Alex Smith GRUESOME Broken Leg!

Hope he has a fast & easy recovery! Worst Injuries of 2018 :(

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Worst Injuries of 2018 :(
"We're not going to show it to ya."
Translation: Look it up on YouTube.
Alex Smith is a class act and good QB, would love to see him recover and comeback strong.
Can you believe (for those of us old enough) that it was 33 years TO THE DAY, that Lawrence Taylor broke Redskin QB Joe Theismann’s leg? An unbelievable coincidence.
Redpill christopher
Redpill christopher:
Seeing a leg dangle like that is horrific.
Jo Shmo
Jo Shmo:
“Where not gona show it to ya”
Alex Smith wasn't even screaming in pain or anything. I would if my leg was dangling like that!
Bud Lee
Bud Lee:
i don't care what anyone say's Alex Smith is a great QB and a stand up guy . Hope he comes back .
Tough to see it happen to a good guy like Smith. Let alone anybody.
I'm Wack
I'm Wack:
Even though im a Texans fan, I want him to recover fast
DeMarcus Williams
DeMarcus Williams:
Yea I’m good one look is enough
I pray for a fast and complete recovery for Alex. He's a class act.
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House:
“Ya you like that!” - Kirk Cousins
How sad is it that this just happened to another Redskin QB.. Exactly 33 yrs to the day of Theismann's and at the same spot. The 40 yard line? Wow.. How strange.
Carl Loud
Carl Loud:
I'm old enough to have seen both of them, the injuries. Theisman never played again after his injury (he was 36 at the time) Smith is 34. Hopefully he'll recover to play again.
Eric salazar
Eric salazar:
We still love alex!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob:
I heard joe Theisman was in the attendance imagine the flashback he had when this had
Mo Chubby's Music
Mo Chubby's Music:
That's it. I'm doubling up on my calcium supplements.
Todd Hicks
Todd Hicks:
Dang he used to play for my chiefs😭😔
Tanner Gonnoreha
Tanner Gonnoreha:
R.I.P RedSkins 2018-2019
Reminds me of what Lawrence Taylor did to Joe Theisman back in 85...a whole squadbay full of Marines shouted "OH SH*T" in unison
Khalil Moore
Khalil Moore:
Welp, we finna get a lot of L’s 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️😭. Rip to Alex’s leg and our season😞
Bat systems Inc
Bat systems Inc:
Damn!! Prayers for a good recovery!!
I Hope you recover and do well. You have my respect!
Steven Cochran
Steven Cochran:
Dang !!!! No tears or screaming, brotha gots heart ! Hope he heals you quick and with the super natural, God bless you Alex !
Carla Glensky
Carla Glensky:
33 years, to the very day, that Joe Theisman had his leg broken in Washington. Both broke the exact same bones. Both of them had it done by the only 3-time defensive players of the year, Lawrence Taylor and J.J. Watt. Both happened near the 40 yard line. Both times, the starting left tackles, who were both pro-bowlers, were not on the field due to injury. Both games ended with the score 23-21. And Joe Theisman was at the game when Alex had his leg broken. Very creepy coincidences.
E V I L B U U:
Prayers to Alex Smith good people always come back stronger 💪🏼
Rikkkardo David
Rikkkardo David:
"We are not going tp show it to ya" 2 seconds later.....
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass:
Kind of reminds me of the Joe Thiesman injury.
Isai Garcia
Isai Garcia:
0:17 ouch
Oh Alex I remember your 2015 season
Breaking news: Clay Matthews has received a lifetime ban for Alex Smith's broken leg.
Was this roughing the passer?😂
Jay Ed
Jay Ed:
Them damn lineman be trying to force all their weigh down on QB's now when tackling them QB's. They ain't the RB man. They tried to do the same to marcus mariota. Fckin tackling a QB not 1 or 2 but 3 guys like he's a RB.
That makes me sick to watch that.🤮
Kirk Lazarus
Kirk Lazarus:
My QB :'(
I have osteo-genesis-imperfecta I break bones like this all the time hopefully he heals quick.
Andy Peixoto
Andy Peixoto:
Damn that's gruesome
Jorge Gaytan
Jorge Gaytan:
We are not gonna to show it to ya.
YOU TUBE: hold my beer
Elaine P
Elaine P:
Chowdz zz
Chowdz zz:
Sadly that’s probably the end of his career
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
Speedy recover brotha!!!!

