Blue-ringed octopus flashing its bright warning colors

A greater blue ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata) flashing its remarkable bright blue colors. This tiny creature is one of the world's most venomous animals. If provoked or stepped on, it will bite. Blue-ringed octopus venom is produced by bacteria in the mouth of the octopod. Unfortunately there is no antivenom and the venom could kill an adult human within minutes. Death is caused by heart failure due to paralysis of the respiratory muscles. When bitten, victims must be admitted to a hospital as quickly as possible as they will need artificial respiration in order to survive. Over time (several hours) the venom will be metabolized by the body itself. This footage was filmed during a shallow dive at a depth of 4m on Suci's Reef in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. The divesite is also famous for the wreck of the USAT ( USS ) Liberty which ran on the Tulamben beach after being hit by a japanese torpedo during the second world war. The ship is now host to many marine species such as this blue-ringed beauty. Equipment used: Samsung galaxy S4 with Watershot housing and single Big Blue Black Molly video torch. 大藍圈章魚 藍環章魚 *劇毒(神經毒) 大家一定要記得在海裡遇見到他時絕對不可以碰觸唷 當藍環章魚變色時就是他在生氣或是防禦的時候 藍圈章魚只有高爾夫球般的大小,但猛烈的毒性可以殺死許多成年人,而且目前沒有解毒劑(血清) 所以,我們可用相機紀錄但絕對不要用手手去碰觸唷 Music: 'The Return' by 'nisei23' Free download: #blueringedoctopus #blue-ringedoctopus #blueringed #blue-ringed #octopus #kraken #venomousanimals #bluering #venomous #deadlyanimals #dangerousanimals #iloveoctopus #charlesleflamand #octopusmovie #octopusvideo #deadlyoctopus #killeroctopus #warningcolor #warningcolors #hapalochlaena #lunulata #lordoftherings #thelordoftherings #karelmestdagh

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I was 18 years old and worked at an aquarium shop, the owner brought one of these in from a wholesaler, she then put inside a small plastic container with breathing holes and placed it inside one of the live rock tanks to acclimate it, while Performing my daily routine I came across it I thought it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen so being an extremely curious person I actually took it out a placed it on my hand to take a closer look, shortly after I put it back on the container and went on throughout my day, later that day when I was informed what I actually had been handling I thought how lucky I was to be alive.
Gurvinder Parmar
Gurvinder Parmar:
i went coral reef diving with an instructor years ago and we came across several blue ringed octopus...the instructor ordered us out of the water immediately...only later on did I realize why...they don't even take chances around these little suckers...apparently there is no anti venom or medication that works in the event you get bitten...basically if you get bit, they rush you to the emergency room and almost immediately put you on life support hoping the venom naturally wears off...crazy.
I came here from a meme I just saw lol
Daniel Tortosa Sanchez-Alcon
Daniel Tortosa Sanchez-Alcon:
This animal can kill if it touches you,but is amazing to see. The camera man was very brave
0:37 that fish is like “oh damn am i on screen im sorry guys”
diana meets
diana meets:
My friend picked up a baby one in Asia not knowing it was venomous. He's okay and it didn't get aggressive with him, just he's super lucky.
Abel Scott
Abel Scott:
Such a beautiful animal.
LeAnn Mitchell
LeAnn Mitchell:
Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL creature, although I'm scared shitless of it considering how VERY dangerous it is. I would have a fatal heart attack alone by just seeing one within 5-10 feet of me.... :/
Alexander Gabriel
Alexander Gabriel:
0:37, the grey fish on left said: "Oh hi! I'm on camera! I'm greeting with all human! Keep follow mr evil octopus to become famous". How excited.
Gianni Bodeutsch
Gianni Bodeutsch:
I wonder what animals like these feel like when they see humans just following their every move.
Tasker Pro
Tasker Pro:
The assumption that it's deadly is just a rumor spread by the octopuses to keep you from touching them.
Katie Walker
Katie Walker:
Did you know:
The Blue-ringed octopus is only the size of a golf ball, but still carries enough poison to kill 26 humans in minutes.
Peasme Hasselberg
Peasme Hasselberg:
2:10 The hole in the rock looks like a love heart 😍
Cuban_ Flow
Cuban_ Flow:
I think there should just be one basic rule about the animal kingdom, animals with bright colors tend to be pretty dam venomous and they smaller they are the stronger their venom is lol
normal musiic
normal musiic:
it was low tide in the port area for boats and we were catching fish at night... l saw a pretty octopus that looked exactly like that in the vid but i thought it was a squid, I planned to catch it but i saw it had blue circles and i was like oh no it looks like the venomous octopus everyone says to stay away from, it looked so pretty attached to the rockk, glad i saw one in real life💙
Literally breathtaking.
