Kylie Jenner just launched her Kylie Cosmetics 2018 Summer collection, and I, of course, put it to the test for you! In today’s video, I’m creating two makeup looks to show you as many possibilities as possible! After REALLY putting it to the test… I HAVE SOME STUFF TO SAY! Who’s ready for the tea? PREVIOUS VIDEO • I WORE MAKEUP FOR 24 HOURS!!! ...this is what happened! → Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss any of my new videos → ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• Kylie Cosmetics is available here → ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• ▷ LET’S BECOME FRIENDS!! TWITTER ‣ INSTAGRAM ‣ SNAPCHAT ‣ ▷ OTHER VIDEOS YOU CAN CHECK OUT…….

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Emma Scorah
Emma Scorah:
Nikki: “This reminds me a lot, a lot”
Me: hoe don’t do it
Nikki: “Of subculture”
Me: oh my god
Brittany McNall
Brittany McNall:
Don’t they want honest opinions? I never got why brands kick people off the pr list for giving an honest review.
daygin rogers
daygin rogers:
I don’t even wear makeup I’m just here to see her drag Kylie cosmetics
Hailee Hohlbaugh
Hailee Hohlbaugh:
it was so satisfying when she brushed off the bake on her nose it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders lmao
ana bell
ana bell:
The colors remind me of hot cheetos 😂🤣
Michelle Morera
Michelle Morera:
I still don’t own any Kylie cosmetics products lol
K but that is the UGLIEST packaging I’ve ever seen
squidward’s mustache
squidward’s mustache:
Her bracelets are worth more than my college funds.
when I think of summer I think of fun and bright colors like yellow, pink etc. but not even yellow??? This is a fall palette
If they can't take the truth, why are they running a whole makeup line?? Use this to improve, not be salty smh
girl those earrings 😍😍
Aaron Del rey
Aaron Del rey:
Nikkie sister... Can you do a REAL review of your pallete with twofaced 🐸☕️ Now that's the REAL tea
Silly 10870
Silly 10870:
Tbh I’ve never seen those dogs not have their hair up
Ashlee T
Ashlee T:
I don't own any Kylie cosmetics and I never will. 😙
Marly Jeane Hamilton
Marly Jeane Hamilton:
Am I the only one who sees Nikkie as the Shane of the beauty world? she doesn't get the respect she deserves by the website or brands but she is in fact the queen of beauty on youtube... hands down.
Pennywise who?
Is it just me who loves watching nikkie do her lips
Paula Suzara
Paula Suzara:
Please do a kbeauty inspired makeup look🙏✨
I love the softer look!!
Lauryn H.
Lauryn H.:
This packaging is coming for McDonald’s wig 👀 ☕️
Bryans Makeup
Bryans Makeup:
I’m suprised that Kylie did not have a scandal yet 😂 she copied many brands
Beauty xoxo
Beauty xoxo:
Andrea g
Andrea g:
Nikkie, I love watching your videos. I watch them every night when I feed my newborn son for bedtime. He is my third child and watching you is the most relaxing part of my day, thank you for that. You also inspire me to remember to take care of myself and look my best. Thank you for all your content, you are so beautiful inside and out. ❤️
Amila D
Amila D:
Love how the palette is nice and pretty but because it's Kylie we love to hate
Valerie Pac
Valerie Pac:
It drives me nuts that there is no yellow in the palette considering the packaging makes you thing there will be 🙈
Verbs describe us
Verbs describe us:
i am living for the fantasy as well :)
Andrea Tellez
Andrea Tellez:
I can really see the improvement on your tutorials after following a tutorial without serious the video. Love it 👏🏻🙌🏻👌🏻
Mayian Kamondo
Mayian Kamondo:
okkk... but why is she acting like no other palette has kick-back in the pan?!
Is it just me who loves watching nikkie do her lips
I honestly didn't think you were harsh at all! You gave out constructive criticism so if they do kick you off PR then that's on them.
