BITCOIN CRASHING!! Capitulation & Despair | Where's The Bottom? $3,000, $4,000?

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10% Off: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin is crashing and falling today. Where is the Bitcoin support? I'll show you some support levels in the Bitcoin price. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more! BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%: Coinbase Get $10 Free: Other Affiliate Links: Brave Browser: Tradingview: Binance: Ledger Wallets: Patreon Videos: Discord: Thank you to my Gold Patrons: Andrei Neagu Debbie Schwan Sean Velasquez #Bitcoin #BitcoinAnalysis #BitcoinNews Sources:

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The Moon
The Moon:
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hsan asum
hsan asum:
somebody should call to ban BCH to all exchages.
The Catmother
The Catmother:
Seeing Facebook's stocks going down, makes me a bit happier.
Kevin Svenson
Kevin Svenson:
“The price of bitcoin is not a representation of the success of Bitcoin” ... I said that first. It’s on record. At least give me a shout out if you steal my content.
Dron K
Dron K:
Of course I bought BTC at 6.400, right before this dip.
Of course I used the entire paycheck, thus of course I can't buy at this discount because I'm waiting for my next paycheck :D
Of course the price will shoot back up right before I get paid hahahah
Anyone else in the same boat? Or am I the only idiot?
Losers selling deeps, winners buying deeps
Jessi/Bret Munsen
Jessi/Bret Munsen:
When 98% of BTC holders own 1% and 1% owns 98% of BTC the case for manipulation is strong. Im not a large investor, but i dont have a weak hand. Im Holding and buying more. Its all on sale.
tye tyes
tye tyes:
Ripple has held off extremely well.
Jacques Hugo
Jacques Hugo:
"Black Friday coming early" :-D I like that analogy!
Simon H
Simon H:
Don't worry missing the bottom. Hold back, even though the urge to buy is strong right now. Dollar cost averaging only makes sense when a bottom is in, even though many people tell you otherwise. It makes no sense to buy now. Do not get fomo. Bitcoin won't suddenly reverse over night and hit 10k.
There will be consolidation for a few months before it can enter an uptrend again. This is common behaviour in all markets, including Crypto if you refer past data.
The bottom will be hit atleast 2 times (that's what 2014 did) but I believe it will be hit atleast 3 times.
The reason for this consolidation phase is basic market behaviour. When an asset drops that much in value, investors lose faith and investment firms reduce volume with their trading bots. They'll reduce the volatility to a minimum so that nobody can make money anymore. All they do is buy up the sell orders at a specific price range. Price will remain within this range, since there isn't enough retail money to push it above this zone.
That's the famous accumulation phase. You should do the same by the way. Just buy regularly at all price. Don't try to get a "good price" there is none at this point.
You'll have time for atleast 3-6 months, so nobody can miss that, if you own half a brain.
When the bottom is in, you'll realize, trust me. Volatility and volume will completely die off.
Sculpture Smith
Sculpture Smith:
Ummm, that rocket video made me laugh so hard! Thank you very much for that, I really needed that. Just like most , I've lost soooo much lately!
Hector Nonayurbusiness
Hector Nonayurbusiness:
I’m seriously hoping for 3000. I bought some at 4500.
Lhasa Thailand
Lhasa Thailand:
Thank you for being level headed. Sunny nearly broke down crying in his livestream... Jesus.

Relax, sit back and keep hodling. I hope lower prices. Want to load up some more.
Jul MacFarlaine
Jul MacFarlaine:
Thanks Carl for keeping things positive. I'm excited too - I'm in this for the long haul! 👍
Claude WS
Claude WS:
Thx, great vid.
I bought at 6.2k in FOMO, and I'm expecting to go down to 3.6k. (can't explain). That's ok.
I sent part of BTC to XRP, and will bring back when appropriate. We'll see how it goes.
Ryan M
Ryan M:
Im about to jump out the window. I live on the first floor.
Thanks Carl, I think we gonna see 3k.
Hey - Tom Lee says $15,000 year end !!! Why all the boo hooing ?
Isa M
Isa M:
Thank you for helping out in an unpredictable market!
Quality Control
Quality Control:
Thanks Carl. You have done a great job teaching, and preparing us.🙏🔥👊🐂
Jarmo Liukanen
Jarmo Liukanen:
Thanks man, thank god i watched you after CNBC!
Salty Leg
Salty Leg:
The Moon is it okay when I translate your Videos in German Language and Upload them?
R James
R James:
Great work Carl! Another top video!

