Anthony Davis getting traded from Pelicans would change NBA's landscape - Rachel Nichols | The Jump

In her daily monologue, Rachel Nichols of The Jump talks about Anthony Davis' agent Rich Paul telling the Pelicans that Davis would like to be traded and will not sign an extension. Nichols explains depending on where Davis ends up the whole course of the NBA is about to change because it immediately makes that team a threat to win an NBA Championship. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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In a few days, the Pelicans could basically become the '17-'18 Lakers. Pelicans already have Julius Randle.
josh thiessen
josh thiessen:
ESPN gonna make homies with epilepsy tweak lmfao
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
New Orleans should hate LA cause they robbed from the Superbowl and they're looking to steal AD from them damn
Jimmy Stephan
Jimmy Stephan:
Damn New Orleans lost a nfl playoff game on one of the worst no calls ever and AD ask for a trade less then 2 weeks later
Talking Simple Sports
Talking Simple Sports:
I know this video is about Ad but pelicans please trade holiday with Davis so he doesn’t waste the rest of his prime
Genesis Exodus
Genesis Exodus:
Rach would get split
Its Mystik
Its Mystik:
Watch AD go to Warriors
Not Isidro
Not Isidro:
Who else’s Instagram not working?
Dominic Guevarra
Dominic Guevarra:
Wants to be on a contending team.
“The knicks can set up a trade”
Boii not even zion wants to be a knicks
Depressed Cow
Depressed Cow:
Okay... ill just cry myself to sleep wearing 3 of my AD Jerseys😭 Thank you, AD. Thank you.
Ariel Santana
Ariel Santana:
Not much going on this season.. THANK YOU NEXT 😂😂
ESPN been waiting for this day. They been saying "AD should request a trade" since the season begun.
Andre W
Andre W:
the way rachel says wojnarowski drives me nuts
Goat Man
Goat Man:
My prediction is if AD goes to Lakers, KD stays in Golden st to keep the upper hand on L36ron.
koliikho ko
koliikho ko:
Would love to see AD and Irving on the same side 🤗
you imagine ad to celts?! and am a gsw fan here
bonkers, instant real actual finals classic
Jka Vill
Jka Vill:
Anthony Davis should sign with the Golden State warriors. We offer Kevon Looney and and draft picks.
warriors “fans” getting ready to pack up and change “favorite” team
Lebron KING James
Lebron KING James:
LMFAOOO WTF i thought some car alarm was going off outside. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Davey J
Davey J:
Tommorow: AD requested a trade yesterday lol I'm cool with this topic tho
Michael Hietala
Michael Hietala:
He is coming to Memphis 😃😂
Brian Buz
Brian Buz:
Why are these intros getting worse and longer
Damn Rachel lookin fine af
Shanika Griggs
Shanika Griggs:
Omg omg omg
LA Clippers
LA Clippers:
Gayle Benson