Vanessa Elizabeth
Vanessa Elizabeth:
i was really thinking about buying this eyeshadow palette thank you nikkie 😭😭
Zhannie Jane Bolon
Zhannie Jane Bolon:
im always looking forward to your videos because watching you makes me "kilig", all the makeup techniques you do and the way that you talk. you girl is the true queen of the makeup world. <3
Carolina Szoke
Carolina Szoke:
her earrings look more expensive than all the stuff i bought in my entire life together
I died when you said, “Suns out fall out outs!!!😂😂😩😩
Kiera Sullivan
Kiera Sullivan:
“It is a PLEASURE to work with this shade”
erinmcgr889 CEN
erinmcgr889 CEN:
The bling on her ears cost more then all the stuff in my house
Keert M
Keert M:
Its perfectly done. But clown vibes tbh
Kiera Sullivan
Kiera Sullivan:
It was so satisfying when she applied the iridescent glosses😍
*watches anyway* even though has no money to buy it
alien qween
alien qween:
completely irrelevant, but please someone tell me, where does she get her gorgeous earrings from, im living.
MamaLife Makeup
MamaLife Makeup:
But those earrings!!!!!!
Bobbie Soales
Bobbie Soales:
Finally got my palette in the mail yesterday and had a chance to play with it. I’ve watched a lot of reviews on this palette and can say Nikki’s review here is absolutely the most accurate regarding the palette. Definitely use a glitter glue or something. The fallout is there but so is the pigment. The regular lipsticks are amazing!
Nightmare Files
Nightmare Files:
I really could make a scary story about this video.
Chantal Moerman
Chantal Moerman:
is it just me or did you change your eyebrow routine/shape? i looooveee them, you look stunning
Amanda Henning
Amanda Henning:
Almost Hahahah almost. There are so many “almosts” in this video lol. Love u Nikki!
Aly Nicole
Aly Nicole:
taking some time to admire how beautiful your hair is. love you nikkie<3
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
Wached the video before it became trending 🔥
Looks like bleeding eyes
Kathy C
Kathy C:
bananas? But no yellow 🤔🤔🤔🤔
do a fullface challenge using only eye shadow!
My Life
My Life:
You should do a video called "doing my makeup in asmr"
Emilie Chabot
Emilie Chabot:
The glosses are highkey copying fenty beauty’s galaxy glosses....
Karen Uscanga
Karen Uscanga:
Take a shot every time Nikkie says "Kick back in the pan" 😂 LOVE YOU NIKKIE 💖
Why is nobody talking about the neon red & yellow packaging but those colors aren't in the palette???
Raphael Sanzio
Raphael Sanzio:
i feel like getting removed from (kylie‘s) pr list has become a seal of quality and credibility 😅🙈
Amber Stylist
Amber Stylist:
I still wear my hair like this lol 😂 I’m a hairdresser and I don’t have time for my hair to be in my face the whole time Im cutting or washing hair 🤷🏼‍♀️
Love your vids! 🤗
Marlyn García López
Marlyn García López:
We need the hits and oh God No back pleaseeeeeeeee 🙏🙏🙏 btw. Love all your looks ❤✨
Tabatha Taylor
Tabatha Taylor:
Could you do a review on the New ABH Pallet? I love the shimmer shades. I think it would look so good on you
lovelife_forever 00
lovelife_forever 00:
"don't come for me come for the brand" LMAO 🔥😂😂🙅
Dear Phoebe
Dear Phoebe:
your energy and vibe this video is amazing!!! i love all the side, casual comments
Makeup by TJ Snyder
Makeup by TJ Snyder:
Absolutely LOVE this LOOK! You rock all looks hun. Thanks for sharing the Kylie new line.
Sarahh Sparklez
Sarahh Sparklez:
Love this video!!! Thank you for making such great tutorials. You make me excited about makeup again 😊❤️
Jan Frans van Vessem
Jan Frans van Vessem:
Even though de palette isn’t what NikkieTutorials wanted it to be, who thinks also that she nailed this look ? 💖
Nathalia Medina Freiberger
Nathalia Medina Freiberger:
Hey nikkie! LOVE your earrings, specially the conch piercing(I think that is the name)! WHERE DID YOU GET IT?
