Becca Sends Blake Home Broken Hearted | The Bachelorette US

Should Becca have picked Blake? In this emotional Bachelorette season 14 finale Becca Kufrin sends home Blake Hortsmann ➤ Subscribe ➤ The Bachelorette US Season: 14 Episode: 11 Bachelorette: Becca Kufrin Becca Sends Blake Home Broken Hearted | The Bachelorette US ➤ Want more? Watch Garrett's proposal to Becca here! ➤ ➤ Check out this playlist for more proposals from around the Bachelor World here! ➤ Welcome to Bachelor World! Here you'll find your favourite Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise moments from all around the world. Thought The Bachelor was just a US phenomenon? Think again! The romance, glamour and heart-ache may have started in the States, but the love-bug soon spread around the globe, from Australia and Canada, to the UK, New Zealand and beyond! Bachelor World is here to share the fan favourite and memorable moments from over 1000 episodes and 30 countries - Will you accept this rose?  ➤ Videos from Bachelors around the world uploaded every day! Share the love from around the globe ➤ Subscribe ➤ Find Bachelor World on Facebook ➤

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Bachelor Nation
Bachelor Nation:
Should Becca have picked?
Molly Rose
Molly Rose:
Did this break him? Like is this why he’s such a player now?
Nina F
Nina F:
How is this the same Blake that is now on BIP being the biggest F*ckboy ever?
Ellyn Park
Ellyn Park:
like this if you think blake should’ve won
It must have been extremely hot, and the camera lights didn't help. He was sweating bullets. He's a really good guy, I'm wishing him all the best in his future.
Wow. This is the realest heartbreak I’ve ever seen in this show.
M H:
Jeeze, could they have made him walk any further? They know he's a sweaty man, get him some shade people!
Emily Principe
Emily Principe:
Seeing a man cry is soooo devastating 😩 love you Blake!
Tami S
Tami S:
Since she knew who she picked by end of last date, she should've sent him home then instead of letting him spill his heart out to her in a beautiful, well thought out speech, sweating in that heat with a dark color suit on and then made him walk away when other guys were driven away. Poor guy. . Some woman will be a lucky girl when she has his heart, he's a keeper.
Lovelle Liam
Lovelle Liam:
Why did she let him say all that
Mary Reardon
Mary Reardon:
"All I can imagine is how happy she'll be when Garrett proposes" ALL THE FEELS 😭😭
Julijana Vlahovic
Julijana Vlahovic:
Now I understand why he is such a player on BIP.
This woman really did a number on him.
Garrett is perfect for Becca...but Blake is my favorite.
Chihuahua Gurl
Chihuahua Gurl:
just mentally preparing myself for hannah to break tyler’s heart this coming monday....
Aisha Mulla
Aisha Mulla:
Is he crying or sweating, so much is happening
Toria Rose
Toria Rose:
Ya' gotta make him the Bachelor. He's a sweetheart, and he deserves the best.
Meg Pritchard
Meg Pritchard:
Damn no one could even hand him a rag to wipe off his dripping face?
I didn't even follow this season and I felt bad for him. He seemed sincere
Holy hell, that was a TERRRRIBLE way to break up with someone.
Brooke Rea
Brooke Rea:
wow this is so sad, alexa play despacito
It hurts to see him so happy in the beginning of the episode. He didn't know what was coming...
Phalyn Williams
Phalyn Williams:
I don't like the fact that Becca let Blake pick out a ring, go through a marriage proposal just to turn him down. That was very tacky. She should have sent him home on the final date. Like the way, Rachel did with Peter. I think Becca made a mistake and she should have accepted Blake's proposal.
Thomihs *
Thomihs *:
This literally is the obvious explanation to Blake being a little dog this year with the whole BIP situation. Poor guy .... this was so awful to watch... on Live TV bruh
Chanmolyta Kim
Chanmolyta Kim:
Blake for Bachelor <3
Adam Binyamin
Adam Binyamin:
Atleast he went to stagecoach. LOL
Jess Wynn
Jess Wynn:
Like if u think Blake should be the next bachelor to find the love he deserves!
