Birds of Prey 2020 Set Photos - Harley Quinn New Costume

Birds of Prey 2020 set photos today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of Margot Robbie's new costume for Harley Quinn filming! Birds of Prey 2020 set photos today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of set photos of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in a new costume while filming Birds of Prey 2020 for the DCEU aka DC Movies! Enjoy this breakdown of set photos for Birds of Prey before you see the full movie in 2020 from the DCEU aka DC! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today! BTT T-Shirts, Backpacks, Cell Phone Covers & Mugs! Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph! Twitter: #BirdsOfPrey #HarleyQuinn #DCEU

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I think it's too much of a jump from villain to anti-hero for casual fans. Don't get me started on kicking Barb out of her own team.
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas:
They're starting to lose the red and black colors and the whole harlequin motif.
Deppressive Dude
Deppressive Dude:
Harley Quinn has never looked less Harley Quinn
I was *very* confused until I realized you said male & female “GAZE” and not “gays”.
The most annoying about this is that she has completely skipped the domestic violence angle. Harley quinn will always live to please someone and want an alpha. Harley isn’t an independent character and Margot completely just doesn’t understand
A Internet
A Internet:
Atomic Blonde is nowhere near the same league as Kill Bill
Pvrple Heart
Pvrple Heart:
I honestly had to rewind when I thought Grace said "the male gays and female gays". Lol
Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes:
She looks like she's wearing Robbie Rotten pants.
Marcelino Dreams
Marcelino Dreams:
who knows this could be just a costume she wears for 2 seconds..
ariana moore
ariana moore:
I think Robbie feels like because people loved her so much in SS and that she’s, super hot frankly, that she can get away wirh making this her vanity project. But the DC fans are super super skeptical and tbh if this isn’t a good movie our good will towards her will go south quickly. We all wanted Poison Ivy and Catwoman standing next to her, not this acid fashion show.
Black Cauldron 101
Black Cauldron 101:
Let's hope she gets kicked out of the birds of pray group by the end of the movie and finds Gotham city siren's
taylor kapros
taylor kapros:
i just want her to wear red and black at least once in the film😭
Kim Scheffer
Kim Scheffer:
She looks like a halloween inspired harley quinn look from a college glee club
Wait, whats the requirements to attain flop status? Didn't Atomic Blonde make 3x it's budget and Kill Bill made 6x its budget? Not to mention Kill Bill became a pure Classic. I mean the numbers are nothing compared to huge blockbuster returns or what the studios expected but I wouldn't say they bombed.
Grace. Kill Bill was hit. What are you talking about? Both budget was 30 mil. and both volumes made over 150 mil. Where is the flop at? Didn't Charlize Theron say that the Atomic 2 was in development?
Maybe we should watch the movie first before we tear it apart
Maira Shahid
Maira Shahid:
I second what you're saying Grace, When I see these photos, and the Teaser yesterday I didn't think Harley Quinn but rather Margot Robbie. I think experimenting with story/style/visuals is fine but this is still based off of an established character and they have to be careful to not totally re-write her. Still i'm hoping for the best, maybe this will be a surprise (a good one Lol) but I can't say that DC/WB haven't peaked my interest with these bold (or maybe disastrous) choices
So because men aren’t interested in Harley’s fashion the only way to balance that out and to keep their attention is just to make her sexualised? Men can’t be interested in her story if she’s not in a pair of booty shorts and a crop top? Don’t really know/like what you’re going for here Grace
Paul DeVries
Paul DeVries:
I really don't get how any of this says, "men, this isn't for you." She still looks super sexy. I mean, I can see sensitive MRAs getting upset, like they do with everything. They're pretty much the PC police in reverse.