From a Texans fan
BDK migga
BDK migga:
Yae hes done for the year
Get well Alex damn that was sickening to witness
I understand celebrating initially but after it was clear he was seriously hurt they continued to celebrate on the sideline. I would put a price on their heads. No excuse. Classless
400degreez Twitch
400degreez Twitch:
Reminds me of sid vicious jumping off the top rope
Miko Philo
Miko Philo:
He's experiencing complications from the surgery.....12/7/18
Wallrus Moose
Wallrus Moose:
Dang that hurts me just looking at it.
Whitey American
Whitey American:
give him a leg up
Vincent Stubbs
Vincent Stubbs:
Ana Calamari
Ana Calamari:
Alex Smith you’ve had a great career. Just becoming a QB in the NFL puts you in the top 0.001%. But you’ve remained a consistent starter with many good seasons. Congratulations and I hope for a comeback.
Whitey American
Whitey American:
elastic man
Jon Stevens
Jon Stevens:
poor guy. chiefs fan here so gutted for him. Alex brought our team back from rock bottom and hes such a great guy. praying for him
dober footman
dober footman:
0:03 J.J WATT maybe his injury was caused by j.j watt
Tut 6
Tut 6:
Damn Alex.
NFL Predictions & More
NFL Predictions & More:
Redskins ain't done yet heard they gonna get some more players new qb and more
Nate sports fanatic
Nate sports fanatic:
not going to show it to you? you showed it 3 times 2 in slow motion lol
🤐 Nobody will like my comment but I think he may be done with his age and healing process. The game itself is violent many collisions you have to be a warrior to even play. I salute all the warriors but I really don't see a reason to come back at his age.
robert lowry
robert lowry:
Oh my LEG...
JH Fowler
JH Fowler:
Damn Shame! Prayers with him during his surgical repair and recovery! Hate to see any player, no matter which team, be faced with this level or worse injury.
Please get well soon🙏
Dane Potmo
Dane Potmo:
Walk it off
Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager
Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager:
Prayers for Alex smith
The Redskins drafting Dwayne Haskins signals that Alex may be done.
Dunkilo S
Dunkilo S:
Donald Davenport
Donald Davenport:
MAN sending prayers to ALEX SMITH he is a very class guy praying for a speedy recovery
Whitey American
Whitey American:
hey break a leg
Richard Gomez
Richard Gomez:
Tough break
Morgan Peek
Morgan Peek:
Damn, Joe theisman much?
Ramsess Yanez
Ramsess Yanez:
Look up soccer leg in injuries
George Sweeting
George Sweeting:
As a huge Redskins fan this is a bad “break” pun intended. I remember watching Theismann break his leg live during that Giants game on MNF. Heal well Alex you will come back stronger then ever!!! HTTR!!!
Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager
Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager:
His career might be over
is that his mom the cart next to him??!?!
Harris & Harris Law Group PLLC
Harris & Harris Law Group PLLC:
Jerry Christian
Jerry Christian:
Fishing Florida 22
Fishing Florida 22:
Dang it couldn’t have been Brady!
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner:
That hurts to watch it
The Irish Italian
The Irish Italian:
You know, if they just landed in him instead of trying to throw him to avoid a 15 yard penalty, Smith might be walking now.
Scott Broyles
Scott Broyles:
Damn. Class guy. Doubt we see him again before 2020.
I am in the comments
I am in the comments:
And 33 years ago to that exact day, Joe Theismann broke his leg. He also played for the Redskins and the score was the exact same, except the Redskins were up top last time.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez:
now thats epic
Mcharizardcool rules
Mcharizardcool rules:
This bitch loud in every movie
This bitch loud in every movie:
The thumbnail is awful 😖😖
Whitey American
Whitey American:
sundays leg day
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott:
Take a Tylenol and walk it off
Brian Turner
Brian Turner:
Just like that season or possibly career over smh
Whitey American
Whitey American:
mr bendy
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart:
Get better Alex. Rootin' for you bro.
J The G
J The G:
Dang 😬
Sandbagger Lime
Sandbagger Lime:
Yea... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Whitey American
Whitey American:
stanky leg
UxG Freestyles
UxG Freestyles:
Texans=Best clean QB tackling team in the NFL
Christophe Difo
Christophe Difo:
Whoa! Sick.
Hope you get well soon Alex...from raider NATION...
Casey Wisden
Casey Wisden:
should of drank more milk
Actually it wasn't to the day. It was to the date. Smith's happened on Sunday and Theismann's was was on Monday Night Football.
Joe Culler
Joe Culler:
James Jones
James Jones:
Snap crackle pop
Bedhead Killerclown
Bedhead Killerclown:
broo it was all floppy
Whitey American
Whitey American:
leggo my anko