Brandon Ingram Career-HiGH 36 Pts 2019.01.29 Lakers vs 76ers - 16-20 FGM! FreeDawkins

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Deshawn Jackson
Deshawn Jackson:
Trade him so he can have his own team.. They dont appreciate him. His role changing every night.. Fans & media putting to much pressure on him all because lebron came.. Trade him
Toney Brand
Toney Brand:
16.5 PPG not even top 2 in shots and averaging 20-5-5 while LeBron been out and ranked 12th in the league defensively y’all just don’t pay attention to how good he been
TheButler DidIT
TheButler DidIT:
Please trade him lakers so you can watch him and Dlo turn into the beast they are destined to be when they are in there primes
Leo Zhan
Leo Zhan:
There goes Luke again, icing the hot hand. SMH
D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell:
I hope all you BI haters see this game and see Luke is holding him back. He had 32 at the of the 3rd and rested him for like the first 6 minutes of the 4th especially when the Lakers at one point cut it into a 9 point game. Luke is holding him back
CS _
CS _:
Lebron probably like “ yeah Brandon get your trade value up “😂
Brandon Ingram is a problem. He scored 36 even tho Luke tried to hold him back.
Manuel Filimon
Manuel Filimon:
Lonzo and BI both bring something the Lakers will regret trading.
Hassan Haulcy
Hassan Haulcy:
Can't wait til they trade him so we can see him do this on a regular
Abhay Nayyar2
Abhay Nayyar2:
For Kuz who everyone stans for BI took only 20 shots to score 36/5/5. He shut his man down too. Only 20 shots!!!!!! He was hot and didn’t get the ball still. Should have at least 27 shots. Another team is going to let this dude blossom cause our coaching staff is inept

We will regret trading him. Kuz a product of Zo and so is Hart. This franchise is going to make the biggest mistake in history again. You aren’t trading for Davis and Bi one for one. You gut the whole roster. And no one is beating gsw rn. So next year you have a 36 year lebron and Davis and it’s your best bet. The year after it’s 37 year old bron and the league is young and about pace. Lakers back to square 1 cause Davis while good is injury prone and centers don’t take you to championships.

Also Ingram>Kuz if you can’t see it. Kuz needs 25+ shots to do this

AND BI IS 21! u don’t bail on 21 yr olds. We literally are trading a guy that can score, defend at an elite level, and playmake and with other young dudes. He didn’t take a single 3 too today to score this which is amazing. Lakers bout to screw up big time. Watch
Lebron James
Lebron James:
I got Dwade , drose , and IT traded last year at the deadline because they couldnt play in my system, and now diehard REAL laker fans will watch helplessly as the same thing happens to there young core.
Lakers Reaction
Lakers Reaction:
YOUNG GOAT ! Lakers will forever regret trading him or Lonzo ! They don’t just score they defend and playmake unlike another young Lakers I won’t name who also is 2 1/2 years older and took 3 years to develop in College.
Really could’ve had 40+ teammates really selfish
Despite the L..36 points without a single 3🤔 my guy BI Fed up 😂. Hopefully BI gets traded, a Change in situation would do wonders for him imo, LA not the right place.
Elias Portillo
Elias Portillo:
And they wanna trade my man, shake my head
I keep saying Ingram has potential to be a super star in this league but haters dont undertand that and people really thought Kuz was better than him smh
Lakers fans one day will be like “trade Brandon Ingram he’s trash”, then the next day “bro you’re tripping if you trade him, he’s good”
Could’ve had more if the team passed to him
Ismail Mohamud
Ismail Mohamud:
Awesome to see. I’m really happy for BI cause this whole Lebron coming to the Lakers thing has been the hardest on him. I still think he has the highest ceiling out of all these guys. And then Lonzo after him. Never been super high on Kuzma. I loved Hart last year but he’s taken some steps back this year.
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham:
nice to see KD ball out
Averages 17ppg on 48% shooting but people are still gonna sleep on Ingram SMH
Can't wait to see Ingram flourish in a different jersey. Luke holds him back and honestly he doesn't play great with LeBron.
Kant Stop
Kant Stop:
People want him to do this every night like chill out, he only 21 in his 3rd season avg 17ppg on almost 50fg%, can't give up on him just cuz he not averaging 25-30ppg yet
Gabe Silvestre
Gabe Silvestre:
Keep Ingram he has true franchise talent. Only noobs think Kuzma will be better than Ingram 5 years down the road
He is starting to pick it up now need to stay aggressive and attack paint more, after playoff experience he is gonna be beast
Davie Mac
Davie Mac:
had no help......
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell:
Gonna do this more often in New Orleans
Made a Video on Why Ingram is the best out of our young core a few days ago....Feel free to check it out and comment 👌🏾💯
Tyresse Washington
Tyresse Washington:
My favorite player!! Do not trade him or zo. Let them play
Jon Brodes
Jon Brodes:
BI stays...there was a reason he addressed the media yesterday after practice. Magic and Bron don't wanna look like the bad guys..that was a calculated move! BI proved bron right. his camp called bi his Pippen..he stays!
Nicholas Katsikas
Nicholas Katsikas:
That’s one way to increase your trade value
Naseem Burks
Naseem Burks:
Luke is such a bad coach lol. It’s easy to score 25 plus on like 25 shots... Ingram is better than Kuz man for real... can’t see how people think otherwise. If they trade him he’ll blossom... just like D Lo. He can hoop bro. Not to mention he 21!!! Why would you bail on a 21 year old already???
I remember when somebody call him the biggest tease in the NBA, it’s so true.