When you ask the question at the end, "Who do you think she belongs to?" I can think of two things. If we sexualize her, we get dangerously close to fetishizing domestic violence. If women take inspiration from her, I hope it's from her ability to overcome difficult situations and be her own woman. So... hopefully she belongs to women?
Brick Master Entertainment
Brick Master Entertainment:
Am I the only one who looked at the thumbnail title and think of Tropic Thunder?
you got all that from some set pictures of a costume? i...
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Todoroki Is A Beast!:
The more and more I see and hear about this movie the more and more I am hating it and I still say they should have done Gotham City Sirens and give me Catwoman and Poison Ivy with the real Harley Quinn not this nonsense
Agent 47
Agent 47:
Let’s hope that Harley Quinn has a classic looking look at some point in the film
Im still not happy about no Barbara Gordon and Canary not looking like herself in the comics. Still hopeful, but this could be another stinker. Hope not because I like Harley Quinn, Huntress, Canary and Batgirl quite a bit. Why always these experimants just for the sake of trying something different. The great part about Aquaman, Wonder Woman,. Mera and Shazaam and so on was that they looked like their Originals in the comics. Iconic looks are iconic for a reason. You see a british guy holding a Walther PPK in a tuxedo next to an Aston Martin and know its Bond. If the same guy was wearing Jeans and Sweater holding a Beretta and standing next to a Motorcycle no on would know it is James Bond.
Henry Mitchell
Henry Mitchell:
as a guy I’m TOTALLY here for the pants!!! I’d love a pair myself
Jesse Vargas
Jesse Vargas:
You got all that from this one shot of her outfit? 🤷‍♂️
DooM HomeGrown
DooM HomeGrown:
Let's wait for a trailer first then we can see what's up. I feel a Suicide squad vibe, and that movie made money so....🤷🏽‍♂️ hopefully the script is better.
Morgan's Corner - The Series
Morgan's Corner - The Series:
ARGH!! All these judgements based on candid, back-set shots!
Jake Birch
Jake Birch:
You got all that from a few sequins and a new hairdo?
fabbiano cruz
fabbiano cruz:
she is no harley !!they shouldve picked some one else ...she not funny enough
Alix Strothers
Alix Strothers:
I think this looks amazing, I’m excited to see what this movie will be about! But also I don’t think this movie will ever do as low as Atomic Blond or Kill Bill. Also I don’t think she will ever destroy the character like JLaw did with Mystique. But I do also agree she needs to keep the core of Harley the same.
Tyrone Fant
Tyrone Fant:
Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is a great comparison.
O.o o.O
O.o o.O:
idk... that's a lot of opinions over so few pictures
An-To-Ny DFWReset
An-To-Ny DFWReset:
Agreed, I as a male feel like this movie excludes straight men. This movie screams feminism and LGBT.
Kill Bill, Atomic Blonde, BOP Photos
Aesthetically Approved.
-Straight Male
ariana moore
ariana moore:
I don’t want to hate this but I want Gotham City Sirens so bad I can already feel myself hating it lol.
keiley k
keiley k:
Hmmm I didn’t think that costume is too femininist I mean she is wearing a midriff
I was confused as I thought you were saying gays.. Appealing to male gays??? Ohhhhh gaze I get it lol
2:20 I'm doing an EPQ (dissertation) on this!
"Must characters from books to films be faithful to the original story in order to appeal to the original audience." It's phrased better on the essay, but that's it :)
let's just agree that this is not Bruce timms HQ nor DC comics HQ, we never got her....
Freddy Rodriguez
Freddy Rodriguez:
Am I the only one who thinks grace is overreacting?
I will judge the outfit based on the scene and storyline; there might be an actual reason for this look. Last video Grace, you requested the blue and red color theme. Well you have it here. One of the reasons I enjoy Harley Quinn is because of her constant reinvention of her look; and as a woman who has gone through trauma I too can relate to reinventing myself and just wanting to feel like a completely different person. Give her some room. She looks fabulous, sexy, and classy but most importantly: new and unique. If she was wearing a speedo THEN i would have an issue lol.
Reading way too much into it Grace
Grace: "Margot Robbie looks beautiful."

Not in these photos; talking about drugged-out white trash would be an insult to drugged-out white trash.

Abatos 11
Abatos 11:
It doesn't look like Harley Quinn, which is creating an identity crisis, which will lead to fewer dollars at the box office. :p
"Why do you have to kick out a fan base to bring in a new one?"

You forgot the most important part: "A new one that is infinitely smaller and nowhere near as interested or loyal"
Garrett Carter
Garrett Carter:
"Even when they were trying something a little bit new, they still got the essence of the character."
Case in point, The Dark Knight had a Batman that felt like Batman and a Joker that felt like Joker.
I didn't like Dark Knight Rises because it had a Bane that didn't feel like Bane and a Talia al Ghul who couldn't have been further from her original source.
Patrick Sayre
Patrick Sayre:
Will “HINO” be a thing when this comes out?

Just be Harley...
I love how Grace dances around actually saying “get woke go broke “.
I'd like to remind that Harley got her degree in psychology through bed. Want a source? The Batman Adventures: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm (creators of the character).
What made WW so good was that it wasn't forced feminism. It's was just a great movie, with a great character, and a pretty good story. Which is all you need, and all that people want.
S_lopez 805
S_lopez 805:
"Too aggressive and too independent?" They're just pants!
I think it was really smart for them to release the first look yesterday in advance to filming in public today to get ahead of set leaks
Tomás Tomás
Tomás Tomás:
Grace, I love you and I'm usually on board. But I think you're a bit triggered here. Way too many assumptions and judgments based on a minuscule amount of factual or observable information...
Margot Robbie trying to flex that Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2 Clout on BOP

But without having had Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 1 Success....yet
there making to many changes to "Black Canary" as well
Donna Troy/ Wonder Girl’s Superhero Outfit For Titans Is Revealed!!! I want to see what you think about it 🖤
Solomon Dow
Solomon Dow:
People always overreact when initial looks / set leaks are revealed, it's one of the worst parts of geek culture.
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez:
I thought I was watching a Victoria's Secret commercial when I saw the teaser.
Dark Nexus
Dark Nexus:
What's a bit alarming besides Harley being shaped to fit around Margot, is how much creative control she seems to have on the film!
"Weve been promised lots of costume changes"

Is this the most female movie promotion line ever?
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze:
But Grace, as a superior Hollywood elitist, Margot Robbie gets to to put her spin and artistic flair on the character. How dare fans question the authenticity!
Shane Reynolds
Shane Reynolds:
"See you soon".

