Bhad Bhabie Reacts To Fight With Iggy Azalea After Cardi B Fashion Nova Party

Danielle Bregoli Throws A Drink At Iggy Azalea At Cardi B's Fashion Nova Launch Party Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: Ariana Grande Reveals Mac Miller Meaning Behind New Tattoo 30 Celebrities Real Names You'll Never Believe Cardi B's Fashion Nova launch party was last night at Boulevard3 in Hollywood. Many celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian and social media influencer Tammy Hembrow were there, and so was both Bhad Bhabie (also known as, Danielle Bregoli) and Iggy Azalea in attendance at the event. It seems that things got a little heated, as Bhad Bhabie was caught on video throwing a drink on rapper Iggy Azalea inside the venue. As if that wasn't statement enough, Bhad Bhabie took to instagram later that night to continue her rant, and defend her actions calling Azalea "broke". On the other hand, Azalea seemed unfazed. However, what we wanted to know was what Cardi B had to say about all of this drama at her event, when the night was meant to be about her. Cardi B is no stranger to drama, or fighting with fellow female rappers *cough* Nicki Minaj *cough*. Let us know what you think about this turn of events in the comments below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Presented by Saphia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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HeLlO hOw aRe ya
HeLlO hOw aRe ya:
RayJay Joe
RayJay Joe:
Question is: who let a 15 year old into an adult party???
barbie k
barbie k:
Cardi throws shoes VS danielle throwing water bottles!!😂😂
trippy cesar
trippy cesar:
iggy is a straight savage with them tweets
Ima Savage
Ima Savage:
Iggy’s unbothered 👀👏🏼
yvette zavala
yvette zavala:
What is a minor doing at a party/club throwing drinks lmao
Afrika’s Finest
Afrika’s Finest:
Iggy Handled this like a Queen ❣️💕
throwing things at other celebrities is a trend now 😂😂😂😂
Blue kisses
Blue kisses:
I'm confused how do a underage kid get in a 21 and over Club
Mette de Brouwer
Mette de Brouwer:
Iggy is remaining unbothered
Tyanna Sera
Tyanna Sera:
Am i the only one who doesnt like bhad bhabie?
Naomi V_d_V
Naomi V_d_V:
ugh Danielle is such an exhausting person, in 3 or 4 years no one's gonna know her anymore.
Ashlee Sharpe
Ashlee Sharpe:
now what's up with these people starting fights at events that are supposed to be professional, like okay if you know you have beef with someone then don't go to the event that there finna be at.I'm tired of yall kids trynna be all gangsta and hard.
Phirak Sok
Phirak Sok:
Throw a drink? what did she threw? Lemonade?
Angie Playz
Angie Playz:
Iggy is Oceanic like me ;) anyone else Australian😂?
Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson:
It's embarrassing to see this trash still in the spotlight. Since when is popularity based on how illiterate and simple you are. I have no respect for the music and entertainment industry. #dumbfounded
We need supernanny. Not dr phil.
Kaylin Love
Kaylin Love:
I swear y’all be making the wrong people famous like she only 15 why she at a club she really wanna be grown so bad like who like they child go in a club🤣🤣🤣
Iggy should give rapping classes to Danielle
Joy Rice
Joy Rice:
“Bhad Babbie” need to sit herself down making beef with grown woman. STAY IN A CHILDS PLACE. CALL CPS!
Suné v. A.
Suné v. A.:
Damn she wants to catch everyone outside...

Seriously though she's getting out of hand
Angry Raisin
Angry Raisin:
Danielle does this for attention honestly. Have you guys seen woahvicky expose their conversation planning to fake fight for views? It's lame asf
Ray H
Ray H:
Danielle taking a page right out of Cardi b's book.
John Vickrey
John Vickrey:
Props to Iggy
Tyler Aker
Tyler Aker:
Nicki Minaj is just laughing on her throne, watching all of her sons fight each other. I don't care what you say.
mia corbin
mia corbin:
okay, in the thumbnail, she look drunk af.
Money Killer
Money Killer:
Bro bead babie sit down she sold more hit record then u
Kamirah Mirah
Kamirah Mirah:
Is it just me or does it seem like bhad bhabie tried to pull a Nicki and Cardi
Samuel Restrepo
Samuel Restrepo:
i'm always will be team Iggy
Take me back .tawii
Take me back .tawii:
Iggy won this so badly
Best Buddies
Best Buddies:
Fighting on social media....the hell is the world coming to....🤦‍♀️
Aaliyah Sampson
Aaliyah Sampson:
This isnt a fight clickbaited but ok
princess Menen
princess Menen:
Iggy 💖
Calls out Danielle bregolie about being a child
Uses the term "Lit"
Emil M. H.
Emil M. H.:
can this bhad bhabie person please CHILL DOWN A LITTLE BIT
Alexis Kyle
Alexis Kyle:
Danielle can't run with the wolves! Not so "bhad" after all!!
Deisy Orea
Deisy Orea:
Danelle ghetto as be thinking she’s somebody nah girl calm down. Iggy should of knock that lil girl out for acting like she’s grown. Lmaoooooo
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali:
Cardi should have squared up to Danielle to show her what’s up
“Some fat girl” how rude.
Scarlett M
Scarlett M:
*sips this tea*
"Yea this is some some good tea Iggy Azalea flavored with some Bhad Bhabie on the side"
Madison Cawthon
Madison Cawthon:
I love the Talko!!
Cayla Lynett.¿
Cayla Lynett.¿:
I love iggy so damn much again!👏
Stars Vasquez
Stars Vasquez:
Tea time 🍵 lets get sippin 😂
qweeen Torres
qweeen Torres:
This is my favorite YouTube channel
She's 15.
Tonette's TextingStories
Tonette's TextingStories:
P J:
Can we talk about how beautiful Iggy looks? 😳
anime lord
anime lord:
Danielle is 15 trying to fight a gown woman girl sit down u were famous from Dr Phil don't forget that.
[Elihki The Tomato]
[Elihki The Tomato]:
Oh this is nice.
Jarren Lumpkin
Jarren Lumpkin:
Two Hearts
Two Hearts:
I'm kinda early n hiii
Some One
Some One:
Iggy’s unbothered and that’s what bothers Danielle
Fabbiha lol
Fabbiha lol:
Kind of early
Where were her parents?
coolmaggs ___
coolmaggs ___:
Cardi Bs makeup❤️❤️ #loooovvvveee
harlow jean 1975 deymonaz
harlow jean 1975 deymonaz:
I love iggy
Watery Wind
Watery Wind:
Yeeoooo she was reading the iggy tweets and when it said “lol” she read it together like it was an actual word😂😂😂 1:34
Lola Perez
Lola Perez:
"I'm a grown up"
*Calls Danielle fat*
Bhad bhabie needs to get slapped HARD