She isn't going to get sodomized twice by LA.
Rich Paul gotta be the most famous agent in the NBA 😂
Anyone think AD smoked a backwood before that interview?
Jonah ware
Jonah ware:
0:00 start here to hear Rachel's cringe!
El Cuz
El Cuz:
😂😂😂😂 Danny ange with the assets
Eric Robinson
Eric Robinson:
Come and be part of THE PROCESS!!!
AD has the most leverage in this situation
It’d be nice to see him paired with Boogie Cousins again. Ha!
Khalid Dacula
Khalid Dacula:
Spurs org go get AD!!!
Kotbo 8211
Kotbo 8211:
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown:
jesus, how many ppl had a seizure with that flashing red
Super Gotenks
Super Gotenks:
Thing like this happen to help their boo thang lebron
mario hideyuki
mario hideyuki:
Le Brow
Sherwin Cruz
Sherwin Cruz:
Trade everybody include luke walton
Why Lonzo always injured in trading season
I wouldn’t trade him yet just wait it out
trading a top 5 player changes the NBA, who knew
The Universe Galaxy
The Universe Galaxy:
Who else dont waste there time on instagram?
Steal Hart
Steal Hart:
who just ate their dinner? 🤔
Devenique Rogers
Devenique Rogers:
The whole court Changes
Eternity Too Short
Eternity Too Short:
Lonzo already faking a injury lol 😂
Evan Roderick
Evan Roderick:
Go AD please go to Lebron and make this playoffs great again lol. Right now.... Nobody can touch warriors
KN Byam
KN Byam:
I personally just want the Lakers go get him and Trade Lonzo in the process just to see Lavar's reaction.
David Williams
David Williams:
This is the Lebronski effect on the whole NBA.
Even with AD I'm still not convinced the Lakers could beat GS 4 times in a series.
I'm just here to say I love me some Rachel Nichols
cruzboy 27
cruzboy 27:
Damn new orleans sports taking a hit damn ouch
Bruh, AD couldn't handle the pressure of "trying" to lead in New Orleans. He gonna die in NY with those expectations. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trade Kyrie!!!
shagy bhai
shagy bhai:
I think warriors need him😅😅🤣😂
Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz:
The first 2 minutes of this were the most annoying thing I've seen in a long while. Calm down Rachel.
willis opiyo
willis opiyo:
Rachel rocks🤘🏽
i mad because AD Rondo and Cousins would of been so good together. playoff rondo is real
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge:
This will be a interesting decision for Anthony Davis
Guy_Gaetano DeBenedetti
Guy_Gaetano DeBenedetti:
Garnett at least got his team to a Conference Final before exiting .
Dandre Johnson
Dandre Johnson:
He going to golden state
If he goes to the Warriors, I’m going to kill myself
501 No Name
501 No Name:
Most exciting news this year
Justin Peters
Justin Peters:
Are you getting snow in your area right now ?
Drayven Nathaniel
Drayven Nathaniel:
I like how AD is a man about it and was honest with the pelicans instead of doing what everyone else does and just leaves last minute.
Cardi B
Cardi B:
The Philadelphia needs Anthony Davis
Cid Espinoza Galo Jr.
Cid Espinoza Galo Jr.:
@rachelnichols was so hot
76ers ?
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines:
I hope warriors acquire him👽
J G:
Can I get an epilepsy warning?
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers:
ADs injury came at the perfect time. He doesn't have to answer questions right now.
Basket View
Basket View:
Lonzo,Ingram, Hart, KCP, Zubac and 2019 both round picks could save Kuzma for the Lakers and still be a big offer.
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada:
Nola should not even have an NBA team 😂
Miracle Video Productions
Miracle Video Productions:
yo, pelicans, trade this man so we can enjoy this season
Sohan Challa
Sohan Challa:
That intro tho
Russell Yallop
Russell Yallop:
These monologues need to go.
NOLA -Line up
😂😂 They really just giving them their used roster
Young Bruva
Young Bruva:
I wanna smash 🙄
kill em with KINDNESS
kill em with KINDNESS:
Lowkey, rachel was tampering bringing up KG. 😂😂😂😂 she think she slick. 😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Poynter
Steven Poynter:
Rachel looking gorgeous today
Jestoni Quiroy
Jestoni Quiroy:
KD AND AD must go to the East....
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey:
Watch AD get traded to the Griz or my Pistons.
elgaraz 17
elgaraz 17:
We still ganna defeat them
Sleepy Archived
Sleepy Archived:
Breaking News: Lakers trading for Anthony...

...Carmelo Anthony 😉
John B
John B:
Raptors should trade for Anthony Davis.
Siakim, Powell, JV, Miles and Wright plus 2 picks for Anthony Davis and Mirotic.
Robbinson water
Robbinson water:
Ad, rando, mg, LeBron and lonzo ball dam this team will win every thing
Jose VazQueZ
Jose VazQueZ:
Ainge might trade Kyrie for Davis then try to sign KD in the off season.
Selina Joseph
Selina Joseph:
There's a reason he did this 10 days before the trade deadline rather than wait for the end of the season.
Ira Hayes
Ira Hayes:
Dimitris Tsb
Dimitris Tsb:
Oh yeah yeah
Karthick Durai
Karthick Durai:
AD to warriors
melvin marley
melvin marley:
Is it me or rachel just annoy me every now and then
Rachel is overjoyed that Lebron is about to get AD.
Matt Bayley
Matt Bayley:
lakers need to get him with Lebron now
Cosmo Wilde
Cosmo Wilde:
join the warriors AD
Johnny Favourites
Johnny Favourites:
Good, change is good.
Nick Sacco
Nick Sacco:
Kevin is only going to leave if another team wins the finals this year. Despite the turmoil with golden state, he's going to stay
duy pham
duy pham:
The Golden state trade already did that...