All the life lessons we learnt from Priyanka Chopra Jonas

From dealing with haters to making the right financial moves, Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares the secrets to her success with Vogue India. Find the Embed Code here ►► SUBSCRIBE to Vogue India ►►  Get your Vogue copy ►► KEEP UP WITH VOGUE INDIA:: Official Website ► Exclusive Videos ► More Videos ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Google+ ► ABOUT VOGUE INDIA:: Vogue places fashion in the context of culture and the world we live in - how we dress, live and socialise; what we eat, listen to and watch; who leads and inspires us. Vogue India brings you the best of global and Indian fashion, beauty, people, parties and culture. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER CHANNELS:: GQ India ► CondeNast Traveller India ► Architectural Digest India ►

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100+ Comments:

Sanskriti Verma
Sanskriti Verma:
Her mehendi has guitar made on it, wow
srishti gupta
srishti gupta:
In one of her old interviews, she was asked,"WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE NEXT 5-6 YEARS?".Her answer was ,"GLOBAL DOMINATION".And today we all can see her proving you priyanka mam😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Joce Norah
Joce Norah:
She is the whole package. Such a bomb! 🔥❤
sona sharanu
sona sharanu:
In Bollywood industry, I love and admire only two actresses, Priyanka and Kangana... I love them Soo much... Priyanka and Nick are cute couples.. God bless them.. True love really exists 😍😍😍
sarah kiyingi
sarah kiyingi:
She is a real intelligent beautiful lady
Flower Mohamud
Flower Mohamud:
Priyanka is a whole mood. She is a role model. I wonder how she carries all her success cause its damn a lot👑💪🏽👏🏽♥️
Jhilik Mondal
Jhilik Mondal:
She is such a classy women👸👩👩👩....
Shehnaaz Parveen
Shehnaaz Parveen:
Priyanka to me is the definition of "perfection" accompanied with "hardwork"
shugi shugi
shugi shugi:
no ones talking about her henna its a guitar!
Supriya V
Supriya V:
Vogue vs priyanka !! Vogue is turning from fashionable to inspirational...Well done
Taehyung V
Taehyung V:
Her hair is so thick..I'm unable to see the line in her head..😱😱😍😍

Edit: Thanks for the likes..😭😭
I've not got more than 10 likes..😂😂
JaeYong and 19 others
JaeYong and 19 others:
The most genuine interview according to me. The answers were to the point and didn’t deviate from the question. She knew what she was talking about
Kanchan Lwagun
Kanchan Lwagun:
You are queen and truly proud Indian this way our desi girl goal hatts off to your confidence and Curiosity. Goes pc 2019 have alot of achievements list.
Niharika Ayare
Niharika Ayare:
What a Queen♥️👑
Poonam Chopra
Poonam Chopra:
She's such an inspiration and absolutely down to earth. I love her so much!
Fatima Zaidi
Fatima Zaidi:
When she speak it seems that she raised in a well educated family.
Ash Ashu
Ash Ashu:
I first saw PC when she came to Bareilly after crowning... I was in 8th standard.. that time I was awe struck... Since then I admire her, adore her.. :)
I really admire her journey. Hoping we all manifest things in 2019. <3

And I hope Indians support one another rather than bash. As I'm gonna see probably hate comments towards her and majority come from Indians.