Misty I
Misty I:
Second lip shade matches so so well! Love it! 😍❤️
waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw
waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw:
crack up when you archewed -- i have 24/7 - now i let the whole world know :D
Shealene Bailey
Shealene Bailey:
This palette gives me fall or Christmas vibes not summer, it does look very pretty thou🤷🏼‍♀️ love you nikkie!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bree Z.
Bree Z.: conclusion, the shimmers don't shim. 😂😂
Charlene DM
Charlene DM:
This inspired me to make my own vlogg for Kylie Cosmetics 2019 😂😉❤️
Keep it up, I love the looks you do and always watch for inspiration!
Garima Tripathi
Garima Tripathi:
This look is stunning Nikkie ,I'm a great fan of you from India,and I'll definitely try this look😍
Stephanie Lamarche
Stephanie Lamarche:
I agree with you that we've seen these shade 100 times now ! We need something different now 😊
Felicia Triplett
Felicia Triplett:
am i the only one that thinks of fall when seeing this palette? not summer?
Rachel Beauty Plans
Rachel Beauty Plans:
Oh my god Nikkie I was thinking of the dog when you said it 😂
Oceanna Slays
Oceanna Slays:
Great review! Honest af and straight to the point👌🏽 and editing is everything 😩😩😩😩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sanne Huizer-Hegeman
Sanne Huizer-Hegeman:
Totaal off topic maar ik vindt je nail design echt bomb 😍😍
ChunLi Gerry
ChunLi Gerry:
Idk how everybody really made line for this @ beautycon 😂 just to buy this !
Melabulis Danosaur
Melabulis Danosaur:
Me: summer collenction? but it's winter???
Me:.........wait..... *realises I live in Australia*
Arizandy Gorrocino
Arizandy Gorrocino:
I love the looks. So beautiful and creative.

Im not so crazy about the first look. But the second look is much more beautiful ❤️
“it just made me sad and unhappy”


*hON E Y*
Why does the packaging have bananas with no yellow shadow?
Eva Bee
Eva Bee:
Can’t wait for the next collection to drop so we can find out if Kylie was butthurt & took you off😂💀💀
TAZ Wise
TAZ Wise:
Hi Nikkie ,I absolutely love this look. .plz ,Can u do this look w/another palette?
& also in deep cool tones ..such as teal ,deep pine green and silver inner.?
Trinity Kay
Trinity Kay:
Tangerine, Nova, and Go Bananas!!! 😍😍😍 How does the lipgloss compare to Huda's?
Rebecca Stanley
Rebecca Stanley:
I also know you were amazing at makeup, but when watching your videos recently I've realised that YOU'RE amazing
Maya Kalicharan
Maya Kalicharan:
This was an amazing review, you were really honest and I really like the fact that you did two looks. Love you Nikkie!
peyton rogers
peyton rogers:
WOW you look so beautiful in that intro I was NOT ready
Kristina Milani
Kristina Milani:
The names are backwards lol.
Suns out is the second one on the bottom row and blazing is the first red shade you used. ❤️
Irina Garin
Irina Garin:
Omgg! I thought that i was the only one obssessed with your Asmr foundation aplication !!!!❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
Kasia L
Kasia L:
Is it just me or does it feel like Kylie releases a new palette every week
Katie Bee
Katie Bee:
Love this vid! Could u please show more of u blending and adding eye shadow? Even if u speed it way up. Love u and I'm a long time fan <3
Solenny De Leon
Solenny De Leon:
I can't see the line on ur nose ;-;
But anyway, love u gurrl❤❤
Caroline Belchior
Caroline Belchior:
in ur opinion what’s your fave pallet ♥️ ily so much
Tiffany Green
Tiffany Green:
You’re so beautiful ! So glad your back to making videos again ❤️
abi lou
abi lou:
im still so confused at the fact that the whole collection has banana packaging but the palette literally doesnt have ANY colours that relate to bananas like a bright yellow would be stunning but nope lol
Sasha Gomes
Sasha Gomes:
wait... the glosses retail for $45 together and $15 each...? so just 15 each? lol
Cat Herrold
Cat Herrold:
Can you do a full face of Elf products and compare it to everything you use now?? 😭😭❤️
Mrs. Figgy
Mrs. Figgy:
The first look reminded me of Kat Von D's wedding

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