This is the Ingram I want to see every game, to see him playing off the ball like he did in Pre-Season. This gonna do wonders for his game when Lebron come bacc.

He’s gonna be very special in the near future. 💪🏽✨🦍
Adam Alkhafaji
Adam Alkhafaji:
2:29 Brandon putmynutsinurface Ingram
Charles Coleman
Charles Coleman:
Bi was in his bag in this game
Michael Mason
Michael Mason:
People told me Jaylen Brown and Siakam were better though lmao
Niko Oreskie
Niko Oreskie:
at 2:30 corey brewer got murdered
Michael Zanin
Michael Zanin:
he does not wanna get traded lmao
Chad Ingram
Chad Ingram:
I told y'all he ain't a bum
Laxx Axal
Laxx Axal:
Lakers don't deserve him, if only BI was on the Nets...
the saddest part is ingram has a big future to become a superstar that some of laker fans don't see. Its better to trade him to other team that will gonna appreciate his talent
Eazy Wilborn
Eazy Wilborn:
Ad trade but we keep Ingram and fire 🔥 Luke we should be straight
leon scott
leon scott:
Why would you trade your core when they could be the equivalent of 2 ADs 2 years from now???? Its a horrible basketball and business decision.... they are only thinking about 1 year. The core have good chemistry and ingram is proving to me a mid range magician....
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones:
It’s crazy how much lakers hate this man smh
I guess y’all didn’t learn y’all lesson with dlo but oh well go head and trade him y’all a regret in a couple of years
imagine if the lakers got LEBRON and AD to pair with INGRAM....
Рауль Калиев
Рауль Калиев:
5:34 wow pause !
Lebron like thanos “snap” half the lakers roster is gone
If ingram could get traded, nd his coaching staff actually uses their brain nd gets him to shoot like 37% from 3pt at about 4 3s a game then hes a top 10 player at 21-22 yrs old.. I been a laker fan all my life but the coachin staff nd front office cant handle and dont DESERVE this young core.. Im sure Alvin gentry would take care of him he knows how to develop players
Robert A.
Robert A.:
Any Duke fans?
Alvie Vallar
Alvie Vallar:
Future all-star New Orleans Pelican
King Wani
King Wani:
He’s gonna look good in New Orleans
so yall still think he a bum? man when he was drafted i saw something in that boy which is talent
Where are all the "trade BI for a bag of chips" people cmon show yourselves hahahah
Trade everybody except for Ingram and Bron to get AD!
flipthegoat TBG
flipthegoat TBG:
Im not a fan of the Lakers but. I dont no y the fans want him to get traded like bro he got years to improve his game its probably just the LeBron fans sayin dat
The Last Dragon
The Last Dragon:
No Lebron No Ball No Kuzma, Dummies be like I told you BI the man lol He was the only one out there
NOT kd
NOT kd:
the lakers love trading away their stars.
aaron berhane
aaron berhane:
As long as LeBron’s playing that’s going to stay being he’s career high
Dustin Chang
Dustin Chang:
I hope the Lakers trade him so he can thrive somewhere else. Been hating how much he gets slandered even though he doesn’t need to score to be effective.
Lebron James
Lebron James:
I can't win championships without a superteam unlike kobe did, and i will get AD and then turn him into a spot up shooter like i did bosh and love and then he will be a scapegoat for me when i fail to get a ring, Im the most overrated alltime great in the history of the nba.
leon scott
leon scott:
Lakers green is gonna kill them. When everyone's healthy they can beat every tema in the league....
This kid has the goods....they will soon see!!!! Be patient!!!
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard:
Im so proud of you brandon ingram
A C:
His shot so clean from mid range
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Brandon Ingram you made me a believer 👀 🏀
Gettin that trade stock up 😂😂
Todd The God Gurley
Todd The God Gurley:
