BITCOIN CRASHING BELOW $5,000!! | BTC Has NEVER Been This Oversold In RSI, Bounce IMMINENT??

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10% Off: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is crashing below $5,000 as I'm writing this. We met the target of $5k, so will we see the bounce now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more! Patreon Videos: Discord: BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%: Coinbase Get $10 Free: Other Affiliate Links: Brave Browser: Tradingview: Binance: Ledger Wallets: Thank you to my Gold Patrons: Andrei Neagu Debbie Schwan Jai Balasubramaniyan Sean Velasquez #Bitcoin #BitcoinAnalysis #BitcoinNews

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The Moon
The Moon:
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Crypto Drag
Crypto Drag:
The storm before the storm.
Julien Mendoza
Julien Mendoza:
We appreciate the prompt updates. You're the most relevant guy in the crypto space at the moment. Keep it up 👍👍👍
Let's all HODL till at least $3.99 is left, then let's cash the last of our BCT for a happy meal....the toy might even be a collectable one day the we will finally "go to the moon"!!!
Lhasa Thailand
Lhasa Thailand:
Im happy we are seeing all this volatility again. I was more nervous at that sideways standoff. The more it drops now the better.

Not worried. Infact, buying more.
Robert Bizzarro
Robert Bizzarro:
I sent this to my three sons just today. Perhaps this will help of those of you that are so depressed and discouraged with the recent crypto price action:
I was thinking about the Technological Advances I have seen in my life last night. While thinking about it, I figured out it has taken, on average, 20 – 25 years from an idea, to infancy, to investment, to wide spread adoption When I was a kid we had a black and white T.V. with 3 channels. When my mother was born they still went to church in wagons and buggies pulled by horses. We had phones, land-lines that everyone could pick up and listen to whoever was on the line. There wasn’t even F.M. radio when I was a child.

I say all that to say, “STAY THE COURSE”. The first cell phone call was placed in 1983 it took 20 years for wide spread adoption to even begin. Jim ****** bought a cell phone for me in 1999 and everyone made fun of me. They all thought I was putting on airs if I carried it. 15 years after that first cell phone call I was in the forefront of the technological pack with that phone. Now look at the Cell Phone Market. It has taken over the world.

The internet was first set-up and introduced in the late 80’s as well. 20 years later, after the Bull Market run-up, the Market crashed, hard. Lots of people went broke and most internet companies went bankrupt. Now look, the wealthiest men on the plant, men like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, etc. all got in Right at the crash or soon after. They saw the opportunity of the new technology.

Dish Network and Direct T.V. were just ideas in 1993 that couldn’t even raise enough money to get started because the idea of shooting Satellites into space so people could receive a T.V. signal was considered nuts. Even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with Micro-Soft/Apple were considered “OUT-There” and the investment was “Very Risky”. Home-Computers were thought to be something nobody would really want or need.

So when the negativity starts, when the FUD is high and you want to toss up your hands and cash in, STAY THE COURSE. The world never goes backwards technologically. Grow your coin bags now. The world can go backwards when it comes to Personal Freedoms and Social Justice, tyrants/despots can rise, of that there is no doubt. However; history has shown mankind always moves forward technologically.

The current monetary system is more than 100 years old. It was started when everyone still rode horses, when the new technology at the time was incandescent lights, electricity and the Radio. Man alive, people thought it would never get any better than that. This system that is dying right now was put in place before your grandmother was born. When people traveled by Steam-ship. It has outlived its usefulness, there is a better way.

The Dinners Club card was the first credit card, that was first big change to the monetary system in almost 50 years. In the beginning of plastic money people laughed, said it will never work, most stores and people would not take it, they didn’t get it. It took 30 year before even family pets would get an application in the mail.

So when the RED NUMBER rises and people say “Crypto is dead.” Think wow what a great time to BUY. We are now ten years into the 20-25 it takes for adoption Don’t lose hope, stay the course, dollar cost average. This is still just the beginning.

