Ben Affleck Says Goodbye to Batman Role

If you haven't already, Subscribe! → After a year and a half of speculation, rumors, and reports, it seems like it's finally official: Ben Affleck will NOT be returning as Bruce Wayne / Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming film The Batman. SOURCE: ORIGINAL REPORT: Help us make better content by joining our Patreon! → Royalty free music provided by Audio Waveform designed by: Connect with Hybrid Network! Website → Like us → Follow us → Podcasts → HN Entertainment is a community delivering the best content in pop culture whether it be news, speculation, reviews, podcasts, rumors, & more! We deliver educational & entertaining content leaving each viewer informed on any franchise we cover. HN Entertainment is pop culture annotated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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jesse alvarado
jesse alvarado:
I liked him as the bat. He’s only as good as his script
Batflecks fighting in the films I think was the best fighting out of any Batman film from BVS
michael grayson
michael grayson:
He was a good Batman the script limited his potential but everyone knew and knows he’s a good actor. Hope they get someone as good as he was
Sweet Karma
Sweet Karma:
So far Batfleck is the best and most comic book accurate Batman to ever grace the silver screen... I'll miss his Bruce Wayne more though; I thought his Bruce Wayne was perfect!
John Forge
John Forge:
Like I don't mind him hanging up the Cape. In a positive note he can now focus on himself and staying healthy and co parenting his kids with Jennifer Garner.
Tragic smh, he didnt get a fair shake, he had potential to truly be the best Batman, I'll never forget that beautiful warehouse scene and the intensity he brought to bvs...Thanks for a solid run Ben
I just wanted to see him as a great Batman there was so much potential
Рендй Рубан
Рендй Рубан:
Mr. Affleck, I don't feel so good...😣
Saurabh Kulkarni
Saurabh Kulkarni:
A. He didn't confirm he's giving up on the role.
B. It's gonna be a story arc for the Matt's Batman trilogy.
C. There's a possibility that he might reprise his Batman role in the next instalments of solo Batman movies. Period.
Jair Silvera
Jair Silvera:
Batfleck will be missed! 😭😭😭😭😭
Jarren Davis
Jarren Davis:
Acting wise Affleck is the best by far to be the Bat, Bale was way more realistic in his moments as Wayne—lines included because both had horrible ones.
Scott Bradley
Scott Bradley:
WB can't keep great actors for roles in the DCEU!
Nightmare Knight
Nightmare Knight:
😭 Please don't leave Batfleck.
*I hope they remember you* "Yes we will Ben, yes we will."
John Forge
John Forge:
I'm conflicted.
"I'll prove them wrong" Gives up on Batman...... I cant stand Affleck
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia:
It would make sense right since Matt Reeves movies is supposed to take place in Batman's early years meaning they need someone younger?
CJ, I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the iconic warehouse fight scene being the best thing ever. Affleck would've been ideal as a big, brooding Caped Crusader, capable of snapping Tom Hardy's Bane in two with minimal effort lol. But that warehouse fight scene alone is quintessentially how I imagine a project with Affleck would've turned out- violent af, gritty, cinematic, dark (duh), and most likely, FAR more successful than jl. I realize not everyone likes him as Batman, but he was committed to getting the right physique for the role and he has the acting chops as well.
Such a damn shame. Would’ve loved to see his performance fully realized and it would’ve been godlike if he ended up directed like what was originally intended
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ:
Wow DC is ripping itself apart
Darth Rangus
Darth Rangus:
Oh, who cares already.
This is literally the 20th time he has said "goodbye"
CyberTiger 45
CyberTiger 45:

Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
He was a good Batman, the warehouse scene was the highlight. With a better script/director he could of been great.
Agathor 1930
Agathor 1930:
Him in BVS, I loved, thats my favorite onscreen Batman. But when he was basically sleepwalking through JL, I was wanting it to go to someone who still had passion for it
Dark Vortex
Dark Vortex:
Hey dc i have an idea...... START OVER!!!!

