Becca Sends Blake Home Broken Hearted | The Bachelorette US

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Bachelor Nation
Bachelor Nation:
Should Becca have picked?
Madison Hutz
Madison Hutz:
Jeeze, could they have made him walk any further? They know he's a sweaty man, get him some shade people!
Ellyn Park
Ellyn Park:
like this if you think blake should’ve won
Tami Sidauga
Tami Sidauga:
Since she knew who she picked by end of last date, she should've sent him home then instead of letting him spill his heart out to her in a beautiful, well thought out speech, sweating in that heat with a dark color suit on and then made him walk away when other guys were driven away. Poor guy. . Some woman will be a lucky girl when she has his heart, he's a keeper.
Emily Principe
Emily Principe:
Seeing a man cry is soooo devastating 😩 love you Blake!
Toria Rose
Toria Rose:
Ya' gotta make him the Bachelor. He's a sweetheart, and he deserves the best.
It must have been extremely hot, and the camera lights didn't help. He was sweating bullets. He's a really good guy, I'm wishing him all the best in his future.
Wow. This is the realest heartbreak I’ve ever seen in this show.
Privah Eliberz
Privah Eliberz:
She should have sent him home during their final date... this is ridiculous. I dislike Becca for this. Blake is too good for her.
Phalyn Williams
Phalyn Williams:
I don't like the fact that Becca let Blake pick out a ring, go through a marriage proposal just to turn him down. That was very tacky. She should have sent him home on the final date. Like the way, Rachel did with Peter. I think Becca made a mistake and she should have accepted Blake's proposal.
Lovelle Liam
Lovelle Liam:
Chanmolyta Kim
Chanmolyta Kim:
Blake for Bachelor <3
Brooke Rea
Brooke Rea:
wow this is so sad, alexa play despacito
Meg Pritchard
Meg Pritchard:
Damn no one could even hand him a rag to wipe off his dripping face?
It hurts to see him so happy in the beginning of the episode. He didn't know what was coming...
Mary Reardon
Mary Reardon:
"All I can imagine is how happy she'll be when Garrett proposes" ALL THE FEELS 😭😭
I didn't even follow this season and I felt bad for him. He seemed sincere
Aisha Mulla
Aisha Mulla:
Is he crying or sweating, so much is happening
Mel melg
Mel melg:
He has to be the next bachelor❤
Carlene Lawrence
Carlene Lawrence:
Girl that is love when a man cried like that for you.
Jess Wynn
Jess Wynn:
Like if u think Blake should be the next bachelor to find the love he deserves!
Here after seeing Colton’s season
It was OBVIOUS that Becca and Garrett had a soulmate type of closeness all along. These guys ALL need not get their hopes up too high, your chances of winning are SMALL.
Sophie Metz
Sophie Metz:
When Blake started crying I wanted to give him a hug . I felt so bad for him:((
Juana Kravitz
Juana Kravitz:
I have to say seeing a grown man cry over a woman who he truly loved so much and only to get his heart broken. Jeez, you gonna feel bad for him. I hope Blake finds his love again and will heal from this.
Jaden Billings
Jaden Billings:
Blake is so much better then garrett . he had this whole speech for her. Garrett was just like marry me. Blake is better, you shouldn't have chose garrett.
“I love you.... Bye”

was his last word😢💔 aw I’m crying for Blake...
kirani K
kirani K:
This is sad!!!! I loved Blake
Rio Vista
Rio Vista:
Why did she let him say all that
Soul crushing for Blake
Sahara B
Sahara B:
This show is so disgusting, she slept with two guys, made out with ton of guys and made a few guys believe that she was falling in love with them. Blake would have been better family man than the other guy! It is really a sick game she played. I am sure Blake will find a real girl who will not be sleeping with another guy around the same time. Blake you deserve better.
Rosa Opinya-Narcia
Rosa Opinya-Narcia:
Get this man a paper towel !
Barb C.
Barb C.:
I agree that Blake was truly a better fit emotionally, intellectually and lovingly overall! I have to say though, as much as I wish she had chosen Blake, I guess I have to trust her confidence in making the best decision for her,,,,, for now. I will say that I really believe she's going to regret it. I see another Arie situation on the horizon......🤔😏
Blake, I'm sending you support and love. You are not alone.