PS I notice Stock market down 20 per cent from all time high earlier this year! Could put pressure on fractional reserve system!
thanx carl for keeping it real in those hard times... time is on our side, indeed.
most important thing to remember keep watching this video untill price goes up
inner dinosaur
inner dinosaur:
Im gonna hodl on and buy some more when i can good luck peeps 🦖✌
David Perez
David Perez:
Thanks for the video, it did help to lighten the mood. I have to admit that I was not ready to see such a straight shot. A few bounces in the last couple of days would have been helpful. I fully expected the price to reach these levels but I was not prepared for it to happen so directly. I have been feeling the fear factor but I plan on hanging until "The Moon".
Sheraz Uddin
Sheraz Uddin:
Bounce back is imminent as mining cost is way alive these levels and prices do respect the mining cost.
999西ha yat ying
999西ha yat ying:
Short it to the 🌍!
justo salinas
justo salinas:
sir thanks for giving me peace of mind thank you very much
J bell
J bell:
Upside down rocket got me howlin! 🙃
h mulder
h mulder:
BAKKT launched delayed till january 24 2019. Its gonna be a crypto winter...
Lucifer M
Lucifer M:
Good job, keep up the great work. True and true. The low is coming and weak hands can go.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks:
I appreciate the early morning videos
I still feel the bottom should be around $3500. I'm buying right now, be it dollar cost averaging into the lows.
Yousef Nasir
Yousef Nasir:
Fred Flinstone
Fred Flinstone:
Haha! Personal responsibility... what a novel concept? Tell em Carl!
The Awakening Mind
The Awakening Mind:
Good info, Carl. Thanks.

What do you think of the fact that bitcoin is falling (for the third time)
along with the financial market...
with this in mind how likely bitcoin can be a store of value like gold
during a crash ?

Alessio also was talking about elliot wave and the is wave 3
meaning we're gonno go further down

considering that in 2014 bitcoin dropped by 85% the same drop would put the price around 3k

What' s your take on that
Good Elf
Good Elf:
Very good analysis! Thank you.
Video Games are Fun !
Video Games are Fun !:
i can't find the 'VPVR' indicator, and I have a Pro account on Trading View. Where is it? Thanks
Malik Sajid Khan Khalil
Malik Sajid Khan Khalil:
You are great very accurate prediction every time thanks bro
LucasD GaminG
LucasD GaminG:
Hi Carl, thankyou for your great videos as you would know the trade volume on bitmex is over 6billion in the last 24hours and I disagree with your comments on manipulation. I believe this drop is all about manipulation and it can be seen with the whales trading on Bitmex. I am confident in saying that the traders on Bitmex have started the short and driving the price down to shake the mums and dads non researcher's out. But it's gonna need more shaking than this dip. Entry is still far away and more downtrend to come before the bit pump on Bitmex.
A stock market correlation update would be great. Thanks!
Hahahah take it down just keep short selling
Hüseyin Şahin
Hüseyin Şahin:
Thank you for your all comments.
Abner Isai Carias Mendoza
Abner Isai Carias Mendoza:
When I read all your comment make me think the end is near! We are entering capitulation, that means people Start to sell anf sell. They hate bitcoin and regret their investment in this asset. I think its almost time to invest. Wait a little more maybe 3k
papa johns
papa johns:
As I said on altcoin daily chanel last drop #3580 mark my words 😁
The Awakening Mind
The Awakening Mind:
I got out about a month ago. Glad I did. I got money waiting on the sideline to get back in at the lowest I can get. I still believe in crypto.
Emanuel Magda
Emanuel Magda:
one of your gold patron is Romanian??? :D
The correction Was really weak after 4200.
And now we build some triple top, also price for the Moment did not fall below the crucial in this bear flag.
I think we Fall to 3500 and then we pump a Bit.
Johannes Höschele
Johannes Höschele:
the big question is how long till we reach old ATH? If its the same like after 2013 ATH it takes about 3 years so 2 more from now on. oh boy...
"Despair" is about the right word for it.... :(
decent analysis again Carl !
Kesho Da Playa
Kesho Da Playa:
yeah...I buy and cry at the same time
I bought bitcoin at 8400 back in April, I have officially losT half of my entire portfolio, I’m done with bitcoin and crypto currencies.
Leonhard Killias
Leonhard Killias:
The next boubble is gonna be epic xD
I am ready for Armaghedon! Let the price come down so that I can buy more all across the board with Altcoins and BTC
Xem to the moon
very empathic, you are a good man Carl
It's Just me
It's Just me:
Maybe the etf will get rejected and the insiders know it.
justo salinas
justo salinas:
i am going to buy elastos :)
i got dusted. everything I had to live on. be warned people
Serhat Yavru
Serhat Yavru:
dude dafuq with the zoom-in when you drop the line: "fundamentals doesn't change" it looks very dramatic I was about to shed a tear. LOL
Anita Taylor
Anita Taylor:
Hi Carl! You are the only guy in this space that I will listen to. I like your style, you always have a bit of positivity!
Totally agree. We're clearly in the Despair stage.
I checked out of my crypto interest a few months ago because it keeps going down and since I won't sell I had to emotionally check out. I'm holding my entire portfolio and hoping the sun rises again next year or into the 2020's. Though... I may pull another $2,000 out of my savings and stack, because, man.... these prices! I think we must all be out of our minds! You look good kiddo =)
Bolivarcoin Blockchain
Bolivarcoin Blockchain:
Buy, this is the best day
Benoit Vovan
Benoit Vovan:
bottom will be flat boring; probably around april 2019 @ 3000$. plenty of time to go long leverage perpetual; dont FOMO
Paddle Partner
Paddle Partner:
I’m buying this week! Probably Friday
matthe ai
matthe ai:
The Silver Eagle
The Silver Eagle:
I didn’t get in to Bitcoin to run.
I’m here and I’m not running so bring it down!
Abdullah Alshawaf
Abdullah Alshawaf:
I think the main cause of this is the hash war. Many of the BTC miners switched to BCHABC. Once the hash war concludes, I think we will be very bullish!
inner dinosaur
inner dinosaur:
Hi Carl 🦖✌
All financial markets are down. This isn’t surprising with what’s going on geopolitically.
Crypto Drag
Crypto Drag:
No fear. No Emotions. Buy buy buy. The overbought will snap back like an explosion the other way and never look back. 🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡
Shax Rashid
Shax Rashid:
hahah dude u have told 10 levels of resistance. shows ur experience. so ur range is 3k to 5k . come on. 99% can figure that out lol
Lord Bane
Lord Bane:
Opportunity of a life! Altcoin season is here!
swam #yolo
swam #yolo:
Carl i was waiting for this because i can buy allot more right now
BTC $50000 by the end of this year. TEACH ME GURU.
Clare Rindl
Clare Rindl:
Thanks Carl
Sam Saltwell
Sam Saltwell:
It’s not Bitcoin to zero, it’s RSI to zero! 📉
tye tyes
tye tyes:
Except a lot of people seem to be holding their investments in stable coins and not actually abandoning bitcoin.

