Best Black Friday Deals 2018

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Woohoo phones are 999$ instead of 1000$ on Black Friday.
(Edit: Wow this is my first top comment, I didn’t expect all these likes.)
St Hr
St Hr:
I wait all year for Black Friday to arrive so that I can choose to buy absolutely nothing.
Jim Bob
Jim Bob:
Cheaper versions of tvs are made exclusively for black friday. Be careful
Google Andrew Yang
Google Andrew Yang:
Been waiting for this so I can buy Spider-Man at a discounted price
Alejandro Olivera
Alejandro Olivera:
HERE in Mexico is the “buen fin” and they increase 20% of the price before the “buen fin” to later dicrease it 20% in the tecnologies 😭😭😭😭😭
What about Lamborghini

I meant how much would it cost 😃
Siddhesh Swami
Siddhesh Swami:
Please also include Walmart black Friday deals
Braneyes Gaming
Braneyes Gaming:
Can't wait to get trampled
Kamar TheGamer
Kamar TheGamer:
V-loging 😂😂😭😭😭
That 200 dollar Ps4 is looking tempting.
Team Honda
Team Honda:
I would highly not recommend the jaybird x3, I got it and with in 3 months they stopped working, I got new ones and the earbud kept falling off.
Badboy DCX
Badboy DCX:
I really want a gaming PC but I don’t want to pay 2k or 1k for 1
Google home mini
(Like if you choose Google over Alexa)
0:00 A little bit much „day“
I found the iPhone X for 999$ but you get a 400$ coupon
gameon alby
gameon alby:
There's always better deals than this .You just have to wait.
VPR Realtor
VPR Realtor:
Hi there .. Thanks for sharing.
Have you updated the link of HP Spectre 360 that you mentioned in this video for $320?
Catherine Green
Catherine Green:
I’ve been waiting for this a long time ago!!! so I can buy Xgimi home projector at a discounted price!
Yes I can’t wait to buy my Gameboy on Black Friday yayy😂😂
Mr.Silent bugs
Mr.Silent bugs:
Anyone else is waiting for the new ps4 console in 2019
Bloody ad comes 1st
So dislike every time when ever ad comes on 1st
Jeff Brigman
Jeff Brigman:
Love the lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself
Nix Gaming
Nix Gaming:
5:28 I love it v-loging
Peter Campbell
Peter Campbell:
My birthday is just a few days before black Friday so I get money for my birthday and then get lots of stuff cheaper
Niven Stanley
Niven Stanley:
I just LOVE! Divi :) The Divi Black Friday sale is going to be amazing. Can't wait!!!
david nichols
david nichols:
"Black Friday" means a disaster happened.
this was so helpfull i love ittt
Ayaan’s Gaming Channel
Ayaan’s Gaming Channel:
I’m going to the dollar store cuz everything freeee!
Dean Hughes
Dean Hughes:
I’m just waiting to get an intel i7 on sale for my pc
Bill I
Bill I:
You owe me 6:27 of my life back!
Alex Paniagua
Alex Paniagua:
Can you do Nikon Cameras?
gamer Boi 42245
gamer Boi 42245:
I'm so hype for the ps4 gettin dat do sho
shaymys armstrong
shaymys armstrong:
Was that the grand tour in the background!?!?
Scott McClure McClure
Scott McClure McClure:
Where is the HP laptop for that price
55” 4K smart tv for only $199? I call BS
Blitzy 9979
Blitzy 9979:
When you rather watch a yt video then search it up online
MrsTop Roblox
MrsTop Roblox:
As soon as black Friday come Everybody gonna. be a Walmart And when you go to the back where the devices and Xboxes at they gonna be poof *Gone* smh
Dope Kicks
Dope Kicks:
21% OFF for All UA sneakers and shoes at Dope Kicks! Site link is in our page:)
Gregory G
Gregory G:
Igor Sidelkovsky
Igor Sidelkovsky:
informative and detailed review about Best Black Friday Deals 2018and it sounds interesting upon watching this video,thanks for sharing it
Larry Huffman
Larry Huffman:
Thanks for the info. I also like
AjinaX MSP
AjinaX MSP:
Does anyone know if Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera 4k gonna be on sale?
It currently 497$
Ultimate firedude
Ultimate firedude:
I wait till cyber monday i dont even know what black friday is anymore like
Jason Landers
Jason Landers:
This is the last year it's being labelled Black Friday for some reason or other.
Greg James
Greg James:
Hi tech heads!! (Me included) is there a sound bar/home speaker system that will literally blow my socks off? I want the Tupac of speaker systems lol, anyone got suggestions?
Apple Anime
Apple Anime:
Bro if I was this dude I wouldn’t tell you this I would buy all this
Antonio Esparza
Antonio Esparza:
Come on BEST BUY!!!!
John Fanning
John Fanning:
You got a great channel!! I subscribed because your great!!
Oh Frezh
Oh Frezh:
Black friday at 23Nov but i get my loan at 26th😣 Edit i shouldve saved. :(
Minoxidil Beard and hair products
Minoxidil Beard and hair products:
Is it true that early deals start this Sunday?
joek money
joek money:
Man I missed out on the iPad Pro 10.5 sale 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 will there be another?????
Dear Agony
Dear Agony:
I already bought a TV
tyler garrett
tyler garrett:
Sprint offers even more off phones just sayin
okera dyer
okera dyer:
As for the sharp i went on it, but I am not getting the discount, I guess because I am doing online shopping
Mike B
Mike B:
Have mixed feelings on how I should feel on the fact that my super old 46" LCD TV that cost nearly $2k when I bought it new still is chugging in while there are TVs that are better, bigger and for easily a fifth of that cost.
fly one
fly one:
I can't get a deal on anything without the checkout employee thinking I'm trying to scam them.
Ryan Vo
Ryan Vo:
Well the items also have a discount but bought online?
Utshab Bhusal
Utshab Bhusal:
Well I guess I have to come back next time.
Angelo G
Angelo G:
I heard the time to buy TVs is 2 weeks before Super Bowl
Minoxidil Beard and hair products
Minoxidil Beard and hair products:
What about amazon fire stick?
King Bowser
King Bowser:
I feel poor looking at these
B&B productions
B&B productions:
Great.. deals...
You are awesome sir....
iOS God
iOS God:
Nothing I want is on sale!
Neil Williams
Neil Williams:
we need this . Sales choice is really difficult and you end up buying the hype
sunshine 849
sunshine 849:
Hey you reading this.

