Anthony Davis absolutely made the right decision by requesting a trade - Byron Scott | The Jump

Byron Scott and Dave McMenamin agree that the Los Angeles Lakers should use any and every asset they have to trade to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Lol And lol
Lol And lol:
The Pelicans messed up not re signing Rondo and Cousins. That put the idea in Davis’s head that the Pelicans weren’t 100 percent committed to winning. He wanted to be a Pelican for a long time
Jonny Arnett -NBA YouTuber
Jonny Arnett -NBA YouTuber:
I’m gonna hold off my excitement as a Lakers fan. I remember what happened last time we made a blockbuster trade with New Orleans...
El Dio
El Dio:
AD is choosing legacy > Money. I respect that, that’s what you call a true competitor
Whoever does the intro cards for people got jokes "calls magic johnson 'Earvin" lol
Chicago’s Best Chef
Chicago’s Best Chef:
of course says the former laker.Lmao
Jeff G
Jeff G:
this anthony is overrated cant win shit, his got great player around him but didnt win
the pels drop in standings and AD requests a trade.
the rockets were at 14th seed and just lost chris paul and eric gordon and all harden did was carry the rockets averaging 55 a game, to the 4th-5th seed while beating warriors, celtics, thunder, nuggets, spurs, lakers, raptors...
Anthonys Man Cave
Anthonys Man Cave:
Damn, if Lakers lands A.D. then L.A. has screwed New Orleans twice in the last 2 weeks😂
William Freeze
William Freeze:
LeGM is going to be making some moves!
Battle Junkie
Battle Junkie:
Wolves ruined KG career. Glad AD aint tryna go down the same road with Pels
can we talk about how being able to call Magic Johnson "Earvin" is one of Byron Scott's top 3 crowning achievements.
Draymond gonna be crying in the parking lot again.....
Let’s hope AD goes to LA so this non stop madness about potential free agents in La can stop for a while. Literally every week some new guy is coming to LA
Klutch Sports ,” if you want your agent all in the videos” “all in the media” call us.
Somerset Bassett
Somerset Bassett:
AD is a very good player, but weak AF. Can't cut it, can't fulfill his contract, can't attract help... Weak
J.A Stevenson
J.A Stevenson:
J.R Smith and Carmelo coming out of Pre-Retirement after lakers trade whole team
Byron Scott has absolutely no hair whatsoever on his head lol
"calls magic johnson Ervin" lmaoo is that suppose to be an achievement wth??
Jaron Mitchell
Jaron Mitchell:
LA about to have the next Kareem and Magic / Kobe and Shaq connection
Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy Wilson:
“Lonzo Ball and an extra ball .. lavar ball” 😭😭
''calls Magic Johnson ''Earvin'' " lmao
Adam Jonsson
Adam Jonsson:
Byron Scott's description: Calls Magic Johnson "Earvin. That's hilarious.
Bishop McCoy
Bishop McCoy:
“And lavar ball! have an extra ball”😂😂😂😂
Kareem Alazmah
Kareem Alazmah:
Lol in the beginning it said calls magic Johnson “earvin”
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett:
*Calls Magic Johnson "Earvin"*
Xavier Moyssén
Xavier Moyssén:
Calls Magic Johnson "Earving" lmao
Byron is too biased, quality of the debate is weak. Get Pippen and McGrady on!
I feel like AD will be traded in a Gs package involving Klay Thompson 😂😂😂 sorry Lakers
Yes Sir
Yes Sir:
Imagine if they trade LeBron 😂💀
Wowtepentepz Wow
Wowtepentepz Wow:
Pelicans are gonna fold without him...who else do they have??? I hear seattle's looking for an NBA team...
Thanos did Nothing wrong
Thanos did Nothing wrong:
He says this now and when AD gets traded to the Shanghai sharks he’s gonna be so salty
Ty Wilson
Ty Wilson:
So it’s the Pelicans fault Davis is not producing wins? He’s failed the Pelicans not the other way around. He’s not a franchise player. This trade request confirms that. He is a second best player on the team guy.
Ikari Reese Jr
Ikari Reese Jr:
The media should be fined for tampering 💀
Gabriel Angelo Sanchez
Gabriel Angelo Sanchez:
Breaking News: David Stern comes out of retirement.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant:
We’re still gonna beat them
Juan Rosas
Juan Rosas:
Damn. New Orleans is getting messed up and Los Angeles is to blame
jay scott
jay scott:
I jus remember him and boogie played together that’s crazy on paper how they ain’t go deep in the playoffs that’s the two best big men in the league
Yohan John
Yohan John:
Stop having Byron Scott on the show... everything with him is about the Lakers 🤦🏽‍♂️
Gordon Brock
Gordon Brock:
I salute AD for keeping it 100 with the organization 🍺🍻🍺, I see you Rachel 👌🏽
Kedy McCauliff
Kedy McCauliff:
As much as I appreciate u guys, I’m ready for new sports casters! Same as players come and go. Y is nobody talking bout that?