This time I’ll embrace the change and you should too. New technology, this is where wealth is created
Rob Perry
Rob Perry:
Public emergency rooms are crowded with hodlers seeking treatment. Hope they get it!
The Catmother
The Catmother:
If this isn't desperation phase, then I don't know what is.
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy:
I sold BTC. It took me 2 hours to move my BTC to the exchange to sell it, during which I lost more money. I thought to myself, "this thing will never be a currency as long as the transaction time is like this". Some might say it's the exchange and not the network, but it does not matter to an average Joe what caused the slowdown.
My main man Moon! Keep up the good work.
john riva
john riva:
okk thats it im out living under a bridge im rekt, only 1 dollah in my pocket
sell everything you have and go invest in tulips! Tulips will grow for sure
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Martinez:
no lambo this year ..Only a USE kIA
3 Videos in 1 day, we are really going to THE MOON!!!
Great work Carl, staying on top of the BTC news, X3 videos. That's real dedication:)
Brian Bennett
Brian Bennett:
$4800 on this second big dip. $3600 last major dip, if it happens.
Travis Harrison
Travis Harrison:
Hey what's up man great content! Where did you get your training from?
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson:
Your up early bud!
Reversal about to happen cheers Carl!!
Thanks for updating us Carl!
Time to accumulate?
Black Friday prices..
I read that the mt gox refunded bitcoins going to hit the market soon... that's probably not going to help either.
Philip Dirven
Philip Dirven:
SUPERDISCOUNT!! I buy btc every tuesday
Miko Lee Cao-wat
Miko Lee Cao-wat:
I think the bottom Is up.! A storm will come 😎
Tika Augustine
Tika Augustine:
Nice video carl
just Waiting for a good news on by end December ...
Great work Carl as always, all will be well soon 🙂 Happy Capitulation
Brandy Wasay
Brandy Wasay:
Everything is always 50/50 , it is either UP or DOWN
Crazy prayingmantis
Crazy prayingmantis:
Dead cat bounce coming up.
Then to 3.5k, then a sideways grind for a few months before any gradual upwards movement.
Carl,you have a big THANK YOU from all of us! 3 videos a day. Your channel is pure GOLD (or digital gold ? :D )
it's over
Hauber Hauber
Hauber Hauber:
Thanks man for your video and for your time spend for us!
Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal:
Hopefully we will bounce exactly from 4350 on coinbase
what will happen if this shakeouts won't stop till $1000? Would you still call a healty shakeout?
CryptoJINX Xx
CryptoJINX Xx:
Three is the magic number! Go Carl! It’s exciting times man!
3 videos in one daY, Christmas came early boYs ! 🎄🎄
Tylan Wray
Tylan Wray:
Thanks Carl!
Where are you going to play your long untill?
Oleh Lesiv
Oleh Lesiv:
Here's a good article with the reasons why Bitcoin price dropped
Elmo Benjamin
Elmo Benjamin:
Institutions are dumping BTC. Stocks are crashing so they selling everything.
That's why the rsi was never that low, because institutions were not here.
Now they are dumping the BTC they bought OTC
Ariel Björklund
Ariel Björklund:
"I think you shld definsth ki wad i si video.." <3
Rohkost Fan
Rohkost Fan:
My prediction is right : I know for sure that we go up or down.... remember my honest words :-))))))
Sam Son
Sam Son:
It sounds like this is the final catipulation. Definitely time to buy some BTC!
Audrey Stories
Audrey Stories:
Thank you for being up to date and all your time. You're the best.
Smith Js
Smith Js:
May i say oversold doesn't matter, ppl are expecting the 3000 range so it just gonna keep going down? Thanks for the 3 vids update!
Puru saxena
Puru saxena:
The mother of ALL scams is bursting and the suckers/bagholders will get taken to the cleaners. A new 'currency' huh!? What a joke!!!
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta:
Price went 4187 just 10min ago 😂😂🤣🤣
Doulia Roberto
Doulia Roberto:
you could be the next stephen hawking!
Mindaugas Karla
Mindaugas Karla:
Btc died then it go below 10k.. now its just bugs eating a corpse..
Can anybody say "Tulip Bulb"?
Sophie Lecomte
Sophie Lecomte:
Thank you for all the uploads Carl! 💎
Noel G
Noel G:
Bitcoin must change consensus inside LN.
Tja Crypto
Tja Crypto:
Wish I had more cash to bash into crypto ASAP 😩
Yeah. I've been saying for months we are going to do exactly what happened in 2014. I told y'all to sell and wait for bottom. I do hope some of you listened
JaoKong Sales
JaoKong Sales:
Thx Carl. Think nows the time to start adding to the portfolio. May drop further but now seems right to start averaging in.
Sibzi Also him
Sibzi Also him:
Thank you for keeping us updated!
Edgard Agosto
Edgard Agosto:
Good time to buy now let the prices drop the currency crisis coming to the U S. Bitcoin will be the future thank you Mr. Carl
ICE and BIB BANKS coming in...NOW THATS BAD NEWS....!
Niki Wiles
Niki Wiles:
Get well soon, Carl, and thanks for the hattrick!