If Brandon Ingram makes 3 shots in a row he will play like fire. Ingram scored 36 and Luke held him back in the 4th when it was a 9 point game. Zo should not be traded because the only reason why Kuzma scored 20 points against the Rockets in the 1st quarter was because Lonzo knows when to pass it to Kuzma. Without Lonzo, Kuzma is as good as Draymond Green. Kuzma is an elite scorer but he is a product of Lonzo. Lakers have a lot of depth and they shouldn't trade anyone. Lets face it Warriors will be champs again
Akira Denicka
Akira Denicka:
They will regret trading him. 😂 this man got potentials! He will be better soon 'coz he's just 21 yrs old! 🙄
Thesungod 95
Thesungod 95:
Getting that stock up I see 👀👀
Ahmed Chaibi
Ahmed Chaibi:
if i'm LeGM im trading him and kuzma before i trade Lonzo. I feel like Lonzo wont ever average more than 12 ppg but his basketball iq is unreal.
Davonte williams
Davonte williams:
Bro needa play with more urgency lookin hella slow out there but good game B.I
BI is already an og he not a spot up shooter lol
6Mile DMB Ent
6Mile DMB Ent:
When you get a lay off notice and got to find a new job 🤣. This was just a interview
Welcome to the new Orleans
John Anderson
John Anderson:
He has 1 solid game & now y’all on the bandwagon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Slim Chain
Slim Chain:
We gotta keep BI.. Y'all see Randle & Dlo balling.. Giving up on these young dudes would be insane..
CashWay Trey
CashWay Trey:
Everybody talking about trading him look what he do with the ball in his hand why not keep him and let him run the offense early second quarter of games??🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
young Louie
young Louie:
I was literally ABOUT to play2k since we were losing by 20, and then we went on a 16-0 run 😂😂 didn’t end up playing
Curtis Thompson
Curtis Thompson:
2 shot attempts in the 4th he could’ve easily went for 46
Ian Tecson
Ian Tecson:
Ingram be like “nobody trading me” with this performance looool
Got Legm thinking twice about his future
Je Suis Toto
Je Suis Toto:
Damn,Ingram did'nt missed a single shot! :-)
He's KD light, great taste, less Twitter.
Savage Sagwa
Savage Sagwa:
LeBron licking his lips rn, bout to make a push for the playoffs
Markez Marshall
Markez Marshall:
That dunk on brewer was just flat out disrespectful 🤦🏽‍♂️
edson mejia
edson mejia:
Impressive game for a 21 years old he’s barely stop growing taller now he is gonna become stronger we need to keep Ingram
Tevin Prejean
Tevin Prejean:
I’d like my boi Ingram on my rockets
Miguel Llagas
Miguel Llagas:
if they trade going with him no matter what. Ive been believing in him since day one and now these LeBron fans and the media want him traded but its cool, Ingram will PROVE you all.
Darrie Naylor
Darrie Naylor:
That Kobe elbow pull-up at 4:25 is lethal. bron said he got next. We need to listen and be patient
This the BI we need consistently
TayDay ShakeM
TayDay ShakeM:
That poster tho😂😂
All I know is its gonna come down to him or kuzma when we get AD and I'm not sure who I want to keep between the 2
I am Groot
I am Groot:
dude the game just ended you're fast
Welcome B.
Da Godd
Da Godd:
Lebron celebrating the accepted trade from New Orleans 😂
Magnus Chronicle
Magnus Chronicle:
Anthony Davis isn't worth trading for the Lakers. They got young guys that can potentially start a dynasty in the future. LeBron's impatient ass just wants to win a chip right now lol
Chamba Nairobi
Chamba Nairobi:
Trade Ingram to ATLANTA, let's go!
can’t wait to see him on the pels 💪🏽
The NBA has seriously got to get rid of these 'Players Only' broadcasts. It's so amateurish and a slap in the face for professional broadcasters everywhere. Just listen to the Brandon Ingram dunks on Brewer & Embiid. Imagine if that had been Kevin Harlan or Ian Eagle calling it. Come on NBA.