Nah im good.
Ive been burnt by the DCEU too much. Ill just keep Harley in my Animated Series and Arkham series nostalgia box.
Jon Frey
Jon Frey:
Making a Harley Quinn movie without the Joker is like making a Venom movie without Spyder-man.
Ohh wait a minute...
Kemet Comics
Kemet Comics:
I definitely see the “guys this isn’t for you concern.” Although honestly I don’t have an attachment to this character anyway so maybe that’s good. My sister loves her as a character though. 🤷🏽‍♂️
King Graham
King Graham:
Still looks like a PERFUME COMMERCIAL....
Great vid! And yes, Wonder Woman was both male and female friendly!
Cameron Robb-MacKay
Cameron Robb-MacKay:
The teaser reminded me of that movie The Spring Breakers. I'm waiting for a tattooed James Franco dressed as the joker to step in front of the camera
Dont make me rip one of my fav characters 😭
I just see Margot Robbie and not Harley Quinn🤷🏼‍♂️
jennifer venegas
jennifer venegas:
It’s not the same with out cat woman and poison ivy trio😭and what about Barbara Gordon🤷🏻‍♀️
The MCU God
The MCU God:
I love how you cover all this stuff! Most channels don’t cover things like this. You’re awesome 👏!
I'm not hating this but there'll always be a part of me that wished they chose either Gotham City Sirens or Birds of Prey or some type of crossover; not Birds of Prey with Harley on the team and NO Barbara Gordon Batgirl
Totally agree with your Grace. Also, I just don’t see HQ here 🤷🏻‍♂️
Straythorn 011
Straythorn 011:
Am still waiting for an actual trailer before I judge. The one yesterday doesn’t count to me
I say let the movie get made, released and actually be seen before everyone starts prematurely bitching as usual.
Ad infinitum
Ad infinitum:
Harley Quinn the face of modern Feminism! This might not end well for anybody.
andre dubois
andre dubois:
the 2 looks of Harley are HORRIBLE....a bif turnoff
Sean Anthony
Sean Anthony:
I'm concerned that Margot doesn't really understand the character completely, and to be honest it kind of looks cheap,but it's still really early, so hopefully it good. Got to see the first full trailer to make up my mind on this.
Quinton du Plessis
Quinton du Plessis:
How do you replace the greatest villain in comic book history? If they go this route Birds of Prey is a failure before it even started.
Right Winger
Right Winger:
I really enjoy Grace's reviews and insights with regard to comic book movies. She seems to be fair and offers an unbiased honest opinion for the most part. Keep up the good work Grace.
Nicholas Andreyev
Nicholas Andreyev:
I think HQ is great but you shouldn't have to downgrade the joker to make her look good.
Patrick Young
Patrick Young:
Maybe it’s like with Suicide Squad, if I’m remembering correctly you didn’t like the first looks at Harley there either
The movie is a bit of a turn off for me. When I heard Barbara was getting kicked out for Harley Quinn, I had worries and now I am thinking that all my worries are coming true.
Raul Masha
Raul Masha:
The one movie no one ever asked for in the DCEU, I'll still watch it though.
Reginald Rich II
Reginald Rich II:
All of this “summing up the movie based on a picture” is getting a little bit silly
Alejandro Frade
Alejandro Frade:
So when are we going to get the male version of this? We need equal representation of genders.
Pablo Limonta
Pablo Limonta:
I wish more people had as well reasoned thoughts on these types of subjects as you do.
I was so so confused by the gaze thing too. Grace - no more GAZE!
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul:
I really hope DC don't get woke. It didn't go well for Lucasfilm or Sony.
Margot Robbie got comic book character tips from Jennifer Lawrence.
Chris Villegas
Chris Villegas:
Damn, this already feels like a failure
soo....we're never going to get to see Mad Love on screen are we, I just think that is such a strong part of the story and heck I remember watching that as a kid and not really grasping what exactly was going on until I got older, I think it's part of the characters DNA and to skip this I don't like, you could have told a great/strong story with that (I don't know much about DC, but I did watch the cartoons)
Btw Grace, the teaser trended. That said, I hope someone makes sure this is true to the comics.
Not Emo
Not Emo:
It still REALLY makes me mad that they replaced batgirl...
Dang. This is a very interesting analysis. A lot of this would never have occurred to me on my own.
I love your videos but at this point you just making something out of nothing
Addison Leavitt
Addison Leavitt:
Every time you talk about the "male audience" I feel severely misrepresented. Lol