Arsenal vs Cardiff City Preview

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FamOurDefense L
FamOurDefense L:
Tbh You’re one of the most logical Arsenal fans I have seen
The Gaffer
The Gaffer:
Best Arsenal account on YouTube
He is such a good common sense YouTuber.
And the fact he has no click bait or BS on his channel

Respect bruda
Ben Stone
Ben Stone:
Not an arsenal fan but enjoy watching your videos and fan cams, speak a lot of sense
can you believe it, I fear any team? are we losing our identity? does the "power that be" care or are they concerned more about revenues garnered from selling inventory and the entertainment aspect of the club?
Jimmy Mac
Jimmy Mac:
3-1 arsenal, leno, jenkinson, mustafi, mavropanos, monreal, xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, guendouzi, lacazette, auba, 4-4-2, diamond midfield
Mark PJF85
Mark PJF85:
I totally agree it’s going to be a very weird atmosphere for Cardiff City fans so yes we have to get on with it
Sassy Ranma
Sassy Ranma:
I agree. It's an absolute disgrace that this is being played after the tragic disappearance of that poor man. It should definitely be called off, no doubt. I wouldn't care if we end up in 6th by the end of the night. I had us down for 6th at the start of the season, though I WILL FULLY admit I did get carried away during that unbeaten streak of ours and thought top 4 was a distinct possibility. It's absolutely not. This team is awful. There's not one player I can look at and make case for being world-class and capable of making the other top 6 teams.

We have only 2 polished gems in Hector and Lacazette and a handful of unpolished gems like Reissy, Torreria, Guendouzi, Smith-Rowe, Eddy, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Saka, Mavropanos, Medley, Holding, and Iwobi surrounded by complete poo-poo. The rest of the squad is just terrible. Out of all the players I mentioned the only ones I can see getting into the other top 6 teams is Bellerin and Lacazette.

Chelsea needs a good, physical presence up top and a long-term replacement for Higuain. Lacazette would obviously fit the bill for that reason. That's the only top 6 team I see him getting into. He could be a good back-up striker to Rashford at United, too, though.

Bellerin I can see getting into a couple of teams. Man Utd is the obvious call because they need a good attacking right-back and he fits the bill. I think Spurs would prefer him to Trippier and Aurier, too. Trippier is way too slow and Aurier is too reckless. Peppy would obviously love him. Walker has been dreadful this season - not to mention he's ageing - and Danilo is bang average.

So essentially, we only have 2 assets that can make a difference and one of them is injured.

I cannot see us getting top 4. We've lost all momentum and steam following the end of the unbeaten run. Our only hope of earning Champions League football is to win the Europa League so let's put all our eggs into that basket I say.
Perfect, it's not just the defenders that's the problem, midfielders ain't tracking back, people nowadays stick on to some point they see on social media.
Jim Best
Jim Best:
Jenkinson Mavrap. Mustafi Monreal

Maitlin-Niles Iwobi

Lacazette Abamuyang

Subs- Guendouzi (Maitlin-Niles)
Ramsey (Ozil)
Kolasinac (Monreal)
Prince Wilks-Killian
Prince Wilks-Killian:
Love da content Lee🙏🏾
Mario Joseph
Mario Joseph:
This is what the actual start XI that Emery will put out!! 4-2-3-1
GK: Leno
RB: Maitland-Niles
CB: Mustafi
CB: Xakha
LB: Kolasinac
CDM: Torreira
CDM: Guendouzi
RAM: Iwobi
CAM: Ramsey
LAM: Aubameyang
ST: Lacazette
Progressive Life
Progressive Life:
This is gonna be interesting
Insightful analysis man. Subbed

Just don’t turn that cap round and end every line with “its as simple as that!”
Arsenal Fan Circle Channel
Arsenal Fan Circle Channel:
Lee gunner hi mate...I’m going 3-0 and team is Leno /jenkinson-mustafi-monreal-kolasinac / xhaka-Torreira-Guendouzi-Ramsey Ozil /Lacazette 4-4-1-1
Christopher Pace
Christopher Pace:
Hi Lee. Great vlog as always and I fully agree with your starting 11! I just hope we can win this match since on Sunday we have a tough match away to Man City!! Keep up the good work Lee!
Stephen Gilchrist
Stephen Gilchrist:
I'm confident that we can beat Cardiff. However, we're away from home, so the form is dead like Arsene Wenger's legacy.... 😂😂
Dodgy Bill
Dodgy Bill:
Liking the content mate, keep it up. Interesting but understandable decision to put Jenkinson in RB ahead of Lichtsteiner!
ivan goveo
ivan goveo:
I believe we will score a rain full of goals and then end up conceiding one .. 4-1 arsenal
Justin B
Justin B:
Everything just feels weird right now, we’ve always had injury issues, but the squad was playing so well, it really looked like we were turning the corner. Unbeaten run ended, injuries hit hard, now it’s just kind of expect the unexpected , it’s hard to go into any game positive because we have no idea what team will turn up. Trying to stay positive but we will just have to see how the team performs considering we will not reinforce this window. In other news Tottenham are going trophyless again 😂
jaz 32
jaz 32:
This line up is amazing, if only Emery would do this. But i am expecting us to lose 4-0 on sunday
Graham Wilkerson
Graham Wilkerson:
Brilliant video as always mate 👍❤
I think we should start blood in that kid medley into our left side of defense, he looks a quality player
Andrew C
Andrew C:
1love brotha, love the vids
Simon Forrest
Simon Forrest:
Damn right bro..The game should be called off as a mark of respect..YNWA
Özils ShoeLace
Özils ShoeLace:
Always Keeping 💯 Lee 👊🏽
Mark Randon
Mark Randon:
Love the channel and content mate!
Big ups from the 🇺🇸
Thanks for mentioning the pilot, too ! Only 3 points nothing else COYG !!!
Nestor Rodriguez
Nestor Rodriguez:
Hi Lee,

Once again, great content. I commented on AFTV’s video because I think after the better half of the last 10 years or so, I’ve noticed some things as to what is truly wrong at arsenal and what should happen. Thanks for listening. By far you and Graham speak the best truth and sense with valuable information regarding arsenal.