Enroaching Entei
Enroaching Entei:
“The juj”
PJ Junius
PJ Junius: been pushing for this all year now they act shocked 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez:
KOBE from them too!
Kyle Stone
Kyle Stone:
Remember when the majority of NBA star players went to Cleveland and what happened in the finals. They fell off the top.
I Can See Now Ad To The Lakers And Kyrie Loves Him So Kobe And Recent Phone Conversations With LeBron Make Sense
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga:
Rich Paul smart asf I’m glad he didn’t say “he doesn’t want to play for anyone but LA” that hasn’t worked at all teams are intentionally not trying to trade with LA
Christopher M
Christopher M:
Charlotte has a better winning percentage?
Mfker they’re in the EAST
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez:
2:13 💀💀
Brian H. Singson
Brian H. Singson:
Byron Scott can borrow some eyeBROW from AD 😂😂😂
Adolfo C. Rios
Adolfo C. Rios:
Lebron for Davis! Then they can sign KD and Klay and Kawhi! 😂
Priince Brvce_LUHG_
Priince Brvce_LUHG_:
He got tired of not competing for the title. Great decision for him!!
Y J:
Trade ad to lakers, sign Cousins next off season, resign Rondo, keep one of kuz lonzo or bi. And sign some shooters and role players.. thatll be a perfect situation
Kristhian Aguilar
Kristhian Aguilar:
When this trade may happen?
Kp Kp
Kp Kp:
BRON 4 AD! Lakers With they same squad would low key be nice! OKC all the way tho!
Plot twist: AD is being traded to the Warriors for Shawn Livingston
0:34 ‘calls magic ‘earvin’’
The Pelicans failed to put a cast around AD. They had 5+ years once finding out he was a true superstar.
Rachel is a gem, I'm almost salivating
Ivan Keith
Ivan Keith:
Does anyone know the background instrumental they use in the background for these segments?
Good Man
Good Man:
Byron Scott gonna get fined for tampering
Love ad
zyl zyl
zyl zyl:
We knew that Scotts real interest for Davis to be in LA is for the gact that he's a solid Lakers agent , regardless of had been part of the Pelicans
Chris Channel
Chris Channel:
It's going down!
J- Wall
J- Wall:
Ball, Ingram, and Pope should be the ones traded. I'm not even a big fan of traded Ball because hes a good team player.
Lifted Genius
Lifted Genius:
Why Byron Scott look like the leather seat in my rolls Royce.
Tuan Van
Tuan Van:
It don't always work out man. Look at Carmelo leaving the nuggets
😂😂😂Byran so biased.
Jay Em Nazareta
Jay Em Nazareta:
Byron got no brows hahaha
Jay Em Nazareta
Jay Em Nazareta:
Byron got no brows hahaha
Its far from happening but,...i wonder what everyone will feel if he ends up in warriors..
King Wani
King Wani:
Bro i h ave been glued on my phone all day LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Chika Osita
Chika Osita:
Oh yeah definitely the right decision oh yeah yeah
Hell ya Byron!! LA for life!!
Damian Flores
Damian Flores:
AD.. harden.. cp3???
Musty Martian
Musty Martian:
Kemba, you up
Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes:
Idc who go just dont trade kuzma
Swing a three team and get Dame Dolla in LA
why is "calls Magic Johnson Earvin" in the coaches profile? ctfu
JB Johnson
JB Johnson:
It would shock everyone if he signs with Houston
Tyrell Ingram
Tyrell Ingram:
He might get traded to Milwaukee for thon maker
Andre Ward
Andre Ward:
AD to the Knicks.... can i dream???
GSW should trade their whole bench for AD loll
AlxFonso Gaming
AlxFonso Gaming:
AD isnt top 5, i mean he cant be with his team being that bad
I want him in la
Ronny Dasilva
Ronny Dasilva:
Everyone in the Lakers Locker room punching the air right now
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Everybody in the Lakers locker room pacing back and forth
Habeeb Mustapha
Habeeb Mustapha:
ESPN working too hard for klutch sports
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700:
About time AD leaves
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Rich Paul is going to be investigated for tampering. Just wait.
Jermaine Mitchell
Jermaine Mitchell:
Davis we all knew this was gonna happen now I guess LeBron is gonna get that chip.....
Colin Clark
Colin Clark:
The lakers need to trade AD before the nba gets involved.
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz:
Don’t trade zo!
CJ TheTruth
CJ TheTruth:
He really did because what if he got hurt like Demarcus cousins
henry ha
henry ha:
Should the warriors trade Green and cousins for AD?
Arbaaz Manjiyani
Arbaaz Manjiyani:
Nicholas Dixon
Nicholas Dixon:
“Lakers” fans are so desperate lmao they’re not even laker fans they’re Lebron fans that want this to happen 💀
KD Snake
KD Snake:
I blame the Media
Davene Rodriguez
Davene Rodriguez:
SB Ashe
SB Ashe:
Charlotte has a better win % post Draft 2012 smh sad