Diane  Kline
Diane Kline:
Blake should be the next Bachelor!! He's was the most decent guy and down to earth💕💜
Madison Sellers
Madison Sellers:
Blake and Hannah G in bachlor in paradise please
Sunshine Forever
Sunshine Forever:
I LOVE YOU.......GOOD BYE!! this so heart wrenching every time I watch it. Becca this man truly loved you & you let him go. I hope Garrett is your person cuz Blake deserves a woman who wont say ...Good bye!!!.
JosevaNJesi Seru
JosevaNJesi Seru:
Aww 😭 I feel so bad for blake he was so heartbroken😭
Nasus Yad
Nasus Yad:
Please make him a bachelor , he deserves his pick of a bunch . So handsome and sweet. Cannot believe she didn't stop him right away . That is mean .
I have no doubts that he will find love, seems like a great guy.
Denise Drummond
Denise Drummond:
I bet Blake doesn't snore!! But only has butterfies.
D'Anna C
D'Anna C:
They're BOTH dying in the sweltering heat. It didn't help the situation at all.
Sister Snapped
Sister Snapped:
aw i feel so bad hes such a sweet man
Sarah Morrell
Sarah Morrell:
I think Blake should be the bachelor
R G:
What does he say at 9:05 that is bleeped out?
Lil J music
Lil J music:
She followed her heart Blake just wasn't the one for her
Garrett was so boring!! Blake had so much more depth
Karlicia Sutherland
Karlicia Sutherland:
Seeing him cry make me wanna cry too 😢😢this is so emotional 😢😢
Sophie Rodgers
Sophie Rodgers:
Bro this is heart wrenching
luke weber
luke weber:
I can’t believe they chose Colton for the bachelor after this. Blake probably would have declined anyway, after seeing how it feels.
Nisha nascimente
Nisha nascimente:
The next bachelor
Elaine Hope
Elaine Hope:
Poor Blake!! F Becca!! She said she didn’t wanna put anyone through what she did.. yet she did just that!!!
carol rajkumar
carol rajkumar:
Big mistake .Blake will find true love.
Carly Pacifici
Carly Pacifici:
Omg he’s so freaking cute and nice! Poor guy. I would’ve chose him
Hans Huang
Hans Huang:
You honestly dont deserve Blake. Not trying to be bitter but he is such a great guy.
Laura Ellen
Laura Ellen:
Blake for bachelor!!! Please!!! Then Jason!! I think Blake needs to be the next Bachelor for the same exact reason why Becca was the bachelorette. None of us could rest, knowing how badly she'd been burned. We're all going to feel awful for Blake until he's the next bachelor. Yes he is emotional, BECAUSE he just got dumped and he was wracked with fear. Becca cried buckets when she got dumped, too. Just because Blake was crying and emotional, doesn't mean he wouldn't be AWESOME as the next Bachelor (and Garrett would have probably cried too, if he'd gotten dumped). Look at Ashley Iaconetti, who cried MANY times on the show, but is awesome as a TV spokesperson when she's not in a nerve-wracking situation like this. BLAKE FOR BACHELOR!!!
Tiffany Maisee
Tiffany Maisee:
this is the most genuine, authentic, heartbreaking scene on the bachelor... gosh i get so sad every time..
Ashley Noaik
Ashley Noaik:
I cried 😪 I loved him
Katie Williams
Katie Williams:
Becca how can you tell a man your in love with him and had a strong connection and you broke his heart becca I'm done because all you kept talking about was Arie you pulled an Arie on Blake your engagement won't last long with Garrett you let two amazing guys go
Lisse Lynne
Lisse Lynne:
She did not deserve you sweetheart. I hope you risk yourself again ... you deserve love. You are a good, supportive, loving man. Yeah - just had to add - she let him spill his guts then kick him in them. Not right.
riggo rigo
riggo rigo:
So sorry blake😢send u some will find u the least u expect.
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect:
can someone give him a tissue he's sweating a lot!
Keo X
Keo X:
Poor guy. This was brutal to watch
Farrah Gabriels
Farrah Gabriels:
I will marry you Blake 😍 don't cry for her!
Remate Cox
Remate Cox:
This was so hard to watch. I liked Blake.
Gema Rambhajan
Gema Rambhajan:
Whew????? Dat was very heart wrenching for Blake .