Such a beautiful specimen but in nature often times bright colors are a warning to stay away. And if a blue ringed octopus is flashing his blue rings it means get the hell away from me.
Blood Beryl
Blood Beryl:
never realized how astounding its colors were until i saw this video. very impressive !
i want to be next to one, but i choose life
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
They told me, "If it bites you, say bye bye". 7 minutes and no cure.
Amazing!!! It is beautiful! What a wonderful place Earth is where you can meet such unique creature! thanks for this great footage!
Sweet Tanner
Sweet Tanner:
Its amazing to think octopuses has existed way long before the dinosaurs, yet they still remain now after the dinosaurs has gone extinct. Makes me wonder if they will possibly outlive humans someday. 🤔
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams:
Gorgeous! I love the way it works to blend into the rocks, then pow! Bright colors!
Just a blue-ringed sweetie pie.
Alwee 'N' Boo
Alwee 'N' Boo:
It's amazing how something so small and beautiful could deliver such strong venom. Nevertheless they are gorgeous!
And yet the real enemy hides in plain sight: Comic Sans!
Holy crap, I’ve found it! It’s the one and only example on YouTube where the music doesn’t ruin the video! :)
Aeyen The Lobster
Aeyen The Lobster:
Fish: I'm staying away from that thing
Howling Burd19
Howling Burd19:
All aboard the “NOPE Train” xD
Nathan Shabazz
Nathan Shabazz:
How can this exist, be so wonderful, and be so thoroughly amazing to us? So lucky to be seeing this
Little Texas
Little Texas:
Wow! So absolutely incredible and beautiful! 🔵🐙😍😍😍

I am just infactued with sea life. ❤🌊🌊 God sure did Create some wonderful, mystifying, beautiful and captivating creatures. I'd love to ask Him to allow me the ability to breathe underwater and go and explore the ocean. I'd rather live ubderwater than on land. ❤❤❤😍😍💯
Aaron Cross
Aaron Cross:
Amazing. Great music too, have downloaded. I wonder why all the downvotes? Because it was a risky shoot I guess
Salsabila Alya Z.
Salsabila Alya Z.:
0:37 that's a cute fish btw
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Bought one of these in the 80's in an aquarium store in San Diego. They told me what it was and i was super cautious with putting hands in the tank. I fed it little crabs i caught on the jeddy in South mission. It died after a couple months , but it was a highlight of a long aquarium career.
mirror man
mirror man:
They will take over the world one day be nice to them they may remember when that day comes
roice 8888
roice 8888:
There's like a ton of these octopuses on Philippines and they're bigger, what's worse is that sometimes some of them get washed up on beaches where people are.
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired:
I name this one Octavia for a girl, Octavian for a boy. I love them all. 😂
crazy how the one of most alien-looking, deadliest creature on earth is actually pretty cute
Mary Swenson
Mary Swenson:
That's just amazing!!
Beyond The Water Surface
Beyond The Water Surface:
looks like a female... it's a lot of fun watching them... what would you estimate the actual size of the blue ringed octopus you filmed?
Nikki C
Nikki C:
That was so neat when it was using its camouflage next to the piece of coral to blend in.
I was a couple centimeters away from grabbing one off my fishing hook in the dark.
Deadly beautiful
Golden bee Gaming
Golden bee Gaming:
Blue ranged octopus are my favourite
Nate Free K-9 Help
Nate Free K-9 Help:
Use to be on our beach we patrolled (nobbys in Newcastle NSW), amazing to watch but freaky to know how many are in the rock pools..
Мария Алешина
Мария Алешина:
Сапфировое октопусы классные, да. :)
I went to visit my family in Australia, and I love spending the day at the beach looking at all the things in the tide pools. One day when we were at the beach, a group of Asian tourists were gathered around something in a pool of water in the sand. First, there was an EEL sticking its head out of this hole and bearing its teeth, but then I noticed they were STANDING IN THE WATER and looking at this small octopus, which I now think was this blue ringed guy. Good lord. My dad warned me about those the first times i was in Australia as a child. I can’t believe people wouldn’t research what animals to look out for especially in Australia.
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface:
I think the Blue Ringed Octopus is the most lovely of it's kind.
But... I never am getting near one in RL ever.
Christian James Boi Blue
Christian James Boi Blue:
U are one brave man. Awesome footage dude!
Alexis Newton
Alexis Newton:
Das one salty boi.. XD but seriously I love this county, even if a lot of shit can kill me, and even if the sun is the worst thing in existence when Summer rolls around.
Robin Quistberg
Robin Quistberg:
0:42 fish in background just like look mom IM on yt
Monti Blancremie
Monti Blancremie:
My brother (or sister) is pretty but he (or she) kills :O
Beck Dragonfire
Beck Dragonfire:
I think I'm more scared of these guys than sharks... My mum and I accidentally disturbed one in a rock pool while we were looking for crabs and it kept chasing our hands across the water while flashing blue.
