Welcome to the Match Preview of Bournemouth vs Chelsea, in the 24th round of the Premier League, here on 100PercentChelsea! Follow Laurenz on social media! Twitter: Instagram: The Blues take on the Cherries at the Vitality Stadium as we are back in league action! Sarri confirms Hudson-Odoi's stay "very probably" even beyond the summer! But will Higuain get his first EPL start straight away and get his first goal? #Chelsea #Bournemouth #HudsonOdoi Follow Us On TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT: CFC100Percent DISCORD: 100PercentChelsea is a youtube channel for real Chelsea fans. We interview Fans at games and create other shows about Chelsea F.C. London is Blue.


What are your line up and score predictions? Do you think Higuain will get his first goal for Chelsea? Let us know!

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Chelsea’s attacking players should be Triple H (Hazard, Higuain, Hudson-Odoi)
Jesus Is Coming soon
Jesus Is Coming soon:
Definitely higuian is going to be a good plus for us and I pray Emerson and CHO start tomorrow, great video mate
R. H.F.
R. H.F.:
hasn't hudson-odoi done enough to deserve a start?
Tony J
Tony J:
joshua davies
joshua davies:
Higuain is a good player but m scared of that cursed no9 shirt
Hamington T
Hamington T:
I predict Higuain 2 goals Pedro 1 and Hazard 2
Martin Yeboah
Martin Yeboah:
CHO and Emerson deserves to start. Hopefully we will win
seiko 33
seiko 33:
smashed the button!
deadly dimitar
deadly dimitar:
told you all he's staying, the failed arteries merchant Sarri better start giving him game time, he's confirmed to be better than Willian, so he has no excuses
hamze Sowe
hamze Sowe:
Fabulous preview,keep the great job i really love the way you talk
Adnan shaikh
Adnan shaikh:
2-0 to Chelsea higuain and Pedro to score
Umar Issah
Umar Issah:
Great 💯Chelsea 🙏🏻
The Realist
The Realist:
4-0 🤣🤣🤣🤣
☆ Quality
☆ Quality:
As long as its not Willian on the right then I'm content
okari matthew
okari matthew:
Nice one, We should wish Morata well. The fact that it didn't work out doesn't mean that he is shit and thus should fail. I saw a youtuber make a compilation of all his woeful moments. That's not cool. If you look back how many strikers have really done well at Chelsea??? In Roman's Era we have had Mutu,Kezman,Crespo,Pizarro,Demba Ba,Shevchenko,Torres,Lukaku,Batshuayi, all flop like amateurs (although most didn't have enough opportunities). Why so much hate for Morata? Yes the price tag was hefty but we all saw how good he was at the beginning of his Chelsea career, it was when things started getting bad that his poor mental strength showed and eventually ruined his Chelsea career. I also wish him well. I hope he doesn't score against Chelsea if Chelsea plays against Athletico.
Joey Hackney
Joey Hackney:
5-0 Chelsea Hazard hatrick Higs 2 goals
Yes, you have your hair dryer back...... But I reckon that quiff is out of control
1-3 to the Chelsea
Jesus Is Coming soon
Jesus Is Coming soon:
Sassy Ranma
Sassy Ranma:
I agree with you. Morata seems like a lovely fellow and a good player, too, even if things didn't work out for him at Chelsea. I blame the board. They panicked after Costa forced his way out the team and blindly-recruited Morata, being totally in the dark about him and his playstyle and whether he would gel in the team. All they knew is, he played for Juve, Real Madrid and came through the ranks at Atletico Madrid and somehow I honestly even doubt they knew he was an Atletico youth product.

It's an amateurish way to run the club. Ideally, they should've had numerous targets down during Costa's time at the club when it was clear he didn't want to be there and Conte didn't want him. That way when Costa inevitably does start kicking up a fuss demanding to be returned home they can try signing one of their targets whom they've gotten the low down on so they know the player would be a good fit for the team. But that's just my opinion. I could be completely ignorant myself.

Loved the video, pal. Best of luck for tomorrow's game.
Arsenal 4Lyf
Arsenal 4Lyf:
Chris Coombs
Chris Coombs:
I would love if CHO starts over pedro or willywonka tbh
Sasha Rodenacker
Sasha Rodenacker:
Hope we can take a win and higuian to score
Graziano Etiene
Graziano Etiene:
Agree with what u said about Morata
Sulemana Sabatash
Sulemana Sabatash:
oh but is Chelsea 3 - 1
Maru One
Maru One:
Sarri love willian and pedro
doge the dog
doge the dog:
See Dollar
See Dollar:
Chelsea to win 3-0
Fahad Al Anbea
Fahad Al Anbea:
Higuain hatrick
R. H.F.
R. H.F.:
with hudson odoi, loftus cheek, christensen, ake, and solanke this is going to be a chelsea youth reunion
basavaraj yesh
basavaraj yesh:
Watching this after the game. How stupid it feels knowing it was absolute shambles
Abdirashid Dhumal
Abdirashid Dhumal:
Higuain will not score until the end of the season
Hamington T
Hamington T:
We don't "Batter" teams, we are not capable of dominating teams which is why this game will be very difficult.
Is ake gonna play
Jamie Dunne
Jamie Dunne:
i heard chelsea rejected 35 million for that young kid are chelsea fans ok with that???
The Addicted Gamer
The Addicted Gamer:
Higuain complaining about championship defenders this is not a good sign hopefully he adapts his game
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith:
So you wish Morata well but not Moses 🤔
Dat Guy
Dat Guy:
why didnt they give higuain the pen in the fa cup
Cease Fire
Cease Fire:
We don’t need to do anything else this window besides selling Cahill.
1st team squad -
Azpi Rudiger Luiz Emerson
Kante Jorginho RLC
Pedro Higuain Hazard
2nd team squad -
Zappa Christensen Ampadu Alonso
Drinkwater Kovacic Barkley
CHO Giroud Willian
We’ll need more of an overhaul in the summer but I think this will get is a top 4 spot and maybe even a cup or two.