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie:
Garrett over Blake? Lol you must be joking Becca...still can't get over it 😭😭
Aisha Mulla
Aisha Mulla:
How the hell did Becca not get any mosquito bites while being in the woods
Sunitha Doraivelu
Sunitha Doraivelu:
I love you Blake!!! You deserved better than how she treated you! She led you on this whole time and you shouldn't have been blindsided! All you ever did was show your love for her and you are the most genuine person I've ever seen on this show. I hope you find love soon! #BlakefortheBachelor
noorah nn
noorah nn:
He was SWEATING like crazy
Sheen Sheen
Sheen Sheen:
I wanna hug you Blake 😢😢😢😢Im here to love you !!! You deserve best.....
Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson:
God this was sad.
Lauren Seni Colney
Lauren Seni Colney:
He is so handsome please let him be the next bachelor...
merrymango 01
merrymango 01:
He was perfection in the flesh, how could she let him go like that?
Ben Collins
Ben Collins:
At 8;24 minutes into the video seeing Blake cry made me lose it, I was crying hard. Watching him on the batchlorette he made me laugh and smile, at the end I knew he wanted a shoulder to cry on. Secretly, I envisioned myself next to him for support.
Joe Bigs
Joe Bigs:
How many heart's did she BREAK BEFORE PROGRAMMED LIE BOX TV 🤔
Johan Herstad
Johan Herstad:
it´s brutal, man. i can´t even watch
Thong Nguyen
Thong Nguyen:
my anxiety level watching this was pHEW!
Rashmi Chhabra
Rashmi Chhabra:
Blake you are my all time favourite.. There s someone best for you.. You are so genuine.. Love you.
She only choose Garrett because all the other bachelorettes said there all with the person that got the first impression rose that’s the only reason why she did that shit. I don’t see a spark with her and Garrett.
Wendy Alien
Wendy Alien:
i think she picked garrett because he is just subtley better looking, although theyre both handsome
this is literally the most painful thing to watch
Ashley Noaik
Ashley Noaik:
Blake even on one of there dates brought her to see her favourite singer I don’t think Garret did that
Catherine C
Catherine C:
Blake was literally sweating.
Mary Cran
Mary Cran:
Holy beeejeebees! This is too cruel! Change this show! Hope there is nothing but love for Blake in his future! No one deserves this pain for a show! Its heartbreaking to watch. These dates and relationships are wack and cruel.
Donna Green
Donna Green:
Blake should know he Made Me BELIEVE in Love again! My passed mom, Inez Novella, and I Lived for The Bachelor! Best scene EVER!
Paa Nii Edward
Paa Nii Edward:
I think he cries so much to get a pick for the bachelor. He said he have to do it alone .If he's the bachelor he will get someone.
Marine Hanna
Marine Hanna:
People just keeps amazing me on how beautifully they can break up with someone.
Regine S
Regine S:
Yeah Becca, we also thought it would be Colton.
Katie Williams
Katie Williams:
Blake needs to be the next bachelor after Hannah’s season seriously Becca your loss on a great man.
Sarah M2020
Sarah M2020:
I was team Blake from the second he walked out! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 he didn't deserve any of this. The only up side to him being the first so two is a possible bachelor!!!❤
I did not watch but it would have been dramatic is she had screamed “Blake come back, it is you!’And then ran into his arms!
JP Bungart
JP Bungart:
Yes she should of picked Blake
Aliyah's World
Aliyah's World:
Haha who else is just laughing 😂😂
Andrea C.
Andrea C.:
I feel like crying, I’m so sorry Blake 😭 you deserve a real woman
Honey Lindsay
Honey Lindsay:
If she could send Jason home before letting him go through fantasy suite, surely she could have done the same with Blake in the finale. To let him go through the whole choosing ring thing, saying all those things to her, getting his hopes up, crushed his dream and then said to him the most dreaded thing any guy on her season could ever hear : "Can I walk you out?". Don't get me wrong. I love Becca & she was in a tough spot & I know she did as best as she could & she went through hell with Arie but still........ that was so painful even for us to watch. Cannot even imagine how Blake felt. 😭😭😭💔 And I am someone who think she did choose the right guy by choosing Garret. In fact, I saw it a mile away. But still, that was though. 💔💔💔💔💔😭
Huanxin Chen
Huanxin Chen:
I will marry you Blake
Poor Blake , don't worry , there is a better woman for you out there , a better one*.
Gema Rambhajan
Gema Rambhajan:
Hope to c Blake in bachelor in paradise an a perfect Bachelorette will b Hannah G.