Any offers?
okay and so?
okay and so?:
What did cardi say?😒
Ziyahh Ziyahh
Ziyahh Ziyahh:

I Promise To Like This😁
Notification squaddd
Alyssa Skits
Alyssa Skits:
Iggy is so savage with them comebacks and remains unbothered 😂👌🏻
Jayy Power
Jayy Power:
- I am here
dean nixon
dean nixon:
Just get to the point

Who won
"The Dr. Phil girl." 😂😂😂...crazy world yo
Amanda Jean
Amanda Jean:
Fire whoever did your brows in the thumbnail!
Elm Entertainment
Elm Entertainment:
Danielle needs to stop she just fights with older people cause she knows they can't do anything to her
Nicole Rivers
Nicole Rivers:
This is my fav channel!
Ana Kimberly
Ana Kimberly:
Bhad bhabie fights with everyone daam she’s crazy this shot bro
Madysons World
Madysons World:
Iggy Aliza

Nicki Minaj

Cardi b

I like all 3
mak pap
mak pap:
Still standing by Bhad Bhabie's side 😂
When this "grown" woman calls another girl fat, then she's not grown at all although the girl was acting inappropriately.
clown face
clown face:
early i love you ❤️🐮
Well now cardi knows how it feels to ruin someone else’s event 🤣
Little Bean
Little Bean:
Early squad wya?
Osborne Sisters
Osborne Sisters:
Please like I’m the 90th comment I love the talko❤️❤️❤️
Anmol Sra
Anmol Sra:
Keep in mind, cardi’s reaction wasn’t even in this lol
Mango Conchile
Mango Conchile:
isnt iggy pushing 30? danielle is 15 lmao wth.. i mean i cant stand either of them.. but yea
Victor Perez
Victor Perez:
The TEA is real ❤️
Giselle Yanez
Giselle Yanez:
L'hibou D'MSP
L'hibou D'MSP:
Best female rappers ever:
1- Nicki Minaj
2- Cardi B
3- Young M.A
4- Iggy Azalea
5-Lil Uzi Vert
1274067683- Short fat Bhabie
Junito Punto Comm
Junito Punto Comm:
2:07 Daaammnnn !! 🍑👀
miz erie
miz erie:
This is civalized maturity vs uncivalized immaturity 😂
Danielle bregolli is the living embodiment of down syndrome
BratCalebNation Editz
BratCalebNation Editz:
Why would iggy want to fight a ki-

never mind 💀
numbchild 11
numbchild 11:
Iggy was classy with it there you go girl kill em with kindness👏🏾😍
Quinn aesthetic pancake heaven
Quinn aesthetic pancake heaven:
Dam iggy made a Queen move I love how she handled it
Micheal jose manuel
Micheal jose manuel:
Juliana Noelle Jones
Juliana Noelle Jones:
Bro Like wtf she looked cross eyed in the thumb nail 😆😆😆
Danielle Bregoli attitude is unacceptable and could have been mature about it BUT y'all cannot deny she is funny when she's angry. LOL
Aaliyah Sampson
Aaliyah Sampson:
Prime content right here 🙄 #next
Tina Thompson
Tina Thompson:
Their just trying to be like the Cardi and Nicki fight. Their both irrelevant.
Tiffany Li
Tiffany Li:
I forgot that iggy was still here 🤷🏼‍♀️
Shayna Jacob
Shayna Jacob:
What the "F" does cash me outside mean anyway?
Willasia Willasia
Willasia Willasia:
Notification Gangggg 😌’
Morgan Samborsky
Morgan Samborsky:
K but where was Cardi's reaction..? It was literally the title and had nothing to do with the video.