Start with Superman with Henry Cavil
Then do Batman and get Ben Affleck BACK
Keep wonder woman & Aquaman the way they are. They r perfect the way they r.
Igor Roque
Igor Roque:
Ben Affleck as Batman was so good, After Christian Bale, I still didn't learn to say goodbye and now with Ben Affleck also not
Gary Mijangos
Gary Mijangos:
He isn’t part of the Matt reaves project however he still has a contract with warner bros studios so he may still be part of the justice league or make cameos in other films
Paul Champion
Paul Champion:
RIP BATFLECK, wish we got to see more of you. A solo movie would have been great at least with Affleck in it.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil:
I kind of wanted him to hang onto the role a bit longer.
Cinex Barbarian
Cinex Barbarian:
I like Ben as Batman. They making a big mistake. I guess they going younger. A Batman Beyond movie would be nice.
Wile Style
Wile Style:
Mine is from JL when they stand together United
Pocket Heart
Pocket Heart:
I thought he was the best Batman we've had.. the Dark Knight movies were good but Bale really dropped the ball inside the suit. Affleck is a much better actor and really sold the role, I am sad to see him go. That said, they can get someone who will do well, and this time, someone who they can keep on a leash lol.
Joshua A Smithers
Joshua A Smithers:
What if Matt Reeves vision includes him (Ben Affleck)?
I still love you Ben! Can't wait for triple frontier
ill Drumatik
ill Drumatik:
Hello darkness my dear freind...
Batfan 559
Batfan 559:
They should focus on Thomas Wayne's Batman then.
The Villainous Dude
The Villainous Dude:
Hello Darkness My Old Friend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez:
Im sad I loved Ben, please we need you Ben
Sergio Assassin
Sergio Assassin:
WB and Snyder we’re behind ruining everything to cause a stress to Ben, I consider him the best Batman
Comics Book Awesomeness
Comics Book Awesomeness:
DCEU was dead before it started
Best news i've heard all day, Butman is finally out ;)
It's time for Scott Adkins to take on the mantle.
Nick white
Nick white:
2 days after this vids a 2nd ONE saying he still batman came out
I wonder if Cavil will wind up leaving as well
J Taylor
J Taylor:
I was shocked but I really enjoyed seeing Affleck in the role of Batman. I'm sorry to see him go
Stay away Cheeki Breeki
Stay away Cheeki Breeki:
NOOOOOOOOOOO! ROTTEN TOMATOES I will have my revenge. 😠
I told you so! Hahahahaha
End Boss Eleven
End Boss Eleven:
George Clooney is the best batman xD
4 Litre Spooly Boi
4 Litre Spooly Boi:
This literally is non-news. There’s no confirmation here.
gamer josh
gamer josh:
He was my favorite batman dceu didn't do him justice farewell you were a great Batman
Renee Peck
Renee Peck:
Sad news, but I guess we have to move on.
Scottish Spineret
Scottish Spineret:
LMAO oof ....The Batman aka The Cutman 😂😂😂😂👌 everything after JL us is Retconed soft REBOOT
Bacon Maken
Bacon Maken:
He was a great Batman. Felt like he came straight out of The Dark Knight Returns comics. They should have given him a solo Batman movie. Justice League was a rushed mess and he deserved better.
Isaiah Christopher
Isaiah Christopher:
Aaww man he was one of the best 😟😵😵😞😞😭
Laxus FT
Laxus FT:
Yesss, now give us a true Batman
Patrick Shore
Patrick Shore:
Ben Affleck was my #1 best Batman actor of all time. Hearing that he's leaving the cowl behind, I'm really upset about that, and I think I was because we were pushing him to hard. Like we kept in asking him about where's the batman film coming out and is he working on it right now, at the time when he was director. Without Batfleck, the DCEU/World of DC could crumble, and when we saw him, he was fantastic, not only because how awesome he was, but because of the Warehouse scene of course. Even though it might have been another actor doing the punching, he was part of it and he brought the Arkham games to life with those fighting skills.