Anth bobo
Anth bobo:
The most beautiful creatures are always the most deadly.
Positive Fishing
Positive Fishing:
Richard Constantino
Richard Constantino:
Beautiful Octopussy.
L- Series
L- Series:
I never want to see one in my life there to dangerous
Man...I have visited this same dive site, swam right over the shipwreck. I never knew for a second that this species existed! Luckily I was snorkeling on that day and not within arm's reach 😅
"Eh, it's those bubbling nosy weirdos again. I guess that means no catches for me today."
Really bad style, I must say: Its bite should inject psychedelics.
Kaylee Neufeld
Kaylee Neufeld:
In third grade I studied octopodes cuz I felt like it, and like, I stumbled across some pretty descriptive paragraphs about how deadly the blue Ringed Octopus is... Like, VERY descriptive...
Such magnificent creatures yet so deadly. If anyone see them admire it from a distance
Reham the nightguard
Reham the nightguard:
WOW amazing video! I taking the blue ring octopus thanks alot bro!👍
Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban:
time to stay off the beach
Justin D.
Justin D.:
Dude ur too Brave
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma:
Amazing! I had no idea it could even change colors like that. Excellent footage.
Amazing footage! Not sure why it has dislikes? Thanks for sharing
Zaina Shuhaiber
Zaina Shuhaiber:
I've been learning about this
Golden bee Gaming
Golden bee Gaming:
I know even tho they are so deadly
Bennie Meadows
Bennie Meadows:
So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute 😍 animals
it's so beautiful.
Chris Kavanagh
Chris Kavanagh:
I want one!
Carleigh Peters
Carleigh Peters:
aw look at lil mans go :)
peashooter plant
peashooter plant:
Ok I know we should stay away from it at all costs whenever it feels threatened and flashes it’s blue rings as a warning...but knowing how fast this thing moves is...very concerning actually
Dylan Honcho
Dylan Honcho:
Don't touch that thing.....I read a book about it it will stop your breathing!
nath maloney
nath maloney:
There's only been 3 deaths recorded from a blue ring octopus
*Beautiful but deadly* 😱
lenny boy
lenny boy:
Such awesome colors
Jefh Famisaran
Jefh Famisaran:
Creature that carries Tetrodotoxin
Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA
Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA:
Hory shet! Let’s eat it!
Black crystal
Black crystal:
Why is it like every bright creature tends to be venomous?? 🤔
Dr Zoidberg!!! 👍
HidayatZho ouuuKevin
HidayatZho ouuuKevin:
Hold it against us
Key Killer 74
Key Killer 74:
I want one !
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln:
Yeah..Diego,Dora's cousin brought me here.
Federica Paradiso
Federica Paradiso:
Hi Karel! This video is so amazing! I work for, an italian newspaper and we would like to share this content on our social pages with credit to you. If it is possible, text me. Thanks, Federica
the terminator
the terminator:
can you take fish from the wather for your aquarium?
katrin o
katrin o:
The blue ringed octupus lives in the sea from Japan down to Australia☝😂😋
Golden bee Gaming
Golden bee Gaming:
I might get one as a pet
Ethan Plays
Ethan Plays:
I wish I could go scuba diving but I just live in the boring old uk
Imanol Solis
Imanol Solis:
Evan Britcher
Evan Britcher:
so cute also did you know they have both poison and venom?
elakhdar ayoub
elakhdar ayoub:
who else noticed that there is a 3D sound in the video?
Plump Cacti narra fish
Plump Cacti narra fish:
Very useful for my science project about the blue ringed octopus VERY beautiful creature and its also very poisonous and before I told the class all the amazing things about the blue ringed octopus everyone didn't even know it existed XD
so if 27 men fused together we won't die? cool just need 26 more dudes to fuse with me .
JAmi LUcinda
JAmi LUcinda:
This is why i stay out of the ocean. I'm not sure of much, but i guarantee i will never be bitten by a shark or a blue ringed octopus. I will stay on land. Where i belong.
Dalton Pinell
Dalton Pinell:
The size of a golf ball, yet one bite can kill ten people at once, amazing animal
Bim Bims
Bim Bims:
how big this creature can growth?
rob yohn
rob yohn:
Australian oceans have many deadly animals. I would be out of my mind to swim in. Box jellyfish, sea snakes, great white sharks, stonefish, blue ringed octopus, giant clams.
Terrence Cafferty
Terrence Cafferty:
Totally beautiful, the colors and the movement. It's amusing to read humans commenting about how dangerous beings like this are, when human beings are BY FAR the most dangerous beings on this planet.