Mel melg
Mel melg:
He has to be the next bachelor❤
luke weber
luke weber:
I can’t believe they chose Colton for the bachelor after this. Blake probably would have declined anyway, after seeing how it feels.
Carlene Lawrence
Carlene Lawrence:
Girl that is love when a man cried like that for you.
Privah Eliberz
Privah Eliberz:
She should have sent him home during their final date... this is ridiculous. I dislike Becca for this. Blake is too good for her.
“I love you.... Bye”

was his last word😢💔 aw I’m crying for Blake...
It was OBVIOUS that Becca and Garrett had a soulmate type of closeness all along. These guys ALL need not get their hopes up too high, your chances of winning are SMALL.
Sophie Metz
Sophie Metz:
When Blake started crying I wanted to give him a hug . I felt so bad for him:((
kirani K
kirani K:
This is sad!!!! I loved Blake
Juana Kravitz
Juana Kravitz:
I have to say seeing a grown man cry over a woman who he truly loved so much and only to get his heart broken. Jeez, you gonna feel bad for him. I hope Blake finds his love again and will heal from this.
Jaden Billings
Jaden Billings:
Blake is so much better then garrett . he had this whole speech for her. Garrett was just like marry me. Blake is better, you shouldn't have chose garrett.
K B:
Such a big contrast to see how Blake was here compared to in BIP. I loved him so much in this season, but he’s so different now. Maybe he was always a player.
Joe & Emi
Joe & Emi:
Here after seeing Colton’s season
Mackman Theman
Mackman Theman:
Blake heart got broken into several pieces now each piece loves a different girl
Tiffany Maisee
Tiffany Maisee:
this is the most genuine, authentic, heartbreaking scene on the bachelor... gosh i get so sad every time..
Barb C.
Barb C.:
I agree that Blake was truly a better fit emotionally, intellectually and lovingly overall! I have to say though, as much as I wish she had chosen Blake, I guess I have to trust her confidence in making the best decision for her,,,,, for now. I will say that I really believe she's going to regret it. I see another Arie situation on the horizon......🤔😏
Rose Opinya
Rose Opinya:
Get this man a paper towel !
Weren't those Ari's exact words..."I feel like such a monster."
Diane  Kline
Diane Kline:
Blake should be the next Bachelor!! He's was the most decent guy and down to earth💕💜
JosevaNJesi Seru
JosevaNJesi Seru:
Aww 😭 I feel so bad for blake he was so heartbroken😭
D'Anna C
D'Anna C:
They're BOTH dying in the sweltering heat. It didn't help the situation at all.
Blake, I'm sending you support and love. You are not alone.
I have no doubts that he will find love, seems like a great guy.
Karlicia Sutherland
Karlicia Sutherland:
Seeing him cry make me wanna cry too 😢😢this is so emotional 😢😢
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect:
can someone give him a tissue he's sweating a lot!
Tanya A
Tanya A:
8:20 Aw this kinda broke my heart. 😢 I never saw Blake’s breakup with her. Well no wonder he is the way he is on BIP. Not saying it’s ok but it makes sense now. He’s not allowing love or any woman really penetrate his heart anymore.
Soul crushing for Blake
Michaela Caleb
Michaela Caleb:
“I love you. Bye.” 😭😭💔💔
Aisha Mulla
Aisha Mulla:
How the hell did Becca not get any mosquito bites while being in the woods
Ashley Gilman
Ashley Gilman:
Blake and Garrett were my two favorites, but there was always something about Blake, where I didn’t think he was 100% perfect for Becca.
The first time I watched this, I cried because you could literally see the heartbreak. I have never seen a heartbreak on this show like this.
I’m so happy for Becca and Garrett.
But dang, watching this even now makes my heart hurt for Blake. 😭❤️
He's so different now...interesting
Sophie Rodgers
Sophie Rodgers:
Bro this is heart wrenching
Laura Riley
Laura Riley:
This just killed me to see how much he was so in love and then he was told that he was not the person that was the one I thought he had for sure her heart god bless him that is really really a great man and I hope that he will find love back twice as much as he’s given his heart to her.
merrymango 01
merrymango 01:
He was perfection in the flesh, how could she let him go like that?
