Andy Murray: Best ATP Shots & Points vs Other Big Four

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Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
People don't realise how smart Murray was he's actually one of the best players ever and djokovic said Murray was superior as a junior
Game Set Match!
Game Set Match!:
It’s a shame he is going to retire. I will really miss him. My favourite player ever.
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
Hope Murray has successful operation and comes back.
Anuj Jyothykumar
Anuj Jyothykumar:
Stfu people with the 'Murray isn't in the big 4' comments. He's proven time and again that he's very much in the same league as the rest of the big four.
Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling
Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling:
Any one who says Andy Murray isnt one of the 'big four' or one of the best tennis players of all time is basically a prick. Records:- Grand Slam Semi Finals - 9th (all time). Most Grand Slam singles titles 12th (all time), Most titles 14th (all time), record consecutive titles wins (2006-2017) 5th (all time), record Masters wins 9th (all time). He is even the 4th best EVER Masters Hard court titlist - beating Lendl, Nadal, Becker, Sampras and McEnroe. Not to mention 2 Olympic Golds, and a Davis Cup he basically won single handedly. He was just VERY unlucky to be playing in the same era as 3 other hugely talented players. Take the 'titles' record. Federer is 2nd, Nadal is 4th and Djokovic is 6th. And apart from these 3 and Sampras NO ONE beats Murray in the last 30 years! Murray has 45 titles. So how close is the 5th best player on the tour or recently retired? The answer is NOWHERE! They don't even feature on the top 50 list! The closest is Roddick with 32 titles (retired in 2012). Murray is UNDOUBTEDLY one of the top 12 players ever to play in the Open Era. And there is an argument for top 10. And in ANY other era - he would have been number 1 - or tying for it. He even has a better record on hard courts in Master Tournaments than Sampras! So without any doubt - one of the big four, and one of the top 12 players ever to play in the Open Era. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dick.
Tom Norton
Tom Norton:
In any other era, Murray gets 8+ slams and he’d be on a par with the likes of Agassi.
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
What can I say, we will all miss.him, especially that backhand and fighting spirit!! 🙏🏆🎾
Quentin Fillieux
Quentin Fillieux:
9:36 Love that extended grunt after the forehand 0_o
Where's 'that' forehand against Nadal in the third set in Tokyo 2011?
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine:
One of the best players ever, genius on court before his injury troubles
Scott H1990
Scott H1990:
His tennis is underrated he has so many magical shots in his armour.
Falsifiable Russell
Falsifiable Russell:
Humble, original and a defensive powerhouse. Legend.
Patrick Nie
Patrick Nie:
name another active player outside of the big 4 with 45 titles :) love wawrinka too, but Murray has as many masters and Olympic medals as Stan has titles total...
12:30 Murray's best ever point
akhilesh k
akhilesh k:
An absolute legend sir muzza!
Liz Copp
Liz Copp:
Andy Murray is my all time favorite player!!
F K:
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Sammy Al Hashemi
Sammy Al Hashemi:
0:32 LMAO the advertisements. Hahaha
Duarua Tolu
Duarua Tolu:
A great Scottish champ he will ever be.
Camazoth SAMA
Camazoth SAMA:
Miss him so much ... Easily in my top 3 favourite player.
Aishwarya Kumar
Aishwarya Kumar:
He's back!
Guilherme Bateloche
Guilherme Bateloche:
Andy Murray, muito obrigado!!! Você é meu tenista favorito, foi um prazer acompanha-lo esses anos todos. Saudações brasileiras!!
Jose Hill
Jose Hill:
The dude had wheels and was so creative with his shot selection.
John Dlr
John Dlr:
That shanghai match in 2012 against Djokovic probably ruined Murray’s confidence against Djokovic
Vicente Cabrera
Vicente Cabrera:
The anticipation king
Thank you very much Andy !! 👏
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen:
would love to see Sir Andy Murray back on court :3 .
Guillaume Simoncini
Guillaume Simoncini:
6:55 Thug set point
Cédric Christian Bernard Flocon
Cédric Christian Bernard Flocon:
We’ll. Miss him
Francesco Masella
Francesco Masella:
Sir Andy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿/🇬🇧: 🏆🏆🇬🇧 (2013),(2016);🏆 🇺🇸 (2012) >[2003-2019]
Why are the corona logos edited onto to net? 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️
We miss u Andy, hpoe u can back to men's single BIG4 soon.
I miss you Andy!
Daniel FLS
Daniel FLS:
The best defensive player from the big four
Surely Murray is in big4.
eribaldo Yes
eribaldo Yes:
EVERYBODY was in trouble facing vintage Murray.
Midhilesh Momidi
Midhilesh Momidi:
He should win Australian Open and may retire
Sanne V
Sanne V:
I will mis him a lot
Tom Lau
Tom Lau:
5:42 ridiculous rally and a retrieve winner vs Roger.
Karlis Rozkalns
Karlis Rozkalns:
I thought Murray was in the big four 🤨
M. K
M. K:
3.56 that's way out
Osvaldo Saavedra
Osvaldo Saavedra:
Murray,sin duda el segundo mejor jugador de la historia!!
11 grand slam finals. If he had been more confident in some of those finals he would have pinned back a few from the other 3. What might have been....
John Doe
John Doe:
only showing murrays points and not opponents smh.

Jk i know this is a highlight reel of murray.
Kinda wish it was a general one as I neeeeeeed THAT shot around the net against cilic at AO
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh:
I feel sad he is going to retire.. Such a puncher... Awesome
J Kosei Malchne
J Kosei Malchne:
Miss you
billybhoy 79
billybhoy 79:
What a player 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍👍
James Fletcher
James Fletcher:
First time watching this and a bit irrelevant now that Andy is back on the tour.

