Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Billie Eilish is the hyper-talented singer/songwriter behind platinum hit singles like "Ocean Eyes" and "Lovely," and her first studio album—When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?—is set to drop March 29th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the 17-year-old phenom becomes the youngest guest ever to take on the wings of death. As Billie battles through the spice, Sean Evans busts out a full bag of Hot Ones tricks, including a blind soda tasting and a breakdown of some of Billie's most iconic outfits.



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First We Feast
First We Feast:
Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!
Nerd Herd
Nerd Herd:
Billie Eilish:
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can, I can, I can't.

13 Year old girls:
TheRe mUSt bE a dEePer MeANinG
This is how many people want to see Keanu Reeves
Man they did her wrong with the carbonated drinks...that makes anything hot triple
Garbage Dad
Garbage Dad:
She was so genuinely fun. Love when people are themselves in interviews
Jonatan Dones
Jonatan Dones:

Billie: i played red dead redemption but only for the horses tho
imagine being this guy, eating spicy wings with celebrities for money.
Jayden Smith coming in and saying, "iM HeAlinG YoU" killed me.
Sean hasn't had a solid shit in over 8 years
Taeao RTKC
Taeao RTKC:
Billie: "I go to hell when I die...and so does he."
Her inner monologue: "I'm dragging him with me."
Alex Wong
Alex Wong:
I bet that Sean Evans never had a proper poop since he started Hot Ones.
Albino Beerus
Albino Beerus:
Billie Actually Looks Like Scarlett Johansson's Daughter.
grace jelly
grace jelly:
I feel that the hot ones always make more meaningful interviews than others.
Kaylee Leanne
Kaylee Leanne:
Let’s all take a minute to go back and watch 21:20 when Sean starts shaking the bottle and the look of fear and panic on billie’s face sets in
They need Keanu reeves on the show. Every wing he eats I want him to say “ITS BREATHTAKING”
Michael Libasci
Michael Libasci:
I’d like to appreciate Sean for literally having hundreds of guests and yet he never makes it feel awkward. He’s a great interviewer
samoona khalid
samoona khalid:
Literally nobody:

Billie: *laughs at the joke she made months ago*
Johan Barranco
Johan Barranco:
You should do , Chris Evans , ice cube , Keanu reeves , Seth Rogan and shakira
I love that you can hear Finneas laughing in the background. Siblings goals.
not really a fan of her music but she has such a cool personality i like her
Hussain C
Hussain C:
Billie Eilish: *Opens mouth*
14 y/o girls: write that down, write that down
Kiowa Cosgrove
Kiowa Cosgrove:
Billie: My lips are very *sPiCeD oUt*
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27:
If Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne had a kid, it would be Billie.
Jack Rysavy
Jack Rysavy:
i gotta be honest, i didn’t know how much i loved billie until right now. it’s really cool to know that she’s not super edgy like in her music. outside of her music and her performance art, she’s actually just a pretty normal kid. and i actually love that.
this is the first time i’ve seen billie so comfortable and enjoying the interview. she even went for a long answer😃 i love sean for always bringing the best and genuine in the celebrities. 💜💜💜
Sometimes I just wish you were gay
Sometimes I just wish you were gay:
I can,I can’t,I can,I CAN,I CAN! No no I can’t,I can’t.

Sounds like me on a math test
Meg Kat
Meg Kat:
Sean: So tell me about this fit pic.
Carolina Pietracci
Carolina Pietracci:
I love how she didn't answer half of the questions and the interviewer just kept going 😂
Ashely Sinanan
Ashely Sinanan:
16:07 "I'm just dipping my water.....I mean dipping my lips"
Dontrell Stevenson
Dontrell Stevenson:
"They put me in a TIGHT... TIGHT body suit."

Yeah, someone went to jail over that comment, I bet.
I love how Sean eats vegan nuggets with his vegan guests. It's so considerate!
Sagwa사과 Choi
Sagwa사과 Choi:
I wonder if I. Can handle that if I can handle the nuclear noodles
ayo GET TYLER on this show
7:38 wow I didn't know she can do the Emilia Clark thing with her face :D
Destiny Wyatt
Destiny Wyatt:
Ultimate dream: saying “it’s tradition around here to put a little extra on the last wing, you don’t have to if you don’t want to” to Sean
Squilliam Farts
Squilliam Farts:
Now she got a bellyache
Nyah-Simone Johnson
Nyah-Simone Johnson:
Billie:-suffers. Sean:-asks another question
Snowy Beatz
Snowy Beatz:
4:32 When your getting shot through walls in COD
“ where should I start one or, no three I’m a bad bitch”

Had me dead
Kristie coyle
Kristie coyle:
dude, the only reason I ever played "red dead redemption" is the same reason that Billie ever played the game..... sweet
She has a much better spice tolerance than Gordon Ramsey did
She has the demeanor of a 50 year old divorced diabetic man.
Revel Syndia
Revel Syndia:
Billie: Freaks our while eating spiced wings
Me: Freaks out when I hear her sing
Valeria Nicole
Valeria Nicole:
19:40 AHAHAHA "I'm hEaLInG yoU" HER FACE. Honestly same cz like whaaaat 💀
the way y’all edited that story 😂😂
Julio Zavala
Julio Zavala:
“And I dont wanna lick them”

*licks them

Eva And Ocean
Eva And Ocean:
billie: "i go to hell when i die..... And so does he" i died right there when she said dat lol
I'm a mid 30s guy that isn't interested in her music but I still think she's pretty cool.
Allen C
Allen C:
Jesus, she's so down to earth and hardcore at the same time! That going back to Da'Bomb?? I like her!!!
Does nobody realize how good this man is at interviewing? It just sounds like a normal conversation
Billie: *chomps down a piece of chicken*
13yr olds: holy shit that's deep
Just Chill
Just Chill:
Ladies learn! This is how you should behave when having a good meal!
Loll Ipopp
Loll Ipopp:
Billie : I go to hell when I die and so does he.