Sunshine Forever
Sunshine Forever:
I LOVE YOU.......GOOD BYE!! this so heart wrenching every time I watch it. Becca this man truly loved you & you let him go. I hope Garrett is your person cuz Blake deserves a woman who wont say ...Good bye!!!.
carcar 97
carcar 97:
Omg he’s so freaking cute and nice! Poor guy. I would’ve chose him
Reuben Ahmed
Reuben Ahmed:
She's just another brunette, you'll get over her.
Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson:
God this was sad.
Sister Snapped
Sister Snapped:
aw i feel so bad hes such a sweet man
Lil J music
Lil J music:
She followed her heart Blake just wasn't the one for her
Sarah Morrell
Sarah Morrell:
I think Blake should be the bachelor
Ashley Noaik
Ashley Noaik:
I cried 😪 I loved him
Hans Huang
Hans Huang:
You honestly dont deserve Blake. Not trying to be bitter but he is such a great guy.
Catherine C
Catherine C:
Blake was literally sweating.
Artin Azimi
Artin Azimi:
That fool is sweating wearing that suit in that climate lol
I definitely shared a tear or two when this happened. Still think she should’ve picked him ....
Remate Cox
Remate Cox:
This was so hard to watch. I liked Blake.
She only choose Garrett because all the other bachelorettes said there all with the person that got the first impression rose that’s the only reason why she did that shit. I don’t see a spark with her and Garrett.
carol rajkumar
carol rajkumar:
Big mistake .Blake will find true love.
noorah nn
noorah nn:
He was SWEATING like crazy
mange rita
mange rita:
Blake was so in love with her. I think she made a wrong choice
maria garcia
maria garcia:
"I can imagine how happy she's going to be when Garrett proposesto her" I felt that
Madison Sellers
Madison Sellers:
Blake and Hannah G in bachlor in paradise please
Chris Harrison knowing that he’s going home alone...
riggo rigo
riggo rigo:
So sorry blake😢send u some will find u the least u expect.
Andrea C.
Andrea C.:
I feel like crying, I’m so sorry Blake 😭 you deserve a real woman
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless:
Becca made the right decision for sure after bachelor in paradise
Sarah Scholl
Sarah Scholl:
just watching him talk about how happy he is and how much he looks forward to a future with her killed my heart because we already knew that she was going to reject him
this is literally the most painful thing to watch
Laura Rodriguez Reyes
Laura Rodriguez Reyes:
omg hes sweating so much!!!
Megan Heffernan
Megan Heffernan:
i feel so heartbroken for him
Lauren Seni Colney
Lauren Seni Colney:
He is so handsome please let him be the next bachelor...
Monica Nyambura
Monica Nyambura:
I felt so bad for him I thought he was the one
TV Show Reviews
TV Show Reviews:
He is crying over a woman there are millions of girls for him he can choose
Aliyah's World
Aliyah's World:
Haha who else is just laughing 😂😂
Garrett was so boring!! Blake had so much more depth
Katie Williams
Katie Williams:
Becca how can you tell a man your in love with him and had a strong connection and you broke his heart becca I'm done because all you kept talking about was Arie you pulled an Arie on Blake your engagement won't last long with Garrett you let two amazing guys go
Emma Schiffer
Emma Schiffer:
I paused it at 3:30 and I just know what’s about to happen because Blake was my absolute favorite and him hurting hurts me because I know how he feels 😭
Ben Collins
Ben Collins:
At 8;24 minutes into the video seeing Blake cry made me lose it, I was crying hard. Watching him on the batchlorette he made me laugh and smile, at the end I knew he wanted a shoulder to cry on. Secretly, I envisioned myself next to him for support.
Esohe Obasuyi
Esohe Obasuyi:
Whole time all I could think was...

Man you are really sweaty😂😂
I could understand if those were tears coming out from his eyes or just plain sweat😂
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy:
this was soooo hard to watch
Gema Rambhajan
Gema Rambhajan:
Hope to c Blake in bachelor in paradise an a perfect Bachelorette will b Hannah G.
Keo X
Keo X:
Poor guy. This was brutal to watch
Diana Romero
Diana Romero:
Aww 😭💔