I’ve got something to mention Robbie about Arsenal FC:

Lots of fans get upset that arsenal doesn’t win the title but you’re competing against clubs that spend so much more. That’s hurdle number 1. AFC usually has the most injuries to key players that are season ending injuries- hurdle number 2. AFC have had the same staff and an owner who won’t invest in players or staff. That’s hurdle number 3. So, apart from comporting against other clubs in the league, Arsenal is already competing within itself. That, should be priority number one. If arsenal win the league or trophies throughout that period- good. If they don’t, be patient and come to the conclusion that arsenal waited too long to adapt and now they’re playing catch-up with the other top Premier League sides. Thanks Robbie.
william smith
william smith:
Hat on or hat off not half n half like that haha. Something out of Kevin n Perry. Lol
Robert Graham
Robert Graham:
I cant wait for your man city preview that will be interesting you said it will be a tough test in this preview is that a tough test as to only concede three we could get hit for 6 or seven these thrashings are pissing me off arsenal football club in this mess cardiff will get a point tomorrow our confidence will be low and warnock will fire them up
Taofeek Adedeji
Taofeek Adedeji:
I just hope we can win tomorrow. 😊. We need to give our youth players a chance in our defence. We need to give medley and pleguezelo in our defence. 🔫 Gunners for life. I hope we win tomorrow 3-0. 😀 Happy days.
Genesis **
Genesis **:
Lee keep the videos like this mate simple video. You squad is good but you know Emery is going for Xhaka as cb. French kid is ozil's little buddy hopefully he won't become like him in defence
Douglas Buckland
Douglas Buckland:
Were gonna get smashed @ Man City 😕
Should offload Cech in THIS transfer window ;-)
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov:
Great channel, ty for all the work!
Dude can't get past the ads! Keeps getting stuck. I will assume the last 4 minutes are the usual high quality!
Glad your channel is back up and running Lee.
#NewcontractforCarl? 😂
Cute Smile Gooner
Cute Smile Gooner:
Great video bro. Sad news about Sala
Akash Guha
Akash Guha:
lets loose this match like Southampton and West Ham.
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu:
Brilliant vid bro
if you would put some efforts in a virtual studio setup, you would lift it to another level right away. content is great!
Reese Prince
Reese Prince:
look so cool with hat turnt back keep it up
Jenkinson a right back...playing in the right back very novel
Progressive Life
Progressive Life:
I think we can say with much confidence, were not getting top 4.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson:
Great stuff Lee.
Have we not got an U23 CB we can use. Surely there is a CB at the club the knows the position, better then putting in players that don’t know he position. If Mav isn’t fit then use a CB from the youth to partner mustafi.
Progressive Life
Progressive Life:
Ozil can get on the bus to another team
Akash Guha
Akash Guha:
Lee you are an awesome presenter, I think you are better than the content. i.e. You can present anything I people will subscribe.
Vedhanth Rathore
Vedhanth Rathore:
I think we should get 3 Points Lee Gunner
Omar El-Kilany
Omar El-Kilany:
Nice Lee
Staircase Detective
Staircase Detective:
Since you preface everything with 'obviously', why bother saying it?
Ray Singh
Ray Singh:
Time to support Chelsea in FA Cup
Keenan Mulvaney
Keenan Mulvaney:
dude! get a better microphone and frame your shot better and get a better intro animation for Lee Gunner and this channel will take off. you're so good at this.
Lee mate, ‘nuff respect but lose that hat. We are not 12.
I don’t think Ozil will even make this game- which surely spells the end for him.
d Lon
d Lon:
Nice little earner Lee: Rent the wall behind you for Robbie and Graham's post-game analysis
Gkv Cvhk
Gkv Cvhk:
cardiff 2-1arsenal
rakesh mehta
rakesh mehta:
I agree that torreira has not been as good lately though he was good I thought against Man U away and Huddersfield plus Chelsea I definitely agree with u that Xhaka has been poor
Christopher Pace
Christopher Pace:
With regards to our match tonight, the FA is to blame for the match going ahead because I am absolutely sure that Arsenal would have accepted for this match to be postponed as a "sign of respect" for the tragic loss of Saha and towards Cardiff City and their supporters too! May I offer my sympathies to Cardiff City, the Board, the fans and especially towards Saha's family and friends in this moment of grief!! What a tragedy!! It shall be a weird match tonight with the Cardiff City players' minds obviously not fully focused and who can blame them??
Graham Sutherland
Graham Sutherland:
😂Lee you are way too pessimistic about tonight mate. 3-0 Yes it’s hard to believe we are voting for Jenkinson at RB. But Licht and MN are worse I’d say. I think Ozil will start ahead of Iwobi because he’ll want Iwobi for Sunday. I think he might rest one of the front two as well.
Arsenal will endeavour to make Cardiff look like a top 3 team and not a bottom 3 one.
invincibles 04
invincibles 04:
Why do people wear their caps back to front? I can understand it in hot weather to protect yr neck from heat, but apart from that they look stupid..
siba somdyala
siba somdyala:
i would play
Gk leno
Jenko musti mavrapanoes monreal
guendouzi xhaka
auba ozil iwobi
Hocine Houssem
Hocine Houssem:
why not Mesut Ozil, why you people hate him ! -_-