you deserve to pamper yourself a little
Just picked up an S9 Plus from sprint very nice
jaybird x3 are always this price this time of the year
InSaniTy ツ
InSaniTy ツ:
Might get the note 9 for the galaxy skin lol
Flaming Toast
Flaming Toast:
Never been to Black Friday but have seen videos. Online shopping is easier anyway
i need a nintndo switch
Jessibel decardi
Jessibel decardi:
You're a good youtuber! crazy good deal on #lumiy desk lamp and #ipad @amazon
Daniel Vos
Daniel Vos:
This video was totally necessary!!!
ItsB1scuit ッ
ItsB1scuit ッ:
Did mans just pronounce vlog veelog?
Rylan Cruz
Rylan Cruz:
Walmart has iPhone XS, XS max, and XR deal where if you activate one there with Verizon, sprint, or at&t you get a $300 Walmart gift card. Do you think they’ll sell out if I get there early?
Adefemi Kasali
Adefemi Kasali:
200$ for a PS4, I hope that I can get one.
Ghost Nishiki
Ghost Nishiki:
I'm hoping there's an actual good switch deal for black Friday
Josue Perez
Josue Perez:
Aré AirPods going to be on sell in some stores
Jessica M
Jessica M:
Um...…. He forgot the ipads and the tablets. Did anybody else noticed that? Is it just me okay...….
I really wanted to get the Xm3’s but I guess gotta go with the 2’s cause I ain’t spending 150$ more on something that’s only a small wave better
wait when does the ps4 bundle begin and end???
Cryptic Diety
Cryptic Diety:
vee loging lol
Ijanae Reed
Ijanae Reed:
For some reason I think I want to by a xbox just because lol
what was that tv stand in the video ?
Trex max
Trex max:
if ps4 goes under 30% i well buy it!
What about the switch?!
The best deal are after Christmas Black Friday are a joke
That’s it for The other ones
That’s it for The other ones:
Where’s the PRO at??
Lori Schiedler
Lori Schiedler:
I think you weight 164. And I love your channel!
gaurav shinde
gaurav shinde:
this guy doesnt know that most of these "deals" are marketing tactics and ultimately ur paying the same or more for a new product or less for a used/refurbished prpduct. its all a trick tbh. but some deals are legit
Monte Munkhzaya
Monte Munkhzaya:
Alexis Toledo
Alexis Toledo:
Can you research if they have the LG v40 on sale
Juan Yupa
Juan Yupa:
What about cyber Monday?
Leo Kelly
Leo Kelly:
bob thebuilder
bob thebuilder:
Pc gaming supreme controller's for peasants.
What about logitech gear??
Mohymen Maytham
Mohymen Maytham:
Will ps4 be in best buy for black Friday. Please someone let me know
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews:
Slick deals -> 3 month Spotify Subscription + google home mini for $0.99
80%? I thought it was 37%?
e r
e r:
I like Black Friday, I sit at home and wait for the news on how many morons got trampled for a klondike bar. It's madness, almost as good as the Roman Coliseum in the good old days.