Much love from Canada!
S S:
I don't think there is any one in India currently who dislike PC 😍
Tenzing Sherpa
Tenzing Sherpa:
I never get bored to watch Priyanka I can spend all day watching her movies and interview. Love her so much she talk so well 😍😍😘😘😘
Suman Mehjebin
Suman Mehjebin:
The positivity comes straight from her! I just love her😊
Bhawna Malhotra
Bhawna Malhotra:
She is a boss😃 love her the most😍😍
Out of all the bollywood actresses Priyanka stands out, she's the one and the only. Love her!
E B:
The most hardworking actress in India😍
ramya rao
ramya rao:
Her success make ME happy I love her soo much wish her a very happy married life 😭❤️❤️
Zahiya Hassan
Zahiya Hassan:
I like all her answers! You should have your own you tube channel for motivating young girls and advice on fashion, etc.
Vidya Pillai
Vidya Pillai:
Her voice though ❤️😍
Hasina Helen
Hasina Helen:
She is my strength . I adore her . Hope she stay blessed !
Shoha Cre_tha
Shoha Cre_tha:
She's my inspiration .she has a unique persona. Love her soooo much♥♥♥
bella swan
bella swan:
Damn!! She is GLOWING 😍😍😍😍
Jen C.
Jen C.:
She's stunning....inside and out!!!! <3
Florence JR
Florence JR:
I like everything about her❤️
Maheson Theruchelvee
Maheson Theruchelvee:
You are a role model for all aspiring women and keep up the good work
Rubisco Talks
Rubisco Talks:
My favourite actress!! Proud Indian :)
gayatri pappu
gayatri pappu:
Yes i noticed her mehendi still on her hands💓
Karishma Nehar
Karishma Nehar:
The glow in her face😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
She's so humble!
Love our desi girl!
Sampa Thapa
Sampa Thapa:
U r just as any normal girl bt that it's difficult who r u now today,nd making us really proud nd also teaching us to be humble.
Anurita Pagar
Anurita Pagar:
Dear Mam you are rarest of rare personality. You are awesome amazing person. God bless you. You are very lucky. How you control anger n difficult situations in life? I wonder? Warm regards
Swaleha Khan
Swaleha Khan:
Forgive your self for not knowing everything 💗💗🤘
Sharath Yadav
Sharath Yadav:
Beauty with Brain ❤ we love PC ❤
Rutuja Ballal
Rutuja Ballal:
She has guitar as a mehndi
Nayla Khan
Nayla Khan:
Love you Priyanka.....u r inspiration for millions
Sitha Kavalur
Sitha Kavalur:
*PC is always the best* 😘🤗❤
Ankita Bishnoi
Ankita Bishnoi:
She is such a beautiful lady inside out 😍
Xorin Rich
Xorin Rich:
Love & Respect for my Boss Babe, PeeCee. ❤🙏
She is so pretty smart intelligent and everything 😍
Rosmi Negultom
Rosmi Negultom:
She's amazing Love her very much😘😘😘😘
be ur own queen
be ur own queen:
Really I love how deal with haters.. Such a cool personality.. She is a role model to women..
u should ask something about nick after wdng... We fans want to knw how nick care our pc...
Sheefa Ahmed
Sheefa Ahmed:
She is looking so good 😍😍...her mehndii... Wowaa... Mrs. Jonas🙌😍
soniya m
soniya m:
She has such a good personality soo confident n soo sensible ♥️
Love yourself
Love yourself:
Priyanka's amazing.
Bhanupriya sharma
Bhanupriya sharma:
she s soo amazing .. priyanka u r my inspiration girl ..U r wow jus wow😍😘❤
I really love her she is the Queen 😍 best in everything 😄
Jasleen Kaur Maan
Jasleen Kaur Maan:
You are such an inspiration.. warm-blooded.. helped me alot to keep going..
I used to be a slob.. but not anymore.. now i'm rigorously working on myself to become the better version of me
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media:
Omg loving the Guitar Mehendhi 🎸
Sammeta Archana
Sammeta Archana:
You always be a desi girl.
5rgf it's owesome. Ffuuu
5rgf it's owesome. Ffuuu:
Really a queen. I wish stay like this sweet, down to earth totally. Love you 💜💜💜💜💜
Salmaan Khan
Salmaan Khan:
Love youuuuuuuuuuu pc <3
😍I really love her personality .
Chakra Mohora
Chakra Mohora:
Priyanka is the source of love, clash, and power of women .. lots of love from Nepal....
Great inspiring
fille de ben
fille de ben:
je t'aime tellement priyanka ❤❤
Kasim Kasim
Kasim Kasim:
this lady wowwww
Dur ga
Dur ga:
Good Luck priyanka. Blessed queen.
Lenni Lenni
Lenni Lenni:
Beautiful and smart lady..
Meghna M
Meghna M:
I love you and I am so proud that I love you.
kshama shekar
kshama shekar:
Very very Well Said Priyanka !! <3 much love xo
Pragnya Priyadarsini
Pragnya Priyadarsini:
Does anyone know the background music that is being played
Love her ❤️
you tuber
you tuber:
U r always an inspiration ....Priyanka ...may God bless you...You are the one whom I can say the role model for the girls
Nidhi Shukla
Nidhi Shukla:
Vry true...i love her honesty...
Nehal Bhardwaj
Nehal Bhardwaj:
Goddess 😍
Nistha Jaiswal
Nistha Jaiswal:
She is so inspiring❤
Dr nidhi Batham
Dr nidhi Batham:
Love you pc...truly a rockstar
Amazing u priyanka chopra....ur our pride......india s pride....lovely lady..god bless u❤
Tiasa Tilak
Tiasa Tilak:
Her Mehendi ! 😍
neha s
neha s:
We Stan a humble queen :)
Somthirtha Saha
Somthirtha Saha:
The mehendi on her hand has a guitar.
Yubika Shrestha
Yubika Shrestha:
Idk why but so much of her facial features resembles Selena Gomez. 😍
Gulshan Bibi
Gulshan Bibi:
A Beautiful Women Inside And Outside.
shajjad alam
shajjad alam:
Lovely & Beauty Queen......PC
pooja methani
pooja methani:
Ur actually actress down to earth
She so beautiful
Sallu Chamling
Sallu Chamling:
My jan priyanka😍❤️
Runhild Roeder
Runhild Roeder:
You have the right attitude!
Sumbal Yousaf
Sumbal Yousaf:
She is incredible woman I love her
S Gandhi
S Gandhi:
Love this
Love her 🥰
Bollywood Media
Bollywood Media:
Priyanka Chopra Jonas ❤
Pheiying Wangnao
Pheiying Wangnao:
A part from preyangka I don't want to watch any other actor because I like her way of talking her acting n etc I love her so much,
Akhilesh Kushwaha
Akhilesh Kushwaha:
Talk 22
pooja methani
pooja methani:
Ur the only actress I like ur thoughts
g sun
g sun:
Rashmita Chauhan
Rashmita Chauhan:
The Mehendi 😘😘
Kalawati Devi
Kalawati Devi:
Love u PC.
Akhilesh Kushwaha
Akhilesh Kushwaha:
Talak 2
Julia Feno Mestine
Julia Feno Mestine:
You very beautiful woman me dear