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I got the pro bounce 2018 for $58 there on sale for 83 and if you use code NOVSALE You get a extr 30 percent off
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Joshua slosser
Joshua slosser:
You got should review the crazy byw x
BYW X Is a aguas l Adidas originals shoe for basketball, not Adidas basketball division. It's weird I know
C Smith
C Smith:
I got the dame 4 miadidas for 25% off on Saturday
Kyle Maynard
Kyle Maynard:
I bought Nike air precision just for $60 herr in
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson:
I got uncaged ultraboost for $75 during their last 40% off sale
BYW X are on the originals section
Miranda Arrona
Miranda Arrona:
Hi great vid
Simon Gatuz
Simon Gatuz:
I have that green colorway. It's the Splatoon 2 Colorway.
FaZe _R0YAL:
Sole brother can u guys do kyrie 5 vs kyrie 2
Daily Dose of Dominic
Daily Dose of Dominic:
You guys should do the Zoom Rev 2s
T.H.E. Weasel
T.H.E. Weasel:
Adidas also has a sale on select NMDs, NMD50 is the code
Pez Sagala
Pez Sagala:
Sup sole bros
Kurtsey Yrastorza
Kurtsey Yrastorza:
Make Kyrie 5 performance review
Michael Chan
Michael Chan:
NOVSALE ended if anyone didn’t know.
Joshua slosser
Joshua slosser:
Dude I'm really thinking about those Kobe's though. Wasn't a big fan for 200 but now I might think about it if I see them at the outlet I will
George Edmond II
George Edmond II:
Welcome back guys glad yall ok!!
Griffin Melton
Griffin Melton:
its kinda funny because for Christmas Kobe shoes and all this sudden this video popped up, and then i whowed my mom the KOBE 360 NXT and she is getting them for me, i got them for $119.98!!! im soexcited for christmas 🎄
At 2:07 you can see it at the top lmao
aqchino 08
aqchino 08:
I saw soldier 12s in 52$ at nike last weekend.. crazy.. lots of sizes
Valentin MT
Valentin MT:
Guys, which one is better? Pro bounce 2018 vs jumpman hustle
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson:
It may be that the BYW X doesn’t appear on adidas basketball because it’s released within their Originals category, and those things tend to be siloed.
O smedema
O smedema:
Bro I found the Kyrie flytrap for 40 🙏🙏
Pero Paka
Pero Paka:
The best shoes Chanel on youtube
Positive cop
Owen Costello
Owen Costello:
Shoutout Pete Carroll
Kyrie 5
Soren Long
Soren Long:
Nice vid
Mac Gavin Cobankiat Cua
Mac Gavin Cobankiat Cua:
Michel Navarro
Michel Navarro:
You guys cracking on Adidas was too funny, "what ta fck is this". They need to organize their site they really do have random shoes on there. like Donny said, wtf is "Cloud foam super daily" lmao
1:47 wtf? the shoes didnt even look bad
Richard Xia
Richard Xia:
Hi guys, anyone knows any good NMD deals? thx
They don’t got the I went in the website they don’t have the PG 2.5 TB
PrFy BlakeyBoy
PrFy BlakeyBoy:
Gian bagunu
Gian bagunu:
Oscar - 23 - V
Oscar - 23 - V:
nice video
Eric Cuaresma
Eric Cuaresma:
jdu127 Channel
jdu127 Channel:
kool kids