Thanks Ben for being a great Batman so far. Miss ya.
Jin Joo
Jin Joo:
SuperNova 22
SuperNova 22:
Negasso Kadir
Negasso Kadir:
lol DC still trying
kwi lah
kwi lah:
Best fight was the warehouse rescue in BVS
Khaleb Titus
Khaleb Titus:
Wtf why just why he was great I just wish we could have seen him in the stand alone
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson:
If affleck has a better script he could’ve been the best Batman
Frick WB.
Masterjedi Keith
Masterjedi Keith:
So sad to hear this😢
Kermit Die in a sad way
Kermit Die in a sad way:
what about the justice league vs darkseid
BryFry OG
BryFry OG:
Thank God!
Graciela Rivera
Graciela Rivera:
Or Jason Segal?
Russel Biboso
Russel Biboso:
Do you bleed?
Giorgos Patras
Giorgos Patras:
Batffleck for ever
Pale Horse
Pale Horse:
Andrew Lincoln should be the next Batman!!! Rick from the walking dead!!! 👏👏👏👏🤘
Next they're going to confirm Henry Cavill is out. If that happens then I'm out. Screw you WB
Bye Batfleck , that warehouse was sick af. I can watch that scene over and over again.
Thomas Alexanian
Thomas Alexanian:
It's sort of understandable
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka:
What that sucks I liked Ben Affleck Batman
Joshua Preston
Joshua Preston:
Maxlo Leon
Maxlo Leon:
He was the best batman actor I knew
GuNjAn StArK
GuNjAn StArK:
Why 😢
Lee Lewis
Lee Lewis:
Wow. It seemed like just the other day we were getting pictures of the new Batmobile and Batman's new look for Dawn of Justice. Now three unsuccessful stints later and Ben Affleck is no longer Batman. I would have liked for him to continue as the Bat, but can't blame him for wanting out. Incredible how WB could make someone NOT want to be Batman.

I don't know the full details for sure, so there may be more to things than WB's woeful mismanagement, but that definitely played a huge factor I'm sure.
Asat 85
Asat 85:
Damn very disappointed
Perry McCorkle
Perry McCorkle:
wasn't he the one that was all hardup to put on the bat suit tho... and then he bails.
Jay Turani
Jay Turani:
There’s been half dozen men that played Batman. They come and go. I’m not losing sleep over his departure
Oh okay
WolfThornn Holtzklau
WolfThornn Holtzklau:
Sad news. Hes easily best Batman imo
Vinny de Faria
Vinny de Faria:
Fatir Khan
Fatir Khan:
Zack snyder wasted him.He could have been great.
Synyster Goose
Synyster Goose:
Batfleck was the most accurate Batman in live action.
stranger new life
stranger new life:
Wait I thought he was not doing this role but still staying for the current Batman
Old Guy
Old Guy:
Never liked Ben for the role of the bat in the first place, good riddance.
Sagnik Pattanayak
Sagnik Pattanayak:
good story and good direction is important
Why is the mission impossible fallout dream music playing
Anthony Felder
Anthony Felder:
So disappointing. I was among the minority who knew he could play the role. Better than I'd hoped.
Nelson Villegas
Nelson Villegas:
I actually liked his portrait of Batman.
The E Double
The E Double:
I LOVED Ben Affleck in the BM role... PLUS I LIKE CONTINUITY OF THE ACTORS... Switching out the Actors causes a level of cheesiness and then Fan disconnection!!! So I'm hoping the Relationship repairs and he's back! 😎❤👌
Em Li
Em Li:
We can stop going through this right? It's getting old
ClickingFenix Ent
ClickingFenix Ent:
DC is dead to me now.
Good news
Graciela Rivera
Graciela Rivera:
Who is playing Batman Jake Gyllenhall, Jason Segal, or Seth Rogen?