Everyone in the room : *claps*
4:02 He forgot to warn her about hands near one’s eyes.
Billie: *burps*
13 year old girls: ''Wow, that's so deep"
Raelee McQuay
Raelee McQuay:
i cant.. yes i can... no i cant.. yes i really can.. no no i really really cant.

me every time i come back to school from break
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
She seems to came out straight from the early 90s. Those baggy outfits woww
༺꧁༺ Cheesecake •༻꧂ I
༺꧁༺ Cheesecake •༻꧂ I:
23:04 when he said describe what’s going on in your body she was like what
Bijoy Chandra Roy
Bijoy Chandra Roy:
*I can, i can't, no i can, no no no i can't*
*Sounds like me when i see my exam question*
Ali Rizvi
Ali Rizvi:
Me: **watches one billie eilish video**
Youtube: "I think he likes her"
Katie Close
Katie Close:
i am homeschooled. she has insulted my kind, but im not mad at all :D
Lil Adam Official
Lil Adam Official:
Billie: Burps

Me: *fell in love*
Count the times she said "like". It's like a million like times. She's cool though
She sounds like Ellie from The Last of Us.
Yo. I'm not famous or anything. But I really wanna eat them damn wings.
She doesn't have a ring on her pinkie.
Louisa A
Louisa A:
I love Billie but those burps...oh girl 🤢
Leo Thor
Leo Thor:
Sean looks like Garrett Hilbert From Dude Perfect
john buckley
john buckley:
I just love these reactions! Especially when they get to dabomb!
chase _doesburg
chase _doesburg:
Billie Eilish says 2 words

14 year old: That’s deep
Mac M3lon
Mac M3lon:
Finneas laughing in the background make it 10x times better...
haley Parker
haley Parker:
The way her face drops when he starts to shake the last dab😂
HES Ghost
HES Ghost:
Billie: I used to play red dead redemption

Me: thank you billie

Her: I only played it to ride the horses

Me: but that’s like the lowest point of the game
Wynn Khuu
Wynn Khuu:
Billie on her last wing screaming sounds like Chewbacca
Fade Label
Fade Label:
Billie Eilish is that kid at school who mixes the food and drinks all together and eats it
Kamilka Balazova
Kamilka Balazova:
Billie: YEEETTT!!!!!!!!! *She trows a chair at me and a brush to brush my hair*

Me: I Can i can't i Can I CAN I CAN! No no i can't i can't brush my hair.....Run)
Taja Maizonet
Taja Maizonet:
When she started running i died 😂😂
Awww but my poor billie she couldn't do it yo, lol but ngl i cant either frfr
jennifer sarrubbo
jennifer sarrubbo:
I absolutely love this and can not wait to see more, perfect way to interview someone!!!

Billie: *Makes ahegao face*

Hentai/porn artists: oh yeah, it's all coming together
Kath Vind
Kath Vind:
To all who say “ I thought she was vegan, why does she eat chicken”

It’s gluten free VEGAN nuggets. They say it several times in the interview.
She even takes the time to ask how the host is doing she is amazing I wish I could meet her
Hebrew G
Hebrew G:
This is exactly how young californians speak lol
Kiowa Cosgrove
Kiowa Cosgrove:
6:02 lmao you can hear Finneas laughing 😂
Jade Bayo Ba
Jade Bayo Ba:
5:48 now that candy is asmr stuff lol
Dhruv A
Dhruv A:
She's the bad guy, he's the bald guy
She has such a rare and loveable personality, and her eyes are beautiful, I love you fellow sagittarius Billie 💙
Tripp Campise
Tripp Campise:
You're taking big bites over there, sir. HOW THE *bleep* ARE YOU-
20:27 -- Dunno why, that face made me laugh.
omg her hair looks so much healthier here than it does now
I changed this comment so some of the replies make no sense
Mr. V Tarot reader
Mr. V Tarot reader:
14:40 rule34 artists are sketching their artwork
Dorothy Laplant
Dorothy Laplant:
When she laughed she scared the life out of me
Dionne Verduin
Dionne Verduin:
When I read hot wings I was like “oh well I know I’m getting clickbaited cuz she’s vegan but imma watch anyways”
Troy Russell
Troy Russell:
The blueness of her eyes is just magical..
melio Vasquez
melio Vasquez:
Interviewer: You had fun?

Billie: No.

Interviewer: Cheers.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio:
Dude, she’s hard core! Nice job Billie...
Avengers Jr
Avengers Jr:
I used to drink those wax type sodas when I was younger!!! Good to know there was more people then just me cuz I felt weird drinking them when I was young but they were soo goooood.....
Lord Master
Lord Master:
by far the cringiest hot ones ever, wtf
Yaya Lu
Yaya Lu:
Ah a true teenager, cusses and says like every five seconds