Arsenal vs Cardiff City | Preview | Please, just try a little | Ft Lee & Chris

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Great show as usual Chig! It is great that you invite opponent's fans onto the show. Now, who will you invite when we play against the Spuds at Wembley? 😆🤣😂😅😄
MarbleHalls TV
MarbleHalls TV:
we'll go in total 25 years without winning the league.
Oliver Forway
Oliver Forway:
Imo Emery has been brought in on a two year contract to get us back into the Champions league like he did with Valencia and Sevilla and then someone else will take over after those two years, that's the way I see our plan
Chris Samo
Chris Samo:
cardiff are under big cloud ... sala plane missing has caused a big black cloud over us ... and trust me big story will come out about cardiff and there money making chairman ... im ramsey fan and hope he plays as cardiff fans love him
loool the ending
d Lon
d Lon:
Imagine if a less arrogant Wenger had moved upstairs 4 years ago and Pep or similar had come onboard. We really had this option
Chris Samo
Chris Samo:
and ramsey will do the ayatolah
Progressive Life
Progressive Life:
Yes it's sad but the game has to go on. They have to stay strong.
Come at me bruh ⚔
Chris Samo
Chris Samo:
mckays son is reserve player at best ... why you think he is on there wage bill ? cardiff have agents son playing for them thats handy for all ....
Romano Rezvi
Romano Rezvi:
Good show. No need to even worry about this as predicted it will be an easy win against Cardiff, just putting a very little effort will give us victory over cardiff, thats how bad they are as they certainly can not compete. So when we win against this pathetic team you seriously can not rate our performance as the other team is dead.