BIRDS OF PREY Trailer Breakdown! Harley Quinn Easter Eggs You Missed!

Birds of Prey Teaser Explained! All References to Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad, and Batman revealed! Who are all the characters in this Birds of Prey Harley Quinn movie, and how will it connect to the DCEU? Erik Voss breaks down this Birds of Prey trailer for all the details you may have missed, including a major Easter Egg that changes Harley Quinn's connection to Batman and the Joker. Who are Huntress, Black Canary, Rene Montoya, and Cassandra Cain, and how are they connected to Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)? Why doesn't the villain, Black Mask (Ewan McGreggor) appear in his iconic mask? How does this Birds of Prey movie screen test connect to the one released for the Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix? Watch Erik's monthly live show DARKEST TIMELINE COMEDY every first Friday of the month (starting Feb. 1)! Tickets here: CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: CONNECT WITH ERIK: SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including these beautiful people: Kelly Hopper Kenny Smith Wilhemina Ebbesen Matthew Salvas Pony Stark CaroleBDCDiva Matthew Ahrens Dory Zein Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina Post Production Supervisor: Devin Cleary Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión Music: "Sci Fi" from

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New Rockstars
New Rockstars:
Hi there! Erik here. For those questioning which Robin was the one the Joker killed, some clarification. In the comic A Death in the Family, yes, the Joker killed Jason Todd. That's not the version of events I'm referring to in the video, however. In the animated film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the Joker reveals he tortured TIM DRAKE to find out Batman's identity. In the DCEU, a scene in Batman v Superman showed a defaced Robin suit in the Batcave. We assumed it belonged to Jason Todd. BUT, last summer, Zack Snyder clarified it belonged to DICK GRAYSON. It's a little confusing, I know, but according to Snyder, Grayson is dead. Any future Nightwing movie will presumably have to ignore this detail. Here's a source with Snyder's statement:
Jack McD
Jack McD:
Only Erik could take a 30 second trailer and make it into an 8 minute video.

Wow! Came back to see 421 likes. Thanks everyone!
Margot Robbie said that the Reason why the Title Of the movie is Long, is because the movie is not very dark and serious like BvS or Titans. That’s why the Title sounds funny. It’s a fun movie
Gummy Worm Guy
Gummy Worm Guy:
Obviously black mask will win

As long as he has the high ground
**Ewan jumps from high ground down to the low ground**


Harley Quinn - “Hello THERE!”

**Ewan** - Visable Confusion
Dare Bear
Dare Bear:
“Hi am Erik Voss”
Got to love it
john smith
john smith:
Black mask has to say hello there in birds of prey
A Humble Hero
A Humble Hero:
*throws Harley Quinn in the title*

Horny Nerds: *AAAAAAAH*
Travis Games
Travis Games:
4:34 shows revenge of the sith labeled as attack of the clones. Star wars fans be like 😠😠😠😠
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson:
Black Mask is being played by ewan McGregor, sad to see he has turned to the dark side
Jerry Forbus
Jerry Forbus:
What if the cards are a reference to the "Royal Flush Gang"? Also, embrace your dark side D.C.
Damn I thought that was lil tay I was about to be pissed
I want neon-pop, because it will feel like it's own movie compared to trying to remain in the earlier themes of the DC cinematic universe. Dark and gritty is fine if Chris Nolan is in charge, but I'm so tired of the Zack Snyder approach to Batman oriented things. Batman isn't dark and gritty to be cool, he's cool because he is dark and gritty. That's what Snyder didn't realize. The Birds of Prey should look like an acid trip on cocaine and feel like watching Smokin' Aces for the first time.
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega:
My guess it's a reference to the fact that in the comics Harley has a crush on Bruce Wayne.
Malachi Blaylock
Malachi Blaylock:
“Hi I’m Eric Voss” gets hooked
alex quimby
alex quimby:
def a lighter pop but still with that dc greusomeness and a side of a little psychoticness so that its fun but we know they're still badass and dangerous af
Michael Torres
Michael Torres:
CW called, they want their promos back.
Ultra Ninja
Ultra Ninja:
The trailer CONFUSED me i was like wtf but this helped me understand
Ian Joseph
Ian Joseph:
Anytime there’s a trailer for anything in the DCEU my reaction is