But I knew his last "hotshot" against Rafa would be the last featured.

Seriously people, study that shot and analyse it like you would a Federer masterclass shot. It's a touch of genius.
Harrison Loane
Harrison Loane:
andy had his round and he did good
Bankstuhl automat
Bankstuhl automat:
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant:
Will go down as the most underrated player ever. To win 3 slams with the 3 GOATs around is madness.
Mr Creosote
Mr Creosote:
[grunts in scottish]
Khan AB
Khan AB:
There’s the top 3 at the top of mountains and just behind them, is Murray
Phạm Tuấn Anh
Phạm Tuấn Anh:
Tiếc là ko còn dc xem big 4 đối đầu...
Κώστας Αργύρης
Κώστας Αργύρης:
Rallies like those remind me how irreplaceable the BIG-3 and Andy are. No way we are seeing rallies like those from the next-gen and Thiem. They just lack that quality
Sol Librero
Sol Librero:
Thumbs up if you spotted David Beckham.
fartie pantze
fartie pantze:
Well I hope but don't think Andy will reach these heights again
ammar hassan
ammar hassan:
I hate this murray-djokovic relation
Murray has a scary backhand haha
Englishman inFrance
Englishman inFrance:
Brilliant at lobs , backhands and dropshots. The best Britain has ever produced. For a big man , originally slow; he got to be incredibly fast around court. 2 Wimbledons , 2 Olympic Gold.
reg man
reg man:
Apart from the point at the end, all these were taken from Matches he played before his Back Operation in 2013. It seems he was able to beat the 'Big four players' more frequently before then.... Agree ?
Raciel Ferruzco Arce
Raciel Ferruzco Arce:
Roger el mejor de todos y Murray uno de los mejores
joe chrow
joe chrow:
Was a time when Murray was a VERY offensive player....For some reason he started to become more of a defensive player and not go for as many shots as he once did...Not sure why...He has always been a TOP tier defensive player...Was part of the Big Four for YEARS and was consistently going DEEP into the Majors...Andy was a GREAT player and will be missed...
Fight For Interviews APTQA
Fight For Interviews APTQA:
If we go by the scorline in the matches shown here, he was dominating even Nadal on Clay.

It is sad that Murray lost his form and then lost career to injuries.

The new gen players are still not able to break the big three fort. If Murray was not injured and retired, I think new gen will take 5 more years to win a Grandslam.
Jeremy Huelin
Jeremy Huelin:
In the second and third points shown why are Corona logos photoshopped over the ATP logos on the net
Salvinius Augustus
Salvinius Augustus:
Little mistake in the title, it should be: "Best ATP Shots & Points vs Big Three"
per-axel jonsson
per-axel jonsson:
The only thing, that stopped murray, was injurys.
Comic Fan13
Comic Fan13:
Lol at the start it's mainly Murray beating down Nadal
Amirul faiz Nornizam
Amirul faiz Nornizam:
Who said he is predictable.
Eeeh Uhh Eeeh Uughh Eeeh uuh
joe chrow
joe chrow:
For those who are questioning Djokovic/Murray as young junior players the correct score was Murray beating Djokovic 6-0 6-1...Not 6-0 6-0...
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin:
not enough pts against Federer
Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper:
I was just about to write a comment like Josh’s, something about people not appreciating Murray. He’s not just a grinder, he’s not just a competitor, he’s not just a warrior, he is technically superb. He’s after Federer but before Djokovic and Nadal in the skills department
Charles צ'ארלס
Charles צ'ארלס:
There's the Big Five :D
1. Federer

2. Nadal
3. Novak
4. Murray
5. Wawrinka
Suresh raina Mousi
Suresh raina Mousi:
Can murray topple nole in us open nadal can win easily , vamos rafa
Spyros Papakonst.
Spyros Papakonst.:
An excellent player but big four? I think he has not the titles (grand slams).
Josef Chalupa
Josef Chalupa:
Even though I dont like his personality, behaviour, attitude and i was pretty much always against him.. He deserves my great respect for what he managed to accomplish in a great era of Federer/Nadal/Djokovic. No one should announce retirement because of injuries.
Why does Murray have so many good shots against Nadal haha
Murray most boring person in the world, my muscles are yawning from bordom
Game Set Match!
Game Set Match!:
Um, where are the grand slams?
John Brown
John Brown:
I think you've increased the playback speed. Tut tut
rein koenders
rein koenders:
If murray quits, who is now in the big four?

Ooi Thaim Seng
Ooi Thaim Seng:
so happy that Andy is retiring and going to be a porn star
nikoloz zandukeli
nikoloz zandukeli:
Everybody is hailing him right now, but most of you were recalling nickname "loser" while hearing his name :D
flawless mr
flawless mr:
His talent in defense is just amazing. Probably the best player in defense in history. It's a shame that he doesn't improve on his offensive end throughout his career. He could have achieved much more
I have heard people say that he was born in the wrong era and that he would have won many more Slams if he hadn't have to play the 3 greatest male players of all time. I would argue that maybe he would never have become as a good player as he did had he not played with them.
Larry R
Larry R:
"Other big four" Ha! Fed: 20; Rafa: 17; Nole: 14; Murray: 3
BIG 3 you mean?
most overrated player ever
XZ Chao
XZ Chao:
The boringness is killing me, personally I don’t care if he is gonna retire or what because I don’t care about his matches at all. I like his personality but not his tennis.
Very Nice
Very Nice:
There is no big four, It's always been the BIG THREE, DJOK, ROGER, NADAL, Murray isn't even close.
Rownak nyeem Niloy
Rownak nyeem Niloy:
Andy isn't a big four member. Stan is better . Murray is British, that's why he got all the hypes.