François Piednoël:
Those accusations are very fishy … The Nissan board was fighting a merger between Renault and Nissan that Carlos G was organizing, there is more to it that your simplistic reporting! please dig!
Max Min
Max Min:
In Japan, the income taxes are deducted from the paycheck and paid by the accounting department while accounts are independently certified. Should Carlos Ghosn have under reported his income, it should have required some inside complicity - very unlikely, I would think. I can only see that it is his foreign earnings that are under fire, those earned in France. France says he did no wrong there. It all looks like a minor fraud and a big plot against him.
Waqar Qazi
Waqar Qazi:
sorry to hear all this. He is a successful professional
Eddie b
Eddie b:
Carlos Ghosn is innocent until proven guilty in court of law
Ravi Mahendra
Ravi Mahendra:
Is Carlos Tavares having the last laugh?
John Kling
John Kling:
Mr. Ghosn is getting the typical “not wanted here” Japan boardroom treatment. Just ask American Toyota executive Julie Hamp.
Rocky Horseshoe
Rocky Horseshoe:
Will it affect the sales of GTRs Nismo?
Going going... and he'd Ghosn!
Young Blood
Young Blood:
FOX Business has a more eye-opening report with a 40 year dealer’s information.
Rocky Horseshoe
Rocky Horseshoe:
He looks like the bodied Mr. Bean.😄🙏🏻
Mori Soba
Mori Soba:
I'm Japanese. Tax evasion had been recognized for two years, but it probably was tolerated. However, as Mr. Ghosn launched a policy to merge Renault and Nissan under the pressure of the French government, it's considered that the opposing Nissan executives accused Ghosn's fraud.

Sales of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi group is the largest in the world, exceeding Toyota and VW. The merger that will bring Nissan's technological capabilities, brand power, and sales capabilities to Renault (half of Nissan's sales) It must be a big advantage for France.
pacha mama
pacha mama:
un initié au rite écossaise ancien et accepté
bas peuple soit et reste esclave!!!!!!!!!!
Tsarist Calvinist
Tsarist Calvinist:
Hiroto Saikawa must be also charged. He was the pathetic servant who held the towel to Carlos Ghosn all these years ..
In Japan, it is impossible for the government to intervene in private enterprises. Since when France became a dictatorship state
This is a shame...
Tax fraud was a facade for the French government taking control of Nissan.
michtimi Bof
michtimi Bof:
PRISON de FUSHU pour Carlos "le jackal" Ghosn ! YES YES YES !!!
mari kiuchi
mari kiuchi:
How can one person holds 3 nationality ,surely he wants to hide his properties in each country.  we Japanese now think of him just as a betrayer and  a greedy old man.
Pierre Daher
Pierre Daher:
Best coverage so far on Carlos Ghosn arrest , Ghosn was planning a full merger between Renault and Nissan when he was arrested which means that the Japanese were probably against such move if so they would certainly want to retake full ownership of their home company this being possible if Ghosn is gone , on other end the French side some politicians want to get ride of this very successful businessman , they really dislike his intelligence and his insolent success , he saved Nissan from bankruptcy and been able to pay back in few years all Nissan's debt and turned it into a gem , Ghosn is the right man to save some western countries from bankruptcy that s why some top french politicians are against him . these guys could have orchestrated with the Japanese this whole story about his undeclared revenues a video of him being arrested in his private jet is pure propaganda . Renault will loose big with Ghosn departure , but some would rather loose the golden goose than to see him become one day President like Mr Trump . DSK of the world bank ARREST IS QUITE SIMILAR .
Sterren Massage Academie
Sterren Massage Academie:
I do not believe that a 64 year old man will risk 10years in prison for getting just a little bit richer then hè already was...., I do believe that Nissan wanted HIM out of the company....!
Cauã Honorato
Cauã Honorato:
My name is Caution with a channel on youtube if you write yourself there please faith in God I'll be a great youtube 😍🤗😍😻
g nish
g nish:
All will be revealed and he will be arrested on further multiple charges. Acquiring US lawyer(s) won't do any good. At least he'll be healthy eating nutritious meals in the cage. French gov't has a major stake in renault but they will be crapping in their pants.
No Ra and Li
No Ra and Li:
In Japan, economy and a gang and media close up to politics and a bureaucrat. It is Japan, Inc.
France is a criminal gang, probably up to something sneaky. They're next to Italy, the biggest gangsters along Africans.
RJ Money
RJ Money:
When he first joined Nissan the quality started going down.
mari kiuchi
mari kiuchi:
Carlos Ghosn is just a greedy man.  Renault is only burden to Nissan.NIssan should look for another better companies
A rolling stones gathers no moss.
Ghosn will still be remembered as the "man who saved Nissan".
Isn't this what rich people do in America all the time
Good riddance. Overrated and hyped by the media.
Some Guy
Some Guy:
Hi, I’m from Japan.
Just wanted to tell people that he was not such a popular figure to the Japanese public, and some people interested in the car industry say that it’s debatable whether he should be called a “hero” while he did do a lot of good for the industry.
Uni YI
Uni YI:
I really like Carols Ghosn, and I don’t want him to quit chairman of Nissan. But if allowing Carols Ghosn to stay in Nissan is going to make French government take over Nissan from us (I’m Japanese), then sadly I need to change my mind....
Flavio C
Flavio C:
Smells like an orchestrated coup against him... In many countries wrongly reporting your income is just a minor thing, you just pay a fine and that's it. Why Nissan would right way mention "wrongdoings" before the end of an investigation?
Ian Endangan
Ian Endangan:
CEO don’t prepare income tax returns or any documents for reporting to the govt. They hire CPA’s. Whoever he hired will be the whistleblower. If Ghosn understand the computation of tax returns, he will do it himself.
Jimmy Borowski
Jimmy Borowski:
So what... after all without him there won't be any Nissan
oss tv
oss tv:
Becker's Rs
Becker's Rs:
I ,at least currently, don't believe that he did something so wrong. It's such a disgrace if he did something but I wouldn't be surprised an apology by state authorities or a simpler explanation comes soon.
jotun man
jotun man:
Nissan does not need Renault - it is Renault and the French government that wants Nissan under their control
Jun Shibata
Jun Shibata:
I know France and Renault are desperate, but let's face the reality. It is not just a tax fraud. We are talking about over $150 million embezzlement.
($120M unreported comp 2010-2018, and $30M unreported real estate. reported as of today)
Can anyone tell me a country in the world that allows somebody to retain their position after stealing over 150 million of the company's money???
Put aside the "Japan did not want France to control Nissan" or"coup d'État" story that France tries to change this into. Crimes are a crime. He was a thief, and the only reason he got away with it was with his iron grip over Nissan for very long. There's no way this can be defended in any way.
How can even Renault keep such a criminal as the top of the company??? Stop lashing out at Japan, and trying to give them a bad name, because the man you foolishly placed all your bets on was a dud.
Anshit Dwivedi
Anshit Dwivedi:
This man used to be my idol. Not anymore. Everyone should learn a lesson about ethics from warren buffet.
jason moser
jason moser:
This is political make no mistake about it. Japanese have no problems going after non-Japanese.
Zen Marsh
Zen Marsh:
General Motors needs Carlos Ghosn.
Vagabond Wastrel
Vagabond Wastrel:
I wonder if he knows about how WSJ stole money from cancer kids.
N Rico
N Rico:
How is it ALWAYS America reports bad stuff of others.. don't hear such bazaar of Americans themselves.. even if their..... no need say more!!