BREAKING: Kemba Walker to Boston Celtics! BEST Highlights & Moments from 2018-19 NBA Season!

Check out the best highlights, moments & plays by Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets | 2018-19 NBA Season

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House of Highlights
House of Highlights:
Kemba Walker plans to commit to a four-year, $141M maximum contract with the Boston Celtics after free agency opens on Sunday!
Ibnziyad Tariq
Ibnziyad Tariq:
Watch Kemba exposing Kyrie and actually leading Boston way further
Mike Jay
Mike Jay:
Kemba in Boston is gonna average 27ppg,Book it and come back later
Karan Phull
Karan Phull:
Boston has had the sickest guards last 4 years
Mike Jay
Mike Jay:
Kemba gonna make the playoffs and he's Boston strong now
J Alves
J Alves:
Lmao Kyrie about to ruin the Nets, I’m so sorry Brooklyn fans
Kemba Walker about to be Isaiah Thomas 2.0 at Boston Celtics 🔥💪🏾
I am so hyped.
Boston will welcome you with open arms.
Show them Kemba
G A K:
People really be thinking that the Celtics will be bad. They got rid of the players taking away shots from their primary players (Morris, Rozier), got rid of Kyrie, who caused a ton of chemistry issues, and drafted a solid bunch of rookies. Kemba *wants* to be in Boston. Kyrie decided halfway through the year that he did not. Kemba is not that much worse than Kyrie. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum will improve because Kyrie is gone. Gordon Hayward will be back to his old form. Celtics are legit.
MasterGaming // MG
MasterGaming // MG:
Rondo and then Thomas and then Kyrie and then Kemba..
In 10 YEARS!!
Nick Kast
Nick Kast:
feel like he is gonna be a solid player for boston
kyrie irving
kyrie irving:
The celtics are going to make it farther than the second round
Good riddance Kyrie! Hell of a player, but he is insufferable when he speaks and a chemistry killer. Hopefully Kemba is everything we thought Kyrie was going to be
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete:
Feels good to be a celtics fan money talks boys.😂😂
Welcome to Boston , the new king of the fourth kemba walker
Jamario Stevens
Jamario Stevens:
Terry Rozier is punching the wall RN 🤣😁
Chris Miller
Chris Miller:
mj is worst owner of all time
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles:
You can't spell Michael Jordan without a L 😂 .. just because Kemba never made it far in the playoffs doesn't mean you should discredit his productivity .. the man literally had no help in Charlotte he is in a way better situation in Boston
Kawhigon Jinn
Kawhigon Jinn:
This man finally has a team!!
Kemba had to leave at some point. He needed to persue a better route for his career. I hope he gets more recognition in Boston.
Kemba finally gonna be able to build a legacy😤
Elmyda 1537
Elmyda 1537:
Im thrilled kemba is coming to boston!
Jamaal Gillespie
Jamaal Gillespie:
it was a liability that's why they got rid of him kemba missed like 12 or 13 games in his whole 8 year career I'll take that all day ✊
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams:
Let’s goooooo Celtics to the finals with KEMBA
getmoney ordietryin
getmoney ordietryin:
People fail to understand that Kyries career would be a lot like Kembas as far as winning if Lebron never joined Cleveland and this is facts.. mfs acting like Kryie is miles ahead of kemba when he really not YOU NIGGAS NEEDA STOP HATIN
jorge thomas
jorge thomas:
Charlotte has the most lit announcer everr🔥🔥🏋😁
Mike Jay
Mike Jay:
Yo house of highlights, Boi you're coming through like the goat that you're
Aaryan Jamwal
Aaryan Jamwal:
This guy is so so so underrated.....if they had a good record he could have MVP easily ...... he is gonna be great in the playoffs with celtics
Scary Terry might take his spot in charlotte
Master Of Statistics
Master Of Statistics:
Kemba Walker and a healthy Gordon Hayward are going to rule the East next season. And the Jays are going to be all-stars now that Kyrie's gone. NBA's sleeping on the Cs.
Brad Stevens system is scoring pg friendly he will have his best years in Boston hes kyrie -height +humbleness
Mobe Fly
Mobe Fly:
I'm seeing comments here saying that with Kemba on the team he "MIGHT be a threat."
No. The Celtics will be a threat with Kemba on the team now, no matter who they get for Horford.
Kemba Walker is definitely a crucial piece for this team.
Sam Newburn
Sam Newburn:
BREAKING: Kemba Walker is good at basketball
Zay Reactions
Zay Reactions:
Celtics LineUp Next Season ☘️🔥
PG Kemba Walker
SG Jaylen Brown
SF Jayson Tatum
PF Gordon Hayward
C Sign A C in Free Agency/ Robert Williams
PG Carsen Edwards
SG Marcus Smart
SF Romeo Langford
PF Grant Williams
C Tacko Fall
Just here to see if there's any highlights of that game this past season were Kemba torched Kyrie and brought the Hornets back to beat the C's....
Wow this guy never misses.
Not a celtics fan at all but Im happy for them and Kemba, honestly celtics might be a threat.
Go Celtics
Can't wait to get that Kemba jersey
tacko x kemba duo shaq and kobe
Watch Kemba do amazing things for Boston. So happy for him and wish him nothing but the best and hopefully he will win a ring asap
T Morales
T Morales:
Kemba is A KILLER he's about to get the recognition he deserves when he takes the Celtics to the finals
Alex Troni
Alex Troni:
It’s gonna suck without kemba here next year but the Celtics are in good hands now
Hugo Valenzuela
Hugo Valenzuela:
I like kemba more than kytie on the celtics because hes a team player and doesn't do some unnecessary bs moves when he goes for a layup imo
Master Of Statistics
Master Of Statistics:
What a joke of a team the Brooklyn Nets are going to be next season with Kyrie Irving as their leader.