“Wait, that’s still happening?”
I disagree with one thing: I really think the one in the yellow and black tank top was Canary, just handling Harley’s bat for some reason... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Haley S
Haley S:
Love these Easter Egg videos.
DaVinci 3
DaVinci 3:
Like if Eric is awesome
This is the first DCEU movie I'm actually excited for. Not only cuz of Ewan MacGregor, but all of the characters they're using haven't really been seen all that much on the big screen. I can't wait to see how they do Zsasz!
But wait... If you make a movie showing the darker side of dc how do see the movie, itll just be black
Gavin Gwinn
Gavin Gwinn:
My friend on Instagram said that he thinks the Bruce name is a reference to Bruce Timm. Who created Harley Quinn.
BIlly Ray
BIlly Ray:
Why in the Hell is Black Mask some pretty boy and not wearing his Mask?!!!
Jug Head
Jug Head:
The last part is hilarious 😂👌
Comic book movies are officially dead. It's been a fun ride, peeps, but I'm out.

/shuts the door
I love any movie with Margot Robbie. She's an amazzzing actress. I watch suicide squad just for the Joker and harlie quin. They were awesome in that movie. Is this an extension of that movie? I hope harlie quin didn't separate from the Joker 😔 they were awesome together!!!
Star Wars and marvel reviews
Star Wars and marvel reviews:
She’s the prey robins the bird
Jake Dunn
Jake Dunn:
Um actually ☝ that clip of obi-wan saying "hello there" is from Revenge of the Sith not Attack of the Clones
JaclynHillsHairy Lipstick
JaclynHillsHairy Lipstick:
Diamond for canary because of the luxurious route? No
Have you never heard of Canary Diamond? (Yellow Diamond)
That ''blonde'' could use some work
Mr Sniper1730
Mr Sniper1730:
Zsas in gotham is my type of villain
The Gamer Guy
The Gamer Guy:
4:33 that's revenge of the sith from 2005 not attack of the clones.
Curtis Baum
Curtis Baum:
Black Mask will win by taking the high ground
synopsis: Harley Quinn Leads a suicide squad to rescue a young asian batgirl from the evil grasps of Obi Wan Kenobi
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :::
Super excited for this🙋‍♀️
*Didn't laugh to any of your jokes until the last re enactment* 😂
I'm here for Ewan McGregor
David Evans
David Evans:
DC great, all you've need to be a super villain is a giant mallet. Oh and to be a little crazy. :P
Fawaz Prihardi
Fawaz Prihardi:
7:46 I stunned... I've literaly stunned.
Ryan Hysonie
Ryan Hysonie:
7:46 This scene tho 😂😂😂😂
4:34 That’s Revenge Of The Sith. You can tell due to Obi Wan’s high ground aura around him.
German Pérez-Duarte
German Pérez-Duarte:
4:34 - Attack of the Clones?? BLASPHEMY!
fan boy
fan boy:
Loved Eric's Harley costume at end
King Marion
King Marion:
My life will never be the same after "Hi, I'm Eric Voss" 😭
Malachi Blaylock
Malachi Blaylock:
I love this trailer
HyperHope XD
HyperHope XD:
I swear thus is like my 5th time watching this video lol
Carson Schoch
Carson Schoch:
Epic Remarc
Epic Remarc:
6:34 but how? His grave is there when Bruce’s parents were buried. As if this universe wasn’t inconsistent enough
Kyle DeSmet
Kyle DeSmet:
4:34, boy Attack of the Clones seems a bit different than from what I remember
"Hi! I'm Voss Erik!"
So wait, is it Dee-nah Lance or Die-an-ah Lance. Cuz personally I thought it was pronounced the second way
Anna G
Anna G:
I love the neon style
Getsi Landa
Getsi Landa:
You just made my day Erik!! 😂😂
Donovan Delaney
Donovan Delaney:
We're still waiting for that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn stand alone film. Harley x Ivy.
Dark 80's synth atmosphere in a movie like this would be awesome.
Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας
Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας:
4:34 error. Its Revenge of the Sith
Actual Pancake
Actual Pancake:
This is my most anticipated superhero movie tbh
Mook Gee
Mook Gee:
oh Erik you're slowly becoming one of my favorite people to watch
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez:
The end of this video made my year🤣🤣🤣
Melissa Sue
Melissa Sue:
I know that your shirt is an otter Eric , but it always makes me think Weasley is our King .
Trynn Fanfulik
Trynn Fanfulik:
I was dying at the end of the video😂😂😂😂
Coconut Bomber
Coconut Bomber:
4:35 I died 😂😂
Liam Khan
Liam Khan:
4:34 General Kenobi!
Luke Kersten
Luke Kersten:
bruh I can handle mistakes but when you say that "hello there" is from attack of the clones, that hurts me
Sophearith Saing
Sophearith Saing:
That ending though 😂😂
Omg i bout died at him doing the Harley Quinn Montague at the end 🤦🏽😂😂🤦🏽
Erick V
Erick V:
Love the ending 😂
arglax Z.O
arglax Z.O:
I was so confused when i saw the balloons and the IT sounds
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson:
When he made the star wars reference the clip said attack of the clones! I'm disappointed
Bahaha, you're amazing Erik! See you soon...
Actressintrain Bri
Actressintrain Bri:
Lol loved that ending haha to funny 😂
Zeen Zones
Zeen Zones:
YEEET ERIK VOSSS (I thought this movie was directed by James Gunn lmao)
Romina Maturana
Romina Maturana:
To have something lighter, I can watch marvel. I love dc being dark! Please!
Marleykye 2000
Marleykye 2000:
7:47 that is the stuff of nightmares
Lil Boy Jordie
Lil Boy Jordie:
When it plays the little “hello there” clip it says attack of the clones instead of revenge of the sith
anthony tenorio
anthony tenorio:
Omg I love lil tay as future batgirl!!!
Foundation SW
Foundation SW:
4:34 General Kenobi, you are a bold one.
Matcha do About nothing
Matcha do About nothing:
Hey that’s how it can work out
Dc can do stand-alones and alternate universes
And marvel will have the one big universe
Oreo’s salad
Oreo’s salad:
2:22 best movie of all time
Michelle Matlhaba
Michelle Matlhaba:
I'd like it to be as fun, bright and alive like suicide squad🖤🖤
That ending 😂
Tyler Collins
Tyler Collins:
Lmaoo I literally had no idea a trailer was released until I was scrolling through Margot robbies ig comments and someone said something 💀
Lmao loved that ending!
Hamoody Al Sane
Hamoody Al Sane:
5:00 no need for a mask, Kenobi is all we need
fan boy
fan boy:
I really enjoyed different teaser from mainstream movies
4:49 is that my boy Chains from Payday?
Jimbo's land of awesomeness
Jimbo's land of awesomeness:
How am I only hearing about this now
Ewan McGregor. I’ve missed him
I was going to say Bruce Timm lol! Damn mind reader!
Catboy Nitron
Catboy Nitron:
Make it dark! I'm tired of the damn PG-13 ratings! SO I WANT IT IN A DARK TONE!!!
4:34 Revenge of the Sith not Attack of the clones
Maria Victoria
Maria Victoria:
Erik gets a pass for along video, there are reaction videos as long or longer.
Gaea Ranee Ibanez
Gaea Ranee Ibanez:
I've been waiting for this!!!!!
Rose Colored Boy
Rose Colored Boy:
Lighter tone def. I couldnt stand to watch another edgelord movie from DC :(
Mighty Tyrtus
Mighty Tyrtus:
Zsasz was in the Batman Knightfall comics that came out in like the 90's... so I dont think hes directly from the more recent comics
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley:
I’m getting a Drive vibe from it.
I would love this movie to have a lighter tone, carefree, just them having fun, what I wanted Suicide Squad to be, they could take inspiration from Thor Ragnarok and make it a comedy