Soon as things calm down money will slowly Flow out of the stable coins and back into altcoins.
time to judge scammers with bitmex!
Queen Boadicea
Queen Boadicea:
It still amazes me why so many new traders put so much faith in the RSI indicator. People have to remember that the RSI and all indicators for that matter, follow the price - not the other way around. The RSI can stay in 'oversold' territory for a very long time and price can continue to drop. It is merely an indicator to be used along with other technical analysis. Waiting for the RSI to drop below 30 or whatever threshold you set does not automatically mean it is time to buy. Support & Resistance levels are much more useful in TA along with standard fib retracement levels and simple price action.
Brokers add all these indicators to platforms to sell their services to wannabe traders. They are nearly all useless. Do you really think giant financial institutions are sitting with their finger on the buy button waiting for the RSI to drop below 30? Get real.
We are oversold but we can expect to stay oversold for many days
Don't just look for oversold and imagine a bounce.
Mercedes Amg
Mercedes Amg:
Yes!! It's Black Friday For Bitcoin! I buy!!
Vasiliy Dascal
Vasiliy Dascal:
Will you get some nano?
o2ku .Cocker
o2ku .Cocker:
Steve Joshua
Steve Joshua:
Carl is the guru of TA higher wisdom. He is my TA holy man.
Black Thunder
Black Thunder:
Rip to the family that sold their house to buy bitcoins
No Name
No Name:
dip my wick
When Zero? When 1/2 of a penny?
Henry Goh
Henry Goh:
Whatever you said
I just do opposite way
William Edmondson
William Edmondson:
Carl I believe you are right about accepting responsibility for our actions. I'm wondering if I should buy now or wait a little longer?????
Ian Duff
Ian Duff:
I'm doing the happy dance!!! I got a signal to exit BTC at 5662...Protect and grow is the name of the game. Sell high buy low, and increase the amount of bitcoin you have. Using the signals is very easy.
Frederick Vesseur
Frederick Vesseur:
Swing traders from BTC to XRP and Tether, they'll swing to whatever coin looks like it's moving up in panic.
ayman alfred
ayman alfred:
yes you said price will reach 4500 and that is what happen hope now things go in right direction
Leonard Gonzalez
Leonard Gonzalez:
Experts say we're going to $1500.
Anita Taylor
Anita Taylor:
Don't let your emotions get the best of you!