Rocko does Stuff
Rocko does Stuff:
Nice. Kemba is finally gonna make the playoffs
Senpai Madz
Senpai Madz:
Kemba is A nice player But crocodile :<
Keldon Kelley
Keldon Kelley:
Boston lives off short people(for the NBA) like 6,3 and under
Kevin Adair
Kevin Adair:
See ya later kyrie have fun doing nothing in New York, regardless of whatever team u go to.
ct 8.5
ct 8.5:
That commentator lit. After each clutch bucket “KEMBAAAAAA”
hero alvarez
hero alvarez:
kemba to boston.. perfect!!
hero alvarez
hero alvarez:
kemba to boston.. perfect!!
Delly Dubai
Delly Dubai:
Say What You Want But Kemba Walker Is Better Than Kyrie & He’s The Best Point Guard In The East 💯
Amazinj Muzik
Amazinj Muzik:
Kembas step back hesitation and snatch back is OP
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales:
About to sign this guy on 2k and get him a chip 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
John Juanico
John Juanico:
All 4 year contract the best K crossover
CrocoGames 30
CrocoGames 30:
Kemba and Tacko....TOGETHER ?!!😳😂🔥
Kemba is out to prove that he's on Kyrie's level or better
Dharma Ram
Dharma Ram:
What is Michael Jordan doing passing up on resigning a player with this much showtime in his game?! He’s exciting to watch and puts butts in seats and was open to resign for what his market value is worth. Hornets big time loss and Celtics huge gain. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Aku Chou Lee
Aku Chou Lee:
Boston signing Kemba is a proof that a great player doesn't always means a win for the team, everyone would say that kyrie is better than kemba, but as we can see Kyrie and the boston celtics line up doesn't have a chemistry.
So compatibility is also important, not only talent
Ej Eusebio
Ej Eusebio:
Still winless against lebron james 🙍🏻‍♂️
Jack park
Jack park:
This dude made the Celtics look pathetic last season, and humbled Kyrie Irving, and now he's our PG. Amazing!
Margaret Cory
Margaret Cory:
lil-Donut 13
lil-Donut 13:
I'm going with kemba ro the celtics until Michael jordon is no longer Hornets owner
Yashaya My Savior
Yashaya My Savior:
Kemba plays like Kyrie and Lillard combined into one player.
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman:
Nets will sighn kyrie 4 year 141 million
Celtics to sighn kemba 141 million
Jezz Gaming
Jezz Gaming:
Wish you a great season kemba...Keep up and be lit🔥
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie:
Most underrated player I have ever seen in the league
Just Dunk and Hoop
Just Dunk and Hoop:
Kemba is more fit in celtics than kyrie
Young World2k
Young World2k:
Kemba: Lights Camera..SHOWTIME!
yu wei
yu wei:
YESSS kinda excited for KEMBA IN BOSTON!!
Leomer Menang
Leomer Menang:
Celtics have a system for kemba ,like thomas before. Its so exciting.
Congratulations Kemba , no championship for you
Adesoye Tayo
Adesoye Tayo:
no we knw sauce has really been trying to be kemba all this while 😂
Christopher Harrington
Christopher Harrington:
Great move for the celts, chemistry is everything
TraeNine X
TraeNine X:
Now imagine him signing back to Charlotte 😂
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez:
I see him playing way better with Gordon than Ky-knee ever did
Nathaniel Roso
Nathaniel Roso:
Clint( if they trade for him)
Badass lineup
Aryton Preacher
Aryton Preacher:
Happy for this man. After years on not making the playoffs he’s definitely gonna fit great in Boston
Jackson Whitley
Jackson Whitley:
Gonna miss him, but welcome Scary Terry!
Reynard Joseph
Reynard Joseph:
Kemba reminds me so much of Tony Parker.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
Kemba in Boston with the same squad minus kyrie and horford Boston still will be a title contender
First time really watching him. Never knew he was this good
Aaron Gordon
Aaron Gordon:
MJ takes an L on making Kemba walk
Joseph Hermanowski
Joseph Hermanowski:
Kemba is known for being a humble, great leader good pick up by the celtics
Dean Roniotis
Dean Roniotis:
Good luck Kemba one of my favourite players go Celtics
Kemba Walker is one of the craftiest players I’ve ever seen. He’s gonna be a great fit in Boston with Tatum and Brown.
Nashaun Jones
Nashaun Jones:
I'm so hyped Celtics finals with Kemba
Lets be honest Boston is still a 2nd tier team in the east unless Hayward makes a comeback.

Boston basically got kemba but lost kyrie, banes, Al and a top tier back up pg. they have not good bigs left and a weak ass bench. And Boston fans taking about playoffs 🤣
SplashGod 2k
SplashGod 2k:
The highlights I didn’t know I needed to watch 😳😂
demetrious holmes
demetrious holmes:
I know Terry Rozier mad as helllll lmao
Toxic jameko
Toxic jameko:
Gift me a skin my epic Toxic-Jameko
Kembas efficeny is going to go up now that the attention isn't all on him anymore. Improved tatum can really help
And just like that he's off the active longest tenure list. I think it's a good move though. Looking forward to seeing Boston next season now.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster:
Carsen Edwards still gonna take his job
Savannah Harris
Savannah Harris:
Still need a big or 2! Losing horford and Morris is gonna hurt!
Mitchell m
Mitchell m:
Most fun player to watch handles are crazy
Hype Beast
Hype Beast:
I’m so hyped for next season I wonder if alhorford is goons resign
Butt Man
Butt Man:
lmao, you think kemba gonna carry boston? not enough boys
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus:
I think it's great for him to leave the Hornets and even better for the Celtics 😄 The next seasons gonne be gooood, I can't wait

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