This "bear market", BTC has been crashing for the last year - going to drop to 3000 before bouncing imo xD
Warren Cotterill
Warren Cotterill:
I'm starting to get the hang of understanding, thanks Carl.
i dont wanna be fudder but what is to tempt the investors if crypto projects loss 80-90% and more value and we still do not see buyers
Hodl till death ftw
10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video
10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video:
come on, we all know bitcoin is going down to the $3500 mark before it starts getting pumped.
Yousef Nasir
Yousef Nasir:
Shax Rashid
Shax Rashid:
my God. he has no idea how RSI works. pls dont!!
I don't give a Fork
I don't give a Fork:
Take all your money out of BCash-MySpace and move it into Ripple XRP
larj Larj
larj Larj:
Where did say we would hit 4200 boom !!! Your welcome Carl 👍
Ellen Bleier
Ellen Bleier:
Thank you Carl for your diligence in keeping us informed and updated.
Your well informed view and wide scope of thinking provides a stable rudder in these crazy crypto seas 🌊
Best regards, subscriber #33 😊
Guess it's a continuous game of limbo for now 🤔
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks:
Carl, what is your response to The Chart Guys assessment that RSI doesn't give useful information during a crash like this?
Ricardo Nepacina
Ricardo Nepacina:
Yes we are going 3k.. many can buy it will lead to a sky rocket very fast..!
Supercars Hunter
Supercars Hunter:
I always knew we will see again a 3k btc!
Johnny Ricco
Johnny Ricco:
Will he break out the guitar and strum a few chords when it gets below 4K
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna:
Im Hodl till 0 its fight with banks numbers not matter to me.
Wow! Dollar is getting up so fast!
Tom Starwalker
Tom Starwalker:
My two sats: "Monthly MACD".
Lennon Castillo
Lennon Castillo:
We are going to the moon
I remember people commenting last year how 1 btc will be worth close to 100k around this time. Lol
Product Prodigy
Product Prodigy:
Will it go back up before the year ends???
Caballero Verde
Caballero Verde:
Thanks for your explanation Carl!!
Silversurfer Booth
Silversurfer Booth:
Good, finally it happened after this week we should have only strong holder. Great day, i can see the moon is coming more quickly as i thougt two days ago.
I think its a panic selling, think different and buy!?
Jaime Calvente Mieres
Jaime Calvente Mieres:
WTF!!! Buying the dips guys is like swimming towards a big wave, You are gonna get drown! wait until the wind is behind your back.
Nothing is with discount! that is what they want you to think to keep your money guys! just be patience!
JNF PersonalTrainer
JNF PersonalTrainer:
Nice video! , thanks again stephen hawking !
Oscar J.
Oscar J.:
When I go to Sweden I want 1 on 1 class. charge me
Hitesh Bhagat
Hitesh Bhagat:
This is the End, final nail in the coffin.. it was really fun while it lasted.. but sad.. its over and going to absolute end now...
Simon Phipps
Simon Phipps:
you are a funny boy indeed. say what you see sir! lol
Yousef Nasir
Yousef Nasir:
Sheraz Uddin
Sheraz Uddin:
Buy, buy, buy,,, bath in this blood, now or never! Altcoins have potential to bounce back ,
I’ve watched 3 clips - Bear trap ? Bounce coming and Tom Lee “lowering” his year end projection to $15,000. I don’t see enough bearishness
Sirash Ss
Sirash Ss:
Ripple is only 7% fall in Last 7 days, while all other top coins fall 30 %to 40 %
Alex Winkler
Alex Winkler:
Sweet entry on long-term positions! I also opened up a swing trade this morning for the same setup
Best Videos
Best Videos:
People said xrp will take bitcoin place .bitcoin never bounce may be small ones
Looks like you got REKT if you leveraged a long at 4.9k... 4.7k now!
Curious Minds
Curious Minds:
Thanks for your hard work bro...hopefully google adsense is paying off for you!!
Thanks for the bitmex video!!
Have seen you grow to become the expert that you are!!
Spicy Greg
Spicy Greg:
These lows are just great times to buy more of it, they are healthy in the long term.
Feel like the bears needed to get this out their system and although I am a perma-bull in the long-term, I felt this capitulation needed to happen as well. No where to go from here but the moon!
Bobby Crypto
Bobby Crypto:
XRP doesn't seem to be affected at all !
if we are reach in rsi or stoch rsi the "oversold area", it does not really mean that the market is oversold!!! As you said you expected a bounce from ~$5000 but it didn't!!! It means the market is highly bearish and can reach lower prices faster than before!
Andreas Daitey
Andreas Daitey:
This is about flushing out Craig Wright and BCHSV. Until BCH has have their debacle over with the crypto space will bleed.
Tiger DK
Tiger DK:
mentally, I am on the edge of collapse.. Don't want to be alive anymore
Third video ! Karl is on fire today !
nota russianspy
nota russianspy:
Is it a good time to buy alts now, or wait a couple more days to see how this goes?